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September 29, 2016

Sep 29 15:55

The Soviets are coming! Hammer & Sickle strike again, courtesy of Clinton camp

The USSR ended twenty-five years ago, and the hammer and sickle flag was pulled down all over Russia. You can only see it now at World War II memorials, tourist attractions, and bizarrely websites set up by Hillary Clinton supporters, attempting to discredit opponent Donald Trump.

Sep 29 15:37

The US Is A Country, Not A Business

The US is increasingly no longer a country; instead, we’re being run like a business, and in some cases, it’s literally killing us. Take for example, the ongoing problem of foodborne illnesses like Salmonella, which infects more than 1 million Americans every year.

Sep 29 15:31

Turkish Terrorist Who Shot Up Cascade Mall Voted Repeatedly Despite Not Being U.S. Citizen

Turkish Muslim terrorist Arcan Cetin who murdered five people at the Cascade Mall in Washington has voted in three elections despite not having US citizenship.

..."While voters must attest to citizenship upon registering online or registering to vote at the Department of Licensing Office, Washington state doesn't require proof of citizenship. Therefore elections officials say the state's elections system operates, more or less, under an honor system."

Sep 29 15:26

George W. Bush Predicts ISIS In 2007

Sep 29 15:25

Manifesting The Worst Old Norms

A half-century ago I was a 17-year-old who had just been hired to do door-to-door canvassing for the Minneapolis Housing Authority to inform people in the poorest neighborhoods that they could nominate community members to serve on the board of the agency. We held trainings and exercises to develop our team and one of the supervisors, a very nice and somewhat chubby fellow, said he hoped in 10 years that the acceptance of heavy build—fatter—would apply to women as much as it did then to men.

Sep 29 15:22

Potential conflict of interest for James Comey

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Sep 29 15:21

Clinton Shill David Brock Caught Laundering Money

Sep 29 15:18

Alicia Machado adored 'famous publicity!' from her fat-shaming star turn as Trump paid for lavish wellness routine and said her weight was 'not unacceptable' as Miss Universe

Alicia Machado loved the free publicity her dramatic battle with weight-gain provided during her reign as Miss Universe, news reports from that year show.

And her 'wellness' routine, embraced as a weight-loss tactic and paid for by then-pageant owner Donald Trump, was a lavish affair few women can afford to indulge in.

Sep 29 15:17

Linda Tripp says 'Monica Lewinsky is alive today' because she exposed Bill Clinton's affair to the public

'I say today and I will continue to say, that I believe Monica Lewinsky is alive today because of choices I made and action I took,' Tripp said in a radio interview with Breitbart's Aaron Klein.

Tripp told Klein she realized she sounded 'melodramatic,' but 'I can only say that from my perspective, I believe that she and I were at the time in danger, because nothing stands in the way of these people achieving their political ends.'

Sep 29 15:14

Trump brings up Bill Clinton's 'impeachment for lying' and promises a 'bright and clean future' – while saying Hillary 'had something' to avoid getting charged in email scandal

Republican Donald Trump referenced Bill Clinton's impeachment as he once again railed against Hillary Clinton's 'corruption' and suggested she 'had something' to avoid getting charged by the FBI in its email investigation.

'The American people have had it with years and decades of Clinton corruption and scandal,' Trump told a crowd of people in Bedford, New Hampshire. 'And impeachment for lying – impeachment for lying,' he said. 'Remember that? Impeach.'

Trump's return to impeachment talk comes days after he said he held back from bringing up Bill Clinton's affairs during the first presidential debate.

Trump said afterward he decided not to mention Bill Clinton's 'indiscretions,' saying, 'I didn't wanna say what I was going to say with Chelsea in the room

Sep 29 15:12

Photos ‘Hacked From Pippa Middleton ICloud Account’ Banned From Publication

A High Court judge has barred publication of leaked photographs allegedly hacked from Pippa Middleton’s iCloud account.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister took civil court action against a “person or persons unknown” after her iCloud account was reportedly hacked.

Sep 29 15:11

Mysterious outbreak at Orange County elementary school leaves 30 children and 10 staff members covered in bites and blisters

At least 30 children at an elementary school in California's affluent Orange County have come down with a mysterious rash - and no one knows why.

An outbreak of bites and blisters at Lake Forest Elementary School has left children itching through the night, and worried parents searching for answers.

Ten staff members at the school have also come down with the rashes and five new cases in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District have since been reported.

The outbreak is reportedly appearing as rashes, bites and welts, on anywhere from faces to arms, feet, backs, chests and waistlines, according to parents.

Mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, mites and mice have all been ruled out as the source, said Jared Dever of the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control.

Dever said bed bugs are also unlikely the cause, as they are noticeable and tend to strike when people are asleep or immobile, he told NBC Los Angeles.

Sep 29 14:56

‘Another Aleppo Moment’: Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Can’t Name Foreign Leader He Admires

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson could not name a foreign leader he admires, when asked during a televised town hall meeting.

Sep 29 14:45

BEX ALERT - Obama Says Sexist Voters Are Holding Hillary Down

According to Obama, Hillary Clinton may not be getting the credit she rightly deserves "because she is a woman."

Sep 29 14:41

‘Americans Are On Our Side’: Al-Nusra Commander Says US Arming Jihadists Via 3rd Countries

US weapons are being delivered to Jabhat Al-Nusra by governments that Washington supports, a militant commander told the German media, adding that American instructors were in Syria to teach how to use the new equipment.

“Yes, the US supports the opposition [in Syria], but not directly. They support the countries that support us. But we are not yet satisfied with this support,” Jabhat al-Nusra unit commander Abu Al Ezz said in an interview with Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper from the devastated Syrian city of Aleppo.

Sep 29 14:30

Entire Australian state without power after 'unprecedented' storm

The entire state of South Australia was without power Wednesday after being pummelled by a "unprecedented" storm, with the blackout causing chaos as authorities warned of more wild weather.

The state -- about one and a half times the size of France and with a population of some 1.7 million -- lost power Wednesday afternoon after severe thunderstorms struck with destructive wind gusts of up to 140 km per hour (87 mph), torrential rain and large hailstones.

Trees were torn down, roofs ripped out, thousands of homes and business were without power and cars were gridlocked on flooded roads as traffic lights stopped working in what South Australia's Premier Jay Weatherill said was an "unprecedented weather event".

Sep 29 14:25

SouthFront: US deploys soldiers dangerously close to Aleppo city

A report from a Lebanese TV channel suggests the United States may have deployed its special forces at Mare' and Azaz, two rebel-held towns in the northern Aleppo countryside.


US troops have entered the Syrian towns of Marea and Azaz located north of Aleppo city, Lebanese Al Mayadeen channel reported. The US servicemen are embedded with ‘moderate rebels’ from the FSA and are going to prepare the US-backed advance on ISIS in the area.

Sep 29 13:54

Susan Lindauer "A Vote For Hillary Clinton Is a Vote For World War 3. It's That Serious!"

Sep 29 13:49

FBI Investigating Hacks Of Democratic Party Officials’ Phones, Voter Registration Rolls – Report

It seems politicians aren’t the only ones gearing up for November’s election. The FBI is investigating suspected hacks into Democratic Party officials’ phones as well as voter registration databases in more than a dozen states.

That 400-lb bedridden hacker could be at it again!

Sep 29 13:38

ETSU student in gorilla mask charged after disrupting Black Lives Matter protest

JOHNSON CITY, TENN. - A student at East Tennessee State University has been charged after disrupting a Black Lives Matter event on campus by wearing a gorilla mask, carrying around a rope and trying to hand out bananas.

According to WCYB, Tristan Rettke, a freshman at the school, is charged with one count of civil rights intimidation in connection with the incident Wednesday afternoon.

Sep 29 13:37

NFL Ratings Continue to Plunge in Third Week of Anthem Protests

Sep 29 13:33

Protests Erupt In California Over Police Killing Of Black Man

Protests have erupted in the US state of California following the fatal shooting of another unarmed black man by police as tensions grow over police violence across the country.

Demonstrators gathered in El Cajon on Wednesday to condemn the police shooting of 38-year-old Alfred Olango who was reportedly mentally ill.

Sep 29 13:22

Celebrities You Didn't Realize Were 9/11 Truthers

Last night, I stumbled across a write-up for a documentary film that was announced in 2012 called September Morn, a movie — like Loose Change — that would posit that 9/11 was an inside job. The doc was meant to feature a few celebrities, one of which — Woody Harrelson — was doing Hunger Games at the time, and has since done True Detective.

That documentary never materialized, and though you can see many, many references to the announcement of the movie, it just disappeared. I began to wonder, in fact, if there was a conspiracy behind its disappearance because Hollywood didn’t want to put one of its huge franchises in jeopardy. As I travelled down this silly rabbit hole, I found nothing else on September Morn, except that it’s apparently still in pre-production, but I did end up discovering other celebrity truthers, some of whom I really like. A few of these names didn’t surprise me. Some bummed me out.

Sep 29 13:22

India Carries out 'Surgical Strikes' in Pakistan's Kashmir, Pakistan Downplays

India's director general of military operations, Lt. Gen. Ranbir Singh, said India received "very credible and specific information" that militants located in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir were planning attacks on Indian-controlled Kashmir and "in various other metros in our country", UPI reported. "Significant casualties have been caused to the terrorists and those who are trying to support them," Singh said in New Delhi. Indian officials said Wednesday night's attack was in response to two militant attacks on Indian positions in September, including one in which 18 Indian soldiers were killed when militants stormed an army base near the Pakistani border, an attack Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said would "not go unpunished." The circumstances surrounding India's purported cross-border attack are not fully clear. India and Pakistan both contest the Kashmir Valley, which has led to two wars over control of the territory since its independence from Britain in 1947.

Sep 29 13:01

WATCH: Trump Supporter Violently Attacked by BLM Mob for Wearing Trump Hat

Video out of El Cajon in San Diego, California shows a Trump supporter being violently attacked by a mob of Black Lives Matter supporters for daring to wear a Trump hat to a supposedly "peaceful" protest.

Video shows the mob swarm around the man and kick and punch him despite being surrounded by news cameras.

One member of the crowd can be heard screaming "f*ck you, n*gga" at the top of his lungs during the assault.

...Despite the mob violence, CBS/AP said: "The protests were peaceful for the most part."

Sep 29 12:53

Record Number Of Guns Seized In London Over Last Year, Says Police Chief

A record number of firearms, including semiautomatic weapons, have been seized in London, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has said.

Sep 29 12:36

Trump supporter attacked and beaten in El Cajon

Published on Sep 28, 2016Attacked, beaten, thrown to the ground and kicked live on periscope. He is then followed until he is rescued by police.

Sep 29 12:32

Here’s How the Government Is Turning the Entire United States into a Debt Prison

The staggering amount of debt held by the American empire ensures the public will be working it off for generations to come. The government has already begun its campaign to make it more difficult to leave the country, and it has also begun to crack down on the finances of the eight million Americans living abroad. Regardless of whether you’re a millionaire with multiple foreign bank accounts or a recent college graduate with a boatload of debt, the status of being a United States citizen brings with it a burden that will only grow heavier over time.

Sep 29 12:31

Student Suspended, Visited by Cops, Forced Psych Eval — For Pro 2nd Amendment School Project

The incident began Monday after Harvey, as many students sometimes do, left his USB drive in the computer lab. Another student opened Harvey’s 11th-grade project and reported him to school officials.

At 7pm Monday evening, Harvey’s family said they were paid a visit by local law enforcement, who investigated Harvey’s claims the project was from last school year, and cleared him of any criminal mischief.

But that apparently wasn’t enough to satisfy the Manville School District who suspended and then promptly ordered Harvey to undergo a 5-hour psychological evaluation stemming from the months later discovery of his anti-gun control project.

It seems the teacher, who assigned the work, can no longer recall having done so. But the 12th grader disagrees and so does his family.

Harvey said his teacher approved his topic (against gun control), he completed the project, and received an “A” for his efforts.

Sep 29 12:30

School Police Have Used Electroshock Weapons On At Least 4 Kids Since August

The video starts with a fight between two high school girls. It ends with both of them on the ground, screaming, after having thousands of volts of electricity shot into their bodies. The entire incident lasts less than one minute.

The two girls are part of a group of at least four students that school-based police officers have used Tasers on since the start of the 2016-2017 school year, according to media reports The Huffington Post has tracked. Nationwide, school police have used Tasers on students in at least 84 other incidents since 2011, according to an August HuffPost investigation.

Sep 29 12:25

Clinton Is Going To Press Nuclear Button: Libertarian Nominee

US Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson says Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is most likely to start a nuclear war if elected the president of the United States.

“I think she is going to press the button … She is going to be hawkish, she is going to be more hawkish in that role,” Johnson said on Wednesday in a University of New Hampshire town hall.

Sep 29 12:12

Yellen likely to face questions about Wells Fargo

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, who has been in the hot seat over the central bank’s interest-rate policy, now has another headache: Wells Fargo.

Yellen is likely to face sharp questions from a House committee Wednesday over whether federal banking regulators fell down on the job by not detecting practices at Wells Fargo that allegedly had the nation’s second largest bank opening millions of accounts without customers’ permission.

Yellen is scheduled to testify before the House Financial Services Committee on the Fed’s responsibilities to supervise the nation’s largest banks.

Sep 29 12:05

The Politics Of Bombing

Bombs, domestic and foreign, are defining the nature of politics in the United States, the European Union and among radical Islamist groups and individuals. The scale and scope of bomb-politics varies with the practitioner. ‘Wholesale bombers’ are state actors, who engage in large-scale, long-term bombing designed to destroy adversary governments or movements. ‘Retail bombers’ are groups or individuals engaging in small-scale, sporadic bombings, designed to provoked fear and secure symbolic outcomes.

Sep 29 12:04

GRAPHIC: 6-yo boy killed, father wounded by Louisiana police

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"That six-year old had a GUN! He pointed it at me. I feared for my life!!!"

Sep 29 11:47

Lack Of Accountability Has Made Baltimore An Overpoliced Panopticon

Baltimore’s Green Party Mayoral candidate says that as long as progressivism takes hold in US politics, he’s not wedded to any political party.

Sep 29 11:43

Troubling Gaps In The New MH-17 Report

The new accusation of Russian complicity in 2014 Malaysia Airlines shootdown was based on Ukrainian intelligence intercepts that were selectively interpreted while contrary information was ignored, writes Robert Parry.

Sep 29 11:12

Wells Fargo Troubles Mount With Penalty for Soldiers’ Loans

Wells Fargo & Co., reeling from weeks of pummeling over fraudulent customer accounts, is now facing a Justice Department sanction over improperly repossessing cars owned by members of the military, according to two people with knowledge of the investigation.

Sep 29 11:11

Prominent Latin American Scientists say Bill Gates’ golden rice is a total failure

Nobel Laureates who have been pushing the genetically modified organism agenda deep into scientific circles are being lambasted by a group called the Union of Latin American Scientists Committed to Society and Nature

Sep 29 11:11

DOW JONES having a bad day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the German contagion may already be here!

Sep 29 11:02

Texas: Thrice Deported Mexican Illegal Goes on Shooting Spree, Killing Two

A Mexican national who has been previously deported at least three times was arrested in connection to a north Texas shooting and crime spree. Two people were murdered during the September 26 rampage.

Sep 29 11:02

US 'Invested Too Much Into Syrian Opposition to be Able to Backtrack'

Commenting on the warmongering US rhetoric towards Russia and its threats that the terrorists would “exploit the vacuum” to attack Russian interests and even cities, Russian political analyst Alexei Fenenko explained why the US will continue arming the radical opposition in Syria and what its rhetoric is all about.

Sep 29 11:01

US To Suspend Syria Diplomacy With Russia, Prepares "Military Options"

In the most dramatic diplomatic escalation involving the Syrian conflict in the past years, yesterday John Kerry issued an ultimatum to Russia, in which he warned his colleague Lavrov to stop bombing Aleppo or else the US would suspend all cooperation and diplomacy with Russia.

24 hours later, this appears to be precisely what is about to take place, leading to an even greater geopolitical shock in Syria. According to Retuers, the United States is expected to tell Russia on Thursday it is suspending their diplomatic engagement on Syria following the Russian-backed Syrian government's intense attacks on Aleppo, U.S. officials said on condition of anonymity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 29 11:00

Pain Spreads To Germany's Second Biggest Bank: Commerzbank Scraps Dividend, Fires 20% Of Workforce

With Deutsche Bank mercifully missing from overnight headlines for the first day in almost two weeks, it is time to bring attention to Germany's second largest bank which, as we first reported earlier in the week citing a Handelsblatt leak, confirmed it is also going through a historic rough patch. This morning, Commerzbank said it plans a wide-ranging business restructuring that includes scrapping the bank's dividend for the rest of the year, terminating nearly 10,000 jobs - roughly 20% of its workforce - and merging two large units.

“The focus on the core business, with some business activities being discontinued, and the digitalization and automation of workflows will lead to staff reductions amounting to around 9,600 full-time positions,” Germany’s second-largest lender said.

Sep 29 10:59

India Assets Slide After Modi Launches "Surgical Strikes" In Kashmir, Killing Two Pakistani Soldiers

India conducted "surgical strikes" on suspected terrorist camps just across the border in Pakistan, marking its first direct military response to an attack on an army base it blames on Pakistan. The military offensive was the worst since 1999, when then-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee - also a member of Modi’s nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party - responded to what he said was repeated cross-border infiltrations by militants in Kashmir.

At the same time, Pakistan said two of its soldiers had been killed in exchanges of fire and in repulsing an Indian "raid", but denied that India had made any targeted strikes across the de facto frontier that runs through the disputed Himalayan territory of Kashmir.

The region is held equally by India and Pakistan but claimed in full by both. Terrorist violence killed 201 people in Kashmir in 2016, the deadliest year since 2010, according to the South Asia Terrorism Portal.

Sep 29 10:59

Obama Tells Vets to Call Hotline No One Answers

One-third of calls to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ suicide-prevention hotline go unanswered, according to a former VA official who ran the hotline.

President Barack Obama spoke of suicide and suicide prevention at the CNN town hall with military service members and families Wednesday night.

Sep 29 10:58

Military-Style Raid Ends Native Prayer Against Dakota Pipeline

North Dakota police with military-style equipment surrounded Native Americans gathered in prayer against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline on Wednesday, disrupting their plan to cross sacred and treaty-protected land in protest of a project they fear will destroy their livelihood.

“ND authorities deploy armed personnel with shotguns and assault rifles, military vehicles, and aerial spray on peaceful Water Protectors gathered in prayer,” wrote the Sacred Stone Camp, in a Facebook post.

Officers with military-style armored vehicles and shotguns threatened the protesters, who call themselves “water protectors” for defending the Missouri River from imminent pollution, reported Unicorn Riot. Up to 21 were arrested, the channel reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice how the Colonial pipeline disaster had vanished from the corporate media?

Sep 29 10:57

Pat Caddell: Election ‘Headed Toward Armageddon,’ as Establishment Fights to ‘Hold onto Its Power and Privilege at All Costs’

Caddell said, “One of the things we’ll see, and I’ll predict this now and why if Trump’s going to win he has to go to this higher ground, is, you’re going to see … just how much the establishment order will fight to hold onto its power and privilege at all costs.”

He continued, “It is going to be the most broad-based assault in every direction to try to keep [Trump] out of the White House. And so this is headed to Armageddon, if you will, politically.”

Sep 29 10:56

The Run Begins: Deutsche Bank Hedge Fund Clients Withdraw Excess Cash

Deutsche Bank concerns just went to '11' as Bloomberg reports a number of funds that clear derivatives trades with Deutsche Bank AG have withdrawn some excess cash and positions held at the lender, a sign of counterparties’ mounting concerns about doing business with Europe’s largest investment bank.

While the vast majority of Deutsche Bank’s more than 200 derivatives-clearing clients have made no changes, some funds that use the bank’s prime brokerage service have moved part of their listed derivatives holdings to other firms this week, according to an internal bank document seen by Bloomberg News.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 29 10:28

Buckle down for more wars if Clinton wins

There are many reasons people oppose Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, including a history of scandal. Worse, she would lead America into more foolish wars.

Clinton’s beliefs, behavior and promises all demonstrate that she embraces the militaristic status quo. In fact, her proclivity for promiscuous war-making has attracted the support of leading neoconservatives, including some architects of the disastrous Iraq War.

Sep 29 10:03

Flashback June 2001 - Paul Wolfowitz's "Pearl Harbor" Graduation Speech At Westpoint

Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the author of the "Wolfowitz Doctrine" which was the basis of the neoconservative manifesto The Project for the New American Century, giving the commencement speech at West Point Academy, June 02, 2001, three months prior to the attacks of 9/11. He speaks about the 1941 Pearl Harbor surprise attack on America and cautions his audience to expect the unexpected.

The neoconservative's 21st century plan for America and the world, called the "Project for the New American Century," stated that the plan would be a long and drawn-out process unless America experienced a "New Pearl Harbor" attack.

Sep 29 10:02

Clinton's Slow Eye Blinks Are a Parkinson Symptom

This morning a physician friend of mine called, saying that he had watched the Clinton-Trump debate on Monday night and was shocked by the clear-cut Parkinson symptoms he had seen Hillary display as she became fatigued. These symptoms, such as her increasingly slow eye blink, take a trained physician to notice. But once he shows you what to look for, the evidence is undeniable. And the consequences are damning indeed. As my friend put it...

Sep 29 10:00

Kerry: If Russia Doesn't Back Down From Aleppo... We Will Sit in a Corner and Pout

Leave it to John Kerry to introduce "the silent treatment" to the world of international politics.
While "anonymous US officials" are threatening to flood Syria with anti-aircraft weapons if Russians and Syrians don't back down in Aleppo the Secretary of State has a different approach: Secretary of State John Kerry is threatening to cut off all contacts with Moscow over the 5-year-old Syrian civil war, unless Russian and Syrian government attacks on Aleppo end... Kerry on Wednesday warned that the United States would stop talking to Moscow about ending Syria's civil war unless it ends the onslaught in the city of Aleppo by Russian and Syrian government forces.

Sep 29 09:58

BREAKING: India Bombs Pakistan in Retaliation for Uri Terror Attack

It seems that India has "responded" to the Uri terrorist attack, which New Delhi says was perpetrated by Pakistani-trained terrorists. The Indian Express has the details: India conducted surgical strikes last night along the [Line of Control] to safeguard our nation, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday. “Significant casualties have been caused to terrorists and those trying to shield them. We don’t have a plan to further conduct such strikes. India has spoken to Pakistan,” DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh said. “… Now, based on very specific and credible information we received yesterday, that some terrorist teams had positioned themselves at launch pads along the LoC with an aim to carry out infiltration and terrorist strikes in J&K and various other metros in our country. There were launch pads at the LoC where terrorists were present waiting to infiltrate the nation and attack areas in Kashmir and metros across the country,” the DGMO said.

Sep 29 09:57

‘Ballot Selfies’ No Longer Banned In New Hampshire

A Boston federal appeals court struck down a New Hampshire law banning voters from taking pictures of themselves with their completed ballots. The court said the law prevented voters from engaging in free speech and violated the First Amendment.

“The restriction affects voters who are engaged in core political speech, an area highly protected by the First Amendment,” the court said in its ruling. “Ballot selfies have taken on a special communicative value: They both express support for a candidate and communicate that a voter has in fact given his or her vote to that candidate.”

Sep 29 09:56

9/11 Legislation Sets 'Dangerous Precedent': Obama

US President Barack Obama says Congress has set a “dangerous precedent” by overriding his veto of legislation allowing relatives of the victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks to sue Saudi Arabia.

“Well, I think it was a mistake,” Obama said during a town hall meeting-style interview on CNN on Wednesday night, after the House of Representatives joined the Senate in overriding Obama’s veto of the 9/11 victims’ bill.

Sep 29 09:51

Shooting itself in the foot: US legalizes lethal weapon deliveries to Ukraine

Last week, the US Congress approved the Stability and Democracy for Ukraine Act, or “STAND for Ukraine.” As the Ukrainian Embassy in the US has reported, American congressmen unanimously supported the bill. The act’s adoption was an expected development. After all, it is well known that a Ukrainian lobby effectively works in the US and throughout the West. During his visit to New York, Poroshenko met with representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora who have had strong positions in American political circles since the end of the Second World War... But the experience of American support for “democracy” around the world attests to the fact that the US Congress is in fact promising new bloodshed and destruction for the people of Ukraine and Donbass. Ukrainians have never been good strategists, and this obvious truth has never benefitted the majority.

Sep 29 09:46

Saudi Arabia to fund Syrians’ suits against US

The US Congress has overridden Obama's veto and adopted JASTA legislation against terrorism sponsors. It allows relatives of the victims of 9/11 to sue government of the Saudi Arabia for alleged involvement of the Kingdom in the terror acts. But the case is that the US will be able to recognize any country as an accomplice to terrorism and then any American may sue it. Maybe the case is not in Saudi Arabia, but Russia? 'It's a coin with two sides. The US Congressmen have chosen a very dangerous way. Political establishment of the US is guided very often with idealistic views. Neo-conservatives say for example: 'Don't you have democracy? Well, our bombers fly to you'. Now this idealism is backed with legal regulations. Such suits will definitely deteriorate the US international state of affairs, as the whole international policy of the US is a complete fail. The Americans are never strategic. They need everything done immediately and do not care about the future consequences"...

Sep 29 09:43

Poland to start WWIII against Russia. Funny and scary at the same time

Poland is restless and itching. Striving to revive the great Rzeczpospolita, the country creates an intricate tangle while trying, with eagerness, to prove its devotion to Western masters. This comes into contrast with realities and opportunities, but the insatiable desire to show its importance seems to be uncontrollable. Attempts of Polish politicians to create an anti-Russian military bloc "Intermarum," renewed investigation into the death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski in a plane crash... "One should not look at the current state of affairs in Poland as if a civil war is gaining momentum there. The Polish government is not going to fulfill many of the promises that were made prior to the past political elections. This is the reason behind the intentions to revisit the air crash near Smolensk in 2010, in which 86 Polish citizens, including President Kaczynski, were killed.

Sep 29 09:39

Moscow to take tough measures in response to USA's threats

"Most likely, Moscow already discusses what measures should be taken in response to such statements, but Russian politicians, unlike Kirby, do not make them public. What he said was not only a direct threat, but a threat that an official person has made - I can not even recollect any other similar examples like that. Kirby alluded to Al-Qaeda that the Americans used to set against the Soviet Union - not only in Afghanistan, but also in Central Asia. This is an allusion to the fact that terrorism may penetrate into Russia, and the United States will contribute to that. If the USA contributes to the movement of terrorists to Russia, if the Americans supply them with arms, Russian special services will not leave it without attention. Russia will take adequate measures against those who do not just threaten, but mastermind a terrorist war against Russia," First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for International Affairs, Leonid Kalashnikov told Pravda.Ru.

Sep 29 09:34

FBI Director James Comey Admits “Stonetear” is Paul Combetta During Hearing….

Yesterday, Ohio Representative Jim Jordan questioned FBI Director James Comey about the “Stonetear” Reddit posting. Director Comey admits that Stonetear is in fact Paul Combetta, and the “VERY VIP” was, indeed, Hillary Clinton.

Additionally Director Comey also stated the phrase “they” in the Combetta post (ie. “Basically, they don’t want the VIP’s email address exposed to anyone“…) most likely included Hillary Clinton’s legal team.

Sep 29 09:28

Russia’s S7 plans to set up corporate spaceport on orbit — source

Russia’s S7 group that acquired the Sea Launch floating spaceport is viewing an option of setting up a private spaceport on the orbit, a source close to the new management of the project told TASS on Thursday. "An idea is considered to set up an orbital spaceport provisionally titled "Space Launch", in a similar way to the Sea Launch and the Land Launch. Examination of the idea is at the initial stage, the source said. S7 did not comment on source’s statements. TASS has not yet received comments from the Russian federal space agency and the Rocket and Space Corporation (RKK) Energia company. S7 Group of companies acquired the Sea Launch floating spaceport from the Sea Launch Group controlled by RKK Energia earlier this week. S7 will receive the infrastructure of the Sea Launch and the trademark. The deal is expected to be closed in approximately six months, after receiving an approval from the US authorities. Resumption of launches is scheduled to 2018.

Sep 29 09:26

Revealed: the men with stolen identities

The men - all from Saudi Arabia - spoke of their shock at being mistakenly named by the FBI as suicide terrorists. None of the four was in the United States on September 11 and all are alive in their home country.

The Telegraph obtained the first interviews with the men since they learnt that they were on the FBI's list of hijackers who died in the crashes in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

All four said that they were "outraged" to be identified as terrorists. One has never been to America and another is a Saudi Airlines pilot who was on a training course in Tunisia at the time of the attacks.

Saudi Airlines said it was considering legal action against the FBI for seriously damaging its reputation and that of its pilots. The FBI released the list of 19 suicide terrorists three days after the attacks.

Sep 29 09:23

Syrian Militants in Tumult after Israel Moves to Restructure Fatah Al-Sham Command in Quneitra

The Israeli spy agency has called Sheikh Assim Qassim, the Mufti of Fatah al-Sham (Nusra) Front in Jabat al-Khashab region and Taranja in the Northern parts of Quneitra, to order him a reshuffling of commanders in the region, Arab media sources said Wendesday.

Sep 29 09:23

'Misdirected' US airstrike kills 22 Somali troops

US forces have been accused of killing 22 Somali troops in what is said to be a misdirected airstrike in the country’s northern regions.

On Wednesday, Galmudug states’ Security Minister Osman Issa announced that his soldiers were killed in the airstrike, adding that the attack was launched on a request of from the rival neighboring region of Puntland on the pretext that the targets were al-Shabab militants.

Sep 29 09:22

FLASHBACK - Debunking the "The Saudis did 9-11" nonsense!

And finally, here is some common sense that totally undermines the attempt to frame Saudi Arabia for 9-11. If Saudi Arabia really wanted to hurt the United States, they don't need to fly airplanes into skyscrapers to do it. All they have to do is ask for their money back, all at once. The resulting damage to the US financial system would make 9-11 look like a minor inconvenience in comparison.

And it would be perfectly legal for Saudi Arabia to ask for their money back.

Which is why we know that the claim that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11 has no more basis in fact than the claim that Saddam had nuclear weapons or that Assad gassed his own people right in front of the UN chemical weapons inspectors.

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Sep 29 09:21

US, Israel using Saudi Arabia to cover up own role in 9/11: Analyst

The United States and Israel are trying to divert the world’s attention to Saudi Arabia as the perpetrator of the September 11, 2001 attacks, in an attempt to hide their own role as the main plotters of the deadly event that changed the world, says a political analyst in Chicago.

Sep 29 09:20

News reports 9/11 suspect Adnan Bukhari photo as Ameer Bukhari + Mohamed Atta photo

Broadcast 6:05PM on WUSA CBS 9/13

Sep 29 09:20

"When Hillary Gets Scared, She Plays The Russia Card"

George H. W. Bush’s unsurprising support for Hillary Clinton strengthens the alliance of careful, conniving warmongers (including both neocon and “liberal interventionist” camps), admiring former generals, middle and upper-class “Clinton Coalition” African-Americans (including clerics and TV commentators like MSNBC’s awful anchor/DNC shill Joy Reid snarling first about Bernie as much as Trump, and now trashing Putin along with Trump), Wall Street donors, older women too driven by identity politics, masochistic and naive former Bernie supporters settling for “the lesser evil,” and miscellaneous communities of the confused.

It is a rainbow coalition of everyone she needs on board when she starts bombing Syria—seriously bombing Syria, courageously doing so one-upping Barack Obama (who she thinks blew his opportunities to take out Assad in 2011 and 2013) and producing another regime change accompanied by her triumphant Tarzan yell. This time it will be: “We came, we saw, Syria died!”

Sep 29 09:20

Duterte declares upcoming Philippines-U.S. war games 'the last one'

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte plunged one of the United States' most important Asian alliances deeper into uncertainty on Wednesday by declaring upcoming U.S.-Philippines military exercises "the last," and ruling out any joint navy patrols.

Sep 29 09:15

Militarized North Dakota Police Defend Pipeline Against Unarmed Water Protectors

By Derrick Broze

Relations between water protectors with the Standing Rock Sioux and the police hired to protect the construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline deteriorated on Wednesday after police showed up dressed for a riot. A caravan of hundreds of water protectors were attempting to hold ceremony and pray for the end of the pipeline at two different sites of construction when police began surrounding them...

Sep 29 09:14

BREAKING: Mentally Ill #AliciaMachado Played 600-Pound Character In Fat Suit, Then Complained About Fat-Shaming

As a pageantry news site reported in 2012:

Former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, is set to play the lead role of ‘Vicky’ in a play entitled “Mi Amiga La Gorda” (My Fat Friend). The play is slated to open tomorrow, 25th of May, in Trail Theater in Miami, Florida.

The stage play is about the life story of a morbidly obese (600 pounds) woman who is inherently good with a sense of humour named ‘Vicky’.

Sep 29 09:12

Credit card bankruptcies could be the next banking scandal

Credit cards are rapidly becoming one of the most common causes of personal bankruptcy, and there are indications that the major banks have been granting inappropriate credit limits, possibly breaching responsible lending laws.

University of Canberra lecturer and former financial counsellor Gregory Mowle has interviewed 26 bankrupts as part of his PhD research into personal bankruptcy.

Most finger the plastic for their financial woes.

Sep 29 09:11

9/28/2016 -- Large Eruption in Indonesia -- 389 Tourists Missing at Mount Rinjani

Sep 29 09:10

Russia speaks at UN Security Council: ‘Al Qaeda receiving tanks and heavy weapons from US coalition’

With each passing day, more and more people wake up to the fact that the United States is directly supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.

America’s plan was never to destroy ISIS. It was to use ISIS as its proxy “boots on the ground” in order to overthrow Assad.

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Gee! Ya think???

Sep 29 09:07

Minnesota JP Morgan employee, 37, and her trader sister, 42, are found dead in their $1,800-a-night villa at luxury resort in the Seychelles after a day of drinking 

Annie Korkki, 37, who works for JP Morgan Chase in Denver, and Robin Korkki, 42, a trader from Chicago, were found dead last Thursday

Sep 29 09:00

President Assad Of Syria Is Not An Evil Dictator Killing His People: The US Lied about It

What do evil dictators look like? What do they talk like? Just how wicked is an evil dictator’s wife ? Should she be toppled along with her husband? Who am I talking about? President Assad of Syria and his wife, Asmas Al Assad.

These are the same ones boy Rubio, McCain, Lyndsay Graham, Ryan, the Bush’s, Obama, Kerry and Hillary all want to topple down to bring peace to Syria. That is THE LIE they are and have been shouting. What they really want to do is take over Syria in order to hurry along their New World Order agenda. The media whores push the establishment narrative that president Assad of Syria is evil and a corrupt dictator. They fear that when you realize who these people really are, you will be sorry you ever believed any lies told about them, let alone what they have conspired to do against them and all the citizens of Syria.

Sep 29 08:49

Video Shows Students Aggressively Losing Minds Over Students Who Oppose ‘Safe Spaces’

Social Justice Warriors Triggered at KU WARNING: Video contains strong language throughout

Sep 29 08:45

Citizens United Releases 1,300 Pages Of Cheryl Mills-Heather Samuelson State Dept. Email Correspondence

In light of congressional testimony by FBI Director Comey,...

Sep 29 08:43

The FBI’s Hillary email probe is looking even more like a coverup

It’s bad enough that FBI Director James Comey agreed to pass out immunity deals like candy to material witnesses and potential targets of his investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server.

But now we learn that some of them were immunized despite lying to Comey’s investigators.

In the latest bombshell from Congress’ probe into what’s looking more and more like an FBI whitewash (or coverup) of criminal behavior by the Democratic nominee and her aides, the Denver-based tech who destroyed subpoenaed emails from Clinton’s server allegedly lied to FBI agents after he got an immunity deal.

That’s normally a felony.

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Sep 29 08:41

Here’s the device worn by Hillary DURING THE DEBATE for Her Parkinson’s Disease

A small sensor, headphones and a mobile phone – the elements of a prototype kit that is giving hope of relief for sufferers of Parkinson’s disease.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is actually pretty cool and provides another explanation for the earpiece.

Sep 29 08:40

Volunteer Fire Fighter Jamie Brock likely saved dozens of lives today by single handedly subduing an active shooter at Townville Elementary School today

A teenager opened fire at an elementary school playground during recess in South Carolina on Wednesday, injuring two students and a teacher, but was brought down by a volunteer firefighter who jumped into the fray without being armed, officials said.

Sep 29 08:40

Police routinely misuse state and federal databases to stalk romantic interests, business partners, family, and even each other

New research put out by the Associated Press (AP) has revealed systemic police misuse of access to confidential and private information. The AP sent FOIA requests to police departments across the United States to find out about police misuse of state and federal databases and released a report with the findings earlier this week. Police in jurisdictions across the country were found to routinely misuse and abuse their access to state driver databases and federal criminal history databases.

Sep 29 08:37

U.S. Officials Calling for War With Russia in Syria, WSJ Admits Obama Admin Still Arming Terrorists

WSJ attempts to throw water on the al-Qaeda ties by saying it’s the group with “links to al Qaeda that renamed itself in July

Sep 29 08:34

FIRST BREXIT, NOW FREXIT: Brussels insider claims France WILL be next to leave EU

Support for the bloc is declining across many of the 28-member-states with referendums and elections opening up across the continent.

Referendums have rocked the EU over the last few months with the British Brexit, the Dutch refusing an EU treaty with Ukraine and the coming votes in Italy and Hungary.

Sep 29 08:33

Merkel party MP under fire for using Nazi propaganda term

German Bundestag representative Bettina Kudla has since deleted a tweet in which she said “Merkel denies it, [CDU leader Peter] Tauber dreams about it. The Umvolkung of Germany has already begun. There is a need for action!”

The term Umvolkung was used by Nazis to mean “ethnic transformation”. It referred to the assimilation of German people who had forgotten about their language and culture, and was also used to describe the “re-Germanisation” of ethnic Germans in lands conquered by the Nazi regime.

Sep 29 08:32

Lead developer of HPV vaccine admits it's a giant, deadly scam

An expert involved in the approval process for the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix, is speaking out about the dangers and why you shouldn't risk your child's health in getting them.

Diane Harper, M.D., professor and chair of the department of Family and Geriatric Medicine at the University of Louisville, revealed at the 4th International Conference on Vaccination that HPV vaccines are essentially worthless, because rates of cervical cancer in the U.S. are extremely low anyway.

Her speech was intended to promote the benefits of vaccines, but she changed her mind and went in a different direction in an effort to "clean her conscience about the deadly vaccines," according to The Daily Sheeple.

Sep 29 08:31

Shimon Peres was no peacemaker. I’ll never forget the sight of pouring blood and burning bodies at Qana

When the world heard that Shimon Peres had died, it shouted “Peacemaker!” But when I heard that Peres was dead, I thought of blood and fire and slaughter.

Sep 29 08:30

LIVE Panel: “Clinton Scandal Update – Emails and the Clinton Foundation”

In response to the revelations about the pay-to-play scandal tied to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s non-state.gov email system and the Clinton Foundation, Judicial Watch announced today that it will host an educational panel discussion: “Clinton Scandal Update – Emails and the Clinton Foundation.”Panelists include author of the New York Times best-seller Clinton Cash and President of Government Accountability Institute Peter Schweizer; Joe diGenova, former U.S. Attorney, Independent Counsel and founding partner of the Washington, D.C., law firm diGenova & Toensing; and Chris Farrell, director of investigations and research at Judicial Watch. Moderator will be Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Sep 29 08:28

Russia publishes radar data implicating Ukraine in MH-17 shoot-down

During what was apparently a joint presentation by the Russian missile manufacturer Almaz Antey and the Russian military in Moscow, raw radar data was apparently released which allegedly disproves Ukrainian claims that MH17 was shot down by a BUK missile launched from militia controlled territory, and specifically from the town of Snizhnoe from where the Ukrainians claim the BUK missile was launched.

The data thereby supposedly confirms that only the Ukrainians could have shot down MH-17.

Sep 29 08:27


Wiesel and Peres dedicated their lives to a project that deflects Jewish culpability in the oppression of the Palestinian people. Though world leaders will gather for Peres’s funeral in the coming days, Jews need to mourn aspects of the violence Wiesel and Peres enabled. The idea of Jews simply finishing the job that Wiesel and Peres began, viewing their legacy as simply unfinished, won’t do either.

Israel has embarked wholesale on the displacement and ghettoization of the Palestinian people. The trajectory Wiesel’s and Peres’s life is a dead-end for Palestinians and Jewish history, if one believes that without an ethical center, Jewish life is truncated, if not voided altogether.

Sep 29 08:23

BBC & CNN Lying: Did NATO Attacks Break Sep 12th Ceasefire In Syria?

Attacks that broke September 12th ceasefire in Syria: Saturday 17th September on Syrian Arab Army in Deir al-Zour killing 62 and wounding over 100.

Sep 29 08:23

McConnell threatens shutdown to keep corporate political spending secret

As Congress and the White House negotiate over the final details of a continuing resolution (CR) to avoid a government shutdown, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is demanding the inclusion of a poison pill policy rider to keep political money from big corporations a secret.

The rider would block the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from working on a rule to require publicly traded companies to disclose their political spending. This rider is one of the main sticking points standing in the way of a deal to keep the government open.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let the government shut down. Then lock the doors. Belgium went 589 days without a central government and things actually got better!

Sep 29 08:17

Hysteria at UN Betrays Western Terror Sponsors

Hysteria and histrionics at the United Nations Security Council from the three permanent members, the United States, Britain and France, was tantamount to a signed confession. Ironically, one can imagine how the wording of such a «confession» would go: We the intensely vexed members are hereby displaying our boorish displeasure that the terror proxies we covertly sponsor in Syria for regime change are being thrashed.

Such was the tawdry display of undiplomatic conduct by the US, Britain and France, with officials from these countries inveighing against Russia with unsubstantiated, sensationalist accusations of committing war crimes. The intemperance was then followed by tantrums and walk-outs from the Security Council meeting – a meeting that these three members had originally convened.

Sep 29 08:16


It is a very interesting question.
I think Brexit is misunderstood in the rest of Europe in compare to how it is understood in Great Britain.

Brexit opened out grey divisions in British society. This divisions are not simply about disconnecting with European Union. Brexit is only partly deals with the European Union, as far as British people understand it, In many respects, Brexit was a vote against political correctness in Britain. And the divisions are extremely deep.

Sep 29 08:15

Migrant quotas WILL be axed: EU president SLAPS DOWN Juncker as migrants flock to Europe

MIGRANT quotas imposed by the EU are to be dropped according to the holder of the EU's current rotating presidency, in an ultimate slap down of Jean-Claude Juncker's policy on migration.

Sep 29 08:15

Copenhagen IN FLAMES: Denmark hit by arson attacks as rampaging thugs remain on the lose

Denmark’s capital was thrown into chaos in August after more than 40 vehicles were torched.

A 21-year-old man was arrested in connection to the fires and he remains in custody, a police spokesman confirmed.

However express.co.uk has now uncovered more arsonists are on the lose.

Sep 29 08:14

Obama’s Nightmare: Iraqis Set to Sue US Government for War Crimes

As Congress attempts to override a presidential veto of legislation that would allow US citizens to sue foreign governments over terror attacks, an organization representing Iraqis killed or wounded by the US military is threatening to sue the American government for war crimes.

Sep 29 08:13

Free Trade Policies, TPP Agreement Leading US Industry 'To Slaughter'

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will sign the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement if elected to be the next president of the United States and continue the destruction of US manufacturing jobs, Republican nominee Donald Trump told a rally in Melbourne in the US state of Florida.

Sep 29 08:12

Farmers suing Syngenta over GMO corn granted class action status in federal court

The legal dispute against Syngenta began in 2014, when the company allegedly “prematurely and irresponsibly” released new seed varieties that were not approved by China. Those varieties, Agrisure Viptera and Duracade, contaminated US corn exports to China, leading to a trade ban in late 2013.

Plaintiffs said the trade ban and China’s continued unwillingness to buy GMO corn from the US had resulted in estimated losses of $5 to $7 million for domestic corn growers. China at the time had not approved corn grown by the Syngenta seeds.

Sep 29 08:11

UK poultry farmers STILL using antibiotics linked to rise of drug-resistant bacteria

UK poultry farmers have increasingly been using antibiotics linked to the development of drug-resistant bugs, an investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) has revealed.
Industry data obtained by TBIJ indicates a 59-percent spike in the use of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones at UK poultry farms in the latest 12-month reporting period. The antibiotics were banned in the US, Denmark, Austria and Finland over health concerns years ago.

Sep 29 08:06

Top adviser to Syria's Assad says Aleppo hospital strike claims 'insulting'

Bouthaina Shaaban, the political and media adviser to Mr Assad, told Lateline it was "insulting" to even be asked if the Government was behind the attacks on the hospitals.

"What is the interest of the Syrian Government to bomb its own hospital?" she said.

"Western media has been demonising our Government and our country and it's about time, really, that the media becomes honest and careful to convey the facts as they are on the ground."

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Sep 29 08:03

U.S. Threatens To End Diplomatic Talks With Russia On Syria If Aleppo Offensive Continues

By Baran Hines

The United States announced it is prepared to suspend “bilateral engagement” with Russia for a solution to end the Syria proxy war if the Syrian government forces continue offensive operations, Department of State spokesperson John Kirby said Wednesday. Secretary of State John Kerry told his counterpart Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Russia needed to take immediate action to influence the Syrian government forces to stop military operations in the strategic city of Aleppo, according to Kirby...

Sep 29 08:01

Saudi prince & Queen Elizabeth handed £900K EU taxpayer-funded subsidies

A Saudi prince and the Queen have been named in a list of wealthy landowners in the UK who receive hundreds of thousands of pounds in taxpayer-funded EU subsidies.

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Oh yeah; they really need the money!

Sep 29 07:52

‘American Psycho’ Author Bret Easton Ellis: ‘A Backlash Is Beginning Against PC Victim Culture’

American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis attacked “PC victim culture,” microaggressions, and campus crybabies in a long monologue of his own during the latest episode of the Bret Easton Ellis podcast, having previously delivered a monologue by Alex Kazemi that attacked the VMA’s pandering to social justice warriors and Black Lives Matter in his last episode.

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Sep 29 07:50


US troops have entered the Syrian towns of Marea and Azaz located north of Aleppo city, Lebanese Al Mayadeen channel reported. The US servicemen are embedded with ‘moderate rebels’ from the FSA and are going to prepare the US-backed advance on ISIS in the area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those US soldiers are being mixed in with the US-sponsored terrorists to deter attacks by Syrian and Russian forces. Russia has repeatedly complained that the US is NOT separating the "moderate" opposition from ISIS and Al Qaeda. So, in effect, the US Government is using our own troops as human shields to protect terrorists! Use of human shields is a war crime.

Sep 29 07:46

How the JASTA Override on Saudi Could Bite Americans in the Ass

President Obama vetoed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, but Congress has for the first time in his presidency over-ridden his veto. This is a disastrous law with potentially ruinous effects on the US economy and US policy.

Individual tort suits against other countries had been forestalled by a doctrine of sovereign immunity, from which the United States and other countries also benefit. JASTA removes sovereign immunity for any state found to be practicing terrorism anywhere, apparently as defined by US court judges.

Saudi Arabia is extremely unpopular in the US, more especially on the Left, but also among right wing Islamophobes. But however appealing it is to let the 9/11 victim families sue Riyadh for the attacks, it is wrong-headed every which way from Sunday.

Sep 29 07:45

Red-Light Warning On Now, About Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, on September 19th, was endorsed for President, by the most historically important, intelligent, and dangerous, Republican of modern times.

Sep 29 07:44

Saudi Arabia has ways to hit back at 9/11 lawsuit effort

Saudi Arabia and its allies are warning that U.S. legislation allowing the kingdom to be sued for the 9/11 attacks will have negative repercussions.

The kingdom maintains an arsenal of tools to retaliate with, including curtailing official contacts, pulling billions of dollars from the U.S. economy, and persuading its close allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council to scale back counterterrorism cooperation, investments and U.S. access to important regional air bases.

"This should be clear to America and to the rest of the world: When one GCC state is targeted unfairly, the others stand around it," said Abdulkhaleq Abdullah, an Emirati Gulf specialist and professor of political science at United Arab Emirates University.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But Israel made us do it!" -- The Congress

Sep 29 07:40

House delays contempt vote on Hillary Clinton IT aide Bryan Pagliano until after the election

Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz said that Pagliano would face (unspecified) consequences for “thumbing his nose at Congress.” After Pagliano stiffed the committee again, the committee voted 19?15 along straight party lines last Thursday to send a resolution to the full House of Representatives to hold Pagliano in contempt.

Now that vote looks like it won’t take place until after the American people vote on their next president.

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