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"He who desires to reform the government of a state, and wishes to have it accepted and capable of maintaining itself to the satisfaction of everybody, must at least retain the semblance of the old forms; so that it may seem to the people that there has been no change in the institutions, even though in fact they are entirely different from the old ones. For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though there were realities, and are often even more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are." -- Niccolo Machiavelli, "Discourses on Livy,"Chapter XXV



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January 23, 2021

Jan 23 08:30

NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang blasted for comparing BDS to 'fascist boycotts'

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang sparked controversy by comparing the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to "fascist" anti-Jewish campaigns.

Writing for Forward, a Jewish American webzine, Yang, who is a New York City mayoral candidate, compared BDS "to fascist boycotts of Jewish businesses" in the past, seemingly a nod at Nazi policies of the 1930s and 40s.

"A Yang administration will push back against the BDS movement, which singles out Israel for unfair economic punishment," Yang wrote.

Jan 23 08:29

Gantz warns Netanyahu not to try to sideline him again on Iran talks with US

Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned Friday that he would not allow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bypass him and the defense establishment during talks with the new administration of US President Joe Biden on crafting policy toward Iran.

“I intend to make sure that no one even thinks to interfere with us maintaining Israel’s security with all sorts of tricks and bypassing measures that endanger us,” Gantz said in his weekly video address to followers on Facebook, in a thinly veiled message to Netanyahu, who routinely bypassed Gantz in relations with the Trump administration.

Jan 23 08:29

Israeli settlers leave Palestinian children bloody and bruised in latest attack

A six-year-old Palestinian boy and his three-year-old brother were wounded on Thursday night after a group of masked Israelis attacked their family’s car outside the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.

Majd, six, sustained injuries to his face after being hit with a rock, while Jad was cut by broken glass. Their father, Alaa Sawfta, remained relatively unharmed, while their mother’s arm was hurt by another rock thrown at the vehicle.

The family had just left their home in Ramallah and were on their way to visit relatives in the northern West Bank city of Tubas. It was a drive that Sawafta, his wife and children did at the end of every week, and at first everything seemed normal.

Jan 23 08:28

Israeli army says it downed drone that came from Lebanon

Israel’s military said on Friday it downed a drone that crossed from Lebanon and would continue to protect its sovereignty.

With frictions high between Israel and Iranian-backed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, drone activity is common along the border. It is not infrequent for one side to report shooting down an unmanned aircraft dispatched by the other.

“The drone was monitored by the Israel Defense Forces throughout the incident,” the military said in a statement, without giving further details.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jan 23 08:28

Why are Ireland’s police teaming up with Israel’s torture ministry?

Ireland’s police forces have given unconvincing explanations about why they are cooperating with an Israeli ministry implicated in torture and war crimes.

The European Union has allocated approximately $8.5 million to a research project ostensibly aimed at using new speech and facial recognition technologies to help identify criminal networks.

Named Roxanne, the project includes Israel’s ministry for “public security” and a number of law enforcement bodies.

The involvement of Ireland’s two police forces in the project has angered campaigners and politicians from across the island. They have pointed out that the Israeli ministry oversees prisons where Palestinians are routinely abused and a police force active in settlements which violate international law.

Jan 23 08:27

Egypt: In shuttering a national icon, the government has unleashed rare public anger

Its metal is woven into the Aswan Dam and its name is welded into Egyptian public memory. But now Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s government plans to tarnish the Egyptian Steel and Iron Company’s lustre, and wind up the major state-owned firm.

The threat to the company, founded by revolutionary leader Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1954 and involved in almost all major development projects since, has caused wide debate about the Egyptian government’s policy of shutting down major public businesses for the benefit of army-owned ones instead.

Jan 23 08:27

'The President Threw Us Under The Bus': Trump's Intelligence Chief Blames Him For Failing To Call Up The National Guard - As Defense Secretary Says The President Told Him 10,000 Soldiers Would Be Needed The Night Before, But Then Failed To Activate Them

Donald Trump has been accused of throwing his top Pentagon officials 'under the bus' in the aftermath of the Capitol insurrection, as his Defense Secretary claimed that the president said 10,000 troops would be needed on January 6 - but failed to issue orders.

Jan 23 08:27

Venezuela warned detained envoy not to cooperate with U.S., court filing shows

Venezuela’s foreign minister warned Alex Saab, a businessman close to President Nicolas Maduro who is facing extradition to the United States, not to cooperate with U.S. authorities, according to a document filed in a U.S. court by Saab’s lawyers.

Saab, a Colombian national accused by U.S. prosecutors of money laundering in connection to an allegedly corrupt deal to obtain supplies for Maduro’s government-run food subsidy program, was arrested last June in Cape Verde pursuant to an Interpol red notice. He is battling a U.S. extradition request.

In a late Thursday filing with the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Saab’s lawyers argued that he should not be considered a fugitive from U.S. justice because Venezuela’s government named him a “special envoy” in 2018.

Jan 23 08:26

Thousands in Nepal protest against dissolution of Parliament

Three former Nepali prime ministers joined thousands of demonstrators on Friday to protest against Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s abrupt move to dissolve Parliament and call snap elections.

Oli dismissed the legislature in December, accusing members of his own party – including the former rebels – of noncooperation, and called for new elections in April.

Jan 23 08:26

Casualties of the Old Cold War Should Inform Opposition to U.S.’ New Cold War Against China

On September 3rd, China celebrated the 75th anniversary of its victory against Japanese aggression. Earlier this summer, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) joined Russian military forces to celebrate the anniversary of Victory Day. China and the Soviet Union lost upwards of fifty million people in total during the Second World War. The end of the Second World War also marked the beginning of the Cold War. Unlike the Second World War, which was largely a war between capitalist countries over the redivision of the world, the Cold War set the stage for a decades-long battle between contending social systems: capitalism and socialism.

Jan 23 08:25

Imperialism Is Bipartisan: Biden Recognizes Juan Guaidó as President of Venezuela

Anthony Blinken, President-Elect Joe Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State, has announced that the incoming administration will continue to recognize Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela. He made the remarks on Tuesday, adding that Biden would also continue sanctions on the country but target them “more effectively.” These actions are part of the United States’ ongoing effort to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

In January of 2019, the government of Donald Trump, supported by far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, attempted a military coup against the Maduro government. The plan, orchestrated by Mike Pompeo and Elliot Abrahams, was to install right-wing opposition leader Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela.

Jan 23 08:24

WHO Finally Admits COVID-19 PCR Test Has a ‘Problem’

Even though they’ve been widely used across the U.S. and around the world to determine who has a positive case of COVID, PCR assays are not designed to be used as diagnostic tools, as they can’t distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones.

Besides that, previously, the WHO had recommended 45 “amplification” cycles of the test to determine whether someone was positive for COVID or not.

The thing is, the more cycles that a test goes through, the more likely that a false positive will come up — anything over 30 cycles actually magnifies the samples so much that even insignificant sequences of viral DNA end up being magnified to the point that the test reads positive even if your viral load is extremely low or the virus is inactive and poses no threat to you or anyone else.

Jan 23 08:24

US Backs Al-Qaeda in Yemen while Dubbing Its Houthi Enemies ‘Terrorists’

The United States government has designated the main enemy of al-Qaeda in Yemen, the Houthi movement, as a terrorist organization, after spending years backing al-Qaeda in the country.

Like the US-led wars on Syria, Libya, former Yugoslavia, and 1980s Afghanistan, Yemen represents an example of an armed conflict where Washington has supported al-Qaeda and similar Salafi-jihadist extremists in order to foment regime change and extend its hegemony.

Since March 2015, the United States has helped oversee a catastrophic war on Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, aiding Saudi Arabia as it launched tens of thousands of air strikes on its southern neighbor, bombing the impoverished nation into rubble — and unleashing the largest humanitarian crisis on Earth.

Jan 23 08:23

The Making of US Empire at the Dawning of Its End

As the Exceptional Empire gets ready to brave a destructive – and self-destructive – new cycle, with dire, unforeseen consequences bound to reverberate across the world, now more than ever it is absolutely essential to go back to the imperial roots.

The task is fully accomplished by Tomorrow, the World: The Birth of U.S. Global Supremacy, by Stephen Wertheim, Deputy Director of Research and Policy at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft and a research scholar at the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies at Columbia University.

Here, in painstaking detail, we can find when, why and especially who shaped the contours of US “internationalism” in a roomful of mirrors always disguising the real, ultimate aim: Empire.

Jan 23 08:22

Farmers’ Protests Reflect Existential Crisis of Indian Agriculture

Given that India is still an agrarian-based society, renowned journalist P Sainath says what is taking place can be described as a crisis of civilisation proportions and can be explained in just five words: hijack of agriculture by corporations. He notes the process by which it is being done in five words too: predatory commercialisation of the countryside. And another five words to describe the outcome: biggest displacement in our history.

In late November 2018, a charter was released by the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (an umbrella group of around 250 farmers’ organisations) to coincide with the massive, well-publicised farmers’ march that was then taking place in Delhi.

Jan 23 08:22

Vaccine Injury Reporting Systems ‘Utterly Inadequate,’ Independent Researchers Say

As health officials strive to brush off as “coincidences” the mounting number of deaths and other serious adverse reactions occurring worldwide in connection with Pfizer’s and Moderna’s experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, the need for independent scrutiny of vaccine safety data has never been more apparent.

A new peer-reviewed study about adverse events following immunization (AEFI) and the measles-mumps-rubella-varicella (MMRV) vaccine brings home the urgent need for independent research.

The study, published by two northern Italian researchers on an open access platform suggests that most existing safety monitoring systems, whether in Italy or the U.S., are “utterly inadequate to document the real incidence of serious AEFIs and that current methods of assessing [vaccine-related] causality may be questioned.”

The study also reveals how an unbiased reanalysis of adverse event data puts the lie to the “reassuring conclusions” officials like to disseminate about vaccine safety.

Jan 23 08:16

Welcome to the University of WOKE! Leicester has ditched Chaucer, is 'decolonising' its syllabus and marks 'International Womxn's Week'... no wonder it's turning into a first-class failure, says GUY ADAMS

Even though it may not boast any dreaming spires or belong to the Russell Group of leading universities, there was a time not so very long ago when Leicester University punched well above the weight of its provincial rivals.

Named Britain’s ‘University of the Year’ in 2008, with a heritage that encompassed great thinkers such as novelist Malcolm Bradbury, a former student, poet Philip Larkin, one of its old librarians, and Sir David Attenborough, who lived on the attractive campus as a child, it was home to nearly 23,000 students.

Exactly a decade ago, Leicester came 17th in the Guardian University Guide’s national league tables, and was also top university for ‘student satisfaction’ outside Oxbridge.

Jan 23 08:15

DeSantis Whips Abbott Again on National Guard Controversy

Well, here we go with the next step in making the DC Police State permanent. – Military.com is reporting today that the National Guard under China Joe Potato Head Biden plans to keep a very substantial force of more than 7,000 Guard personnel in the nation’s capital to defend against gangs of marauding Trump supporters that do not exist.

The plan announced on Thursday originally was to keep this huge military presence in DC through the end of January, but that was mysteriously extended on Friday through the end of March. And at the end of March, it will no doubt be extended again, and it will keep on being periodically extended until the corrupt news media determines it is just a part of the “new normal” and stops remarking on it altogether.

Because that’s how this stuff works in the DC Swamp.

Jan 23 08:15

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then

I sure wish I had not learned so much over the last five years. In retrospect, five short years ago seems almost like Mayberry. Here are some important things that I didn’t know five years ago or now.

There actually is a deep state and they really do not honor the election results nor the will of the people.

There really appear to be lawless elements within the upper echelons of the FBI, CIA, and NSA who are not accountable for their crimes and are thus above the law.

The fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, really is unaccountable to the "unwashed masses."

Jan 23 08:14

The American left’s predilection for Soviet-style authoritarianism

“The line proposed by the party leadership was clearly defined and utterly consistent. Its tactics were determined by the principle that the ends justify the means — all means without exception. In the spirit of this principle the prosecutor will demand your head, Citizen Rubashov. The arguments put forth will of course be different. But in the background of this fairground performance, as you call it, you will know just as well as the prosecutor what is at stake – the restoration of party unity.”

The above quotation is from Arthur Koestler’s 1941 novel, Darkness at Noon. It relates the grim tale of one of Stalin’s operatives as he is sacrificed on the altar of “unity.” Rubashov is charged with numerous crimes he did not commit though he had come to have doubts about the revolution that became hopelessly genocidal. He is forced to confess to these crimes he did not commit for the sake of party unity.

Jan 23 08:13

Germany Expected To Put Right-Wing AfD Under Surveillance For Violating Constitution

Germany's Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, is constantly on the lookout for potential threats to Germany's democratic constitutional system, and it has wide-ranging powers when it finds them.

"This agency has the power — and not only to do surveillance on fringe groups, domestic terrorist threats, but also to keep an eye on any political institution, like a political party," said Melanie Amann of the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel and the author of a book about the Alternative for Germany, or AfD.

"Like if their program becomes more radical or if they notice that a political party, maybe that's even sitting in the parliament, goes into a direction that might be harmful to our political system."

Jan 23 08:12

I-CONSENT Fury at new app that gives men ’24-hour consent contract’ to have sex after Denmark passed controversial rape law

A NEW app that gives men a "24 hour consent contract" to have sex has sparked fury.

The launch comes in response to a new rape law, which criminalises sex without explicit consent in Denmark.

The app gives users a '24 hour consent contract' to have sex

Jan 23 08:12

Harry's war Silicon Valley: Prince blames social media for the Capitol riot and the 'destruction of the Amazon' and says we're all part of a Big Tech 'human experiment' - while complaining about suffering 'mothership of harassment

Prince Harry gave an interview to Fast Company that was published on Friday
He abhors social media in it and blames it for division and confusion in the world

Jan 23 08:12

MyPillow CEO Hires Gawker-Killing Lawyer to Go After Daily Mail for Jane Krakowski Affair Story

MyPillow CEO and staunch Trump ally Mike Lindell has retained celebrity attorney Charles Harder to go after the Daily Mail over a story claiming he had a secret affair with 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star actress Jane Krakowski, The Daily Beast has learned.

“Charles Harder is the attorney,” Lindell confirmed in a brief interview on Friday evening. “I never met this lady in my life and have never been to West Village and the Hamptons, where they said I was in the hit piece.”

Jan 23 08:11

Graham: Senate Should Reject ‘Idea Of Pursuing Presidents After They Leave Office’

Graham also rejected the idea of splitting the impeachment trial into half-days, which would effectively allow the Senate to pursue other business concurrent with the trial.

Jan 23 08:11

SpaceX Engaged in Legal Battle with Oil Company for Land to Drill for Gas

The spat of land in question is located near SpaceX’s Boca Chica launch site, which according to the company’s CEO would be used exclusively for Starship super heavy-lift launch vehicles design for long-duration space missions.

SpaceX is locked in a legal battle with Dallas Petroleum Group, which claims ownership of some inactive wells sitting on the same 806-acre (326-hectare) piece of leased by the SpaceX subsidiary Lone Star Mineral Development.

Tim George, an attorney representing the subsidiary, said that SpaceX plans to use the methane it extracts from the ground “in connection with their rocket facility operations”.

Jan 23 08:10

Groundbreaking Study Explains ‘Preexisting Immunity’ to Covid-19 Among Some Populations

SARS-CoV-2, better known simply as the ‘new coronavirus’, is just one of a handful of related RNA viruses that cause respiratory illnesses of varying severity among humans and some animals.

Past infections by other coronaviruses help the human immune system fights SARS CoV-2. That’s the conclusion reached by a group of researchers from Northern Arizona University (NAU) and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), local non-profit.

In their research, scientists used a custom-made tool created by NAU and TGen called ‘PepSeq’ to “finely map antibody responses to all human-infecting coronaviruses,” ranging from simple ones which cause symptoms no more serious than those of a common cold, to more severe and potentially deadly ones.

Jan 23 08:10

Psaki Dances Around Questions On Left-Wing Riots, China Issue. Reporters Don’t Ask About Top Story.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki danced around questions at Friday’s press conference about recent left-wing riots on the West Coast and on China’s human rights abuses.

Jan 23 08:10

Live Updates: Protesters Detained at Unauthorised Rallies Across Russia in Support of Navalny

Both the vlogger and his allies have been calling for people to join the rallies in several Russian cities on Saturday. The police warned that the public actions are not authorised and reminded about coronavirus-related restrictions on public gatherings.

The number of people arrested at unauthorised protests across Russia is on the rise this Saturday as scuffles break out between demonstrators and the police in major cities.

Protests began early on Saturday in the Far Eastern cities of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, and unfolded west as the day progressed, with scores of Russians responding to jailed activist Alexey Navalny’s call to take to the streets.

Jan 23 08:05

Big Brother meets Big Tech: Memo reveals military spies can just BUY personal data with tax money – no need for warrant

Using smartphone information bought from data brokers enabled the US Defense Intelligence Agency to spy on people without a warrant, including some Americans, the DIA admitted in a memo to a senator that’s now been made public.

The Defense Intelligence Agency focuses on foreign threats, but has searched for movements of American citizens at least five times over the past two and a half years, using cell phone data collected and sold by commercial brokers, according to an unclassified memo sent this week to Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon).

Jan 23 08:04

Nearly 200 National Guard members test positive for Covid-19 after being sent to DC

Some 200 members of the US National Guard reportedly tested positive for Covid-19 after being made to keep in close contact and even sleep in a parking garage during their deployment for President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which cited unnamed defense officials, nearly 200 of the 26,000 National Guard members “have tested positive for the novel coronavirus,” with some officials fearing that “cramped rest and working quarters contributed to the spread.”

Additionally, while every member of the National Guard deployed in DC was “screened for Covid-19” before setting foot in the city, “not all were tested, unless required under the screening process,” defense officials told the outlet.

Jan 23 08:03

Caitlin Johnstone: You counter Trumpism by ending the conditions which created it, not with authoritarian policies

The option of stopping the rise of Trumpism by changing the system has been taken off the table. Instead, people are being asked to debate the pros and cons of giving more powers to that same corrupt system which created Trump.

The US political/media class have been pushing hard for more authoritarian policies to stave off the threat of “domestic terrorism” in the wake of the Capitol riot. President Biden, who was already working on rolling out new domestic terrorism policies well before January 6, confirmed after the riot that he is making these new measures a priority. Political internet censorship is becoming increasingly normalized, anti-protest bills are being passed, and now we’re seeing liberals encouraged to form “digital armies” to spy on Trump supporters to report them to the authorities.

And an amazingly large percentage of the US population seems to have no problem with any of this, even in sectors of the political spectrum that should really know better by now.

Jan 23 08:03

Democracy Dies in Darkness: Washington Post backtracks after it's caught burying Kamala Harris’ cringeworthy joke from old article

The Washington Post has restored a tone-deaf anecdote mocking prisoners’ suffering to its rightful place introducing a profile on the sister of then-candidate (now VP) Kamala Harris, after getting called out for removing it.

“We should have kept both versions of the story on the Post’s site…rather than redirecting to the updated one,” communications VP Kris Coratti admitted in a statement to Reason on Friday after the libertarian outlet caught WaPo memory-holing the cringe-inducing joke between Harris and her sister Maya, originally published in July 2019.

In the temporarily-deleted anecdote, the former California attorney general compared her ability to “actually [get] sleep” amid her punishing presidential campaign schedule with a starving prisoner begging guards for “a morsel of food please…and water!”

Jan 23 08:02

Biden administration fires the heads of three US-funded international broadcasters - including Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia and Middle East Broadcasting Networks - for 'turning stations into pro-Trump propaganda machines'

The heads of three federally funded international broadcasters were abruptly fired late Friday as the Biden administration completed a house-cleaning of Donald Trump-appointees at the U.S. Agency for Global Media.

Jan 23 08:02

Apologies from Joe, cookies from Jill: Bidens try to smooth over scandal with outcast & Covid-hit National Guard troops

US President Joe Biden has apologized for 5,000 National Guard troops sleeping in a parking garage outside the US Capitol, and the First Lady brought them cookies, amid reports that up to 200 troops may have caught Covid-19.

Biden phoned General Daniel R. Hokanson, head of the National Guard Bureau, on Friday to apologize and ask what he could do, his administration officials told reporters. Meanwhile, First Lady Jill Biden was dispatched to the Capitol grounds to hand out chocolate chip cookies to some Guard members.

Jan 23 08:01

Biden should tread carefully… his renewed focus on Russia is only going to push Moscow and Beijing closer together

The announcement of an intelligence review on Russia shows Joe Biden’s intent to get tough on Moscow, and at the same time discredit Donald Trump. But this is likely to have major geopolitical consequences.

The Biden administration is a couple of days old, but it’s already setting out its foreign policy priorities. In a clear break with Donald Trump, who was often accused of being sympathetic to Russia, the new White House has announced an intelligence review on Russia and vowed to hold it accountable for any misdeeds, including the suggestion Moscow interfered in the 2020 presidential election.

Top amongst its priorities is a renewal of the START nuclear arms treaty, with a vow to cooperate with Russia on the one hand, but confront it on its “reckless and adversarial actions” on the other. Although most media coverage has focused on how Biden will approach US relations with Beijing, which deteriorated under Trump, it is notable that Russia has been his immediate focus.

Jan 23 08:01

Trump’s Final Action Against China

Jan 23 08:01

Wayne Dupree: Biden said he was going to preside over a dark winter. Yep, he's making it happen, alright

The burden facing Americans is about to get greater. Taxes will increase, the cost of living will go up and 11 million illegal immigrants will become citizens. Liberal ideology is expensive, and the elite won't be paying for it.

?I don’t care much for Joe Biden as I voted for President Donald Trump, but the simple, undeniable truth is that Trump delivered in four years what Biden and company only ran their lying mouths about for 40 years. Now we’ve thrown Trump out and gone back to the non-delivering liars; that is powerful evidence that we are not very bright.

Jan 23 08:00

Ford finally recalls three MILLION cars as part of biggest auto recall in U.S. history over deadly airbags that have killed 27 people including 17-year-old who was hit in throat by shards of metal

Ford will recall three million cars after air bag inflators ruptured, injuring 400 people and killing at least 27 worldwide.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Tuesday ordered Ford to issue the recall, rejecting a bid by the second-largest U.S. automaker to avoid it. The recall will come at a cost of $610 million to Ford.

The defect, which in rare instances leads to air bag inflators rupturing and sending potentially deadly metal fragments flying, prompted the largest automotive recall in U.S. history affecting 41.6 million cars.

Jan 23 07:59

Katie Couric is 'ruled out' as permanent host of Jeopardy after asking Bill Maher 'how are we going to deprogram the cult of Trump?' - amid fears she has offended the show's older audience

Katie Couric recently sounded off on Donald Trump's impeachment and Twitter ban, before the one-term president left office.

And the acclaimed journalist is now facing backlash from the mostly 'conservative' audience of Jeopardy!, ahead of her guest hosting gig.

It came after she appeared on the first 2021 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher last week, where they discussed extremist beliefs in Congress, following the riot at the Capitol earlier this month.

Jan 23 07:58

7,000 National Guard will stay in Washington DC until MARCH due to 'threat of right-wing extremism': Jill Biden thanks National Guard on Capitol Hill as 15,000 prepare to leave

More than 15,000 National Guardsmen who have been occupying Washington DC are now being sent home but 7,000 will remain on duty until March because the 'threat of right-wing extremism' still lingers - as it's revealed that troops were ordered out of the Capitol overnight by a single officer who didn't have authority.

Nearly 26,000 National Guard troops from all 50 states poured into DC last week in response to escalating security threats and fears of more rioting in the wake of the deadly January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol.

After Biden's inauguration went off with only a handful of minor arrests and incidents on Wednesday, 15,400 of those Guardsmen are now being sent home.

Jan 23 07:54

So heart warming! (Picture)

Jan 23 07:53

Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy U-turns on blaming Trump for MAGA riot and says 'everybody' is responsible as he reveals he called Rep. Marjorie Greene to disagree with her efforts to impeach Biden

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy has tried to further walk back his comments blaming former President Trump for the violent riot on the U.S. Capitol by a mob of his supporters on January 6.

Jan 23 07:49

New Report Finds CDC Fumbled the Ball on Coronavirus and Actually Refused to Approve Early Study on Spread of China Virus

Jan 23 07:00

Facebook goes down: Thousands of users across the U.S. and Europe are locked out of the site while others report PORN in their video feeds amid fears it has been hacked

Facebook has gone down for thousands of users in the United States and Europe on Friday night, with some unable to access the site and others reporting that porn had flooded their video feeds.

Jan 23 06:58

For sure :) (Picture)

Jan 23 06:57

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump breaks his post-White House silence to say: 'We'll do something - but not just yet' as he dines at his golf club

President Donald Trump is hinting that he'll be back on the political scene, but otherwise keeping his own counsel as he starts his new life as a Florida resident and golf club regular.

Jan 23 06:57

No Taxation Without Reform

Jan 23 06:50

Light at the end of the tunnel? Dr. Fauci says one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be approved in TWO WEEKS - as COVID hospitalizations fall 10% in 24 states and new cases decline in 44 states

Dr. Anthony Fauci says that the United States is 'real close' to approving a third COVID-19 vaccine - and the first single-dose jab - as the latest coronavirus data shows declining rates of hospitalizations as well as lower rates of infection in 44 states.

Jan 23 06:48

Joe Biden warns U.S. faces more than 600,000 COVID deaths, days after total passing 400,000, as he signs more orders to aid economy

President Joe Biden warned Friday that the United States faces more than 600,000 COVID deaths as he signed executive orders aimed at helping deal with its impact.

Jan 23 06:46

Donald Trump's impeachment trial is set to begin February 9 after Joe Biden backs DELAYING it saying 'the more time we have to get up and running the better'

Senate Republican and Democratic leaders have reached agreement on the the calendar outlines for the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump – with the substance of the trial set to begin February 9th.

Jan 23 06:45

'Release them all': ICE 'sent memo to Texas officials ordering them to free undocumented migrants in custody' - despite Joe Biden announcing 100-day pause on deportations rather than mass release

Immigration officials in Texas have been sent a memo telling them to release all undocumented migrants being held in their facilities, despite Joe Biden's executive order making no mention of a mass release.

Jan 23 06:43

Ford finally recalls three MILLION cars as part of biggest auto recall in U.S. history over deadly airbags that have killed 27 people including 17-year-old who was hit in throat by shards of metal

Ford will recall three million cars after air bag inflators ruptured, injuring 400 people and killing at least 27 worldwide.

Jan 23 06:42

Biden administration fires the heads of three US-funded international broadcasters - including Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia and Middle East Broadcasting Networks - for 'turning stations into pro-Trump propaganda machines'

The heads of three federally funded international broadcasters were abruptly fired late Friday as the Biden administration completed a house-cleaning of Donald Trump-appointees at the U.S. Agency for Global Media.

Jan 23 06:41

'Making fun of immigrants is never in good taste': Actor Tim Matheson, 73, is slammed on Twitter for mocking Melania Trump by saying that it is 'wonderful to have a first lady that can speak English!'

Hollywood actor Tim Matheson apologized on Friday for posting a tweet mocking former First Lady Melania Trump's English-speaking abilities.

Jan 23 06:39

Tesla software engineer denies stealing 26,00 secret files as firm sues him for downloading massive cache of code only 40 people had access to

Tesla is accusing a former software engineer of downloading and stealing a massive cache of code just days after he started working at the company.

Jan 23 05:57

Sounds and smells of the countryside are protected by new French laws following legal battles about noisy ducks and roosters

Senators on Thursday gave final approval to a bill to protect French countryside
It is designed to stop locals being hit with lawsuits by visitors or new arrivals

Jan 23 03:01

Puzzling signal on Saturn’s moon Rhea may finally be explained

A mystery on Saturn’s moon Rhea may have finally been solved. When NASA’s Cassini spacecraft flew past the planet’s second-largest moon before the end of its mission in 2017, it spotted a mysterious compound. It turns out, that compound may be hydrazine, which is often used in rocket fuel.

As Cassini flew past Saturn’s moons, it examined the sunlight bouncing off their surfaces to determine what they are made of. On Rhea, as well as several of the other moons, something on the surface absorbed a portion of that light in the ultraviolet range of the spectrum.

“We noticed there was this dip in the spectrum and wondered what it was, but we speculated that it might be some type of water ice,” says Amanda Hendrix at the Planetary Science Institute in California. “We puzzled over what it is for a long time.”

Jan 23 02:50

Chinese Scientists Develop Gene Therapy Which Could Delay Ageing

BEIJING (Reuters) - Scientists in Beijing have developed a new gene therapy which can reverse some of the effects of ageing in mice and extend their lifespans, findings which may one day contribute to similar treatment for humans.

The method, detailed in a paper in the Science Translational Medicine journal earlier this month, involves inactivating a gene called kat7 which the scientists found to be a key contributor to cellular ageing.

The specific therapy they used and the results were a world first, said co-supervisor of the project Professor Qu Jing, 40, a specialist in ageing and regenerative medicine from the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

"These mice show after 6-8 months overall improved appearance and grip strength and most importantly they have extended lifespan for about 25%," Qu said.

Jan 23 02:46

German scientists make paralyzed mice walk again

German researchers have enabled mice paralyzed after spinal cord injuries to walk again, re-establishing a neural link hitherto considered irreparable in mammals by using a designer protein injected into the brain.

Spinal cord injuries in humans, often caused by sports or traffic accidents, leave them paralyzed because not all of the nerve fibers that carry information between muscles and the brain are able to grow back.

But the researchers from Ruhr University Bochum managed to stimulate the paralyzed mice’s nerve cells to regenerate using a designer protein.

“The special thing about our study is that the protein is not only used to stimulate those nerve cells that produce it themselves, but that it is also carried further (through the brain),” the team’s head Dietmar Fischer told Reuters in an interview.

Jan 23 02:28

Mega Millions $1 billion jackpot is the third largest in US history. The winning ticket was sold in Michigan.

If you purchased a Mega Millions ticket from Michigan, pay close attention.

The $1 billion jackpot-winning Mega Millions ticket, the third-largest lottery prize in U.S. history, was sold in Michigan, according to the Mega Millions website. Friday's winning numbers were 4, 26, 42, 50, 60 and Mega Ball 24.

The Mega Millions top prize had been growing since Sept. 15, when a winning ticket was sold in Wisconsin.

Jan 23 02:23

Hong Kong orders thousands to stay home for two-days in city’s first Covid-19 lockdown

23/01/2021 - 07:21

Thousands of Hong Kongers were ordered to stay in their homes on Saturday for the city's first coronavirus lockdown as authorities battle an outbreak in one of its poorest and most densely packed districts.

The order bans about 10,000 people living inside multiple housing blocks within the neighbourhood of Jordan from leaving their apartment unless they can show a negative test.

Officials said they planned to test everyone inside the designated zone within 48 hours "in order to achieve the goal of zero cases in the district".

"Residents will have to stay at their premises to avoid cross-infection until they get their test results," health minister Sophia Chan told reporters on Saturday.

The South China Morning Post said the measures covered about 150 housing blocks, with hundreds of police on standby to enforce the lockdown.

Jan 23 02:16

China law empowers coast guard to use force amid disputes

BEIJING -- China has authorized its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels and destroy structures on features it claims, potentially raising the possibility of clashes with regional maritime rivals.

The Coast Guard Law passed on Friday empowers the force to “take all necessary measures, including the use of weapons, when national sovereignty, sovereign rights, and jurisdiction are being illegally infringed upon by foreign organizations or individuals at sea.”

The law also authorizes the coast guard to demolish other countries’ structures built on reefs and islands claimed by China and to seize or order foreign vessels illegally entering China’s territorial waters to leave.

Jan 23 02:11

‘We Don’t Have To Guess About Where This Goes’: Tulsi Gabbard Issues Warning About Domestic Terrorism Bill

Former Democratic Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard issued a stark warning Friday about the proposed bill to combat domestic terrorism.

Gabbard joined “Fox News Primetime” to discuss the legislation with host Brian Kilmeade, and she made it clear that she was concerned the legislation could be used to undermine civil liberties.

Kilmeade introduced Gabbard, who had just stepped away from her congressional seat two weeks earlier, and asked, “Are you surprised they’re pushing forward with this extra surveillance on would-be domestic terror?”

“It’s so dangerous as you guys have been talking about, this is an issue that all Democrats, Republicans, independents, Libertarians should be extremely concerned about, especially because we don’t have to guess about where this goes or how this ends,” Gabbard began, saying that former CIA Director John Brennan was already making comments that worried her.

Jan 23 01:11

The History Of The U.S.'s Peaceful Transition Of Power

First peaceful transition of power in America.
It is no surprise that the initial transition of power from President Washington to President Adams took a while. Not only that, they were also just figuring out how to do it, there was no means of quick communication over a longer distance than your average ballroom. Weeks for Telegram with information about the transition to travel across the country and then more weeks for Adams and his people to actually travel to Washington. As a result, it took three months for Adams to officially become president and move to the White House after his election in December 1796. As the years passed, the technology moved the process forward, but that does not mean the transition became easier. .

Jan 23 01:07

'Look into my eyes': UK government launches hard-hitting 'stay at home' advert

Ignore Ivermectin https://ivmmeta.com/

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Don't live. Just exist.

January 22, 2021

Jan 22 22:54

Facebook spent more on lobbying than any other Big Tech company in 2020

In a year when examining the power of the Big Tech companies became a major theme across the federal government, the top five major players spent millions of dollars lobbying Congress on issues ranging from election integrity to immigration.

Tech companies disclosed their lobbying spending for the fourth quarter of 2020 late Thursday night, revealing big swings in spending from 2019 to 2020. Combined, however, the five Big Tech companies (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft) spent slightly less in 2020 than in the year before at $61.09 million, a 1.8% decrease.

Jan 22 22:50

In a first for Spain, Jesuits admit to decades of sex abuse

MADRID -- The first comprehensive internal inquiry on sex abuse allegations by a religious order in Spain has identified 81 children and 37 adult victims by 96 Jesuits since the late 1920s, a much higher number than the cases that had so far been publicly known.

Associations of victims are welcoming the disclosure, but they see it falling short since the names of perpetrators or those who covered up the abuses weren't disclosed. They also want the Jesuits' inquiry to lead to proper criminal cases against the few abusers that are still alive and a detailed plan to compensate their victims.

Jan 22 22:47

Tulsi Gabbard Says Congress Is ‘Like High School’

During a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard spoke about her time in Congress and compared the dynamic to high school.

“This place is like high school,” she recalled telling her family, as seen in a YouTube clip of the appearance.

“Even on the House floor that is the only time that we’re all together — usually for votes — and you’ve got everybody, all 435 members there, and you see the little cliques gathering in their designated corners like the cafeteria tables.”

Gabbard said that some cliques would give the “mean girl side-eye” to other groups for associating with certain people around the room.

“I mean it’s funny but it’s so terrible when you understand that this is the power base for decision making in our country.”

Elsewhere, in 2019, former Rep. Max Rose jokingly compared Congress to high school when describing his time in the lower chamber, Politico report

Jan 22 22:41

Janet Yellen Used To Say Minimum Wage Hikes Killed Jobs — What Changed?

Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen appears to have reversed her longstanding position on the minimum wage, arguing in favor of raising the federal minimum wage during her confirmation hearing Tuesday before the Senate Finance Committee.

Jan 22 20:17

Biden Warns ‘Economic Crisis Deepening’ After Killing Tens of Thousands of Jobs His First Day in Office (VIDEO)

Joe Biden was all doom and gloom Friday after he destroyed tens of thousands of jobs his first day in office.

Jan 22 19:00

Key Bank closing over 70 branches

Jan 22 17:37

Friday Humor: Does Chuck Schumer Have Something Else On His Mind Today?

"Senators will have to decide if they believe Donald Trump incited the ERECTION against the United States."

Jan 22 16:39

Forced Vaccinations Via Your Job: United Airlines CEO wants to make COVID vaccines mandatory

Over the last week, it’s become clear on how the Biden Administration plans to force vaccinations onto the public; just like the mask bullshit, they will slowly make it harder and harder for you to live your life without it, and it looks they will be starting with work and travel.

Jan 22 16:33

Continuity of Government under Insurrection Act active with DEFCON 2 and Trump/military in charge? Corrupt USA Inc. dissolved? Powerless Biden/Congress/Media targeted for removal? Gene Decode videos

If President Trump signed the Insurrection Act, and US military is under DEFCON 2, then continuity of government forbids President Trump to transfer leadership. If US military leadership is in agreement that DNC/Biden/Harris appear guilty of an attempted coup through election fraud, then their “inauguration” was a show with criminally-complicit corporate media.

Gene Decode provides compelling testimony to the above in 32 minutes.

Gene has two current interviews here and here.

Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Jan 22 16:23

We Are Suffering Through The Most Painful Economic Crisis Since The Great Depression Of The 1930s

At this point, the number of new claims for unemployment benefits has been above 695,000 for 44 weeks in a row. -- That is starting to come close to a full year. -- If that does not qualify as a “collapse”, then you are probably using a completely different definition of the word than I am using.