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March 29, 2017

Mar 29 13:27

Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill To Legalise Pot

Jimmy Dore breaks it down

Mar 29 13:24

‘Severe Distortions’: Aviation Chief Blasts US-UK Electronics Ban

The international association of airlines has come out against the ban on laptops and other electronics aboard direct flights from airports in mainly Muslim countries, enacted by both the US and the UK, calling it confusing and harmful to commerce.

Mar 29 13:22

Trump decided to block Syrian army advance in preparation for Syria partition

This info. is a confirmation of what I revealed in other articles I wrote recently. Once I saw who the US forces were teaming up with I knew the fix was in to prevent Assad's forces from taking control of Raqqa, and also allow the US and the Kurds to set up the border lines for a new country they call Kurdistan. This is a direct violation of an earlier agreement that was to maintain Syrian borders and control. The partitioning of Syria is the beginning of taking the Syrian territory away from Assad one slice at a time. That is not helping the Syrians by any stretch of the imagination - it is a declaration of war against them by the US government!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, Syria can be broken up, but Russia "stole" Crimea?

Mar 29 12:57

Spicer Uses Riveros RUSSIAN DRESSING Gag In Press Confrence CNN Seeths

Spicer: If Trump Puts Russian Dressing on a Salad, Media Sees Russian Connection

(*Mike was ahead of the curve , Again !)

Mar 29 12:52

The Overlapping Crises Are Coming, Regardless of Who’s in Power

Commentators seem to split into three camps: those who see Trump as a manifestation of smoldering social/economic ills, those who see Trump and his supporters as the cause of those ills, and those who see Trump as both manifestation and cause of those ills. I think this misses the point, which is the overlapping crises unfolding in this decade– diminishing returns on skyrocketing debts, the demographics of an aging populace, the erosion of the social contract and the profound disunity of political elites–will continue expanding and feeding on each other regardless of who is in power.

Mar 29 12:39

Death at Your Door: Knock-and-Talk Police Tactics Rip a Hole in the Constitution

No, in the American police state, when you find yourself woken in the early hours by someone pounding on your door, smashing through your door, terrorizing your family, killing your pets, and shooting you if you dare to resist in any way, you don’t need to worry that it might be burglars out to rob and kill you: it’s just the police.

Mar 29 12:38

President Donald Trump Exposes the Clinton Foundation on Twitter

While Democrats are busy making up lies about President Donald J. Trump and Russian leaders, they conveniently forget their candidate for President in 2016 is the most corrupt, unethical politician in the history of American politics.

Now, after keeping silent about Hillary for months, Trump just made a major announcement that should have Hillary Clinton (and Bill) very worried.

Trump used his Twitter account to point out the hypocrisy of the Russian interference investigation, reminding the world of Team Hillary’s close ties to Russia. The Clinton Foundation traded millions of dollars for actions from the former Secretary of State, which resulted in Russian ownership of 20% of America’s uranium mines.

Hillary Clinton’s actions were criminal, and now Trump is focusing a massive spotlight on it! Perhaps Attorney General Jeff Sessions is already looking into it?

Mar 29 12:32

Obama Tells Americans Their Freedom Is Over & New World Government Is Taking Over!

Mar 29 12:23

FLASHBACK - Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead

Call it conspiracy theory, coincidence or just bad luck, but any time someone is in a position to bring down Hillary Clinton they wind up dead. In fact, as we noted previously, there’s a long history of Clinton-related body counts, with scores of people dying under mysterious circumstances. While Vince Foster remains the most infamous, the body count is starting to build ominously this election cycle - from the mysterious "crushing his own throat" death of a UN official to the latest death of an attorney who served the DNC with a fraud suit.

As GatewayPundit's Jim Hoft reports, on July 3, 2016, Shawn Lucas and filmmaker Ricardo Villaba served the DNC Services Corp. and Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz at DNC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., in the fraud class action suit against the Democrat Party on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters (this was before Wikileaks released documents proving the DNC was working against the Sanders campaign during the 2016 primary).

Mar 29 12:22

Flashback: George Soros Financed Hillary Clinton’s Recount Lawyer Marc Elias

The lawyer representing Hillary Clinton’s recount efforts recently led legal battles against state voting laws with an infusion of funding from billionaire George Soros.

On Saturday, Marc Elias, the Clinton team’s general counsel, announced Clinton’s campaign would participate in Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s recount effort in Wisconsin. Elias also said the Clinton campaign would participate if Stein decides to pursue recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Elias is a senior lawyer at the Perkins Coie law firm, which also represents Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

Mar 29 12:22

FLASHBACK - Hillary Clinton Staffer in Hiding as Authorities Investigate Her Work on the Campaign

Where is Christina Gupana?

The Nevada immigration attorney and Hillary Clinton campaign fellow has gone into hiding since she was captured in a James O’Keefe video apparently conspiring to violate election laws. Gupana told who she thought were Hillary Clinton campaign staffers and volunteers to “Do whatever you can. Whatever you can get away with, just do it, until you get kicked out, like, totally.” Gupana seemed to know that none of these volunteers were licensed to register voters by a county clerk, as required by law in Nevada.

Mar 29 12:16

‘Unintentional accident of war’? Pentagon says it ‘probably’ played role in 200+ Mosul deaths

The Pentagon has admitted that its air campaign in Mosul “probably had a role” in the mounting civilian death toll in Mosul, including the recent loss of dozens of lives under the rubble of a house that was allegedly booby-trapped by ISIS to maximize casualties.

Mounting evidence of an underreported civilian death toll in Mosul has recently been noted by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Both organizations have criticized the modus operandi of the US-led military campaign.

Hundreds of Mosul civilians killed by airstrikes were told not to flee by authorities – Amnesty

Entire families in Mosul are being killed by airstrikes in their own homes following repeated instructions from Iraqi authorities to stay inside, AI said this week. The NGO emphasized that the coalition forces must have known the strikes were likely to result in civilian deaths.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Civilian deaths are of no consequence, as long as the military objective is ultimately achieved by the US government.

This very much reminds me of the comments made by the Papal Legate at the siege of Montsegur, against the Cathars.

Upon being informed that women and children were also with the besieged men holding out here, the Papal Legate gave the following order: "Kill them all; God will find his own."

Mar 29 12:10

EU ‘Ready to Intervene’ If Bosnia Violence Erupts

EU and NATO officials are warning against any new moves for secession by autonomous regions within Bosnia, with the EU in particular insisting that they are ready to intervene rapidly if such secessionist ambitions lead to violence in the nation.

The Republika Srpska government, ruling the ethnic Serb-dominated region, has been warning the central Bosnian government against moves against their autonomy, saying that they intend to organize a secession referendum as soon as 2018.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, the EU and NATO are ready to go in to this region, guns blazing, should they DARE to have a referendum on secession.

Whatever, please, happened to the concept of "peaceful self determination"?!? Is that not applicable when such a concept is NOT to the liking of the EU and NATO?!?

Apparently, not!!

Mar 29 12:00

Washington state Democrats willing to exempt Boeing from higher business taxes

Some businesses in Washington state aren’t going to be as lucky as Boeing.

Mar 29 11:39

Judge Napolitano Returns On Fox News, Stands By Claim Brits Spied On Trump

Fox News' legal analyst Andrew "Judge" Napolitano returned to the air on Wednesday morning, nine days after the network benched him when President Donald Trump cited the Fox talking head as the source of claims that Barack Obama used British intelligence to wiretap him. Napolitano refused to change his story saying he stood by his claim about spying on President Donald Trump that got him benched by the network on March 21 for an indefinite period.

Mar 29 11:28

Army Chief: Obama And Hillary Have Violated Espionage Act

Army Chief, Lt. General Thomas McInerney, says he believes that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both in clear violation of the Espionage Act.

Mar 29 11:16

Russian-US relations at record-low — top lawmaker

Relations between Russia and the United States are at a record-low level but Russia hopes for a dialog, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said about the United States’ latest decision to impose sanctions against several Russian arms manufacturing enterprises. She hopes that the sanctions will not cause adverse effects on our enterprises, which will keep up good work. Last week it was announced that the United States acting in compliance with its Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act imposed sanctions on eight Russian organizations. A US State Department official told TASS these organizations are Rostec’s affiliates Rosoboronexport, research and industrial association Bazalt, 150th Aircraft Repair Plant and the Kolomna Machine-Building Design Bureau.

Mar 29 11:11

Tsunami alert issued after 6.7-magnitude earthquake rattles Russia’s Kamchatka

"The 6.7-magnitude earthquake occurred in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Kamchatka. The epicenter was located 85 kilometers away from the settlement of Ust-Kamchatsk. The population felt a 5-magnitude tremor. A tsunami alert was issued," scientists at the local seismological station said. The earthquake was registered at 7:09 Moscow time (5:09 GMT). No casualties or damage have been reported so far.
"According to preliminary information, no injuries or damage as a result of the earthquake have been reported, no tsunami threat has been declared. All essential services of the region are working as normal," the ministry’s press service said. The rescuers are now examining the territory to find out if any houses or other buildings were damaged. The task force is working in the Ust-Kamchatsky district, which was hit by the quake. http://tass.com/world/938136

Mar 29 11:05

Palestine names conditions for peace treaty with Israel — Abbas

Palestinians are ready to conclude a peace treaty with Israel, if the occupation of Palestinian territories ends and two states, including the independent Palestinian one, are established, the Jordanian daily newspaper Al Ghad quotes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as saying. "We (the Palestinians) are ready to sign a peace treaty (with Israel)and finally solve all problems, if the Israeli occupation ends and the principle of creating two independent states is implemented," the Palestinian leader noted. According to Abbas, "there is no new plan or new initiative to establish peace (between Palestine and Israel)." He added that Palestine is committed to the Arab peace plan without any changes.

Mar 29 11:05

What’s “Excessively Objectionable Or Crude” About This Antiwar App?

“Five years ago, I made a simple iPhone app. It would send you a push notification every time a U.S. drone strike was reported in the news. Apple rejected the app three times, calling it “excessively objectionable or crude content.”… —After 12 Rejections, Apple Accepts App

Mar 29 11:00

Russian and American troops are within 'hand-grenade range' of each other in Syria

A defense expert warns that 'escalation is bound to happen' between troops

Mar 29 10:59

China ready to play major role in developing Arctic — vice PM

China is prepared and is capable of making a contribution to developing the Arctic region, Vice-Premier of China’s State Council Wang Yang told the Arctic - Territory of Dialogue International Forum. "China is a party that makes its contribution to the Arctic affairs and is ready and capable of playing a great role in developing the Arctic," the vice premier said at the forum, which kicked off in Arkhangelsk, a city in the north of European Russia, on Wednesday. Beijing is ready to make efforts to strengthen the Arctic ecosystem’s protection, deepen the scientific research, develop and use the Arctic resources rationally and improve the institutions and tools of the Artic management, he said...

Mar 29 10:56

Russian top diplomat suspects Jabhat al-Nusra could be used to topple Assad

Suspicions remain that the Jabhat al-Nusra terror group could be used to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the US National Interest magazine. According to the diplomat, before Russia "moved there with its air force, the US coalition was very rarely hitting ISIL positions and almost never hitting the positions of Jabhat al-Nusra, which many people believe has been spared just in case at some point they might be needed to topple the regime." "This feeling, this suspicion, is still very much alive these days, when Jabhat al-Nusra already twice changed its name, but it never changed its sponsors who continue to pump money and whatever is necessary for fighting into this structure," Lavrov noted adding that "people know this"...

Mar 29 10:55

Bad for America

During a recent exchange on “CBS Sunday Morning,” ancient newsreader Ted Koppel called Fox News pundit Sean Hannity “bad for America.” But some people truly are “Bad for America.” To benefit the Ted Koppels of the world, here’s a list of some of the more noteworthy offenders.

Mar 29 10:53

More than 500 militants in Syria’s Homs return to civilian life

About 530 militants in the northern suburbs of the Syrian city of Homs decided to lay down arms and return to peaceful life. All the rest will be transported to the north of the country within the next six weeks together with their family members, Governor of the Homs Province, Talal al-Barazi, told reporters. The second stage of the withdrawal of armed units in al-Waer, a suburb in the north of the city Homs (165 kilometers away from Damascus) began earlier this week. Some militants in this area decided to take advantage of the amnesty declared by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and return to a peaceful life agreeing to be checked by the law enforcement forces...

Mar 29 10:53

Twitter Might Now Be Censoring Drudge Report

A very troubling development noticed today on Twitter by Zerohedge should have everyone concerned:


Mar 29 10:47

Washington should consider deliveries of lethal weapons to Ukraine — Pentagon official

The new US administration should study the possibility of supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons, the top American general in Europe told US lawmakers. "I personally believe that we need to consider lethal defensive weapons for Ukraine," Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, commander of U.S. European Command and NATO's supreme allied commander for Europe, told the House Armed Services Committee. The US military official claimed Russia was supplying the self-proclaimed republics in Eastern Ukraine with its newest military equoment with a purpose to test it. He did not specify whether the European partners support the US initiative, saying that he did not raised the matter before most of them yet...

Mar 29 10:45

US Senate votes overwhelmingly in favor of Montenegro’s accession to NATO

The US Senate ratified the protocol on Montenegro’s accession to NATO on Tuesday with 97 votes in favor and two against. The only two "no" votes came from Republican Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee. Paul delayed the vote for months by refusing to allow a quick vote, proposed by John McCain. Paul argued during a Senate session Monday that Montenegro’s NATO membership will not improve the security of the United States, but, on the contrary, will oblige Washington to intervene militarily in case of a conflict. "There is no national security interest that an alliance with Montenegro will advance," Paul said Monday. "Most Americans couldn't find Montenegro on a map. Are you willing to send your kids there to fight?"...

Mar 29 10:41

World Bank delays approval of new loan for Ukraine until May 2

The World Bank leadership has decided to postpone the approval of a $150-million loan for Ukraine, according to a notice obtained by TASS. Informed sources in the organization earlier told TASS that the project was initially expected to be passed on March 31, under a simplified procedure that requires no debates. However, an internal notice that circulated in the organization Tuesday reads that the discussion will be held on May 2. The document does not reveal reasons behind the move. Under the deal, the World Bank will allocate a $150-million loan, intended to improve access to longer term finance for export oriented small and medium enterprises, to UkrEximbank, Ukraine’s sole official export financing institution. According to an UkrEximbank statement released in November 2016, Kiev expected the loan to be approved until the end of the first quarter of 2017.

Mar 29 10:37

A first-in-the-nation settlement involving subprime auto loan securitization

Santander to pay $22 million

Mar 29 10:34

iPhone users fooled by fake ransomware

Apple has issued an iPhone software update after reports of fake ransomware attacks where money was demanded in order to unlock the handset's browser.

A pop-up screen accused the phone owner of accessing illegal pornography or pirating music and could not be removed.

However the ransomware was fake - and clearing the browser cache was actually enough to restore full access.

It ran on JavaScript, a code commonly employed by many websites.

The attackers demanded £100 in the form of an iTunes gift card with the code sent via text message to a designated mobile number, said security firm Lookout in a blog about the malware.

Mar 29 10:30

First in the world ice-class gas tanker comes to Arctic port. International research station Barneo opens near North Pole

A gas carrying tanker, test-filled with liquefied natural gas, for the first time arrived in the Sabetta port (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District) along the Northern Sea Route, the District’s press service told TASS on Wednesday. It can work at temperatures up to minus 52 degrees (Celsius) and can go through ice up to 2.1 meters thick. The tanker carries 172.6 thousand cubic meters of liquefied natural gas...
International research station Barneo has opened in the Arctic, the special presidential representative for international cooperation in the Arctic and the Antarctic, Artur Chilingarov, told the Arctic Forum in Archangelsk on Wednesday. "I’ve just been told that the station Barneo has opened 40 kilometers away from the North Pole. Builders and equipment have been delivered there," he said, adding that scientists from several countries will be working there. The station will remain operational for about a month. http://tass.com/economy/938237

Mar 29 10:27

As Yemen War Enters Third Year, Pentagon Moves To Escalate Slaughter

The Pentagon has formally asked the Trump White House to lift limited restrictions imposed by the Obama administration on US military aid to the Saudi Arabian monarchy’s near genocidal war against the impoverished people of Yemen.

Mar 29 10:26

Man Wins Women's Weighlifting Competition

Mar 29 10:17

London High Court rules Ukraine must repay $3 bln to Russia

Russia’s Finance Ministry believes that by its judgment on the expedited procedure of examining Russia’s lawsuit versus Ukraine on the $3bln debt recovery the High Court of London has obliged Kiev to repay debt and interest to Moscow, the ministry’s press office said on Wednesday. "On March 29, 2017, London’s High Court passed a judgment after examining Russia’s request for hearing its lawsuit versus Ukraine in an expedited procedure that Ukraine is obliged to pay Russia the Eurobond nominal value of $3 billion and the relevant amount of accrued interest," the Finance Ministry said. "The court pronounced its final verdict obliging Ukraine to pay to Russia its eurobond debt in full. No extra hearings on this issue in the London High Court are due.

Mar 29 10:12

Is There Lead in Your Water?

When the water at a school is so highly contaminated that a dog won't drink it, you know there's a problem. And that's exactly what just happened at a school in San Diego, California.

They aren't alone. Cities across the country are discovering lead in their water supplies.

So what about your area? Is there lead in your water? Here's how to test for it and what to do if you discover it.

Mar 29 09:55

911 Clues Everyone Missed

Mar 29 09:51

Russia Calls For UNSC Briefing Over Deadly US Airstrike On Mosul

The Russian Foreign Minister has called for a UN Security Council briefing over a recent US airstrike on Mosul which claimed the lives of more than 200 Iraqi civilians.

Mar 29 09:48

Are Toxic Chemicals Turning Boys Into Girls?

Male births have been in decline for decades, while researchers say developmental genital damage from chemical exposure can become hereditable.

Mar 29 09:47

Awe-inspiring pictures as Kambalny volcano awakens after 248 years

The snow-covered volcano awoke from its hibernation on Saturday provoking excitement among those lucky enough to witness this unexpected eruption, as ash was thrown 7 kilometres high.

Olga Girina, head of the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT), said: 'This is the first serious volcanic event at Kambalny in the modern history of scientific observations.

'According to researchers, a strong eruption occurred 600 years ago. There is information about its increased activity about 250 years ago. We are keeping a close look at the volcano. It is difficult to say how the event will unfold.'

Mar 29 09:39

Michael Moore Loses It (Again): Warns Of "Extinction Of Human Life Due To Donald Trump"

"Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump"

Mar 29 09:35

Rand Paul Drops TruthBombs on Congress About US Warmongering And Unconstitutional Wars

Rand Paul: Will we add another commitment to defend yet another foreign country? Will we send more Americans to die in undeclared wars?

Mar 29 09:26


Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the eBay seller I purchased my Raspberry Pi Zero kit from. I paid about $30 for it, which is amazing, but the more powerful versions run up closer to $100.

This Pi is fun. It reminds me of how I felt about computers when they first came out.

A note of caution: This is not for someone who expects a computer to do office work on. It can be used for that, but is really intended for computer hobbyists who want to "talk to the metal."

Here are some projects people are doing with the Pi!

Mar 29 09:19

Alarming levels of lead and cadmium found in Trader Joe’s, Hershey’s, and other chocolates

The 2016 report by As You Sow examined 50 different popular chocolates and found that many of them contain amounts of lead and cadmium that exceed the amounts that the state of California deems safe. Some chocolate brands contained as much as nine times the level of lead the Golden State considers to be safe to reproductive health. Others contained amounts of cadmium that were equivalent to seven times the maximum daily exposure limit.

Multiple samples from the 50 different chocolate candies were sent to an independent lab for analysis. The organization refrained from disclosing the exact amounts of lead and cadmium found in the chocolates, in hopes that they can work with the chocolate manufacturers to reduce the amounts of the metals found in their products and pinpoint the source of the toxins.

Mar 29 09:17

20 awesome projects for Raspberry Pi

The DIY dream

Raspberry Pi — a tiny, stripped-down $35 computer — hit the market in 2011 with the intention of helping promote basic computer science skills in schools. It has become the DIY gadget-maker's go-to device. Tinkerers, hobbyists, educators and students — basically anyone who likes to build things — have taken to the Internet with project after project utilizing the Raspberry Pi.

In early 2015, a second generation, the Raspberry Pi 2, was introduced. And now it celebrates another milestone: 10 million units sold. To mark the occasion, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched a "Pi-in-a-Box" starter kit to get even more of us to learn about and use the low-cost computer. It'll go on sale in the U.K. for £99 and hit other markets soon.

Mar 29 09:15

The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them

Republicans in Congress just voted to reverse a landmark FCC privacy rule that opens the door for ISPs to sell customer data. Lawmakers provided no credible reason for this being in the interest of Americans, except for vague platitudes about “consumer choice” and “free markets,” as if consumers at the mercy of their local internet monopoly are craving to have their web history quietly sold to marketers and any other 3rd party willing to pay.

Mar 29 09:15

"Something Stinks Here" - CrowdStrike Revises, Retracts Parts Of Explosive Russian Hacking Report

Last week, I published two posts on cyber security firm CrowdStrike after becoming aware of inaccuracies in one of its key reports used to bolster the claim that operatives of the Russian government had hacked into the DNC. This is extremely important since the DNC hired CrowdStrike to look into its hack, and at the same time denied FBI access to its servers.

Here’s the problem. Yes, the FBI has agreed with CrowdStrike’s conclusion, but the FBI did not analyze the DNC servers because the DNC specifically denied the FBI access. This was noteworthy in its own right, but it takes on vastly increased significance given the serious errors in a related hacking report produced by the company.

Mar 29 09:14

LA, Chicago, & New York Vow To Defy Trump Over Sanctuary City De-Funding

"We are going to become this administration's worst nightmare." Leading officials from Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York have come out swinging a day after AG Sessions demanded yesterday that the country's so-called 'Sanctuary Cities' stop breaking Federal laws (or their funding will be cut, or worse).

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the surprise appearance at Sean Spicer's daily White House press briefing to announce that his DOJ will be taking steps to not only require that so-called "sanctuary cities" enforce federal immigration laws but would also be seeking to claw back past DOJ awards granted to those cities if they refuse to certify compliance.

Mar 29 09:14

Article 50: Theresa May to call on UK to unite after letter triggers Brexit

Prime minister’s letter will be hand-delivered to European council president at the same time as she addresses House of Commons

Mar 29 09:13

31 Inches The Past Week More Snow Thursday

After 7 more inches reported on the upper mountain yesterday, we have a 7 day total of 31 inches on the upper mountain.

Mar 29 09:13

10 surprisingly practical Raspberry Pi projects anybody can do

Most of the Raspberry Pi coverage you’ll see around the web focuses on the more fantastical projects—magic mirrors, portable gaming handhelds, intelligent drones, and so forth. And for good reason! Those maker masterpieces show what sort of power the $35 mini-PC is capable of in the hands of someone with a little imagination and a bin full of spare electronics.

But most people won’t use the Raspberry Pi to whip together crazy creations.

In honor of Pi Day and the recent releases of the supercharged Raspberry Pi 3 and dirt-cheap Raspberry Pi Zero, we’re digging into the more practical projects possible with the Raspberry Pi, from media streaming to extending the range of your Wi-Fi network. It’s time to put that $35 computer to real work.

Mar 29 09:13

Commercial fisherman releases 30 tonnes of mackerel to save dolphins trapped in nets

A Tauranga fishing boat skipper who was forced to release an estimated 30 tonnes of jack mackerel to save six dolphins caught in his net is being praised for his actions by fishing company Sanford Ltd - and by a boatload of recreational fishers who saw the drama unfold.

Mar 29 09:13

Finding snow where there's usually little to none

It was spitting snow as four U.S. Forest Service workers took snow samples and took snowpack measurements Monday at two remote areas within the Lassen National Forest where snowfall is somewhat of a rarity.

But the tiny flakes falling didn't add anything to the snow that had already fallen onto the ground at those two locations.

With snowpack levels statewide way above average, the four-person crew working in conjunction with the state Department of Water Resources, took measurements at McElroy Pass south of Old Station and at Burney Springs near Burney Mountain.

Mar 29 09:09


A professor at the University of Texas thinks that “mission creep” could one day lead to the government listening in on private conversations in people’s homes via the new Google Home device.

Google Home is a newly launched wi-fi connected “smart speaker” that responds to voice commands with relevant information via a virtual speaking assistant. The device is a rival to Amazon Echo, which performs many of the same functions.

According to Dr. Philip Doty, associate dean of the School of Information at the University of Texas, privacy advocates are right to be concerned, especially in light of revelations that the CIA allegedly hacked Samsung Smart TVs to record private conversations.

“We now have a third party presence which not only can listen to us but can record us and share that information with retail giants, with third party information brokers and potentially with government,” Professor Doty told KXAN.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

the answer is simple; just don't buy the unit, or anything like it, and let these devices become the Edsels of the 21st century!!

Mar 29 09:04

Panic spreads in Iraq, Syria as record numbers of civilians are reported killed in U.S. strikes

A sharp rise in the number of civilians reported killed in U.S.-led airstrikes in Iraq and Syria is spreading panic, deepening mistrust and triggering accusations that the United States and its partners may be acting without sufficient regard for lives of noncombatants.

The increase comes as local ground forces backed by air support from a U.S.-led coalition close in on the Islamic State’s two main urban bastions — Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq.

Mar 29 09:04


Although many details are still hazy because of secrecy – and further befogged by politics – it appears House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes was informed last week about invasive electronic surveillance of senior U.S. government officials and, in turn, passed that information onto President Trump.

This news presents Trump with an unwelcome but unavoidable choice: confront those who have kept him in the dark about such rogue activities or live fearfully in their shadow. (The latter was the path chosen by President Obama. Will Trump choose the road less traveled?)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The American Deep State wants to get President Trump out of office, and by any means necessary, because he is the absolute "stumbling block" to their agenda, which is to keep things precisely the way they are; increase wealth inequality; embrace globalism; and pursue even more wars of conquest, no matter the cost in blood and money.

Unfortunately, President Trump is by no means "out of the woods", in terms of being set up for some kind of epic fail in his presidency, which would be the "excuse" for taking his presidency down, while keeping up the facade that everything is perfectly normal, and the "allegedly routine" transfer of power happens with now Vice-President Pence becomes a done deal without much fuss on the part of the American public.

Mar 29 09:04

Illegal Alien Sues First Responders Who Saved His Life For Half A Million Dollars

“I need money!” And perhaps those three little words spell exactly what America of 2015 has become to the average illegal alien, sneaking across the border, “get what you can, anyway you can.”

Simple unapologetic greed seems to be the philosophy of illegal alien Roy Oritz whose life was saved while trapped in his car during a flash flood, last September.

“Amazingly” Ortiz has filed a lawsuit against the very people who saved his “miserable life” because they didn’t respond quickly enough.

Mar 29 08:59

Vladimir Putin welcomes Iran to the Grand Kremlin Palace

Iran’s President Rouhani is currently in Moscow at the head of a big Iranian delegation for comprehensive talks with Russian President Putin and with other members of the Russian leadership.

The importance the Russians attach to the talks is shown by the fact that photographs show that President Putin received President Rouhani not in the Senate building in the Kremlin where he has his office and where he normally receives foreign visitors, but in the much larger and more magnificent Grand Kremlin Palace. Though this may seem a small point, the intensely protocol conscious Russians will not have made it lightly, and the choice of venue for the meeting shows the importance the Russians attach to Rouhani’s visit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russian – Iranian alliance forming

Mar 29 08:55


On March 25th, for the 3rd year in a row, UNRWA held a 5K run in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. The sky was threatening, the temperature was moderate after a week of winter cold, and the rain never arrived. At 8AM people started arriving to pick up their numbers, tee shirts, and have something to eat. At 9AM about 1400 runners took off – they included babies and grandparents, some ran, some walked, some were pushed in carriages and some were in wheelchairs, one used a scooter and many were carried. It was truly a joyful family event. The Brooklyn event raised approximately $200,000 for mental health services for the children of Gaza. The people of Gaza will see photos and videos of the event – they will see that good people are thinking of them and trying to help. There will be 4 more 5K runs in other U.S. cities. The people of Gaza will not be forgotten!

Mar 29 08:55


There is a strange headline in the Israeli Press today …. (Click on link to see report)

‘Over a thousand innocent people in prison’

Mar 29 08:53

Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest against Israel military service

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews took to the streets of Jerusalem on Tuesday to protest against compulsory military service at a time of increased tensions between them and Israeli authorities.

Mar 29 08:53


The headlines are awash with the recent tensions with North Korea, and most are focused intently upon this act of the play that has been running hot for several years, now. Akin to the proverbial frog in cold water, however, we are not paying as much attention to the surveillance state that is continuing to wrap its tentacles around us. Eurasia is our ally, Eastasia is our enemy…and nobody notices that the chocolate ration has been diminished. While everyone focuses on what is reported in the headline news, everybody misses what is happening right before their eyes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are moments when I wish to heaven that Mike and I could immigrate to somewhere normal; unfortunately, at our age, and with our finances, that option will remain impossible for us.

Mar 29 08:53

Trump: US troops 'fighting like never before' in Iraq

President Donald Trump offered rare public remarks about Iraq Tuesday, declaring to a group of Senators gathered at the White House that the US is performing "very well" in the country, which remains besieged by violence.

It wasn't clear what fighting Trump was referring to in his remarks, which appeared unscripted. The US combat mission in Iraq ended in 2010 and American troops are now in the country primarily to advise and assist Iraqi forces.

Mar 29 08:48


As Trump gets ready to renegotiate NAFTA and impose tariffs on companies looking to outsource production to Mexico, a new study from MIT and Boston University suggests that industrial robots, not Mexico, may be the bigger factor contributing to the high levels on unemployment in the Midwest.
Entitled "Robots and Jobs: Evidence From US Labor Markets," the authors of the study found that the addition of 1 robot per 1,000 workers results in an 18-35 bps reduction in the employment-to-population ratio and 25-50bps reduction in wages. Per Bloomberg:

One additional robot per thousand workers reduces the employment-to-population ratio by 0.18 percentage points to 0.34 percentage points and slashes wages by 0.25 percent to 0.5 percent, based on their analysis. To put that in context, the U.S. saw an increase of about one new industrial robot for every thousand workers between 1993 and 2007, based on the study.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the future of what used to be manual labor in this country and beyond.

Look for this technology, coupled with computer control, to offset thousands of jobs worldwide, and soon.

Mar 29 08:47

It's Happening, It's Exactly What We Thought The Deep State Would Do

Jeff Session's is now going after sanctuary cities. The deep state and their pawns are trying to get Nunes to step down. Trey Gowdy says no way, Nunes says no way. The deep state is worried about the next truth bomb and how the American people will react to it.

Mar 29 08:44


San Diego, CA – On St. Patrick’s Day, California’s southernmost metropolis decided to debut a roadside test for those suspected of driving under the influence of cannabis. Several “sobriety checkpoints” were set up throughout the city with the standard invasions of privacy, but this time they added a mouth swab test known as the Drager 5000.

If a cop suspects a driver of being high, they request that he or she take the mouth swab test, and perhaps a field sobriety test as well. They’re trying to gather evidence to incriminate you, although the mouth swab test is not mandatory.

The Drager 5000, already in use in other countries and cities such as Los Angeles and New York, detects the presence of various substances, including THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. The problem is, this test has absolutely zero ability to test actual impairment or level of intoxication.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!

And that thumpa-thumpa sound you are hearing, is that of George Orwell, turning over in his grave at warp speed!

Mar 29 08:44

WikiLeaks Task Force - FactCheck: Misrepresenting Stone’s Prescience

Rep. Adam Schiff laid out a series of “coincidences” to build a circumstantial case that President Trump’s campaign associates may have colluded with the Russians

Mar 29 08:41

Lavrov Calls Out NATO's Role in Afghan Drug Trafficking

The US operation against the Taliban and al-Qaeda was supported by all countries. It’s another matter that after receiving the international approval, the United States and its NATO allies, which took over in Afghanistan, started acting rather inconsistently, to put it mildly. During their operation in Afghanistan, the terrorist threat has not been rooted out, while the drug threat has increased many times over. The drug industry prospered. There is factual evidence that some of the NATO contingents in Afghanistan turned a blind eye to the illegal drug trafficking, even if they were not directly involved in these criminal schemes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Mar 29 08:41

Cisco learned from Wikileaks that the CIA had hacked its systems

CIA spokeswoman Heather Fritz Horniak declined to comment

Mar 29 08:40


A recent article in the Marin Independent Journal, reveals how Transportation Authorities (DOT's) across the country, are secretly spying on everyone's cellphones, GPS devices and Bluetooth devices. They claim spying is cheaper than other alternatives..

A new study using data collected from mobile devices, details the increasing flow of vehicles into Marin from the East Bay and San Francisco. The DOT claims that "only mobile signals are tracked, not the user’s identity."

Don't believe it.

Spying on motorists electronic devices is cheaper

The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) also claims that spying on everyone's cell phones, Bluetooth connected devices and license plates is cheaper than mail surveys.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In an obvious, frontal assault on the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, which prevents unreasonable search and seizure against the US's citizens, this approach will NOT keep the American people safe from harm's way.

This creates "data overload", where information cannot be useful, because there is just too much of it to make any sense, and the baddies have already encrypted their communications to the point where the US government's "alphabet soup" cannot decrypt it.

Mar 29 08:39

Scott Adams: The Systems President

Was President Trump’s first attempt at getting a healthcare bill a failure?

Your answer to that question probably depends on whether you are a goals-thinker or a systems-thinker.

Mar 29 08:39

Britain is protecting the biggest heroin crop of all time

In six years, the occupation has wrought one massive transformation in Afghanistan, a development so huge that it has increased Afghan GDP by 66 per cent and constitutes 40 per cent of the entire economy. That is a startling achievement, by any standards. Yet we are not trumpeting it. Why not?

The answer is this. The achievement is the highest harvests of opium the world has ever seen.

The Taliban had reduced the opium crop to precisely nil. I would not advocate their methods for doing this, which involved lopping bits, often vital bits, off people. The Taliban were a bunch of mad and deeply unpleasant religious fanatics. But one of the things they were vehemently against was opium.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Mar 29 08:39

Dressed Like The Joker, A Defiant Hillary Clinton Takes The Stage Calling For ‘Resistance’ Of New Administration

On Tuesday, she urged voters to resist Trump policies that she said included suspicion of refugees and voter suppression in some areas. "These are bad policies that will hurt people and take our country in the wrong direction," Clinton said, relaying what she had become one of her mantras since the November election. "It's the kinds of things you think about when you take long walks in the woods," she said. "Resist, insist, persist, enlist."

Mar 29 08:37

Fmr Republican congressman and aide indicted on federal conspiracy charges

Former Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Houston) has been indicted on numerous charges related to receiving donations under false pretenses. His aide is also accused of using a non-profit entity to secure donations for Stockman’s campaign.

Stockman, 60, was formally indicted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on counts related to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from charitable foundations on Tuesday. The two-term representative was arrested earlier this month while attempting to board a flight to the United Arab Emirates.

Stockman and his former director of special projects in his congressional office, Jason Posey, were charged in a 28-count indictment in federal court after Thomas Dodd, a former campaign worker and congressional special assistant, implicated the two as part of a plea deal for charges he faced.

Mar 29 08:37

FCC: scam callers use recordings of you saying “yes” as a voice signature to make charges to credit card or other accounts

The Federal Communications Commission is alerting consumers to be on the lookout for scam callers seeking to get victims to say the word “yes” during a call and later use a recording of the response to authorize unwanted charges on the victim’s utility or credit card account. According to complaints the FCC has received and public news reports, the fraudulent callers impersonate representatives from organizations that provide a service and may be familiar to the person receiving the call, such as a mortgage lender or utility, to establish a legitimate reason for trying to reach the consumer.

Mar 29 08:37

The US-Israel Special Relationship Timeline That AIPAC Doesn’t Want You To See

May 14, 1948– Official Recognition- The United States of America becomes the first country to officially recognize Israel as an independent nation.

1949-1973- US-Israel Aid Commences– The United States gives Israel an average of $122 million per year in foreign aid payments.

Summer 1954– Lavon Affair– Israel recruits Egyptian Jews to blow up American and British targets in Egypt. Israel planned on blaming the murderous false-flag attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood in an effort to garner support from the US and Britain. After officially denying any involvement, the Israeli government finally admitted their role in the incident in 2005 by honoring the surviving agents with a certificate of appreciation.

Mar 29 08:37

Kidney patient taken off transplant list for using medical marijuana

A kidney patient in Maine has been taken off a transplant wait list for using medical marijuana.
State lawmakers are now considering a bill that would prohibit Maine hospitals from doing that, even though one local hospital says there are medical reasons to disqualify patients who use pot.

Mar 29 08:35

EMERGENCY: $15,000 To OUST President Trump! Three ARMIES have JUST Formed Against Supporters

Mar 29 08:34

Dick Cheney Warns of Russian 'Act of War' After Emerging From Winter Warmonger Hibernation

Former Vice President and Halliburton CEO and current Disciple of Satan Dick Cheney has emerged from his Iraqi torture dungeon to issue a dire warning to America: Russia's "election hacks" against the United States should be considered an "act of war".

Let's not pretend that anyone is surprised by Cheney's statement. After all, Russia has twenty million Muslims and an incalculable wealth of oil. It's the perfect candidate for democracy-inducing airstrikes.

Of course, years of bloodlust have slowly chipped away at Cheney's ability to assess who you "can" and "cannot" bomb, but that hasn't stopped him from beating his worn-out war drum:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, Dick!

Mar 29 08:31

Iran Allows Russia to use its Military Bases

From now on, Russia will be able to use Iranian military bases for the purposes of fighting against terrorism.

According to the statement, issued by Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Iran on Tuesday, Russia will now be allowed to use the Iranian military bases when fighting against terrorists in Syria.

Mar 29 08:31


The New York Times has seconded an assessment by Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and others at Fox that the mainstream media failed to sufficiently cover the alleged rape of a 14-year-old Maryland girl by two male students, at least one of whom was in the country illegally.

Mar 29 08:31

Perfect Timing: Islamic State Vows to Destroy Iran For ‘Protecting’ Jews

In a new video, Islamic State cites Tehran's "tolerance" for Jews as the reason for all-out war on Iran. What?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think they are making up these lies using a dart board!

Mar 29 08:30

Karl Denninger - We all Know How This Party is Going to End, Obamacare is the Reason for Anemic Growth

Karl Denninger, a professional trader, says the financial markets look eerily like they did just before the “dot-com bust” (2000) and the financial meltdown of 2008.

Mar 29 08:30

Government mandatory health care is still tyranny

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday that pulling the GOP leadership's bill to overhaul the US healthcare system from the House floor meant Obamacare would remain "the law of the land" for the foreseeable future.

Mar 29 08:28

Planned Parenthood uses “political cronies” in California to get charges filed against activists who exposed them

Liberal prosecutors in California have charged two anti-abortion activists who exposed Planned Parenthood in a series of undercover videos with 15 felonies in what appears to be a politically motivated attack carried out by allies of the massive abortion provider.

Mar 29 08:27


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Very long, but worth the watch. Bookmark and save for later.

Mar 29 08:26

DNC purge: Corrupt Democratic National Committee fires ALL staffers

New Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has asked the entire staff of the DNC to turn in their resignation letters amid major party turmoil after November’s stunning defeat, according to a report by NBC News.

Mar 29 08:25

Some migrants ‘may be shopping around for the best cash deal to be sent home', EU warns

A NUMBER of migrants could be “shopping around” for the EU country offering the best payout to return home, Brussels warns.

Mar 29 08:25

You Have A Morphine-Like Painkiller Growing In Your Backyard

Whenever I hear the sarcastic term “first world problems” I cringe inside. The western world is steeped in pain. All kinds of pain – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. While some things like bacterial infections and vitamin deficiencies were muzzled back in the 20th century, this world has never seen so much…

Mar 29 08:23

Maxine Waters is now directly attacking Trump supporters, questions their patriotism in House floor rant

Fresh off ludicrously claiming that aspects of the discredited Trump dossier are “absolutely true”, crazed Democrat Maxine Waters is at it again, this time

Mar 29 08:23

Clinton's #Emailgate: The Dangerous Militarization of the Asia-Pacific Region

The Obama administration's 'Pivot to Asia' policy has not become a thing of the past, the founder of “Show Up! America” Jan R. Weinberg told Sputnik. The activist explained why the policy, spearheaded by the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, was actually aimed at extensive militarization of the region.

Mar 29 08:22

Colossus With Clay Feet: How the Rome Declaration Exposed Cracks in the EU

The EU's seeming unity at the recent Rome Summit was the result of numerous concessions made by Brussels to disenchanted EU member states. Nonetheless, tensions continue to simmer within the bloc, despite the Roman Declaration draft repeatedly being changed to satisfy all the participants of the meeting.

Mar 29 08:21


Mar 29 08:19

French Coca-Cola workers discover $56mn worth of cocaine in shipment

Some 370 kilograms of cocaine worth more than €50 million ($56 million) has been discovered by French Coca-Cola factory employees inside an orange juice shipment from Costa Rica.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not entirely inappropriate when you consider the history of Coca-Cola!

Mar 29 08:18

'Human waste’ found in Coca-Cola cans at company plant sparks police probe

A police investigation has been launched after workers at a Coca-Cola factory found what appeared to be human waste in a consignment of cans at its plant in Northern Ireland.

The company was forced to suspend night time processing at the facility in Lisburn, Antrim last week when the cans clogged machines. It believed the cans originated in Germany, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

Mar 29 08:17

Trey Gowdy on Representative Nunes and Senator Schumer!

Mar 29 08:14


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have recaptured the villages of Jubb Madi, Zakia, and Rasm al-Khamis ash-Sharqi from ISIS terrorists in the Deir Hafer plain in the northern province of Aleppo.

The important crossroad town of al-Mahdum is the next target of the government operation. Then, government forces will likely attempt to outflank the ISIS-held Jirah Military Airbase from the southern direction and to encircle it.

Heavy clashes continued in northern Hama with the joint militant forces attempting to capture the government stronghold of Hama.

Mar 29 08:14

At AIPAC Protest, Young American Jews Voice Rejection of Israeli Policies

Journalist and author Max Blumenthal says the vocal Jewish-led protests at this year's AIPAC Policy Conference highlight a growing generational divide on Israel-Palestine

Mar 29 08:13

SPIRIT OF SERBIAN nation was not crushed: Serbia fought and suffered like knights

"So firmly and courageously they resisted the military forces of the country ten times larger than their population and military power, and only after they are three times expelled the Austro-Hungarians and after Germany and Bulgaria come to the aid of Austro-Hungaria, were forced to retreat across Albania .

"And because their country was devastated and their homes destroyed, the spirit of the Serbian people was not broken.

"Though outnumbered by much greater power, their love for freedom remains undiminished. Brute force was left intact their firm determination to sacrifice everything for freedom and independence.

Mar 29 08:10

Look who's back! Hillary attacks EVERYTHING Trump has done and takes Sean Spicer to task for demeaning female reporter in her first major speech since losing the election

Clinton spoke at the Professional Businesswomen of California in San Francisco

She joked there was no where she'd rather be 'other than the White House

The Democratic presidential candidate said that Trump had the 'lowest' amount of women in top jobs 'in a generation'

Said Sean Spicer telling journalist April Ryan to stop shaking her head was 'an indignity'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Setting the new standard for 'sore loser.'

Mar 29 08:09

Death Valley Snowballs and Fiat Currencies

Snowballs have a short life expectancy in Death Valley.

Fiat currencies, backed by credit and debt, survive longer than snowballs in Death Valley, but history shows all fiat currencies are inflated into worthlessness and eventually die.

“U.S. dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply.” Ben Bernanke on November 21, 2002. But we know the supply of dollars has grown rapidly since 1971, and especially after the 2008 crisis while Bernanke was Chairman of the Fed.

The U.S. government is officially $20 trillion in debt. Unfunded liabilities are far larger.

Mar 29 08:04

Twitter POLL

Would you donate to put Sen. John McCain into Space for the first Manned Mission to the SUN?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"No problem; I plan to go at night!" -- John InSane

Mar 29 08:03

Cyber Firm Rewrites Part of Disputed Russian Hacking Report

U.S. cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has revised and retracted statements it used to buttress claims of Russian hacking during last year's American presidential election campaign. The shift followed a VOA report that the company misrepresented data published by an influential British think tank.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Hillary campaign, the DNC, and the corporate media, all cited the Crowdstrike report as absolute unassailable proof Russia hacked the DNC computers, even though the Hillary campaign had refused to allow the FBI or anyone else access to the servers to verify the claim.


Mar 29 07:54


Leftist professor Noam Chomsky has charged that it is possible President Trump will stage a terrorist attack in order to offset initial policy problems and quell opposition.

Mar 29 07:52

Disastrous National Security Breach in U.S. Congress.

The Awans set up an external server and copied information from Congressional computers to their off-site server.

Mar 29 07:44

Father of Rockville Rapist Arrested by ICE

after a review of his immigration history

Mar 29 07:38

West Virginia House Unanimously Approves Commercial Hemp Farming

By Michael Maharrey

Today, the West Virginia House unanimously passed a bill that would significantly expand the state’s hemp licensing program, opening the door for anybody in the state to produce or process industrial hemp for commercial purposes. Final approval would set the foundation to end federal prohibition in practice...

Mar 29 07:18

Stunning footage shows a giant Russian volcano violently erupting for the first time in 250 YEARS

The snow-covered colossus last erupted in the reign of Catherine the Great but in recent days has spewed out a 60-mile (100km) long ash plume that was visible from space.

Scientists on the Kamchatka peninsula in the far east of Russia had not predicted 7,103ft Kambalny volcano suddenly emerging from hibernation.