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Sep 24 15:56

UK begins ‘resettling’ White Helmets as refugees

The first Syrian White Helmets have arrived for resettlement to the UK, where officials call them “brave volunteers” and heroes. The group only works in militant-controlled areas and has been seen rubbing shoulders with jihadists.

Sep 24 15:55

US to stay in Syria so long as ‘Iranians’ are there – Bolton

US forces will remain in Syria so long as any Iranian-related forces operate there, the Trump administration has declared. Syria invited Iran to help fight jihadist rebels and ISIS, while denouncing the US presence as illegal.
“We’re not going to leave as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders, and that includes Iranian proxies and militias,” national security adviser John Bolton told reporters at the UN General Assembly session in New York on Monday.

He also blamed Iran for “attacks in Syria and Lebanon” and said it was “really the party responsible for the shooting down of the Russian plane” last week.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Sep 24 15:39

The banking problems of India are mounting

Sep 24 15:38

IDF Chief Says Israel Is Becoming Like Nazi Germany, Refuses to Back Down

scroll down

The outgoing IDF chief has doubled down on his highly controversial comments

Sep 24 15:33


Lawmakers in the Illinois Senate have brought a victory for taxpayers closer to reality.

Passing unanimously, Senate Bill 3604, known alternatively as the Government Severance Pay Act, cleared the Illinois Senate May 2 by a 52-0 margin, with seven lawmakers not voting.

The bill will proceed to the House of Representatives from where, pending the approval of state representatives, it will head to the governor’s desk for final approval.

SB 3604, filed April 10 by state Sen. Tom Cullerton, D-Villa Park, would limit government workers’ ability to collect extravagant severance packages, also known as “golden parachutes,” on their way out of office.

Sep 24 15:32

Gigantic dust storms spotted on Titan for the first time raise hopes of life on Saturn's 'very active' moon

Data from the Cassini spacecraft that explored Saturn and its moons between 2004 and 2017 made the discoveryin equatorial regions of Titan.

It makes Titan the third body in the Solar System where dust storms have been observed – the other two are Earth and Mars.

Sep 24 15:30

Be careful with your new iPhone ...Apple's 'toughest ever' handset fails drop tests

Apple has billed the iPhone XS and XS Max as having the 'most durable glass ever in a smartphone.'

But neither device could survive being dropped onto a cement sidewalk.

New drop tests from device insurer SquareTrade confirmed that both of Apple's latest high-end smartphones are prone to shattering when dropped from six feet above the ground.

The iPhone XS and XS Max are made up of a glass display on the front, as well as a glass panel on the back side of the device.

And while SquareTrade found that the new models are much more durable than their predecessor, the now-discontinued iPhone X, they still managed to fail every drop test.

Sep 24 15:18

Tahrir Al-Sham Preparing for Heavy Attacks on Syrian Army to Sabotage Sochi Agreement on Idlib

Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) is preparing for an imminent offensive against the Syrian Army in Idlib province to sabotage implementation of Sochi agreement, an Arab media outlet reported on Monday.

Syria's al-Watan daily quoted well-informed sources as reporting that Tahrir al-Sham has been preparing its gunmen in the last two days to kick off a heavy attack on the army in Idlib.

It further said that Tahrir al-Sham has kept fighters on alert along the entire roads to Idlib, specially along the road between Ban al-Hawa passageway at border with Syria and the town of Saraqib in Southeastern Idlib, adding that the terrorist group has also dispatched a large volume of military hardware to its positions in Southeastern Idlib, the town of Kobani in Jabal al-Turkmen in Northeastern Lattakia.

Sep 24 15:17

US Artillery Units Target Position of Iraqi Popular Forces in Anbar

The US-led coalition artillery units opened fire at a base of the Iraqi popular forces of Hashd al-Shaabi in Western Anbar, a field commander said on Monday.

The Arabic-language al-Qad Press quoted Qassem Mosleh, commander of Hashd al-Shaabi operation in Western Anbar, as saying that the coalition's artillery units shelled one of the bases of Hashd al-Shaabi in the town of al-Qa'em in Western Anbar.

The source further said that the artillery shelling targeted areas near Hash's base, adding that Hashd sees the move as an intentional attack on its forces.

A military source reported on Sunday that the Iraqi forces launched a large-scale operation to hunt down the remaining pockets of ISIL in a desert-like region to the country's border with Syria.

Sep 24 15:12

Kavanaugh Fights Back: "These Are Smears, Pure And Simple"

Judge Brett Kavanaugh released a forceful statement on Monday denouncing the "smears" against him and said he "will not be intimidated into withdrawing" and "the coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out."

Sep 24 15:02

Mark Dice: The Craziest Campaign Ads of 2018

Sep 24 14:59

IT Application Development Internship

This position may be subject to Company’s Political Contribution Policy. An offer of employment may be contingent upon disclosing to Company the details of certain political contributions. Company may decline to extend an offer or terminate employment for this role if it determines political contributions made could have an adverse impact on Company’s current or future business interests, misrepresentations were made, or for failure to fully disclose applicable political contributions and or fundraising activities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How is this legal?!?

Sep 24 14:53


Sep 24 14:52

Flint violent crime rate up 23 percent, new FBI stats show

Dem Shithole's

St. Louis had the highest violent crime rate for cities with more than 50,000 people, followed by Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis and Camden, New Jersey.

Sep 24 14:48

Protect the right to speak against Israel

Campus fights about free speech and censorship tend to devolve into rage-filled deadlocks pitting "intolerance" against "political correctness," resolving nothing. One topic, though, has produced a depressing consensus: that it's acceptable to suppress speech advocating economic protests targeting Israel.
The pro-Palestinian movement promoting boycotts, divestment and sanctions to protest Israeli occupation of the West Bank and control of Gaza is being systematically targeted by campus authorities, and also by state governments and even Congress.

Sep 24 14:47

Dem Senator Rejects Kavanaugh Presumption Of Innocence: "We're Not In A Court Of Law"

Doubling down on her comments over the weekend, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) on Monday implied she does not think Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh deserves a presumption of innocence in the assessment of the sexual assault allegations against him because of his "ideological agenda."

As The Hill reports, on Sunday, when asked if Kavanaugh deserved a presumption of innocence,Hirono told CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday, "I put his denial in the context of everything that I know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases. His credibility is already very questionable in my mind and in the mind of a lot of my fellow Judiciary Committee members, the Democrats."

Sep 24 14:43

Washington Post Covered Up Story Exonerating Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Ford called for the FBI to investigate her allegations of sexual misconduct, and the fact that such an investigation would be out of the Bureau’s jurisdiction would be the least of her worries.

For starters, an FBI investigation examining allegations surrounding an event that happened in the 1980s would simply involve interviewing all witnesses identified. When the FBI investigated sexual misconduct allegations against Clarence Thomas (which were in their jurisdiction, as they alleged to have occurred in Federal buildings), the investigation amounted to interviewing witnesses. So, more importantly, such an investigation would only solidify a case against Ford.

Sep 24 14:21

"I'm not going to let false accusations drive us out of this process." —Brett Kavanaugh

VIDEO Snip - Watch @MarthaMacCallum's full interview with Judge Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley tonight on Fox News Channel at 7p ET

Sep 24 14:06

Well done James O'Keefe

Owl 1
Sep 24 13:55

US Prepares For ‘Action’ Against Venezuela In Coming Days

The United States is preparing to take “action” against socialist Venezuela, while simultaneously going down the same path. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that in the coming days, the US’s “series of actions” will put pressure on the Venezuelan government.

“You’ll see in the coming days a series of actions that continue to increase the pressure level against the Venezuelan leadership folks, who are working directly against the best interest of the Venezuelan people,” Pompeo said according to Reuters. “We’re determined to ensure that the Venezuelan people get their say.”

The Trump administration has been steadily increasing sanctions against officials in the leftist socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro, accusing it of “stifling democracy” by jailing opposition leaders. Although Pompeo did not say what actions specifically would be taken, it appears the US seeks to somehow “punish” Venezuela while continuing to take America down the same path.

Sep 24 13:54

Wendy's Sued For Violating Illinois Law Against Biometrics

By Aaron Kesel

A class-action lawsuit was filed in Illinois against a fast food restaurant chain of the Wendy’s franchise. The suit accuses the company of violating state laws for the way the business stores its employees’ fingerprints...

Sep 24 13:54

China Vows Not To Negotiate Under Threat, As Trump Teases "Major Broadside" Against Beijing

Investors had managed to cling on to optimism that the 'trade skirmish' between the US and China would reach a swift conclusion - and that the US would ultimately be better off, as China would be forced to curtail practices like its IP theft from US companies.

But as downbeat markets observed on Monday morning, hope of a harmonious resolution died when Beijing cancelled plans to send two delegations to Washington. The delegates would have engaged in the fifth round of talks since the trade conflict - war, whatever you want to call it - began earlier this year.

Sep 24 13:51

BREAKING: Turtle Face McConnell Out of his Shell

BLASTING "DESPICABLE" DEMOCRATS. Confirms all of Fords witnesses won't corroborate her story , and discloses that even NYT won't publish a story on the second accuser because absolutely no corroboration can be found

Mitch McConnell
guarantees a vote
on Kavanaugh

Sep 24 12:55

US To Start "Disrupting" North Korean Oil Smuggling

An international coalition of American allies will start “detecting and disrupting” North Korean oil smuggling operations at sea, reports the Washington Examiner.

“The United States has deployed aircraft and surface vessels to detect and disrupt these activities,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a news release.

Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, announced Friday they would aid “monitoring and surveillance activities against illicit maritime activities,” with a particular focus on ship-to-ship transfers of oil.

Make no mistake these are the neocons at work in the Trump administration.

Sep 24 12:54

Yemen’s food supplies might run out in two months, charity warns

Charity director predicts food supplies will last just another two to three months should the country's main port close following rise in Saudi-led coalition airstrikes

Sep 24 12:46

Mexico finds children's remains in mass grave


What a Shithole

Mexican authorities have found a mass grave containing the remains of at least 174 people,

Sep 24 12:43

US Will Be "Defenseless" Against New Russian Nuclear Sub Equipped With Hypersonic Missiles

The new Borei II submarine, also known as the Borei-A, is a fourth-generation nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine that will reportedly join the Russian Navy's Northern and Pacific Fleets once it's completed in 2024, according to the report. Each sub can carry up to 20 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles, which can deliver a nuclear payload of 100 to 150 kilotons. The sub will be the first new Russian sub developed in the post-Soviet era.

What's worse is that, as of now, the US doesn't possess adequate defenses to protect against Bulava missiles.

Sep 24 12:42

Turkish-backed militants accept Idlib deal, but reject disarmament

Turkish-backed militants have rejected laying down their arms or surrendering the territory under their control in Syria’s Idlib Province after Russia and Turkey said they had agreed to set up a buffer zone in the region.

In a statement released late Saturday, the so-called National Liberation Front (NLF), an alliance of militant factions supported by Ankara, said it would cooperate with Turkey in Idlib, but ruled out disarming.

"We will not abandon our weapons, our land or our revolution" against Syrian government forces, the group said.

Earlier this month, Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin met in the Black Sea resort of Sochi and announced an agreement on Idlib which is the last major terrorist-held bastion in Syria.

Sep 24 12:42

US ports fear they will be big losers in trade war

American ports are alarmed at the thought of becoming big losers as the intensifying trade war between Washington and Beijing is biting into business.

They worry that the tariffs the two world’s economic powers are levying on one another might crimp shipments, cutting into port revenues.

Following the latest tit-for-tat this week between the United States and China, Kurt Nagle, head of the American Association of Port Authorities, described the state of play as "concerning."

"The total amount of tariffs and international retaliation affect 10 percent of the total trade in American ports," or about $160 billion in revenues, Nagle said.

Sep 24 12:41

Russian oil majors ditching dollar in payment settlements

Russia appears to be already moving closer to a plan to ditch the dollar with reports emerging that more of its biggest oil companies are already preparing to settle payments in other currencies in transactions with clients.

Surgutneftegas was quoted by media as announcing that it had informed at least one of its customers that it would receive payments for oil sales in euros and other currencies.

According to a message sent by Surgutneftegas to one of its customers, the oil company said it wanted to “avoid any possible problems with payment in USD,” Reuters reported.

The reported move came in line with recent comments from the Kremlin that Russia was taking measures to move away from the greenback.

Over the past months, Russia has repeatedly raised the possibility of replacing the US dollar with other currencies in its transactions with the outside world in response to the US sanctions.

Sep 24 12:41

New Policy Proposal Would Deny Green Cards To Immigrants On Welfare

The Trump administration is moving to fulfill another of President Trump's campaign promises by implementing more restrictions on legal immigration by deporting green-card holders who rely too heavily on federal government programs like food stamps. According to the Associate Press, the Department of Homeland Security published a 447-page proposal on Saturday outlining its plans to expand restrictions that would disqualify legal immigrants from obtaining a green card if they rely too heavily on Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers and other forms of public assistance. According to US law, applicants must prove they won't become a "public charge" - that they wouldn't derive more than half their income from government programs - to achieve green-card status. Under the proposal, the federal government would begin factoring in non-monetary benefits like food stamps and Section 8 housing benefits.

Sep 24 12:27

Breaking: Russia establishes no-fly zone over Latakia province – diplomat

The Russian military has established a no-fly zone over the Latakia province of western Syria, Russian Senator and former Air Force commander Viktor Bondarev stated on Monday.

“The establishment of a no-fly zone over the Russian military base in Latakia will prevent a repeat of the IL-20 aircraft tragedy,” Bondarev told the Russian Federation’s Council this evening.

Sep 24 12:26

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Republicans Trying To Silence Kavanaugh’s Accuser By Asking Her To Testify

The burden of proof lies with the accuser. If you cannot prove your case, then do not make false rape accusations.

Sep 24 12:26

Why Are Eight NATO Forces Going to Ukraine as Their Final Destination?

Soldiers from eight military countries, including the US, are to join forces in Ukraine next month for the country’s largest aviation exercise to date.

The Starokostiantyniv airbase, located 240 kilometers from the capital Kiev, will host 950 employees from the US, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and the United Kingdom, the Stars and Stripes reported on Wednesday.

According to the military newspaper, the exercises will train soldiers in sovereignty and air interdiction, air-ground integration, air mobility operations, aeromedical evaluation, cyber defense and other training.

The announcement of the exercises came after the Ukrainian government had spoken out on plans to create a new military base in the Azov Sea.

Sep 24 12:25

Russia Retaliates to Downed Airplane: Israel Will No Longer Be Capable of Bombing Syria With Impunity

If you were following the news last week, you’re probably aware of the Russian spy-plane that got shot-down during an illegal Israeli attack on Syrian targets. To make a long story short, Israel jet-fighters attacked military targets in Syria, and a Russian surveillance aircraft was caught in the middle, as the Israelis failed to warn the Russians about the impending attack in a timely fashion, hence the Russian surveillance aircraft was hit and downed by Syria’s outdated missile systems, being caught between a rock and a hard place so to speak (in the crossfire basically).

Sep 24 12:24

Russia’s Statement Regarding “Countermeasures” to Israeli “Recklessness” Might Not be the Salvation for Syria

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced his country’s comprehensive countermeasures to “Israeli” recklessness in Syria following what President Putin previously described as last Monday’s “chain of tragic circumstances”, which the military chief said will include the dispatch of the long-delayed S-300 air- and missile-defense systems, improved training of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their equipping of new systems to better identify Russian planes, and electronic jamming of foreign radars, satellite navigation equipment, and aviation communications near Syria’s borders. Prime facie, it looks like Russia is finally creating the “bubble” that its most zealous supporters fantasized about (and in some cases, falsely reported) for years now, but the reality is actually a lot more sobering.

Sep 24 12:23

ensions Grow as China, Russia and Iran Lead the Way Towards a New Multipolar World Order

Military and economic tensions are increasing due to the ramped up warlike stance of the US establishment. The impossibility of halting the shifting world order in favour of prolonging the unipolar moment has left the US deep state reaching for any available weapon at hand, taking no heed of the dangers and consequences of such a reckless foreign policy.

Sep 24 12:23

Nearly 600,000 Children At Risk Of Death From Hunger In War Zones

A startling new report from Save the Children states that an estimated 590,000 children in war-zones will die from malnutrition as they are expected to not receive treatment. Save the Children hypothesized that there are 4.5 million children under the age of 5 that need treatment for life-threatening malnutrition in some of the most war-torn regions in the world.

Sep 24 12:20

Just In - Pres Trump addresses Rosenstein Situation

video snip

Sep 24 11:49

American Kratom Association Demands A Recall On Scheduling Recommendation

FDA Death Data On Kratom Linked To Adulterated Products, Not The Kratom Plant Itself

Today, The American Kratom Association Demands a Recall on Scheduling Recommendation and Complete FDA Re-evaluation of Kratom Science.

Sep 24 11:49

Nancy Pelosi Says We Should Believe Survivors. What About The Allegations Against Her Brother?

Does Nancy Pelosi believe her brother raped a girl?

Sep 24 11:46

Avenatti says he represents woman with ‘credible information’ about Kavanaugh

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti claims he is now representing a woman with “credible information regarding Judge [Brett] Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.”

The revelation came Sunday just minutes before the New Yorker posted a story outlining sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh made by a college classmate.

Sep 24 11:44

Second Kavanaugh Accuser Emerges Alleging Sexual Misconduct; Feinstein Demands Hearing Cancelled

The woman, Deborah Ramirez, 53, claims that Kavanaugh waved his penis in her face during a drunken dormitory party and "caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away."

Sep 24 11:43

Co-Author of Kavanaugh Hit Piece Admits Witness Never Saw the Incident

The standard for what constitutes a printable story these days has taken a serious downturn.

Jane Mayer, the co-author of the already thoroughly specious story claiming that another woman was the victim of inappropriate behavior from Supreme Court justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, admitted that her corroborating witness provided only a second-hand account of the story.

Actually, she first claimed that “he remembers it (the story) clearly” before being cornered by CBS anchor John Dickerson.

“Did he see it?” Dickerson asked.

“No,” Mayer responded. “As I’ve said, he heard it from someone who was there.”

And that right there is why multiple outlets passed on the story while a two-bit operation like the New Yorker ran with it.

Sep 24 11:42

Israeli border guards arrested for ‘stripping & sexually harassing’ Palestinian women

A military court has extended the detention of two Israeli soldiers accused of forcibly stripping and sexually harassing Palestinian women, and of stealing money, at a checkpoint in the West Bank.

One combat soldier and one security observer from the Military Police’s Border Crossings Unit are accused of violating orders and sexually harassing women during their searches at the Qalandiya checkpoint next to Ramallah.

According to the allegations, the pair touched Palestinian women’s private parts during their frisking and sometimes forced them to strip. The two IDF servicemen also allegedly stole cash from Palestinians at the checkpoint.

Sep 24 11:41

Russian MoD: Israeli F-16 hid behind Russian Il-20 plane to avoid Syrian missile

Data captured by Russia’s S-400 system proves Israeli jets were responsible for the downing of the Russian plane, the Defense Ministry said, adding that the Syrian missile changed its course shortly before hitting the Il-20.

Data gleaned from the S-400 air defense system deployed at the Russian Khmeimim air base in Syria’s Latakia province has revealed that the Syrian anti-air missile was, in fact, targeting an Israeli F-16 jet before it abruptly altered its course and eventually hit the Russian aircraft. This, and the position of all the aircraft at the moment of the September 17 incident, proves that an Israeli jet was de facto using the larger Il-20 as a cover, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov told journalists at Monday's news briefing.

Sep 24 11:36

Chaos at the White House: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein DOESN'T resign and isn't fired over plans to wiretap Trump and use 25th Amendment to oust him – but ends up attending Cabinet meeting instead

Following a flurry of reports Monday that Rod Rosenstein would head to the White House to tender his resignation, the deputy attorney general turned up to attend a routine Cabinet meeting instead.

Rosenstein's head was thought to be on the choppping block following a spate of negative press revolving around alleged plots to secretary record President Trump and use the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as a lever to force him from office.

A handful of media outlets, led by Axios, reported that Rosenstein had toldWhite House Chief of Staff John Kelly that he was leaving his post in anticipation that Trump would swing the axe.

'He's expecting to be fired,' a source told the news website Axios.

Bloomberg News reported that Kelly, who spoke with Trump on the phone before the president's lunch in New York City, had accepted Rosenstein's resignation.

Owl 3
Sep 24 11:33

Autopsy shows detained Palestinian was beaten by Israeli forces

A Palestinian who died after Israeli occupation forces arrested him at his home was indeed assaulted, autopsy results have revealed, reported AFP on Sunday.

Mohammed Khatib, 24, died after being taken into custody during a pre-dawn raid on Beit Rima village in the occupied West Bank last Tuesday.

At the time, the family said occupation forces had “beaten [Mohammed] into an unconscious state” while still in the house; two hours after he was taken, his family was informed of their son’s death.

The latest findings, published by the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs, contradict claims made by Israeli authorities that there had been no violence by soldiers during or after the arrest.

Sep 24 11:33

Israeli-Americans call on Trump to stop Abbas entering the US

A group of Israeli-American families have called on President Donald Trump to stop Mahmoud Abbas from entering the United States, Israel Hayom reported on Sunday. The President of the Palestinian Authority is scheduled to attend the UN General Assembly in New York.

The newspaper described the families as “families of American victims of Palestinian terrorism.” They have, apparently, appealed to Trump to declare Abbas persona non grata because of the PA’s payment of stipends to relatives of their families’ “murderers”. One person, Micah Lakin Avni, whose father Richard Lakin was killed in 2015, described Abbas as “the grand wizard of incitement to violence and terror.”

In a letter sent to Trump, the families said that allowing Abbas to enter the US is a violation of the law and poses a threat to the American people.

Sep 24 11:32

Egyptian delegation tells Hamas Israel wants an end to demonstrations

The Israeli news website Wallah revealed yesterday that the Egyptian delegation which visited Gaza on Saturday passed a message from Israel to Hamas, Al-Wattan Voice reported.

The Egyptians, the news website said, told Hamas that Israel is asking for an end to the demonstrations taking place near the fence along the eastern side of the Gaza Strip and to halt flying incendiary balloons.

According to the Israeli website the Egyptian intelligence delegation met with the Hamas leadership in Gaza and passed on the Israeli demands.

Sep 24 11:24

Saudi plan to ‘accept Israel as a brotherly state’

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is working to “westernise” the Kingdom and change people’s mindsets when it comes to Israel, Twitter user Mujtahidd has reported.

The account, which is believed to be reporting from inside the ruling family in Saudi Arabia, wrote: “Arrangement among the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is wider than our expectations. Israel and American bodies linked to Trump are involved.”

“The plan is complete. It is based on unifying the bases of security, media, culture and education, including religion, in Egypt and all the Gulf States except Oman.”

The plan, according to Mujtahid, was drawn in Egypt which is the “supplier of cadres who will deal with the issues of media, security, Islamic movements, education syllabuses and religious institutions.”

Sep 24 11:24

15 Palestinians wounded as Gaza, Israel violence flares: Medics

At least 15 Palestinian protesters were injured as clashes between dozens of Palestinians and Israeli soldiers flared on Saturday night in eastern Gaza Strip, close to the border with Israel.

The clashes broke out when the Palestinian protesters from the unit of night confusion, part of the anti-Israel protests of the "Great March of Return," demonstrated close to the border with Israel.

Medical sources said the Israeli soldiers opened fire and wounded 15 Palestinians who were taken to hospitals for medical treatment. The sources said they were all shot by live gunfire and moderately wounded.

Sep 24 11:23

Between Fire & Sea: The Man Behind Gaza's Great March of Return

"What would happen if thousands of Gazans, most of them refugees, attempted to peacefully cross the fence that separated them from their ancestral lands?"

That was the question 33-year-old Palestinian poet and journalist Ahmed Abu Artema posted on Facebook earlier this year.

His post went viral.

It was a rallying cry that inspired a movement of peaceful protests known as the Great March of Return.

Frustrated by Israel's more than decade-long land, sea and air blockade of the Gaza Strip, upon which it has waged three wars in the past 10 years, and wanting to draw attention to the Palestinian right of return, Ahmed organised the marches as a cry for help.

Sep 24 11:22

Sub builder Electric Boat injects millions into Groton expansion

Submarine builder Electric Boat has announced plans for an $850 million shipyard expansion in Connecticut.

The Day reports the company released plans for expanding its Groton shipyard Thursday as it prepares to build a new class of ballistic missile submarines.

Electric Boat says it plans to construct a new assembly facility and a floating dry dock.

The environmental consulting company helping with the project says the facilities will allow Electric Boat to bring the submarine materials to the site by water and help reduce construction traffic.

Sep 24 11:22

House Members Plan Election Hacking Demonstration

Two House members are planning to host a demonstration of a voting system hacking next week.

Republican Rep. John Katko of New York and Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois are leading the event on Wednesday, Sept. 26, which will feature the director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Computer Security and Society, J. Alex Halderman.

“Last year, the American people learned that Russia targeted as many as 39 state election systems in the lead-up to the 2016 elections. These malicious hackers were able to access databases containing sensitive information such as names, dates of birth, driver’s licenses, and partial Social Security numbers,” Katko and Quigley said in a joint statement. “While we were fortunate that the Russians did not tamper with the vote counting process this time around, there is no guarantee that they will not try in 2018 or beyond.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The hacking of the 2016 election came from a lot closer than Russia!

Sep 24 11:21

Uh, Did Anyone Catch This Glaring Plot Hole In The Latest Accusation Against Kavanaugh?; UPDATE: Another Shoe To Drop?

It’s going to be an ugly week, folks. On Sunday, the anti-Kavanaugh forces lobbed two grenades, with more women coming forward with sexual misconduct allegations against the judge. Brett Kavanaugh is President Trump’s Supreme Court pick to fill the vacancy left by the now-retired Anthony Kennedy. It looked like a smooth ride, despite a contentious and at times rambunctious hearing process. The vote was set—and the GOP had the votes to get him through. But the Democrats brought Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Kavanaugh of an attempted sexual assault. It’s a serious charge, but one filled with holes. Ford cannot remember how this party came about, whose house it was in, and how she got there. All witnesses she cited in her account have refuted her story, including her friend Leland Keyser who doesn’t even know Kavanaugh and said that she was never at any party or event with him present…with or without Ms. Ford, mind you. The Senate Judiciary Committee and Ms.

Sep 24 11:19

Bombshell Photo of Kavanaugh Accuser Says It All, Deep State’s Blaseygate Exposed as Seditious Black Op

Christine Blasey Ford and her feminazi lawyers who have carried out this charade have profoundly disrespected the Senate and the SCOTUS justice confirmation process. They have made frivolous demands and requested relentless accommodation by the Judiciary Committee regarding her promised testimony that everyone knows are nothing but stalling tactics. Would the Republican majority still cut her so much slack after seeing the photos in Blasey Ford’s high school yearbook?

Sep 24 11:17

Name Emerges Of Feinstein Staffer Thought To Have Leaked Kavanaugh Allegations, Insider Says

A staff member for Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is thought to have been responsible for leaking Christie Blasey Ford's allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, according to a Washington insider.

In a tweet, The Federalist's Sean Davis wrote that "according to multiple sources familiar with Judiciary's Kavanaugh investigation, Feinstein staffer Heather Sawyer leaked Ford’s letter to the media in violation of Senate Rule 29(5)."

Sep 24 11:17

Reports: Kavanaugh Has Found 1982 Calendar, Detailed Entries Help Clear His Name

Finally, Kavanaugh has presented tangible evidence that the accusation doesn’t hold up.

On Sunday, The New York Times reported that the judge has found old calendars from the period when the unproven groping allegedly took place — and they appear to support his claim that the incident didn’t happen.

Sep 24 11:15

Kavanaugh Accuser May Have Hidden Agenda with Supreme Court Nominee

Sep 24 11:10

Google secretly logs users into Chrome whenever they log into a Google site

Google has made an important change to the way the Chrome browser works, a move the company did not advertise to its users in any way, and which has serious privacy repercussions.

According to several reports [ 1, 2, 3], starting with Chrome 69, whenever a Chrome user would access a Google-owned site, the browser would take that user's Google identity and log the user into the Chrome in-browser account system --also known as Sync.

This system, Sync, allows users to log in with their Google accounts inside Chrome and optionally upload and synchronize local browser data (history, passwords, bookmarks, and other) to Google's servers.

Sep 24 11:10

Bolton Warns Russian Missile Sale To Syria Would Be "Significant Escalation"

U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Monday that the Russian plans to supply Syria with a S-300 missile system would be a “significant escalation” by Moscow and hopes it will reconsider. His statement follows the Russian announcement from early Monday that Russia will supply the surface-to-air missile system to Syria in two weeks, one week after Moscow blamed Israel for indirectly causing the downing of a Russian military plane in Syria, despite strong Israeli objections.

Sep 24 11:09

North Korea Seeks Investments, Business Chief From South Says

North Korea signaled it wants to bring in investments from South Korean companies to help modernize the secluded country, according to one of the business chiefs that went to Pyongyang last week.

North Korea wants to have economic cooperation and technical assistance from the South, Sohn Kyung-shik, the 79-year-old co-chairman of CJ Group and the head of the Korea Employers Federation, told Bloomberg Television’s Shery Ahn in an interview. “What they really want are investments to set up industry there,” he said.

The comments reflect the optimism that’s trickling out in the wake of last week’s summit between North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and South Korea’s Moon Jae-in. But many hurdles remain, as both countries are technically still at war and conducting business with North Korea is heavily restricted by United Nations sanctions.

Sep 24 11:09

Google CEO warns employees to keep politics out of their work

Sep 24 11:07

Drag Queen Story Hour

A special experience has come to the West Hollywood Public Library, where the focus is love, acceptance and empathy.

Sep 24 11:06

Reports: Kavanaugh Has Found 1982 Calendar, Detailed Entries Help Clear His Name

The last-minute attempt to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation as the next Supreme Court justice has just hit a serious snag.

Facing damaging but almost completely unsubstantiated claims that he acted improperly with a girl back when he was a teenager, the conservative nominee has dug into his personal archives to defend himself.

Up until now, the vague accusations made by Christine Blasey Ford had only resulted in a “he said, she said” stalemate. Liberals insisted that Blasey Ford’s story of a bad encounter at a drunken party be believed, while conservatives have pointed out that the nearly 40-year-old claim is impossible to verify.

Finally, Kavanaugh has presented tangible evidence that the accusation doesn’t hold up.

Sep 24 11:02

Smiling Bill Cosby arrives alone for his sentencing as a psychologist testifies the disgraced legend is a sexually violent predator with uncontrollable urges to have sex with young, non-consenting women who would reoffend

Bill Cosby arrived in court on Monday to start his sentencing hearing in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

The disgraced actor, 81, was not joined by his wife Camille or any other family members as he made his way into the courtroom accompanied by only his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt and publicist Ebonee Benson.

Cosby, who was declared a sexually violent predator by the state's sex-offender board, appeared to be carefree and in high spirits despite the occasion, and at one point smiled and then pointed and waved at a crowd of protesters outside the court.

Kristen Dudley, a psychologist and member of the offender board, testified Monday in court and stated that Cosby had a disorder which makes him inclined to sleep with non-consenting women.

Sep 24 11:00

Special Agent who handled Hillary Clinton during 2016 seizure-like collapse dead at 49?

Astonishingly, the Secret Service special agent that helped lift Hillary Clinton into a black van after her collapse in 2016 appears to be dead

Sep 24 10:59

Fatal drug overdoses in Ohio increase to record number

A, o, way to go Ohio

Sep 24 10:58

Did ZOG cause the latest attack on conservatives?

Last week, the Tennessee ShieldWall Network publicly announced that they would be attending the CPAC365 rally in Knoxville in order to protect and defend, if necessary, the conservatives who had been threatened with attack by violent Communist Antifa and Black Lives Splatter members.

In response, Jordan Reid, the token nigger of Jam City Antifa, published an article claiming that there would be violence at the event, and verifying that radical leftists would be there to protest.

When the well-dressed Tennessee ShieldWall Network Phalanx showed up, with their entry tickets in hand, they were singled out by Knoxville Police Department officers who verified on video that they were on orders from the Secret Service to not let them in, and to arrest them if they tried to enter, even though they had not broken any laws and possessed tickets to the rally. The lapdogs of the Zionist Occupied Government refused to say why. TN SWN were forced to leave, and followed out of town.

Sep 24 10:57

Swamp on Verge of Swallowing Trump

President Donald J. Trump’s is sinking into the swamp of the Washington, D.C., establishments of both political parties. Despite his previous best efforts, the snakes and alligators now seem on the verge of totally swallowing up and then devouring his presidency, much less him, his family, and associates personally.

Sep 24 10:54

As Koreas Make Peace, Will Trump End the War?

At their third summit, the leaders of North and South Korea made new progress in their historic effort to bring peace to the Peninsula. But for North Korea to denuclearize, is the US prepared to formally end the Korean War, and withdraw US forces?

Sep 24 10:51


When President Donald Trump chairs his first United Nations Security Council meeting on Wednesday, the broad theme of his address will ostensibly be the worldwide prevention of nuclear proliferation and weapons of mass destruction.

But Iran, which Trump’s national security team considers to be a top geopolitical threat, is almost certain to receive the lion’s share of the president’s attention.

“Talking about Iran, talking about their proxies and the other things they are doing to destabilize the Middle East will certainly be a topic,” U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley said Thursday in a preview of the administration’s approach in New York.

Wednesday’s gathering will be “the most watched Security Council meeting ever,” she predicted.