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February 22, 2019

Feb 22 20:16

Comedian Brody Stevens Dead at 48 of Apparent Suicide

We’re told he had also confided in friends recently that he took himself off his medications because he felt they “dulled” his creativity as a comic... Stevens had been very open about his issues with depression in the past, and recently expressed disappointment over negative reactions to a comedy special he had taped.

Feb 22 18:29

Facebook, Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Pro-Surveillance Politician Voted Worst Privacy Intruders in Czech Republic

By Filip Stojanovski

What do two Czech state entities, one Silicon Valley giant and one vacuum cleaner have in common? They were all winners in this year’s Big Brother Awards in Czech Republic, an “anti-awards” ceremony designed to shame those who violate people’s rights to privacy and data protection...

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Feb 22 18:26

IRAN WARNING: US military COMPROMISED as Tehran HACKS military drones causing CHAOS

THE US military has been hacked into and controlled by Iran, according to a senior Iranian commander.

Several US drones were ostensibly hijacked by the Middle Eastern state - and Tehran has released footage, apparently taken from the drones’ cameras. Iran’s FARS news agency quoted Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh saying: “Seven to eight drones that had constant flights over Syria and Iraq were brought under our control and their intel was monitored by us and we could gain their first-hand intel.” The general heads the air force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Iran’s formidable armed forces.

The agency released a video, which it called ‘one of the many proofs in support of General Hajizadeh's remarks’.

Portions of the three-minute video appear to show an MQ-9 Reaper armed drone crash after its operator seemingly lost control.

The drone is then shown destroyed on the ground by an airstrike.

Feb 22 16:32

MAJOR Gun Control Bills Move To U.S House Floor For A Vote ~VIDEO

H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112 are moving to the House of Representatives floor for a vote this week!!! A 3rd, yet very dangerous bill, could also rear its ugly head this week as well: H.R. 1263.

Feb 22 15:56

Handy History of the Fake Noose

In the wake of Smollett's folly, media sensationalists bluster that there's no way they could have known they were being strung along. Thanks for the valuable admission, elite news professionals, that you are not only dumb and blind but incompetent to boot. It doesn't take a fancy journalism degree to learn from the long, sordid history of Fake Noose: When you've seen one social justice huckster, you've seen 'em all.

Feb 22 15:51

Video shows young conservative activists being assaulted on U.C. Berkeley Campus

The young conservative activist who was attacked on the U.C. Berkeley campus Tuesday afternoon is speaking out.

KGO-TV reports, Hayden Williams, who friends and associates say is not a U.C. Berkeley student, was invited on campus by Turning Point U.S.A., to recruit members for the conservative organization.

Williams appeared on the Hannity Show on Fox News Thursday night with a black eye, explaining that "some students took offense to our sign that we had that said hate crime hoaxes hurt real victims."

Williams said he feared for his safety when his attacker and another man approached the table that he was working at in Sproul Plaza.

"This person claimed we were promoting violence on campus and proceeded to take his aggression out on us."

Feb 22 15:35

FLASHBACK - Amazing 'Roots' returns after 40 years, dredging up Alex Haley plagiarism scandal

For all the glory, accolades and accomplishments, "Roots" is still deeply rooted in controversy.

Alex Haley, the author of the celebrated book, said it was based on his own family history. But Haley, who died in 1992, was famously accused of plagiarizing parts of the Pulitzer-winning "Roots" — and settled a very public lawsuit brought against him by another writer.

Harold Courlander, who was white, wrote a novel called "The African" in 1967. The book had a similar story of a slave's capture in Africa, his horrific experience as cargo on a ship and his struggle to hold on to his native culture in a harsh new world.

While there are major differences between the two books, Courlander and several expert witnesses testified that Haley had used "The African" as source material — both for his 1976 book and the 1977 TV miniseries, which was seen by about 140 million viewers.

Feb 22 15:32

This One is More Dangerous

The Ukrainian Navy may make a new attempt to break through the Kerch Strait in the coming hours two Gurza armored boats and the Centaur assault boat, which headed for the open sea.

"On board the" Centaur "is a platoon of marines with all the armament

Feb 22 15:31

Fed Tightening And Crumbling Fundamentals Expose The Recovery Lie

This is why it is important to expose the direct relationship between Fed bubbles, Fed tightening and the collapse of the fundamentals. The central bank is deliberately creating economic crisis conditions. When chaos strikes, the Fed will attempt to obscure their dominant role in economic decline. It is our job to grab hold of their neck like pitbulls and never let them free.

Feb 22 15:31

Cold War is good for business: US contractors rejoice at the new Red Scare

US politicians and media peddling scary stories about Russia and China may have a more pedestrian motive than defending 'American values and way of life' – a return to the halcyon days of the Cold War and the Pentagon gravy train.

If there's one thing mainstream Democrats and Republicans agree upon, it's that Russia and China are the new global threat, ready to pounce at the first sign of a week spot in American defenses to topple the benevolent US dominance of the globe.

If there's another – never on the record, of course – it's that war is good for business. Not actual war, what the Pentagon calls 'kinetic military action', as that would be destructive. The ideal conditions for the political class in Washington is the bygone Cold War, when it could funnel billions of dollars in taxpayer money to defense contractors, with these corporations repaying the largesse with hefty contributions to politicians.

Feb 22 15:11

'Empire' Team Debates Bringing Jussie Smollett Back as Others Question Salary Motive

Sources familiar with the actor's deal on Fox drama — where he was recently paid $125,000 per episode — say that he never expressed dissatisfaction with his compensation.

Feb 22 15:02

Alex Haley's Fraudulent Roots

Black commentator Stanley Crouch doesn’t mince words when it comes to Alex Haley. Haley, Crouch insists, was a “ruthless hustler” and “one of the biggest damn liars this country has ever seen.” Crouch likens Haley to Tawana Brawley, the young black woman who infamously lied about being raped and humiliated by a white police officer. Like the lie concocted by Brawley and abetted by the likes of Al Sharpton, Haley’s story is also a “hoax” that beautifully illustrates “how history and tragic fact can be pillaged by an individual willing to exploit whatever the naïve might consider sacred.”

Crouch explains: “Haley came on the scene when Negroes were becoming obsessed with their African ancestry and were having overwrought reactions to a tale of slavery that always, conveniently, left out the crucial role of the cooperative and profiting Africans.”

Feb 22 14:59


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson rebuked CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday night for how he covered “Empire” star Jussie Smollett being charged for allegedly filing a false police report.

Smollett was charged Wednesday with issuing a false police report after alleging that two Trump supporters beat him up last month. When news first broke about the charges, Lemon questioned whether or not the actor was at fault for lying about the attack, during an interview on “Good Morning America.”

Carlson took offense to what Lemon said the night before.

Feb 22 14:53

WATCH: NBA Legend Charles Barkley Repeatedly Torches Jussie Smollett

NBA legend and current basketball analyst Charles Barkley repeatedly roasted Jussie Smollett during TNT’s halftime coverage of a Houston Rockets-Los Angeles Lakers game Thursday night.

It would appear Sir Charles is no fan of people who try to incite race riots by perpetuating a hate crime hoax as Smollett apparently has. Not only that, but Barkley offers some advice to the maligned star of ‘Empire’ on how to avoid getting caught in such embarrassing fashion.

He was so on fire with his comments, co-host Shaquille O’Neal was begging for mercy from the laughter.

Barkley started off slow – Asked to comment on a list of playoff possibilities and which scenario was more likely, he came out of nowhere with the response, “Two black guys beating a black guy up.”

Feb 22 14:52

Why were former members of the U.S. military driving around Haiti heavily armed?

Christopher Michael Osman, Kent Leland Kroeker and Christopher Mark McKinley are all veterans, and are among the five Americans police arrested on Sunday afternoon, about a block from the country’s central bank in downtown Port-au-Prince. Riding in two vehicles, a Toyota Prado and Ford Pickup, without license plates, they were stopped at a police checkpoint and questioned.

Inside their vehicles: six automatic rifles, six pistols, two professional drones and three satellite phones, police told the Miami Herald.

Feb 22 14:51

An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela: Abby Martin & UN Rapporteur Expose Coup

Owl 1
Feb 22 14:48

Americans Are Drowning in Student Loans, New Household Debt Report Shows

U.S. government-sponsored student loan debt has become an escalating problem for the finances of many American households. The latest household debt report from the New York branch of the Federal Reserve indicates that Americans collectively owed $1.46 trillion in student loans at the end of 2018, more than any other category of non-housing related debt.

Feb 22 14:35

Scott Adams: Putting the Phoney Debate Over “Socialism” in Context For the First Time

The debate over socialism between Bernie, AOC and the GOP
What’s wrong with socialism…besides lack of incentive?
UK and Canada have socialized medical care, why not us?

Comments at: https://twitter.com/ScottAdamsSays/status/1099014485648465920

Feb 22 14:32

Nolte: ‘Empire’ Cast Feel Betrayed, Want Jussie Smollett Fired

Believing he betrayed them and tainted their show forever, several cast members now want Jussie Smollett fired from Empire, reports TMZ.

“We’re told many of the ‘Empire’ actors are ‘f**king furious’ and feel if FOX honchos don’t fire Jussie, he should quit on his own … because he doesn’t deserve a spot on the hit show,” TMZ reports.

Feb 22 14:31

Ex-Boston Police Chief: Jussie Smollett’s Legal Team will Attack Police to Win Case

Appearing on the Fox News Channel Friday, former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis predicted the legal team of Empire actor Jussie Smollett will besmirch Chicago law enforcement in an attempt to beat a felony charge for filing a false police report regarding an alleged stage attack on him last month.

Feb 22 14:30

Hillary Clinton huddles with 2020 Dems, including Biden, Harris and Booker

Hillary Clinton has been meeting with many of the Democrats running – or gearing up to run – for the White House in 2020, a Clinton aide confirmed to Fox News on Friday.

Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee, met with former Vice President Joe Biden to discuss 2020 in early February at Biden’s request. Biden has been considering a run, but has not yet made an announcement about his plans.

Meanwhile, Clinton huddled separately with several other Democrats who have announced presidential campaigns, including California Sen. Kamala Harris, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, the aide said. She also spoke by phone with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, though they didn’t meet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Stay out of my way!" -- Shrillery

Feb 22 13:48

Revolutionary Bill Would Force Politicians to Wear Body Cameras to Stop Corruption

We agree, and it should go much further. This measure should be implemented nationwide, starting with the federal government. And, all the footage should be available for the public to see. After all the politicians have on body cameras, we then need them to be required to wear the logo of any entity which has given them money. Just like NASCAR drivers do, the more money they get, the bigger the logo they’d have to wear. One can dream.

Feb 22 13:44

Flagstaff, Arizona, sets all-time snow record as major snowstorm buries southwestern US

A storm is unloading feet of snow, creating blizzard conditions and shutting down travel over the mountains of Arizona, New Mexico and southwestern Colorado.

Snow fell over the northern Sierra Nevada, including Donner Summit, California, throughout the day on Wednesday. However, the heaviest snow will not be on the Sierra Nevada but rather the mountains farther to the southeast.

During Wednesday evening, parts of the valley around Las Vegas picked up over 4 inches of snow. Travel became slick and treacherous in the surrounding area as a result.

On Thursday, Interstate 5 at the Grapevine in Southern California was closed as snow created difficult travel.

Schools in Las Vegas were closed on Friday due to the recent snow and current freezing conditions.

Feb 22 13:33

Why it’s cool to be hated!

After all, we live in a society in which it is positively cool to suffer from ‘structural oppression’. In which campaigners actively covet hatred, constantly trawling for evidence that their group, their identity, their tribe is more loathed and wronged than any other. Hell, we live in a society in which young people cut themselves with knives and boastfully post photos of their wounds on social media. In such a climate, Smollett’s possible self-administering of a cut to his cheek and his phoney claim that he was violently insulted by modern-day white supremacists starts to make sense as a snapshot of our sick society.

Feb 22 13:27

Tony Heller (A.K.A. Steve Goddard): The Five Top Arguments Against Climate Alarmism

Scott Adams asked me to put together the five best arguments against climate alarmism. This involves a huge amount of information, and fortunately Scott gave me more than six minutes to do it.

Feb 22 13:18

“Wars And Rumors Of Wars”: The U.S., Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, India And Pakistan All Move Closer To Military Conflict

Feb 22 12:51

What's Up With Australia's 80 Tonnes Of Gold At The Bank Of England?

Recently, news network RT.com asked for comments on the question of the 80 tonnes of the Reserve Bank of Australia's (RBA) gold reserves and their supposed storage location at the Bank of England's gold vaults in London. Based on some of those comments I made, RT has now published an article in its English language news website at www.rt.com about this Australian gold that the RBA claims is held in London.

The RT.com article, which was published on 18 February 2018, is titled "Hey UK! It's not just Venezuela, what happened to Australia's gold?", and can be read in full here on the RT website.

For the commentary, RT actually asked me quite a few interesting questions on both the Australian gold and other related gold topics. Since both the extended questions and the answers might be of interest to readers, we have decided to publish below the full set of questions and answers in Q&A format, which are as follows:

Feb 22 12:50

Breaking Down Elizabeth Warren's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Math Behind "Childcare For All"

As Breitbart's John Carney notes - the whole plan is absurd; not because the price tag is so expensive, but because it's way too cheap.

Start with the basics. There are around four million babies born in the U.S. every year. That means there are approximately 20 million children under school age who could be enrolled in a national childcare program. Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi and Sophia Koropeckyj, the economists behind Warren’s figures, estimate that the cost of each child in the Warren Centers—or Baby Warrens, as we would inevitably call them–would be $14,500. -Breitbart

At $14,500 times 20 million children, a national childcare program could cost up to $290 billion per year - or an extra 2 trillion per decade over her original estimate. That said, not every family qualifies, nor would every family take advantage of such a program as some people prefer to raise their own children or place them in the care of relatives.

Feb 22 12:49

Air Force Requests Billions For F-15X Fighters

The US Air Force is set to request funds to purchase F-15 fighter jets from Boeing, increasing its inventory with an upgraded version of the plane it last procured in 2001, even as the service pursues fifth-generation fighters from rival Lockheed Martin Corp.

Feb 22 12:49

FBI Officials Wanted To Charge Hillary Clinton — Turns Out, They Should Have

The plot, as always in the Russia investigation, thickens. It never thins. Now we find out, contrary to what former FBI Director James Comey said, that top FBI officials wanted to charge Hillary Clinton for criminally misusing her homebrew email server and compromising American secrets. The lies continue to unravel.

Feb 22 12:47

Deep 7.5-magnitude quake hits Ecuador-Peru border region

A deep magnitude-7.5 earthquake struck the Peru-Ecuador border region early on Friday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey said, causing tremors that the Ecuadorian president said were felt around the country.

Feb 22 12:41

Israeli Private Moon Probe Lifts Off on Space X Rocket

Israel hopes to be the first country to land a privately financed spacecraft on the moon as “Beresheet” -- Hebrew for Genesis -- lifted off aboard one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX rockets early Friday. The $100 million joint venture between SpaceIL and state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. was financed mostly by Jewish philanthropists including Morris Kahn, SpaceIL’s president and a founder of Am

Feb 22 12:40

Tom Fitton: Up to 100,000 Non-Citizens on Voter Rolls in Texas

Voter Fraud Crisis: I estimate about 900,000 aliens illegally voted in midterms. Texas and PA numbers confirm massive problem. This is the civil rights issue of our time -- Americans need to have their votes protected! @RealDonaldTrump should direct DOJ to get on the ball!

Feb 22 12:34

Why Asbestos Litigation Won’t Go Away: Because Asbestos Won’t Go Away

By Jeb Barnes, University of Southern California – Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

It is tempting to dismiss asbestos as a problem of the past. The height of its consumption was in the 1970s, and asbestos litigation began over a half century ago. Many of its leading manufacturers and mining companies are long gone.

Yet asbestos litigation is back in the news.

A trial court ordered Johnson & Johnson in July, 2018, to pay US$4.69 billion for failing to warn customers that its baby powder contained asbestos, which naturally occurs in talc...

Feb 22 12:10

Shocking list of college course names reveals truth of how liberal universities have devolved into lunatic left-wing propaganda indoctrination camps

In order to fix the dilapidated brains of college graduates who have been sucked in to this leftist indoctrination, colleges should require graduates to take a class called: “Breaking free from liberal idiocy.” The course should explore all the ways in which leftist ideas create easily-offended, self-obsessed, dependents who are rewarded for having a victim mentality.

Feb 22 12:02

They’re Baaa’aack: Moms Demand Action Protest Georgia Constitutional Carry

Oh, right about now I can hear the socialists accusing me of threatening the gun-haters. Nope, as usual, they would be dead wrong. The point I’m making is law-abiding Americans don’t use their gun rights to attack other Americans, thereby proving once again that the whole lot of them are after us, not the bad guys. After all, if 100 million Americans with guns were a problem, wouldn't they already know it? -- Their political endgame being complete civilian disarmament, not “gun safety,” you can count on them continuing to use one fundamental right to destroy another.

Feb 22 11:14

America’s first non-binary person renounces transgenderism, says, “I have always been male”

The man who holds the title as the first in the United States to ever legally identify as “neither” in terms of his official gender status has since come forward to reveal that so-called “non-binary” gender identification is a total fraud, and that he’s “always been male.”

Jamie Shupe of Oregon has essentially had a 180-degree change of heart since the time he battled the courts, and won, to embrace “transgenderism” on his official government documents. But now Shupe says that he’s “renounced all ties to transgenderism,” referring to the transgender movement as “advancing harmful gender ideologies.”

“In my thirty-plus-year marriage, I am the husband,” Shupe now says. “To my daughter, I am her father … I no longer identify as a transgender or non-binary person and … I will not be a party to advancing harmful gender ideologies that are ruining lives, causing deaths and contributing to the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children.”

Feb 22 11:02

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is charged with two counts of soliciting PROSTITUTES in Florida after 'paying for sexual services at a day spa' - and cops have video of him engaging in illicit acts

Feb 22 10:52

Critical Flaw Uncovered In WordPress That Remained Unpatched for 6 Years

Exclusive — If you have not updated your website to the latest WordPress version 5.0.3, it’s a brilliant idea to upgrade the content management software of your site now. From now, I mean immediately.

Feb 22 10:51

Warning: Critical WinRAR Flaw Affects All Versions Released In Last 19 Years

Cybersecurity researchers at Check Point have disclosed technical details of a critical vulnerability in WinRAR—a popular Windows file compression application with 500 million users worldwide—that affects all versions of the software released in last 19 years.

Feb 22 10:44

US Special Envoy for Venezuela to Travel to Colombia to Support Aid Delivery

Previously, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned that the US and its allies were using "the pretext of delivering humanitarian aid" to try to "destroy the independence and sovereignty of the country."

The United States special envoy for Venezuela will travel to Cucuta, Colombia on 21-22nd February to support humanitarian aid delivery, US State Department announced.

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said Caracas would not allow such aid into the country, noting the country was coping with its difficulties and that US 'concerns' over Venezuela's humanitarian crisis were "fabricated by Washington over the last four years to justify intervening in our country."

Feb 22 10:43

Opium, Oil, Proxy Wars: Ex-Reagan Adm. Official on US' Long Afghanistan Saga

US policy-makers are continuing to oppose Donald Trump's decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan. Speaking to Sputnik, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, economist, author and former US official, shared his views on the US' decades-long Afghanistan saga, surprising rise in opium crops under the American occupation and apparent use of Islamists by the US.

Donald Trump's decision to withdraw 1,000 or more US troops from Afghanistan has prompted concerns among American lawmakers and Washington's European allies. On 16 February the bipartisan group of US congressmen met with Afghan President Ashaf Ghani on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference to discuss the painful dilemma.

Feb 22 10:42

‘Peacekeeping group’? US to leave 200 troops in Syria for a ‘period of time’ after withdrawal

Despite President Donald Trump’s promises to withdraw American troops out of Syria, the US intends to maintain presence on the ground with a “small peacekeeping group” for an unspecified “period” of time, the White House said.

“A small peacekeeping group of about 200 will remain in Syria for a period of time,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a statement without elaborating.

Feb 22 10:42

Take that! Japanese probe Hayabusa2 fires ‘bullet’ at asteroid in bid to discover how life began

A Japanese space probe on a data-collecting mission has shot a sampling ‘bullet’ into the surface of the Ryugu asteroid, hoping to retrieve organic material that could clue scientists in to how life was first seeded on Earth.

The Hayabusa2 probe used a device called a sampler horn to fire a tantalum projectile “bullet” at the surface of Ryugu, breaking off tiny fragments that are then collected and brought home for analysis. Scientists are on the lookout for amino acids or other organic molecules among the carbon-rich material that makes up C-type asteroids like Ryugu – compounds which could have given rise to the first life on earth under the right reactive conditions.

Feb 22 10:41

Guaido Signs 1st ‘Presidential’ Decree to Allow Aid in Venezuela

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself the country’s interim president, issued his "presidential" decree number 001, in which it is said it authorizes the deliveries of humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

"As the commander-in-chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, I am confirming the decision allowing humanitarian aid enter the territory of Venezuela. Thus, I am ordering various elements of these forces to act in line with this instruction," the decree, published on Guaido’s Twitter page on Thursday, read.

Feb 22 10:39

Judge rules prosecutors broke federal law in Jeffrey Epstein case

A judge ruled on Thursday that federal prosecutors, including Trump's labor secretary Alexander Acosta, violated the law by striking a sweetheart plea deal with wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, in which Epstein averted federal prosecution for his participation in an international sex operation, reports The Miami Herald.

Details: Acosta, who at the time was the U.S. attorney for the southern district of Florida, opted not to prosecute Epstein on federal sex traffic laws and instead struck a deal that ultimately granted him immunity. More than 30 of Epstein's victims were not notified of the arrangement. "Particularly problematic was the Government's decision to conceal the existence of the [agreement] and mislead the victims to believe that federal prosecution was still a possibility," the judge wrote.

Feb 22 10:39

‘Jews a Race’ Genetic Theory Comes Under Fierce Attack by DNA Expert

For years now, the findings of Ostrer and several other scientists have stood virtually unchallenged on the genetics of Jews and the story they tell of the common Middle East origins shared by many Jewish populations worldwide. Jews — and Ashkenazim in particular — are indeed one people, Ostrer’s research finds.

It’s a theory that more or less affirms the understanding that many Jews themselves hold of who they are in the world: a people who, though scattered, share an ethnic-racial bond rooted in their common ancestral descent from the indigenous Jews of ancient Judea or Palestine, as the Romans called it after they conquered the Jewish homeland.

But now, Elhaik, an Israeli molecular geneticist, has published research that he says debunks this claim. And that has set off a predictable clash.

“He’s just wrong,” said Marcus Feldman of Stanford University, a leading researcher in Jewish genetics, referring to Elhaik.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Ashkenazi are descendents of central-Asian Khazars who converted to Judaism about 800 AD. Then Khazaria fell and the Khazarian Jews migrated northward into Russia and westward into Europe.

Feb 22 10:35

Kylie Jenner, Heather Locklear & More Stars Are Shocked by First Snowfall in L.A. in Years

Snow fell in Los Angeles on Thursday for the first time in years — and Hollywood-based celebrities couldn’t believe it.

A winter storm that passed through the Southwest early Thursday brought snow and hail to parts of the country including Nevada and Southern California, causing school closures, freeway closures and confusion among L.A. residents, according to the Los Angeles Times and local CBS station KCAL-TV.

The snow fell in L.A. areas including Malibu, Pasadena, West Hollywood, Northridge, Thousand Oaks and Calabasas, where the Kardashians live.

Owl 3
Feb 22 10:31

Lockheed Martin Unveils "Made In India" F-21 Fighter Jet

Lockheed Martin offered India on Wednesday a new multi-role fighter jet, the F-21, in an attempt to secure a large defense order worth $15 billion, reported Reuters. The American defense company said the new plane will be specifically designed and manufactured for the Indian Air Force (IAF), and provide "Made In India" economic opportunities that strengthen India’s path to becoming a military powerhouse in the Indo-Pacific region.

Feb 22 10:30

Climate Change Indoctrination of Kids Proposed

Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-MA) is responsible for a bill that aims to indoctrinate kids in school with the climate change agenda. The bill’s co-sponsors include three aspirants for the Democratic nomination for president: Kamala Harris, Bernard Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The other five are Benjamin L. Cardin, Dianne Feinstein, Patty Murray, Jeanne Shaheen and Chris Van Hollen.

The bill is S.2740 – Climate Change Education Act. The bill would “authorize the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to establish a Climate Change Education Program…” The NOAA would spread “grant” money to schools via state and local “agencies”.

The bill proposes indoctrinating children, not educating them. Indoctrination is inculcating beliefs uncritically, whereas education means “leading out” the mind or enlightening the mind to learn to think.

Feb 22 10:30

“I Ain’t Marchin Anymore”

War and killing are now as American as apple pie. Little thought of the victims of U.S. aggression is evident. This lack of compassion for human suffering at the hands of the political and corporate state, and the complicit military, is a travesty. It exposes widespread apathy at a level that belies imagination, and uncovers the glaring lie that Americans are exceptional.

The exceptional ones are those who stand against war and tyranny, not those who salute a flag that represents the murder and slaughter of innocents. Worshiping the purveyors of war is no different than worshiping war itself, but this distinction is lost in the brainwashed minds of those who hold the state up as a god. When support of war and those who prosecute war becomes common even in the houses of religion, as it has in the U.S., then the country as a whole has lost its way.

Feb 22 10:29

Israel’s Joint List splits into 2 election alliances

Israel’s Joint List has split into two separate alliances ahead of the country’s upcoming general election, with Ta’al head Ahmad Tibi backing down on his determination to run alone.

With just moments to spare before the deadline to declare their electoral slates last night, the former Joint List parties announced that they would contest Israel’s general election on 9 April as two alliances.

The first is to be comprised of the Arab Movement for Renewal (Ta’al), headed by Ahmad Tibi, and Hadash, headed by Ayman Odeh. The second alliance will be comprised of the former Joint List’s two remaining parties: the National Democratic Union (Balad) and the United Arab List (Ra’am).

Feb 22 10:28

Likud falls behind in first polls after Gantz-Lapid merger

Three separate polls commissioned in the immediate aftermath of the merger of Israel Resilience (Hosen L’Yisrael) and Yesh Atid have given the Kahol Lavan (Blue and White) ticket a lead over Likud, reported Haaretz.

Ahead of the deadline for the submission of electoral lists, former Israeli army chief Benny Gantz and opposition politician Yair Lapid announced that they would run together in the election.

Gantz had already joined forces with former military chief Moshe Ya’alon, and the newly-expanded ticket further includes another former military chief, Gabi Ashkenazi.

Feb 22 10:28

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (14 – 20 February 2019)

Israeli forces continued to use excessive force against peaceful protestors in the Gaza Strip. 119 civilians, including 31 children, 6 women, 2 paramedics, and a journalist, were wounded in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces conducted 82 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 3 other incursions in Jerusalem. 4 civilians, including a journalist, sustained wounds in different incidents in the West Bank. 87 civilians, including 8 children and a woman, were arrested. 33 of them, including 2 children and a woman, were arrested in occupied Jerusalem.

Feb 22 10:27

The Escalation of Israeli Collective Punishment of Palestinians

The Israeli authorities forcibly transferred Palestinian Nadia Abu Jamal from Jerusalem in 2017, following the demolition of her family home in 2015. Israel’s National Insurance Institute also revoked healthcare and other social security entitlements from Abu Jamal’s three children, two of whom suffer from chronic medical conditions. The orders came as punitive measures after her husband, Ghassan, was killed while allegedly carrying out an attack. They demonstrate Israel’s expansion of policies that punish Palestinian individuals for offenses they did not commit.

Feb 22 10:27

Shepherds Chased from Pastures in Jordan Valley, Beaten in Hebron

Shepherds herding their sheep, in the Ouja area of the Israeli-occupied Jordan Valley, were chased out of the open pastures by Israeli forces for no apparent reason, according to a local source.

Aref Daraghmeh, a rights activist, told WAFA that soldiers forced the shepherds, who were accompanied in their herding by solidarity members, out of the pastures and prevented them from herding in the area.

He said that the soldiers’ harassment of shepherds has become a daily occurrence in the Jordan Valley, which Israel is trying to empty of its Palestinian residents while increasing the settler population.

Feb 22 10:22

Why Racist Rabbi Meir Kahane Is Roiling Israeli Politics 30 Years After His Death

Meir Kahane, the founder and leader of Israel’s openly racist Kach party in the 1970s and ’80s, was assassinated in the United States after delivering a lecture at a Manhattan hotel on November 5, 1990.

Yet his name is currently dominating Israeli politics after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed Otzma Yehudit – an extremist party led by followers of the racist rabbi – to run on a joint ticket with another far-right party, Habayit Hayehudi.

Feb 22 10:21

A violent gang of young settlers haunts a Palestinian village

Nothing prevents Palestinians from returning to their lands in this area of the West Bank – except for the so-called hilltop youth that was supposedly expelled from the area 14 years ago

Feb 22 10:20

Flagstaff breaks snowfall record, declares state of emergency

Flagstaff is getting hit hard by the massive winter storm and is closing some city services because of it.

The largest city in northern Arizona saw record snowfall, beating a daily record with 35.9" of snow as of midnight.

That breaks a previous all-time daily record for the city of 31 inches set in 1915.

The snow kept falling Friday morning and as of 5:30 a.m. 38.9" fell in Flagstaff.

On Thursday evening, the City declared of a state of emergency due to the storm that started on Wednesday night.

Feb 22 10:20

The Pentagon wants to know how a border wall will improve troops’ ‘effectiveness’ before it contributes DoD dollars

The Pentagon has asked Department of Homeland Security to identify locations where border wall construction would improve the “effectiveness" of military troops deployed there, a key justification required to redirect military construction spending that would otherwise go to local base projects.

In a memo, dated Feb. 18, DoD asked DHS to identify “priorities for potential construction,” a U.S. official familiar with the memo’s contents told Military Times. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is asking for a priority list, as well as the data used to generate that priority list, to help him determine “what projects we support” and what could be delayed, the official said.

The Pentagon is looking at how it could spend military construction funds, or MILCON, to comply with President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency last week. Shanahan has not received a response yet from DHS, the official said.

Feb 22 10:19

Group of American vets detained in Haiti on weapons charges brought back to US, arrested upon landing

A group comprised of former U.S. military veterans and security contractors who were detained in Haiti on weapons charges has been brought back to the United States and arrested upon landing, The Miami-Herald reported.

The men — five Americans, two Serbs, and one Haitian — were stopped at a Port-au-Prince police checkpoint on Sunday while riding in two vehicles without license plates, according to police. When questioned, the heavily-armed men allegedly told police they were on a "government mission" before being taken into custody.

Just days after their arrest, however, seven of the eight men were released from custody in Haiti before they were scheduled to show up to their first court appearance. They were whisked away to the United States on an American Airlines flight to Miami on Wednesday, where they were arrested upon landing, according to The Herald.

Feb 22 10:19

Operation to end last IS Syria pocket hits evacuation snag

The operation to destroy Islamic State’s final vestige of rule in Iraq and Syria hit a temporary snag on Thursday, as an expected evacuation of the remaining civilians from its last enclave in eastern Syria did not go ahead.

Feb 22 10:18

IRAN PROVES TO AMERICANTS: We hacked you and controlled your drones (Video)

A video appeared on the internet where the Iranian army intercepted and dropped a US drone in Iraq, after which the Americans destroyed an unmanned aircraft.

The video made by the American drone MQ-9 on the territory of Iraq and Syria was published by the Iranian agency Fars News. Drone recorded the positions of Iraqi forces, but he was intercepted. After that, the drone fell in Iraq, a reporter Mohammed Mansur told a tweet.

Shortly thereafter, the US Air Force decided to destroy the drone. The moment of its destruction was also announced.

Journalist Babak Tagvai stressed on his Twitter that in 2011 Iran used the Russian system for radiolocation fight 1L222 "Avtobaza" for the descent of the American drone RQ-170. He confirmed that this time the same system was used.

Feb 22 10:15

Major Jewish Groups Mum On Netanyahu’s Deal With Extremist Party

As liberal and progressive Jewish groups assailed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s deal to return supporters of the racist rabbi Meir Kahane to the Israeli Knesset, most leading American Jewish groups are keeping silent.

Nine major Jewish groups, including the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Federations of North America, did not respond to questions from the Forward about Netanyahu’s successful efforts to merge the national-religious Jewish Home party with Otzma Yehudit, or “Jewish Power,” a small party led by disciples of Kahane. The merger all but guarantees the Kahanist party a seat in the Knesset.

Read more: https://forward.com/news/national/419702/netanyahu-kahane-israel-polit...

Feb 22 10:15

False Flags And Hoaxes: Have the Marxists Overplayed Their Hand?

Anyone who has watched a cop show knows when investigators are working on a criminal case and have targeted a suspect, if the evidence begins to point to a different individual, the investigators redirect there focus and follow the evidence until the guilty party is arrested.

That is not what is happening in the Russia collusion investigation of President Trump. As new evidence has emerged the focus of the Mueller investigation has remained on Trump.

The investigation has found no evidence of collusion on the part of the President; however, a mountain of evidence has been uncovered pointing to the guilt of senior members of Obama’s Administration and senior members of the CIA, FBI and DOJ.

The guilt of those on the Left is now so obvious that even the “Common Core” kids can see it, but Mueller has refused to act; instead, going after Trump’s friends for process crimes. Was Smollett’s fake attack a planned distraction gone wrong?

Feb 22 10:14

Important Vax Rights Attorney "Witch Hunt" Update!

The nation's leading Vaccine Rights attorney, Alan Phillips, is being sued by the NC State Bar in a classic "witch hunt." Designed from the start to take Phillips' law license, the lawsuit, supported by invented facts and law, is an attack on Phillips and the entire alternative vaccine community, because Phillips has dared to publicly challenge vaccine corruption and to help people nationally exercise their legal right to refuse vaccines required at birth, daycare, school, college, employment, military, immigration, etc. This should be no surprise, as North Carolina (where Phillips is licensed) is known as "Vaccine Central" in the pharma industry.

Feb 22 10:13

PUTIN: A million rubles to every doctor and teacher who goes to a small city or village

Russian leader Vladimir Putin suggested in his address to the Federal Assembly that a program "Village Teacher" be launched in 2020, with a one-off financial assistance amounting to one million rubles for teachers who decide to move to a smaller city or village.

"Today I have already talked about extending the 'Village Doctor' program. I propose that a similar program "Village Teacher" be launched from 2020, according to which one-off financial assistance in the amount of one million rubles will be given to teachers who decide to move to villages and smaller towns, "Putin said.

Previously, the Minister of Education Olga Vasilieva spoke about the idea to prepare a program to support educational workers in the villages. According to her, this idea is not new, because similar practice existed in the USSR.

Feb 22 10:10

Putin Warns Russia May Aim New Weapons at US

Russian President Vladimir Putin warns that Russia may aim new weapons at Washington if the west deploys missiles in Europe.

Feb 22 10:09

On to Caracas and Tehran!

In the Venezuelan crisis, said President Donald Trump in Florida, "All options are on the table." And if Venezuela’s generals persist in their refusal to break with Nicolas Maduro, they could "lose everything."

Another example of Yankee bluster and bluff?

Or is Trump prepared to use military force to bring down Maduro and install Juan Guaido, the president of the national assembly who has declared himself president of Venezuela?

We will get an indication this weekend, as a convoy of food and humanitarian aid tries to force its way into Venezuela from Colombia.

Yet, even given the brutality of the regime and the suffering of the people – 1 in 10 have fled – it is hard to see Trump sending the Marines to fight the Venezuelan army in Venezuela.

Where would Trump get the authority for such a war?

Feb 22 10:09

Where are the ‘empty shelves’? Max Blumenthal tours Caracas supermarket (VIDEO)

Corporate media grieve for the barren shelves and empty bellies in Venezuela, but are the alleged food shortages real? After touring a supermarket in Caracas, Max Blumenthal found plenty to buy – even craft beer.

“Grocery shelves lie empty as food becomes increasingly scarce” in Venezuela, the UK Independent weeps. The country’s shops remain open but “sparsely stocked,” The Guardian laments. Even “basic commodities” such as toothbrushes aren’t available for purchase, CNN bemoans. “Hungry” Venezuelans must choose between “torture or starvation,” Bloomberg grimly concludes. Mainstream media coverage of Venezuela gives the impression that President Nicolas Maduro is slowly starving his own people – a narrative which, as journalist Max Blumenthal found after surveying a massive supermarket in Caracas, is wildly deceptive.

Feb 22 10:08

Joe Scarborough directly blames Donald Trump for domestic terror threat which 'targeted the MSNBC journalist and a host of Democratic lawmakers and other media figures'

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has directly blamed President Donald Trump for a domestic terror threat which allegedly targeted him and a host of Democratic lawmakers and other media figures.

The co-host of Morning Joe launched his blistering attack Thursday morning after U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant Christopher Paul Hasson, 49, stood accused of drawing up a hit list to conduct a mass killing.

Scarborough used a segment on his show to say: 'This is pretty simple. It's all on the president's shoulders. It's all the president's fault.

'And he sits there with his mouth shut, for once in his life, doesn't say anything, doesn't tweet anything, which, of course, makes it even more on him.'

Feb 22 10:07

If ‘Facts Are as the Police Say,’ There’s ‘Potential for a Serious Crime’ in Smollett Case

If “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett truly did orchestrate a hoax and pretend to be the victim of a hate crime, as the Chicago police say he did, then “we have a potential for a serious crime,” Harvard Law school professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Thursday night on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

Smollett (pictured above) turned himself in to the Chicago police on Thursday morning on suspicion of filing a false report. He was released later that day after paying a $10,000 bond as a percentage of his total bail. He will face a felony charge of disorderly conduct.

The actor, who is gay and African-American, alleged that two white supporters of President Donald Trump’s attacked him on January 29. He said they threw a noose around his neck and yelled, “This is MAGA country!”