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"It is not our own citizens only who are to receive the bounty of our government. More than eight millions of the stock of this bank are held by foreigners... is there no danger to our liberty and independence in a bank that in its nature has so little to bind it to our country? ... Controlling our currency, receiving our public moneys, and holding thousands of our citizens in dependence... would be more formidable and dangerous than a military power of the enemy." -- President Andrew Jackson



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January 17, 2021

Jan 17 12:16

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Biography And Facts About The Civil Rights Movement's Greatest Orator

Were you alive when Martin Luther King, Jr. was marching for independence as a Baptist minister and activist or were you just inspired by his brilliant work, you should know that his life is more than marching and making speeches is. His work to end segregation and racism awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize and the post-Independence Presidential Medal, but he was more than a collection of his achievements. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man who faced diazation during intense scrutiny from both allies and enemies.

Jan 17 12:13

Phil Spector dead at 81: Jailed Wall of Sound producer dies of COVID after relapsing four weeks after diagnosis

Music producer Phil Spector died from COVID-19 related complications on Saturday at the age of 81
He was diagnosed with COVID four weeks ago and went to a hospital but recovered enough to return to jail

Jan 17 12:12

House Dems Launch Probe Into Capitol Attack, Pelosi Suggests Republican Lawmakers Could Face ‘Criminal Charges’

Four prominent Democrats announced Saturday that they plan to launch a joint investigation into intelligence and planning failures that may have led to an attack on the United States Capitol that took place on January 6th.

Jan 17 12:04

Return of the Ice Age: Hikers freak out at sight of 'caveman' encased in block of ice on Minneapolis trail

A sculpture of a caveman encased in plastic that looks like ice appeared along a trails in a Minneapolis park

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jan 17 11:56

Biden To Reverse Trump Policies During Flurry Of Executive Orders In First Days In Office

President Donald Trump spent much of his four years in office undoing his predecessor’s policies, and president-elect Joe Biden is reportedly set to do the same.

Jan 17 11:54

Rand Paul has dire warning about future of Republican Party if GOP supports Trump impeachment

Republican Sen. Rand Paul warned the Republican Party on Friday that there will be a mass exodus of supporters if some Republican lawmakers continue to support the second Democrat-led effort to impeach President Donald Trump.

Jan 17 11:00

Ungrateful mortals! (Picture)

Jan 17 10:59

Execution of murderer Dustin Higgs was ‘rushed through as part of cost-saving deal with a mystery killing squad who killed three inmates on death row in a week’

The federal execution of convicted murderer Dustin John Higgs had been fast-tracked due to a discount deal with a mystery killing squad, according to new reports.

Jan 17 10:57

She's off! Kayleigh McEnany leaves White House just days before Trump finishes his term and a week after her hasty final briefing - but will continue as press secretary until Wednesday

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has officially left the White House, one week after giving her final briefing and just days before President Trump finishes his term.

Jan 17 10:55

Video: Military veteran tell Joe Biden to his face he’s “disqualified”

President-elect Joe Biden was confronted by a military veteran who called him out for voting for a war in which the man and his friends had served.

Air Force veteran Michael Thurman told the president-elect that he had blood on his hands after the war he voted for claimed the lives of “thousands of our brothers and sisters” along with “countless Iraqui citizens.”

“The blood is on your hands… and you are disqualified, sir.”

Jan 17 10:35

Peer-Reviewed Study "Did Not Find Evidence" Lockdowns Were Effective In Stopping COVID Spread

Liberals may be able to argue with Fox News or even Republican politicians. But what happens when a peer reviewed study comes out of one of their coveted and prestigious universities in California potentially showing that their collective reaction to Covid may have been completely worthless and, as a result, may have done exceptionally more harm than good?

Along those lines, it seems like a good idea to point out that a new peer reviewed study out of Stanford is questioning the effectiveness of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders (which it calls NPIs, or non-pharmaceutical interventions) to combat Covid-19. The study's lead author is an associate professor in the Department of Medicine at Stanford.

"The study did not find evidence to support that NPIs were effective in preventing the spread," according to Outkick, who published the report.

Jan 17 10:34

Who can he mean? Rupert Murdoch's youngest son James says there will be a 'reckoning' for media who have promoted 'insidious and uncontrollable forces' that have left the public 'believing a falsehood' after Capitol riots

James Murdoch claimed on Friday that U.S. news outlets will be faced with a 'reckoning' after last week's deadly pro-Trump riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Jan 17 10:06

Mexican president, other world leaders denounce Big Tech after Trump’s Twitter ban

Shortly before the announcement, Project Veritas released a video they received from a whistleblower in which Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that Trump’s ban is only the beginning of further purges that will see significantly more accounts being banned. These purges, he added, will continue after Joe Biden is inaugurated. -- He added that America is extremely divided, as his platform shows, and that his company’s role is to “protect the integrity of that conversation.” Of course, he failed to explain how shutting one side out of a conversation protects its integrity.

Jan 17 09:40

Trump won't get his requested grand exit from Washington after Pentagon denies the president's request for a military-style farewell parade

The Pentagon will break with recent tradition by refusing to engage in an armed forces farewell or throw Donald Trump's requested military-style parade as the president leaves office on Wednesday.

Jan 17 09:20

4 Reasons for Hope

Jan 17 09:16

2021: The Year of the Gripping Hand

Jan 17 09:03

Far-Right Media Personality 'Baked Alaska' Is Arrested By The FBI In Houston After MAGA Mob Riot Where He Posted Video Online Inside The Capitol

The far-right social media personality known as 'Baked Alaska', 33, has been arrested by the FBI over his involvement in the MAGA mob riot after he posted a video online showing himself inside the Capitol.

Jan 17 09:02

Ok then (Picture)

Jan 17 09:01

'He is part of this problem': AOC says Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are 'partially responsible' for the Capitol riot and says that Congress should hold tech titans accountable because 'they allowed it'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) assigned partial blame to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg for last week's riot on the Capitol, highlighting qualms she raised last year when challenging the social media's attack on disinformation.

Jan 17 08:55

Missing hiker Esther Dingley DID have problems in her love life, says witness who met her days before she disappeared as British police are called in to help search

British Police have joined in the search for missing backpacker Esther Dingley
Ms Dingley, an Oxford graduate, 37, last seen on November 22 in the Pyrenees

Jan 17 08:43

Scientists at Wuhan lab admit being bitten while collecting samples in cave which is home to Covid-infected bats

Scientists at the Wuhan lab admitted being bitten while collecting samples in a cave which is home to coronavirus-infected bats.

Jan 17 08:39

NRA is f***ed (Picture)

Jan 17 08:39

Hiccups, tinnitus and stammering are bizarre signs of Covid too, say doctors - as it becomes clear the virus can affect the body from head to toe

A constant cough, high temperature, thumping headache and a sudden loss of smell or taste are all common symptoms of Covid-19. But what is now clear is that the virus can actually affect the body from head to toe.

Jan 17 08:30

Australian Open chaos as a FOURTH person tests positive to Covid on flight to Melbourne - as frustrated health authorities reveal tennis stars are brazenly breaking hotel quarantine

A fourth person who flew in for the Australian Open has tested positive to Covid-19, sending even more international players into hotel quarantine.

Jan 17 08:28

Democrats will be ‘devoured by their own’ as ‘revolutionaries’ work to destroy all vestiges of Christianity and Western civilization and history is rewritten to resemble a fairy tail

Revolutions in France, Russia, or Cuba didn’t happen by accident because they were planned, preached, and promoted by leftist thugs. Those thugs did not know that all revolutions devour their own.

(Article by Don Boys republished from AllNewsPipeline.com)

In the eighteenth century, some eloquent, highborn French wanted a national makeover that stemmed from their hatred of Christ and the Bible, Christian morality, property rights, orderly government, and strong father-led homes. There were some legitimate complaints against the government but none that justified anarchy and wholesale executions without a trial.

The promoters of the French resistance, rebellion, and revolution were willing to wait for the time to strike.

Jan 17 08:28

I refuse to be bullied into silence: PROFESSOR KATHLEEN STOCK was ostracised and denounced by 600 colleagues because she dared to challenge the trans orthodoxy sweeping Britain

I was proud to be given an OBE in the latest New Year Honours List. I was delighted for my profession, too – it’s rare for philosophers to get much attention. It might sound strange, then, to say I felt a pang of anxiety when I first heard the good news towards the end of last year, and again when it was made public on January 1. I knew there might be a price to pay for getting such a public honour. And thanks to the trans lobby and its increasingly aggressive behaviour, I was right.

The OBE came as a result of my campaign for academic freedom and, in particular, the freedom to examine the demands of influential trans pressure groups such as Stonewall.

So it was no surprise when, just a few days ago, I opened my emails to find that more than 600 people had signed an open letter denouncing me.

Jan 17 08:27

PETER HITCHENS: Why our liberal elite cheered for this violent mob

An armed and angry mob surround the seat of government in the capital of a democracy, claiming the most recent election is invalid.

In ferocious clashes between the crowd and the police, several lie dead and many are wounded. Eventually, armed men force their way into the very debating chamber.

And what happens? The mob wins. The government flees for its life. Nice liberal-minded Western governments, especially the American one, along with nice liberal media, rejoice at the outcome of these events, the overthrow of an elected government by unconstitutional means and mass intimidation.

Jan 17 08:26

Motherf**ker looks suspicious (Picture)

Jan 17 08:26

UK Supreme Court dismisses appeal by insurers, opening up 370,000 businesses to Covid-19 payouts

The UK Supreme Court has ruled in favour of hundreds of thousands of firms who filed for insurance payouts to cover losses they incurred during the first Covid-19 national lockdown.

The court’s decision could hand a lifeline to businesses that might otherwise have been forced to cease trading due to the negative financial impact of having to remain closed for a substantial part of 2020.

During the UK’s first nationwide lockdown in the spring of 2020, businesses sought to make claims for loss of earnings through their business interruption insurance policies. However, a number of insurers rejected the claims, as they argued that the unprecedented situation was only covered by specialist policies that many customers had not taken out.

Jan 17 08:26

EXCLUSIVE: Disgraced Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz, 42, watches the sunrise alone in Manhattan Beach after he was fired from the megachurch for sexual misconduct and spent 30 days in rehab for 'depression'

Disgraced Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz was spotted spending some time alone in Southern California ahead of the weekend, weeks after spending the holidays away from his family in rehab.

Jan 17 08:25

Hospital Nurse Exposes Planned COVID Scam - Claims She Was Told By Management 'COVID Crisis'will be coming next week

The Holy See Press Office released a statement on Wednesday clarifying recent reports documenting that over $1.7 billion (AUS $2.3 billion) had been sent from official Vatican financial bodies to Australian accounts. The Holy See claims that the shocking number was actually the result of a “software error,” and that the value of the transfers did not exceed $7.4 million.

Last month, LifeSiteNews reported on the news that the Vatican had sent $1.7 billion to accounts in Australia between 2014 and 2020, based on a statement from Australia’s financial watchdog, AUSTRAC. The money was reported to have been sent between the two nations in over 40,000 transactions. Curiously, the yearly transfer value peaked in 2017, when Cardinal George Pell left his position as prefect for the Secretariat for the Economy to face trial in his native Australia on historical child sex abuse charges.

Jan 17 08:22

‘Software error’ blamed for huge discrepancy in Vatican money transfers to Australia

The Holy See Press Office released a statement on Wednesday clarifying recent reports documenting that over $1.7 billion (AUS $2.3 billion) had been sent from official Vatican financial bodies to Australian accounts. The Holy See claims that the shocking number was actually the result of a “software error,” and that the value of the transfers did not exceed $7.4 million.

Last month, LifeSiteNews reported on the news that the Vatican had sent $1.7 billion to accounts in Australia between 2014 and 2020, based on a statement from Australia’s financial watchdog, AUSTRAC. The money was reported to have been sent between the two nations in over 40,000 transactions. Curiously, the yearly transfer value peaked in 2017, when Cardinal George Pell left his position as prefect for the Secretariat for the Economy to face trial in his native Australia on historical child sex abuse charges.

Jan 17 08:16


Jan 17 08:15

French factories might introduce ‘dog collars’ to keep workers physically distanced

Swedish hygiene products company Essity has sparked widespread criticism in France for having planned to equip its workers with collars or belts that would ring if they are too near to each other, in an effort aimed at avoiding COVID-19 infections. The plan was touted as a way to “reinforce the safety of collaborators” by limiting “transmission of the virus as much as possible.”

Essity, which specializes in products such as diapers, toilet paper, make-up remover cotton pads, compression stockings and other paramedical goods, has units in over 100 countries, with eight factories and over 2,800 employees in France alone. All of these would be concerned by the measure. Its initiative garnered a great deal of attention in major media outlets, while commentators on social media angrily described the “social distancing devices” as dog collars.

Jan 17 08:15

Ontario premier kicks MPP out of party for saying ‘lockdowns aren’t working’

An Ontario MPP who said publicly that COVID-19 lockdown measures are “killing lives instead of saving lives” was swiftly kicked out of his party caucus by Premier Doug Ford.

“The Lockdowns aren’t working. They are killing lives instead of saving lives. I plead with you to accept this reality and end the Lockdown. I wrote this letter with my greatest respect to you and our colleagues,” wrote York Centre MPP Roman Baber in a letter titled “the lockdown is deadlier than COVID,” addressed to Ford, and dated January 15.

Baber’s letter to Ford was posted publicly on his Twitter page today. In his letter, Baber stated, “The medicine is killing the patient,” and the “lockdown isn’t working.”

Jan 17 08:14

‘I’m a Weapon of Mass Distraction’: American lawyer who took on US oil giant held under house arrest in New York for 500+ days

Steven Donziger’s story is that of a single man battling a powerful corporation over its devastating pollution of the Amazon region – and paying a terrible price. Here, he speaks exclusively to RT.com about his ordeal.

As a law graduate from Harvard, a contemporary of Barack Obama, there’s an expectation you would be exempt from the abuses of the US state.

However, things have played out differently for Steven Donziger.

He’s been under house arrest for over 500 days, despite being convicted of no crime. He has been disbarred and vilified, had his bank accounts frozen, and now faces up to five months in jail. He is forced to wear a GPS device strapped to his ankle, and in order to leave his two-bedroom home in New York he needs permission 48 hours in advance.

Donziger, speaking to RT.com from his seventh floor Manhattan apartment, says: “I can’t even go get the mail in the lobby. What’s happening to me has never happened to any other person in America for even one day.”

Jan 17 08:14

GOP Leadership Will ‘Destroy The Republican Party,’ Trigger Mass Exodus If They Vote To Convict Trump, Sen. Paul Says

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) soberly predicted Friday that the Republican Party will be destroyed and hemorrhage a third of its members if party leadership votes to convict President Donald Trump during a second impeachment trial.

Jan 17 08:14

TEN THOUSAND protesters decry Covid-19 curbs in Vienna, face counter-protest

Some 10,000 people marched through the center of the Austrian capital Vienna on Saturday to protest against restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19, and to demand the resignation of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Coronavirus skeptics took to the streets as Kurz and his government discussed the possibility of extending the ongoing third lockdown in Austria, which includes movement restrictions and the closure of all non-essential businesses. The official announcement is expected on Sunday.

Jan 17 08:13

Washington Highly Militarized Ahead of Biden’s Inauguration

Fences with spiraling barbed wires, barricades, security checkpoints, and heavily armed guards are what you would expect in a military encampment for a warzone, not in downtown Washington D.C. But these are only some of the measures that have been put in place in preparation for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next week.

The heightened security in the nation’s capital is a telltale sign that authorities and officials are extremely worried that the civil unrest and violence observed on Jan. 6 may repeat next week.

Federal authorities have said they are tracking an “extensive” amount of “concerning online chatter” about potential threats to the inauguration, including armed protests, potential threats linked to the Capitol breach, and other types of potential threats.

Jan 17 08:13

Team Biden Vows ‘Decisive Action’ On ‘Four Crises’ In First Ten Days

Incoming White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain vowed Saturday that President-elect Joe Biden will take “decisive action” on four different crises affecting the country during his first ten days in office.

Jan 17 08:12

Relieved Iran Expects Biden’s ‘Unconditional Return’ to Obama-Negotiated Nuclear Deal

Iran expects the next U.S. administration under President-elect Joe Biden to unconditionally return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal as originally negotiated by President Barack Obama, Iran’s Ambassador to the U.N. said Friday.

Majid Takht Ravanchi revealed a confident Iran has already received positive signals from the inbound Biden administration.

“We have heard from the Biden team a number of positive remarks regarding the JCPOA and the return of the United States to its obligations based on it,” Iran’s U.N. envoy told the semi-official IRNA news service.

He further said “it’s too early to judge exactly what the next dwellers of the White House will do,” but added Tehran “is not in a rush” and Biden will be given time to align his policies with those of Iran.

Jan 17 08:12

Biden Seeking Increase Of Fed Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour

President-elect Joe Biden said his upcoming COVID-19 relief proposal will include a plan to implement a $15 minimum wage across the nation, which would more than double the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

Jan 17 08:12

After Chinese Vaccine Fails, China Launches Smear Campaign Against Pfizer

A few days after attempting to dismiss disappointing test results from Brazil on China’s Sinovac vaccine candidate for the Chinese coronavirus, Chinese state media turned to attacking Sinovac’s American competitors Pfizer and Moderna, calling for a worldwide ban on Pfizer’s vaccine after 23 elderly Norwegians died, ostensibly from reactions to the Pfizer shots.

China’s state-run Global Times on Friday cited “Chinese health experts” who called for a halt to the use of mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccines like Pfizer’s, due to “safety uncertainties” and evidence their “efficacy was not as good as expected.”

“Yang Zhanqiu, a virologist from Wuhan University, told the Global Times on Friday that the death incident, if proven to be caused by the vaccines, showed that the effect of the Pfizer vaccine and other mRNA vaccines is not as good as expected, as the main purpose of mRNA vaccines is to heal patients,” the article related.

Jan 17 08:11

Obama's day of reckoning | George Papadopoulos

Jan 17 08:10

Trump Expected To Issue Lots Of Pardons This Week, Is Steve Bannon Really At Top Of List?

The news about Bannon, the former executive chairman of Breitbart News who became chief executive of Trump's 2016 campaign, was first reported by Politico on Friday, five days before President-elect Joe Biden is due to take office.

It follows reports that Bannon and Trump reconciled and have been in regular contact lately.

Jan 17 08:08

Fake News: CNN Has Now Resorted To Making Up Stories About Trump Cabinet Resignations

Health Secretary Alex Azar late Friday rebutted an anonymously-sourced CNN report that claimed he had resigned.

“Contrary to the @CNN chyron, I am still here serving the American people at HHS,” he cleared up in a statement, referring to the Department Health and Human Services.

Azar stated he was helping with the transfer of government to President-elect Joe Biden, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jan 17 08:07


A group of researchers at Stanford published a peer-reviewed study earlier this month assessing the impact of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders — what they refer to as non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) in early 2020. The study did not find evidence to support that NPIs were effective in preventing the spread.

Jan 17 07:58

EU to Impose Travel Ban without Vaccine

Jan 17 07:57

4 Economic Challenges for 2021

Jan 17 07:57

Florida College Professor Will Be Fired After ‘Inquisition’ Stemming From Controversial Tweets

A University of Central Florida professor who posted some controversial tweets following the summer riots will be fired despite having tenure, after the university sought complaints from students against him.

Jan 17 07:56


Jan 17 07:56

Man, 38, sparks mass evacuation and armed response at Germany's Frankfurt International Airport when he shouts 'I will kill you all, Allahu Akbar' after police confronted him for not wearing a mask

A man sparked a mass evacuation and armed response at a German airport when he shouted 'Allahu Akbar’ after police confronted him for not wearing a face mask.

Jan 17 07:55

Portland calls on Congress to give reparations to black and indigenous communities

The city of Portland is planning to call on Congress to give reparations to black and indigenous communities.

Jan 17 07:53


Jan 17 07:53

Bill Gates Becomes America's Largest Farmland Owner While 'Great Reset" Says Future Is 'No Private Property'

While Americans are being told by ‘Great Reset’ technocrats that the future is one without private property, Bill Gates and other billionaires have been buying up huge amounts of farmland.

Jan 17 07:53

Iranian missiles land within 20 miles of a commercial ship and 100 miles from the USS Nimitz in Indian Ocean - but officials state that the launch wasn't seen as a threat

Long-range missiles from Iran splashed roughly 100miles from the Nimitz aircraft carrier, hitting close to a commercial ship in the Indian Ocean.

Jan 17 07:49

Protesters gather outside Arlo hotel demanding boycott after parents of black teen attacked by Soho Karen claim staff initially accused him of stealing her cellphone

Protesters gathered outside a New York hotel in Soho on Saturday afternoon calling for a boycott of the Arlo, the property where a woman dubbed 'Soho Karen' falsely accused a black teenager of stealing her cell phone.

Jan 17 07:47

Biden's immigration reform plan reportedly provides pathway to citizenship: 'Stunned by the boldness'

President-elect Joe Biden's robust legislative plans during his first days as president will include what the Los Angeles Times called "a groundbreaking legislative package" addressing immigration reform.

Jan 17 07:46

America points finger at Chinese lab: US claims researchers at Chinese institute in Wuhan fell ill WEEKS before the world knew of Covid

The Chinese government is under growing pressure to reveal the true origins of the coronavirus pandemic after US intelligence placed a Wuhan lab at the centre of the mystery.

Jan 17 07:46

40% of L.A. Firefighters Decline to Show Up for Coronavirus Vaccine

40% of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) firefighters have failed to turn up for voluntary vaccination against the coronavirus, following a pattern of reluctance seen among many front-line health care workers and first responders.

Jan 17 07:43

Thousands marching in migrant caravan to US demand Biden administration 'honor its commitments'

Thousands of migrants from Central America are on their way to the United States, and a migrant activist group representing

Jan 17 07:28

Trump Administration Accomplishments

For those of you that say Trump hasn't done anything for America. [ts]

Jan 17 06:19

'This is NOT justice': Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor slams Trump administration's federal execution 'spree' as convicted killer Dustin Higgs becomes the 13th put to death since July

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has slammed the Trump administration's federal execution spree saying 'this is not justice', as convicted killer Dustin Higgs became the 13th person put to death since July.

Jan 17 06:19

REVEALED: The $13 'Future is Female' socks Kamala Harris was wearing in niece Meena's viral TikTok video that are being snapped up across the country

Kamala Harris is just days away from being sworn in as the first female vice president, but that's not stopping her from enjoying some viral TikTok fame in a video that has been seen tens of millions of times.

Jan 17 06:18

NASA scraps test of its most powerful rocket ever after one minute: Agency investigates 'major component failure' on $18.6billion Space Launch System that's been built to take Americans to the moon

A scheduled test of NASA's Space Launch System rocket on Saturday quickly went off the rails, casting doubt on the next steps of sending Americans to space and the moon.

Jan 17 06:18

'You're violating my personhood!' Anti-masker, 61, in leopard-print captured on video accusing a black sheriff of KIDNAPPING her and stealing her purse after being arrested in Palm Beach for COVID-19 violations

An anti-masker in leopard-print was captured on video making bizarre claims after she was arrested in Florida for COVID-19 violations.

Jan 17 06:17

WRATH Vader! Furious villagers slam Star Wars bosses as massive film set for Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off TV series starring Ewan McGregor arrives at disused quarry… and could stay there for THREE YEARS

Furious villagers have slammed Star Wars bosses after a massive film set for a new spin-off series starring Ewan McGregor arrived at an abandoned quarry - and could stay there for three years.

Jan 17 06:16

Chemical stockpile that caused Beirut explosion 'was shipped by business with ties to figures linked to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad'

An investigation into the blast that laid waste to Beirut has uncovered links between Bashar al-Assad and the firm which shipped the chemicals that exploded.

Jan 17 06:16

China threatens Australia with a 'counterstrike' after government condemned Beijing's assault on democracy in Hong Kong

China has threatened a 'counterstrike' against Australia after Canberra condemned Beijing's mass arrest of 55 politicians and activists in Hong Kong.

Jan 17 06:02

Woman, 21, goes on mile-long joyride in unattended USPS truck before plowing it into more than a dozen parked cars in NYC

A 21-year-woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing a USPS truck and taking it on a mile-long joyride before plowing it into more than a dozen cars in Brooklyn.

Jan 16 22:32

Thousands marching in migrant caravan to US demand Biden administration 'honor its commitments'

Thousands of migrants from Central America are on their way to the United States, and a migrant activist group representing the caravan is calling for the Biden administration to honor its "commitment."

Jan 16 22:01

"Your Mao is showing"