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January 11, 2016

Jan 11 09:32

Right Sector Demand Banquet, Assault Visitors at Dragobrat Resort

On the favourite Transcarpathian resort of Dragobrat, there was a mass scuffle with the participation of extremists from the Right sector with weapons. There are victims. "This morning, January 10, a mass fight on Dragobrat was reported, which occurred approximately between 04.00 and 07.00 am. According to information provided by eyewitnesses, the two injured guards received serious injuries, and four others were affected, who may have gunshot wounds," according to sources. The bloody fight involved nationalists of the extremist group "Right sector" from Ivano-Frankivsk region. "ATO and RS (Right sector — ed.) came to the base of the house of the tycoon. They demanded a "banquet", however, they refused to pay for it. When the guard of the institution made a remark — he was severely beaten, now he's dying in the hospital. The chef broke his leg after he began to beat the visitors. The proprietor with a gun arrived on the scene.

Jan 11 09:29

Lebanon Sides With Iran, Opposes Arab League's Stance

All members of the League of Arab States, except Lebanon, have condemned Iran's interference in Affairs of Arab countries, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahyan.

Jan 11 09:28

You Won’t Be Able To Tell Where Your Meat Comes From Now, Thanks To Congress

The meat in your pork chop or hamburger may have come from halfway across the world, and thanks to the repeal of a popular law by Congress last week, you’ll never know where.

The way meat is produced in the US is already highly shrouded in mystery: from corporations that to laws that prevent people from exposing what slaughterhouses even look like. But the new law introduces even more secrecy into American meat: We won’t be told which country it originally came from any more.

According to the Associated Press, Congress at the end of 2015 repealed a labeling policy, the Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) law, that required retailers to explicitly state the country of origin on all red meat. In other words, beef and pork packages in the US will no longer be required to bear a label saying where the animal originally came from—meaning that consumers will have less information about the product they are buying.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's always wonderful to understand just how bought and paid for our legislation is in this country.

Jan 11 09:26


Hollywood tends to leave no opportunity unused in its quest to show that online piracy is devastating the movie industry. However, this supposed devastation is not visible at the box office this year. In 2015 worldwide box office grosses surpassed $38 billion, while North American theaters raked in more that $11 billion for the first time in history.

Jan 11 09:25


The state commission that regulates Oklahoma's oil and natural gas industry ordered some injection well operators to reduce wastewater disposal volumes on Monday after at least a dozen earthquakes hit an area north of Oklahoma City in less than a week.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission said it was implementing a plan that affects five wastewater injection wells operating within 10 miles of the center of earthquake activity near Edmond, a northeast suburb of Oklahoma City. Among the recent quakes to hit the area was a 4.2 magnitude temblor on New Year's Day that caused minor damage but no injuries.

"We are working with researchers on the entire area of the state involved in the latest seismic activity to plot out where we should go from here," Oil and Gas Conservation Division Director Tim Baker said, adding that responding to the swarm of earthquakes in the region was an ongoing process.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


There is only so far one can injure the earth before the earth starts fighting back, and sometimes, in horrific ways.

Jan 11 09:22


Like Deere, GM wants to stop the Copyright Office from granting an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that would allow you to jailbreak the code in your car’s engine so that you can take it to a non-GM mechanic for service, or fix it yourself. By controlling who can service your car, GM can force you to buy only official, expensive parts, protecting its bottom line.

As Consumerist quips, GM wants you to know that the car in the driveway is “literally not your father’s Oldsmobile.”

GM’s claim is all about copyright and software code, and it’s the same claim John Deere is making about their tractors. The TL;DR version of the argument goes something like this:

* Cars work because software tells all the parts how to operate

* The software that tells all the parts to operate is customized code

* That code is subject to copyright

* GM owns the copyright on that code and that software

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thank you, no: I will ask Mike to please have us adopt a Cuban mechanic (because they are so gifted at keeping very old cars on the road, due to US sanctions) before I allow this to happen.

Jan 11 09:21


Braving a funding ban put in place by America’s top health agency, some U.S. research centers are moving ahead with attempts to grow human tissue inside pigs and sheep with the goal of creating hearts, livers, or other organs needed for transplants. Based on interviews with three teams, two in California and one in Minnesota, MIT Technology Review estimates that about 20 pregnancies of pig-human or sheep-human chimeras have been established during the last 12 months in the U.S., though so far no scientific paper describing the work has been published, and none of the animals were brought to term.

Jan 11 09:20

Foreign Policy Hell: Nothing Is Going Right for Regime Changers

Truly has it been said that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. But the international civil society is cautious, turning away from evil, in spite of their fear, in spite of everything. Just like the United States, the British government is in hot water for refusing to halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia amid widespread censure of its human rights violations and war crimes in Yemen. According to the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), the British government is not fulfilling its duties to stop and stem violations of international humanitarian law. CAAT has warned the Downing Street that it has two weeks to halt the export licenses to Riyadh or face proceedings in the high court. According to CAAT, “UK's arms and military equipment are used in Saudi Arabia's aggression against Yemen where thousands of civilians have been killed.

Jan 11 09:18


Like Deere, GM wants to stop the Copyright Office from granting an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that would allow you to jailbreak the code in your car’s engine so that you can take it to a non-GM mechanic for service, or fix it yourself. By controlling who can service your car, GM can force you to buy only official, expensive parts, protecting its bottom line.

Jan 11 09:17

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman: Naive, Arrogant Saudi Prince Is Playing with Fire

At the end of last year the BND, the German intelligence agency, published a remarkable one-and-a-half-page memo saying that Saudi Arabia had adopted “an impulsive policy of intervention”. It portrayed Saudi defence minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – the powerful 29-year-old favourite son of the ageing King Salman, who is suffering from dementia – as a political gambler who is destabilising the Arab world through proxy wars in Yemen and Syria, Independent said in an article. Spy agencies do not normally hand out such politically explosive documents to the press criticising the leadership of a close and powerful ally such as Saudi Arabia. It is a measure of the concern in the BND that the memo should have been so openly and widely distributed. The agency was swiftly slapped down by the German foreign ministry after official Saudi protests, but the BND’s warning was a sign of growing fears that Saudi Arabia has become an unpredictable wild card.

Jan 11 09:14

Gov't Forces Drive ISIL Back From More Lands North of Syria's Aleppo

The Syrian Army and its popular allies continued to advance against the ISIL terrorists in the Northern part of Aleppo province, and restored security to two more villages after hours of battle, military sources announced Sunday.
The Syrian army seized control over strategic valleys and heights in the Northern parts of Lattakia province on Sunday. http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13941020001481
Syrian Army Seizes Large Volumes of Militants' Munitions in Tartous Province http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13941020000727
The Syrian army inflicted heavy losses on the militants in the Southern province of Dara'a by destroying their military positions and gathering centers on Saturday. http://en.farsnews.com/player.aspx?nn=13941020001164

Jan 11 09:08

Heritage for sale: Ancient treasures stolen from Syria by ISIS turn up in Lebanon

Soon after Islamic State first swept through Syria, thousands of antiquities, including Christian artefacts, were looted and sold illegally in other countries.

Jan 11 09:08

UK spying laws criticised by Government’s own watchdog as Theresa May’s claim that Snoopers' Charter doesn’t block encryption is scrutinised

The Government-appointed information watchdog has criticised Theresa May’s spying plans, arguing that they could lead to the exposure of personal information and are of “real concern”.

The upcoming Investigatory Powers Bill gives spies sweeping new powers, and forces internet companies to keep records on all of their users. Parts of the law also seem to suggest that the Government will make companies weaken their security so that intelligence agencies can read messages.

The Government has claimed that the law is written to keep people safe and that the powers are limited and safeguarded. But the Government’s own appointed figure has said that the powers could be damaging.

Jan 11 09:06

US Drones Attack Headquarters of Iraqi Popular Forces in Tikrit, Kill 9 People

The US military drones launched airstrikes on the popular forces in an area in Tikrit that had already been purged of terrorists, leaving two dozen casualties. "In an incident against which we have had warned several times in the past, the US-led coalition attacked the Jund al-Imam Battalion popular forces' headquarters at Speicher base in Tikrit," Spokesman for Asaeb Ahl Al-Haq Battalion (one of the popular groups fighting alongside the Iraqi army against the ISIL) Naeim al-Aboudi said on Sunday. He confirmed that 9 people were killed and 14 others were wounded in the attack. Aboudi condemned the attack, and said no excuse could justify the air raid as the region had earlier been purged of terrorists and only the Iraqi popular and security forces were stationed there...

Jan 11 08:54

10 Outlandish Conspiracies That Were Actually True

What’s scary about those frenzied, fever dream ramblings about the Illuminati and secret government activities, though? Sometimes they’re totally right. Not often, but sometimes. For decades the idea that the US government would be spying on its own people – and plenty of other countries’ citizens too – was dismissed as crazy talk, a Big Brother-style conspiracy that couldn’t possibly be true. And then Edward Snowden served us all up a sizable helping of Humble Pie which we’re still struggling to force down our gullets.

Jan 11 08:52

Alan Barnes, Gilad Atzmon & The Lowest Common Denominator, Bonnington Theatre, Nottingham

Gilad tour dates Jan-Mar 2016

Jan 11 08:51

US to deploy 1,800 more troops to Iraq and Afghanistan

The U.S. Army announced it is deploying 1,800 troops to Iraq and Afghanistan to take part in assistance and advisory efforts for indigenous forces in both countries.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The U.S. Army is deploying 1,800 troops to Iraq and Afghanistan so those indigenous forces in both countries don't get uppity ideas about running their own countries!

Jan 11 08:45

Solar-Powered Pod Lets You Live Off-Grid Anywhere!

By Amanda Froelich

If you were one of the many infatuated by the solar-powered pod that allows you to live off-grid anywhere in the world, you’ll be stoked to know that they’re finally on the market.

According to Ecocapsule, a limited edition of 50 self-powering pods is available for pre-order.

If this is your first time being introduced to the amazing eco-dwellings, following is a recap of what you can invest in...

Jan 11 08:43

Turkey's Idiotic War on the Kurds

A war of words has broken out between the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the leader of the left-wing People’s Democratic Party (HDP), Selahattin Demirtas. Mr. Demirtas, who is Kurdish, leads a party that unites the Kurdish nationalist forces and Turkey’s left-wing groups. Until recently, he and the HDP have called for more rights for the Kurdish population within Turkey rather than for the creation of a Kurdish state out of Turkey.

Jan 11 08:43

Lawyer: 231 children abused in German Catholic choir

Catholic Church investigates alleged abuse of more than 200 boys in choir conducted by Pope Benedict’s brother

Jan 11 08:38

No Danger of Nuclear War? The Pentagon’s Plan to Blow up the Planet

Publicly available military documents confirm that nuclear war is still on the drawing board of the Pentagon.

Compared to the 1950s, however, today’s nuclear weapons are far more advanced. The delivery system is more precise. In addition to China and Russia, Iran, Syria and North Korea are targets for a first strike pre-emptive nuclear attack.

Let us be under no illusions, the Pentagon’s plan to blow up the planet using advanced nuclear weapons is still on the books.

Jan 11 08:37

Merkel's Migrant Weakness Could Prove Fatal for Political Reign

Chancellor Angela Merkel's reluctance to agree on migrant quotas may soon compel her party to ask her to resign, according to the German newspaper Saarbrucker Zeitung.

Jan 11 08:37

BEX ALERT - "Cologne Rapes Are Putin's Handiwork" - Activist

You may be surprised, but the well-known new year event regarding the participation of Muslim migrants in Cologne, was at the hands of Vladimir Putin. At least that's what the representative of the Russian opposition activist Katerina Maldon thinks.

Jan 11 08:35

US Military Outclasses Russia's in Only One Area…Corruption

In spite of prevailing clichés about corruption in Russia being out of control, the scale of the scourge is of an incomparably larger scale in the United States, according to independent journalist Einar Schlereth. In the journalist's view, nowhere is this more obvious than in the case of the US military industrial complex.

Jan 11 08:34

The Polish-Hungarian Conspiracy Surrounding an 'Alternative Germany'

Last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met for six hours with Polish political patriarch Jaroslaw Kaczynski at Niedzica Castle in southern Poland. With virtually no details available on the meeting, journalists were quick to speculate, some suggesting that the two political outsiders were hatching a conspiracy.

Jan 11 08:32

Russia, as Explained to Russians by Americans

There is a Russian website [inosmi = foreign mass media] that translates propagandistic russophobic articles from the western media into Russian and publishes them so that Russians can see with their own eyes how the Western media lies about them day after day. There have been several articles lately based on polls that show that anti-western sentiments are increasing in Russia, and blaming it on “Putin’s propaganda”.

This is rather odd because who needs propaganda when the Russians can read the Western media themselves and see firsthand all the lies it puts forth about them and the demonizing of Putin.

Jan 11 08:31

Donald Trump railing against political correctness seems to have struck a chord with Americans of every persuasion

Something long overdue is happening here. The worm is turning against political correctness. For that, thank the excesses of self-appointed student thought police at some of the US’s most venerable universities. But, though it pains me to say it, thank also Donald Trump and the wrecking ball he has taken to accepted norms of political campaigning.

I’m no lover of Trump. He’s a narcissist, a bully and a bigot. Nonetheless he strikes a chord, and nowhere more so than in his railings against political correctness. The specifics may be odious: the ad feminam tirades; the callous disparagement of the war record of the Republican party grandee John McCain, who was captured and tortured by the North Vietnamese. But his broad theme is persuasive. The country, he says, is being suffocated by political correctness imposed by a cross-party elite. And Americans of every persuasion seem to agree.

Jan 11 08:30

Author: More Clinton Sexual Assault Victims Are About To Come Forward

Jan 11 08:28

Clinton Email Shows that Oil and Gold Were Behind Regime Change In Libya

French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began, and this was one of the factors that influenced President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya. According to these individuals Sarkozy’s plans are driven by the following issues:

A desire to gain a greater share of Libya oil production,
Increase French influence in North Africa,
Improve his internal political situation in France,
Provide the French military with an opportunity to reassert its position in the world,
Address the concern of his advisors over Qaddafi’s long term plans to supplant France as the dominant power in Francophone Africa)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 11 08:26

The Proof Is In: The US Government Is The Most Complete Criminal Organization In Human History

Unique among the countries on earth, the US government insists that its laws and dictates take precedence over the sovereignty of nations. Washington asserts the power of US courts over foreign nationals and claims extra-territorial jurisdiction of US courts over foreign activities of which Washington or American interest groups disapprove. Perhaps the worst results of Washington’s disregard for the sovereignty of countries is the power Washington has exercised over foreign nationals solely on the basis of terrorism charges devoid of any evidence.

Jan 11 08:25

Russia Breaking Wall St Oil Price Monopoly

Russia has just taken significant steps that will break the present Wall Street oil price monopoly, at least for a huge part of the world oil market. The move is part of a longer-term strategy of decoupling Russia’s economy and especially its very significant export of oil, from the US dollar, today the Achilles Heel of the Russian economy.
First appeared: http://journal-neo.org/2016/01/09/russia-breaking-wall-st-oil-price-mo...

Jan 11 08:24

Local Jews in shock after Ukrainian city of Konotop elects neo-Nazi mayor

“It is a sad, but a reality when anti-Semites are being elected in local governing bodies, even mayors promoting hate and intolerance.

Konotop is a clear case,” said Eduard Dolinsky of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee.

Jan 11 08:23

France’s Police State: The Gravediggers of the French Republic

It was revealed since that almost all seizures and indictments concerned offenses and crimes very far from planning acts of terror and/or “radical Islam” – such as drug trafficking, banditry, etc., and to date, despite the thousands of wrecked homes, the places of worship desecrated and above all the countless innocent lives left traumatized or even ruined, no “terrorist” has been arrested, no “cell” has been dismantled. A resounding failure in all, at least if one considers that this is indeed, first and foremost, about fight against terrorism, which all the same requires a strong dose of credulity.

Jan 11 08:22

TV: Radioactive material reportedly now being released from massive gas blowout in LA — Byproduct of Uranium

it’s not just methane coming out of that hole… This is global crisis, more importantly this is a local crisis. Because not only do you have methane — you have benzene, toluene, xylene, which are carcinogenic. You have hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide — which are neurotoxic, which can injure your brain, affect memory, injure your kidneys, your liver, your other bodily organs. There’s also a lot of radon gas being measured in the area.

Jan 11 08:19

Assad's army in 40 days with the support of the Russian aviation freed 150 cities and towns

More than 150 cities and other settlements liberated the Syrian army from the beginning of December, thanks to the support of our aviation - said General Sergei Rudskoj.

The Chief of the General Directorate of Operations of the Armed saga RF without specified:

"In December, members of terrorist groups driven out of the 134 town and village, and the first days of January - from another 19. The greatest successes were achieved in the provinces of Aleppo, Latakia, Hama, Homs and Cancer".

General Rudskoj also revealed that the Russian air force in Syria since the New Year beaten nearly 1,100 facilities terrorists in the provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Damascus, Deir-ez-Zor, Hasek, Deraa and cancer. Were targeted and installation under the control ID, and processing of oil.

Jan 11 08:07

The State of the Union Speech Obama Won’t Give

By Jon Rappoport

“The greatest covert op in the world is demoralization. If you can do that to a population, anything and everything follows.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Suppose, in a burst of exasperation, Obama gave a quite different State of the Union Address to Congress and the American people.

Exasperation? Why? Because Obama wants recognition for his clever and ingenious manipulations. He doesn’t want to be known as a clueless President. He doesn’t want to be remembered as a rank amateur. He wants credit where credit is due. Therefore, he spills the beans...

Jan 11 07:48

Fascist Arizona Senator Proposes Law That Would Make Filming the Police a Crime

By John Vibes

Last week, Arizona State Senator John Kavanagh introduced Senate Bill 1054, which would make it effectively illegal to film police. Under the terms of the bill, filming police would only be legal under very specific circumstances, and would require citizens to stop filming if a police officer orders them to.

The bill also specifies that it would be illegal to film a police officer from a distance of less than 20 feet. These requirements give police the power to easily prevent people from filming them if they are engaging in activities that they don’t want reaching the public...

Jan 11 07:44

Juncker: "Dutch 'NO' Vote Will Lead To A Big Continental Crisis"

In April the Dutch people will vote on the European-Ukraine association treaty. In an interview with the NRC, a Dutch leading newspaper, Juncker warned the Dutch voters a “NO” will lead to a big continental crisis. “Russia and anti European movements will profit from a Dutch No, the Dutch has to vote yes for reasons not related to the treaty, the Dutch should act like an European strategist” according to Mr Juncker.

Jan 11 07:41

Fed's Williams: "We Got It Wrong"

"The Fed got it wrong when it predicted a drop in oil prices would be a big boon for the economy. It turned out the world had changed; the US has a lot of jobs connected to the oil industry."

- SF Fed President John Williams

Jan 11 07:37

If They Would Feed Radioactive Oatmeal to Little Kids, What Wouldn’t They Do?

These kinds of top secret experiments went on for decades without the public’s knowledge. After World War II, the government even shipped over thousands of German and Japanese scientists under Operation Paperclip. Some of these individuals had been engaged in biological and chemical warfare research during the war. Most of them never faced trials for the horrid atrocities they committed against humanity.

Even today we don’t know the full scope of everything that happened as a consequence of that. There are still 600 million documents related to Operation Paperclip that have yet to be declassified. National security means we may never know. The country was put on a “need-to-know” basis when that act was signed in 1947, and we simply don’t need to know.

Jan 11 07:27

Princess Cristina becomes first member of Spain's royal family to be put on trial as she arrives at court with her husband to face tax fraud charges

The Princess is accused of allegedly failing to declare taxes on personal expenses paid by a real estate company she owned with her husband.

She has become the first member of Spain's royal family has been put on trial.

Mr Urdangarin faces more serious charges of using his Duke of Palma title to embezzle about 6 million euros ($6.5 million) in public contracts through the nonprofit Noos Institute he ran with an associate.

Jan 11 07:25

Statins can increase the risk of heart attacks and there is no evidence to support patients taking them, warn researchers

Statins, which are designed to help protect people from heart failure, can actually increase the risk of a heart attack according to a new study.

Researchers say the drugs, which are taken by around 12 million patients in the UK, are more likely to cause calcium deposits in the arteries, which can lead to a heart attack.

Statins were developed to lower cholesterol, but they also block a molecule needed to produce vitamin K, which prevents calcification of the arteries.

The author of the report, published in Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology, says there is 'no evidence to support people taking statins', which opponents say also cause other health issues including skeletal weakness and muscle pain.

Jan 11 07:21

Martin King assassinated by US Govt: King Family civil trial verdict demands arrests of today’s ongoing complicit criminal liars

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Coretta Scott King: “We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you as members of the media, and we call upon elected officials, and other persons of influence to do what they can to share the revelation of this case to the widest possible audience.” – King Family Press Conference, Dec. 9, 1999.

Dr. King’s 2-minute message to you:

Dr. Martin Luther King’s family and personal friend/attorney, William F. Pepper, won a civil trial that found US government agencies guilty of assassination/wrongful death. The 1999 trial, King Family versus Jowers and Other Unknown Co-Conspirators, is the only trial ever conducted on the assassination of Dr. King. The King Center fully documents the case, with full trial transcript.

Jan 11 07:05

Saudi Arms Sales Are in Breach of International Law, Britain Is Told

The English government has been put on notice that it is in breach of international law for allowing the export of British-made missiles and military equipment to Saudi Arabia that might have been used to kill civilians. The hugely embarrassing accusation comes after human rights groups, the European parliament and the UN all expressed concerns about Saudi-led coalition attacks in Yemen. Lawyers acting for the Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) have stepped up legal proceedings against the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, which approves export licences, accusing it of failing in its legal duty to take steps to prevent and suppress violations of international humanitarian law, The Guardian reported. In a 19-page legal letter seen by the Observer, CAAT warns that the government’s refusal to suspend current licences to Saudi Arabia, and its decision “to continue the granting of new licences” for military equipment that may be destined for use in Yemen, is unlawful.

Jan 11 06:40

Saudi Analyst Advises Iran to Use Opportunity of Severed Ties to Omit Riyadh from Int'l Scene

A prominent Saudi analyst advised Iranian officials to take the opportunity after severance of ties with Riyadh to eliminate Saudi Arabia from the international scene. Speaking to FNA on Sunday, Ali Abbas al-Ahmed, the founder and director of the Institute for (Persian) Gulf Affairs, underlined Saudi Arabia's abundant internal problems and its attempts to project the blame on others. "The main reason behind Saudi Arabia's cut of relations with Iran is diverting the public opinion from the country's domestic problems while its economic condition is dire; we are witnessing these days vast public discontent with the al-Saud and the largest number of political prisoners all throughout Saudi Arabia's history," he added. "The Iranians can easily use this opportunity since the Americans have become really exhausted with the al-Saud and therefore, the Iranians should focus on strengthening relations with Europe and the US," Ahmed underlined.

Jan 11 06:16

NASA creates a ‘Planetary Defense Coordination Office’ that will track meteors headed toward Earth

Why is NASA suddenly so concerned about meteors and asteroids hitting the Earth? After telling us that “no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years” last year, NASA is now spending millions of dollars to set up a “Planetary Defense Coordination Office” that will be headed up by a designated “Planetary Defense Officer”.

Jan 11 06:03

Watch Obama dance around ‘town hall’ confrontation from Sniper Chris Kyle’s widow Taya: Video

During CNN’s Town Hall Meeting Thursday night, Taya Kyle, the widow of famous U.S. sniper Chris Kyle, confronted President Barack H. Obama on the fact that we are currently at an all-time low murder rate in America when gun ownership is at its highest, punching a hole in Obama’s Op.

Jan 11 06:02

Americans can’t wait to get out of these five states

Really? Americans continue to pack up and relocate to other states because...

Jan 11 05:43


As a national debate has played out over mass surveillance by the National Security Agency, a new generation of technology such as the Beware software being used in Fresno has given local law enforcement officers unprecedented power to peer into the lives of citizens. Police officials say such tools can provide critical information that can help uncover terrorists or thwart mass shootings, ensure the safety of officers and the public, find suspects, and crack open cases. They say that last year’s attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., have only underscored the need for such measures.

Jan 11 05:03

What they didn’t tell you: Trump “silent protester” is actually a supporter of Islamic Terrorism

There have been widespread calls for Presidential front runner Donald Trump to issue an apology to Rose Hamid. You’ll recall that Hamid was the woman who silently protested a Trump campaign stop before being ejected from the event by security.


Jan 11 02:28

Still going strong! Jerry Hall, 59, hits the Golden Globes red carpet on the arm of 84-year-old Rupert Murdoch - three months after it was revealed they are dating

Randy ol Rupert, the man who's media network has been attacking Politicians and Athletes for being sexist.

I wonder what she sees in him. His head is starting to look a lot younger than his hands. They should do a head count of the virgins left in the village below his castle.

I'll bet he keeps Tony Blair away from this one:)

January 10, 2016

Jan 10 19:09

Mexican Politician: 'They Can Find El Chapo, But Not 43 Students

The leader of the leftist Mexican MORENA party Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized the government for celebrating the recapture of the world's number one drug criminal Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, when they cannot find the 43 forcibly disappeared Ayotzinapa students.

Jan 10 19:06

Cologne sex assaults: Number of cases in New Year's Eve violence probe rises above 500

Police in Cologne say the number of criminal cases relating to violent attacks in the city on New Year’s Eve has risen above 500.

The German justice minister, Heiko Maas, said the authorities needed to work quickly to establish whether Cologne's violence was linked to incidents reported in other cities.

Jan 10 18:23

Arabs accuse Iran of undermining regional security

This is really bad. King Salman has dementia, his son is a moron and now they are trying to widen the Syrian war into an Arab/Iran and Sunni/Shia conflict. This is purely to save the House of Saud from the mayhem they have created. If these Arab rulers think that dying for the Wahabi and their ISIS spawn is an honourable death then let them be in the front line. Muhammed always led his troops into battle in the 7th century, if crown prince Muhammad bin Salman did the same it would solve a lot of problems.

No mention or support for the Arabs in Yemen, Syria or Iraq.

Jan 10 16:38

Raining Tear Gas: IDF clash with Palestinians in Bethlehem

Clashes broke out between Israeli security forces and Palestinian protesters in Bethlehem.

Jan 10 16:04

How we know God is a man: no mother would ever let her children get as out of control as they are on Earth

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

Several years ago, my wife said out of the blue,

"I know God has to be a man."

I paused, thought, and asked, “Why do you say that?”

"Because no mother would ever let her children get as out of control as they are on Earth."

She’s right, as she is about 99% of the time on everything (she’s not good at predicting sports outcomes, so that drives down her average).

The .01% pretend to be “leaders” and wanna-be masters, but they’re nothing more than what my wife also told me several years previous to her proof that God is male.

She said:

"You know, you’re wasting your time trying to end poverty, fix education, fix the economy, and whatever else. This is a planet of children."

I politely asked, “What do you mean?”

Jan 10 15:32

McGee on the real nature of Refugees in Europe

Like feminist with their rape allegations, which has turned rape into a farce, “stop eyeball raping me” or people who don’t read well because they never read, claiming they are dyslexic, when they dont really have a learning disability, the economic welfare seekers, a portion of whom are into criminal behavior, are leeching off of Europe’s vast social programs and are delegitimizing actual political refugees from wars in Syria or Libya.

Jan 10 15:07

Nestle, Pepsi Fined for Concealing GMOs as Campbell Soup Announces Voluntary Label

As the food fight over genetically modified food (GMOs) rages on in the U.S., six major food manufacturers—including Nestle, PepsiCo and Mexican baking company Grupo Bimbo—have been slapped with fines by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice for concealing the presence of GMOs in their products.

Jan 10 15:06

Temperatures dropped to as low as 31 below zero in the Northland this morning

Embarrass was the cold spot in the region, with a spotter there reporting 31 below zero on Sunday morning, the National Weather Service reported. Other low temperatures included 28 below zero at Cotton and 26 below zero at Crane Lake, Cook and Bigfork.

Jan 10 15:04

Minnesota Vikings owners who say they want to get Adrian Peterson case right “robbed their partners”

The Minnesota Vikings team owners stood by alleged child beater Adrian Peterson until suddenly they didn’t, treacherous behavior, some say, that has been a hallmark of the two brothers for decades.

Brothers Zygi and Mark Wilf said Wednesday they were deactivating Peterson — two days after they said he could rejoin the team after missing Sunday’s 30-7 loss to New England.

“It really is about getting it right,” Mark Wilf said, echoing the moral tone of the news conference. “And that is what we wanted to do here.”

Jan 10 14:55

Turmeric’s ‘Smart Kill’ Properties Put Chemo & Radiation To Shame

Waking Times

The ancient Indian spice turmeric strikes again! A new study finds turmeric extract selectively and safely killing cancer stem cells in a way that chemo and radiation can not.

Jan 10 14:53

Australia First to Receive Electricity Using Zero-emission Wave Energy Generators

Waking Times

Wave energy technology has finally proved its feasibility to provide renewable, clean energy on a mass scale.

Jan 10 14:50

Experts Claim Passion for Eating Healthy Has Become a Mental Disorder

Waking Times

You suddenly may have a mental disorder, at least according to scientists at the University of Northern Colorado who conducted a case study about the obsession of eating healthy. This new eating disorder is called orthorexia nervosa (ON) and is said to be driven by a fear of being unhealthy and disgust for low-quality food.

Jan 10 14:17

‘Greater share of oil production’ Hillary Clinton emails reveal motives of Libya intervention

Newly declassified emails belonging to Hillary Clinton reveal some new possible motives behind the intervention in Libya.

Jan 10 14:10

Feds indict first bank that got TARP bail-out money

A federal grand jury in Wilmington has indicted the former Wilmington Trust Corp. on criminal charges, alleging the bank illegally hid hundreds of millions of dollars in land-development loans that were so delinquent that one banker called them "credit turds." Although a number of larger U.S. banks were forced to sell themselves at bargain-basement prices as property values collapsed in the recession, Wilmington Trust is the only bank bailed out by the Troubled Asset Relief Program to face criminal charges, according to Charles Oberly, U.S. attorney for Wilmington.

Jan 10 13:20

A US Media Lost in Propaganda

Vulgar, crude, racist and ultra-sexist though he is, Donald Trump can still see how awful the American mainstream media is.

I think one of the main reasons for Donald Trump’s popularity is that he says what’s on his mind and he means what he says, something rather rare amongst American politicians, or politicians perhaps anywhere in the world. The American public is sick and tired of the phony, hypocritical answers given by office-holders of all kinds.

Jan 10 13:08

San Bernardino Hoax - The Chase

Jan 10 12:43

Santa Susana Field Laboratory

The Hot Lab suffered a number of fires involving radioactive materials. For example, in 1957, a fire in the Hot Cell "got out of control and ... massive contamination" resulted. (see: NAA-SR-1941, Sodium Graphite Reactor, Quarterly Progress Report, January–March 1957).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Santa Susana Field Laboratory is one of the most highly contaminated areas in the nation, combining toxic chemicals from rocket engines and materials tests to radioactive debris from experimental reactors, including an experimental sodium reactor that partially melted down in 1964 but was kept secret for ten years afterwards!

Despite the obvious danger, the Santa Susana Field Laboratory has never been declared a superfund cleanup site due to industry lobbying and tons of the radioactive and toxic debris released by accidents has never been accounted for, and is assumed to have been percolating down into the ground for decades. Some experts claim, based on a five-year study, that the amount of radiation released over the San Fernando Valley was 459 times that which was released at Three Mile Island.

The reason this is important is because the Santa Susana Field Laboratory is located just ten miles southwest of the Porter Ranch gas leak!

This raises the possibility that the methane being poured into the atmosphere is not only carrying toxic components that have reached the gas strata, but that the carbon in the methane itself may be radioactive!

Jan 10 12:43

EPA’s Own Scientists Admit to Misleading Public on Fracking Impacts to Drinking Water

By Justin Gardner

Five years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was commissioned by Congress to undertake a study on the impacts of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on drinking water. This newer method of oil and gas extraction involves the pumping of highly pressurized water, sand and chemicals into underground rock formations.

Fracking has driven the boom in U.S. oil production and contributed to the steep drop in gasoline prices, but the environmental impacts of this relatively new technique are not well understood...

Jan 10 12:33

Big Pharma Shaking in Their Boots as 80% of Cannabis Users Give Up Prescriptions Pills for Pot

By Justin Gardner

A new survey conducted by the Centre for Addictions Research of BC helps explain why Big Pharma is so afraid of cannabis. The pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, both powerful influences in Washington, have long lobbied against cannabis legalization in order to protect their profits.

However, the tide has turned as decriminalization of medical and recreational cannabis sweeps the nation and the continent. With legalization, more and more people are discovering how this plant can provide a safe alternative to the dangerous effects of prescription pills...

Jan 10 11:34


With Hillary Clinton getting closer to an official 2016 presidential campaign, the RNC is up with a new “infomercial” to highlight Hillary’s many demands for her high-priced speaking appearances. Hillary Clinton may claim she’s ‘dead broke,’ but she earns more in one speech than nearly 90% of all Americans earn in an entire year. From charging cash-strapped universities, to riding on chartered jets, and demanding crudités in her hold room…”poor” Hillary is just out-of-touch.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 10 11:30

After Clinton Email Leak Exposes Her War Crimes, Frmr US Attorney Predicts Indictment In 60 Days

The biggest fireworks on New Year’s Eve weren’t any glowing in the night sky above millions of giddy revelers worldwide, but instead came tucked away in another batch of Hillary’s infamous emails made public — and the contents are so explosive, she could be charged with war crimes.

Buried in the former Secretary of State’s emails are evidence of extrajudicial killings by U.S.-allied rebels, the embedding of al-Qaeda affiliated fighters amongst those same rebel forces, and even substantiation that Western motives for warring with Libya had more to do with gold, silver, and oil than anything else. Most crucially, because this evidence was presented in emails addressed to Clinton, the Secretary knew all of this — but did nothing to sound the alarm.

Jan 10 11:29

Historic Militia Moment! Heavily Armed Idaho 3 Percenters Roll Up On FBI Compound Burns Oregon

Jan 10 11:22

Cologne events may start the end of Merkel’s career - Deutsche Welle expert

The expert said that many heads of state and government of the EU states considered Merkel’s handling of the migrant crisis to be erroneous

Jan 10 11:21

Wagenknecht: Erdogan has to end his covert support of terrorists

There are now 15 countries fighting in Syria, sometimes together, sometimes side by side, sometimes against each other. There is no joint strategy. There is not even agreement on whether the most important goal is the fight against the "Islamic state." Turkey certainly has other priorities. Germany is stepping into a war that nobody has a handle on.

Jan 10 11:20

Fear And Loathing in the House of Saud

Riyadh was fully aware the beheading of respected Saudi Shi'ite cleric Nimr al-Nimr was a deliberate provocation bound to elicit a rash Iranian response.
The Saudis calculated they could get away with it; after all they employ the best American PR machine petrodollars can buy, and are viscerally defended by the usual gaggle of nasty US neo-cons.

In a post-Orwellian world "order" where war is peace and "moderate" jihadis get a free pass, a House of Saud oil hacienda cum beheading paradise — devoid of all civilized norms of political mediation and civil society participation — heads the UN Commission on Human Rights and fattens the US industrial-military complex to the tune of billions of dollars while merrily exporting demented Wahhabi/Salafi-jihadism from MENA (Middle East-Northern Africa) to Europe and from the Caucasus to East Asia.

Jan 10 11:20

Merkel's welcome message to migrants was 'rather stupid' – UKIP MEP

The most disagreeable aspect of the migrant crisis now confronting many EU countries is that the authorities did not think about the consequences carefully, says Margot Parker, Member of the European Parliament for the UK Independence Party.

Jan 10 11:19


Jan 10 10:57

UK Banking Industry – Most Unstable in G7 Implements Depositor Bail-in Scheme

Back in September we published an article “Grand Theft Auto – UK and EU Bank Depositor Bail-In Regime Implemented” in which we described how banks throughout the EU would simply steal your deposits if any of them failed.

Jan 10 10:46

More than 30,000 cubic meters of gas delivered to Ukrainian Henichesk — Crimea’s head

Russian Chernomorneftegaz supplies gas to the city of Henichesk in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine in the form of humanitarian aid, Crimea’s head Sergey Aksenov said Sunday. "The president’s instructions - supply gas in the form of humanitarian aid. To date, 33,000 cubic meters was delivered," he said in an interview with Rossiya 24 TV channel. Aksenov noted that there are no obligations for Chornomornaftohaz to supply gas to Ukraine - this is aid "on the basis of goodwill." At the same time he said he was sure that the residents of the peninsula support the decision.

Jan 10 10:41

Saudi Arabia partially blocks access to Telegram Messenger — Telegram founder

Access to Telegram Messenger has been partially blocked in Saudi Arabia since Saturday evening, Pavel Durov, the CEO and founder of Telegram, said on his Twitter account on Sunday. "I confirm that Telegram traffic has been partially blocked in Saudi Arabia since yesterday’s evening," he wrote after one of the users had reported problems in the messenger operation. Durov noted he did not know why Telegram had been blocked. Iran blocked access to Telegram in October 2015 after Telegram ignored a request from Iran’s ministry of information and communications technologies to provide instruments for censorship of messages. In the meantime, there have been requests to block the messenger in Russia as well.

Jan 10 10:40

‘Protect Your Women, Not OUR Democracy!’ – Polish Sports Fans Protest German EU Bully Tactics

During a volleyball match between Poland and Germany last night, Polish fans unfurled a giant banner reading, “Protect your women, not our democracy!” They were referencing the New Year’s Eve sex attacks and recent European Union (EU) threats to suspend Polish voting rights due to actions of their new right wing government.

Jan 10 10:40

The economics of prettiness: more attractive women get higher grades

Women who are conventionally attractive have an advantage in college — and it continues later in life, according to research from two economists at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Jan 10 10:40

Canada Denies Refugee Status to Black Man Who Said He Was Fleeing US Police Brutality

A black US citizen who sought refugee status in Canada, claiming he was afraid of police violence against black people, has returned to the US since his application was rejected in December.

Jan 10 10:40

How The Feds Got All That Western Land (and Why It's A Problem)

Government owned and subsidized lands in the American West have been a source of conflict among competing interest groups since the 19th century. Since the very beginning of white settlement, lands have been used by the federal government as part of a political scheme to subsidize and reward certain groups while punishing others.

The current standoff between ranchers and federal officials in Oregon is simply the latest chapter in a long contentious and sometimes bloody history of groups competing for control over government-owned lands in the West, and by ensuring that lands continue to be allocated by political means rather than through the market, government ownership of lands simply perpetuates conflict in the region.

Jan 10 10:39

The House of Saud Self-Destructs Under The Mad King Salman

The ruling House of Saud of Saudi Arabia is not what it appears to be.

In fact the current tyrannical regime that masquerades as the legitimate monarchy of Saudi Arabia, was born out of a Zio-Anglo-American plot to exert absolute control over the entire Middle East. Not only were the vast oil reserves of the Arabian Peninsula coveted by the Western powers, the strategic geopolitical advantages afforded by such a pivotal location were also highly sought after.

Jan 10 10:39

Kiev reinforces its positions in Donbass with artillery and Right Sector radicals

Kiev has reinforced its positions along the line of engagement in Donbass with a howitzer battery and Right Sector radicals, a spokesman for the defense ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said on Sunday citing reconnaissance reports. "A battery of conventional artillery of the 30th brigade has been spotted in the settlement of Svetlodarsk. Moreover, units of Ukraine’s Right Sector paramilitary corps have reportedly arrived to the settlement of Spartak, which is an evidence of reinforcement of the Aidar battalion with nationalist units," the Donetsk News Agency quoted him as saying. Apart from that, according to the DPR defense ministry, Kiev has pulled an engineer unit to organize a pontoon ferry into the zone of responsibility of the 30th brigade at the Gorlovka direction.

Jan 10 10:39

‘Cologne-Style’ Attacks on Women Reported in Austria, Switzerland

Several women were robbed and sexually harassed in Austria and Switzerland, on New Year's Eve, and there have been about many similar cases also reported in Hamburg and other German cities with the victims saying that they had been robbed, groped and molested by groups of “dark-skinned men,” an Austrian newspaper reported.

Jan 10 10:38

Britain Aiding Saudi Terror War on Yemenis 

Make no mistake. Yemen is Obama’s war, planned, orchestrated and initiated in Washington, using Riyadh and other rogue regional states to do his dirty work.

On January 7, Britain’s Sky News headlined “Exclusive: UK Helping Saudi’s Yemen Campaign” - allied with Washington, complicit in high crimes against peace.

Yemenis are being mass slaughtered, civilians harmed most, indiscriminately targeted to inflict massive pain and suffering.

Britain already supplies Riyadh with terror weapons. “Sky sources confirmed that six (UK) experts are working with Saudi targeteers who select locations for attack” - including residential areas, schools, hospitals, refugee camps, food storage areas, mosques and other nonmilitary sites.

London’s Defense Ministry lied, claiming noninvolvement in warmaking - absurdly saying it’s “training the Saudis to comply with the international rules of war,” according to Sky News. Only fools and morons believe it.

Jan 10 10:37

Google translates Russia to 'Mordor' and minister's name to 'sad little horse'

Language translation tool error converting ‘Russian Federation’ in Ukrainian to fictional dark land from Lord of the Rings down to automatic bug, says company

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jan 10 10:33

Law Enforcement Officials, Medical Professionals: There’s Something Seriously Wrong With Hillary Clinton’s Health

Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s disappearance from the debate stage last month left people speculating that the former First Lady took a long bathroom break, but now a law-enforcement source with inside connections is alleging that Clinton was missing from the stage due to health issues stemming from a previous brain injury.

These long-lasting symptoms stemming from a concussion and blood clot, according to a neurologist, suggest Clinton is suffering from post-concussion syndrome, which can severely impact her cognitive abilities.

All that said, however, Clinton’s campaign maintained to Breitbart News that she is in good health and can serve as President of the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jan 10 10:26

Poland Breaks Away From German Dominance Over 'Middle Europe' — And Threatens Merkel's Legacy

Polish criticism of the open borders policy championed by Angela Merkel has been stinging. A couple of objective reasons support this Polish vehemence on the refugees. First, from the standpoint of its population, Poland is already overrun by refugees and economic immigrants from Ukraine. Official statistics put their number at about 400,000 in May 2015; word of mouth estimates they number more than a million today. They are without question putting pressure on the local job market at a time when there has still been a net outflow of ethnic Poles abroad looking for better paying work. Secondly, admitting Muslims runs directly against the new government’s stress on protecting and nurturing traditional Catholic religious values... Both founders of the Law and Justice Party, Jaroslaw and his brother Lech, the Polish president who died in a plane crash outside Smolensk in 2010, were known for bitter feelings towards Germany, and relations with Berlin were fraught.

Jan 10 10:25

Ambassador denies U.S. conducting helicopter raids in northern Iraq

The U.S. ambassador to Iraq has denied reports that the United States has been carrying out helicopter raids against Islamic State militants in northern Iraq.

"There have recently been reports of U.S. helicopter raids in Hawija and Kirkuk. As Defense Minister Obaidi and numerous other Iraqi officials have stated, reports of these raids are untrue," Stuart Jones said in a statement on Saturday.

Recent reports of more than half a dozen air raids led by U.S. special forces have been decried by powerful Iranian-backed Shi'ite militias and other critics of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as violations of Iraqi sovereignty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The real question is what those helicopter raids are actually hitting!

Jan 10 10:21

Anti-Assad Propaganda Exposed: ‘Starving Syrian Child’ Revealed as Healthy Lebanese Girl

Filed under 'Saddam's incubator babies'. A viral photo depicting a "malnourished Syrian child" being "starved" by the "evil Syrian army" is a bona fide fraud. The details, via Lebanon's Daily Star ('Starving Syria child' revealed as south Lebanon girl)...

Jan 10 10:20

State Dept. Releases Hillary's Emails Under Cover of Darkness

The State Department released almost 2,900 pages of Hillary Clinton's emails at 1:39 am ET on Friday; the previous instalment from the former Secretary of State revealed the real motivation for the military intervention that toppled Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi.

Jan 10 10:19

Benjamin Netanyahu Plots Revenge On Barack Obama At The United Nations

Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida released reports, confirming rumors that Barack Obama aspires to become the next Secretary-General of the United Nations at the conclusion of 2016. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to halt all possibilities of Obama replacing Ban Ki-moon at the United Nations’ top post as revenge for perceived poor Israeli-American relations throughout Obama’s U.S. presidency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama should be rejected as Ban Ki-Moon's successor, not because of Netanyahu's personal animus against him, but because of Obama's having been the Warmonger in Chief of this nation for the last 7 bloody (literally) years of his administration.

Afghanistan?!? Still a mess 14 years on. Iraq?!? Crumbling, and continuing to crumble. Libya?!? An horrific mess, 5 years on. Yemen?!? An horrific mess, nearly 1 year on. Syria?!? A mess that may well have us on the precipice of war with Russia.

So I am begging the chancellors of all major universities in this country; will someone PLEASE hire Obama as a professor, and keep him (and this planet) out of harm's way from his warmongering proclivities?!?

Now, THAT ....would truly be worth a Nobel prize!!

Jan 10 10:15

Saudi Arabia Throws the First Punch, but Comes off Worse

Saudi Arabia has found a way to respond to the attack of its Embassy in Tehran. The Royal Air Force attacked the Iran Embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a. According to some reports, the strike was not on the Embassy building but on nearby objects, which then scattered in the explosion shards of stone and concrete that damaged the Embassy and inflicted injuries to the guards. However, the Iranians took the strike as a direct attack on their diplomatic mission. Of course, in this conflict the parties have certain red lines. So, any direct military conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran is not an option as none of the parties can afford to initiate direct military action. Iran won't attack Saudi Arabia because that will immediately activate the Quincy Pact (defense agreement between the Saudis and the US), and Riyadh cannot attack the Islamic Republic because they have nothing to attack.

Jan 10 10:15

CNN: Donald Trump must be destroyed

In just 6 months, Donald Trump has transformed from outsider to controversial frontrunner in the race to become the Republican Party's 2016 presidential candidate. This leap in popularity is in spite of -- or perhaps because of -- his total disregard for political correctness.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe the American people are fed up with that cultural Marxism known as "political correctness", although it is obvious that this writer, Sean Kennedy, is so in love with the idea of total control over the public's minds that he fails to see it has failed. If CNN keeps this up, it is CNN and not Trump who will be destroyed. Because you cannot have a free society and safety from being offended at the same time, and Americans understand that.

Jan 10 10:14

Dutch PM: Ukraine-EU Association Has Nothing To Do With Membership

Prime Minister of the Netherlands has urged citizens to support the Association with Ukraine: It has nothing to do with EU membership. The Dutch authorities are seriously concerned that the population may fail the Association of Ukraine with the EU and can bury all the efforts of the European puppets of the US on distancing the ex-Soviet republic from the Russian Federation. The leaders of this country are forced to do everything possible not to be accused of inaction or even supporting dumping Ukraine overboard. Therefore, a referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is planned in April. Now let us remember that for many years Ukrainian politicians - all kinds of Poroshenkos, Yatsenyuks, Lutsenkos and the entire Maidan as a whole - brainwashed the gullible Ukrainians. "The signing of Association Agreement - is the first step towards full membership of Ukraine in EU" - they kept saying. So who's lying? The Dutch Prime Minister or the leaders of Maidan Ukraine?

Jan 10 10:08

Poll: Americans Oppose Obama's Executive Order on Guns

A majority of Americans oppose President Barack Obama's use of executive powers to enact new gun control initiatives — and they don't believe the controversial move will reduce the number of mass killings that have rocked the nation in recent months, a new Rasmussen Reports poll has found.

According to the poll of 1,000 likely U.S. voters, 58 percent say the government should only do what the president and Congress agree on in gun control matters.

Jan 10 10:07

Obama says won't campaign for any Democrat who doesn't back gun reforms

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Democratic candidates who won;t back gun control just breathed a huge sigh of relief!

Jan 10 10:02

Wagenknecht: Erdogan has to end his covert support of terrorists

Erdogan's Thugs Massacre Kurds in Van Province (VIDEO) http://fortruss.blogspot.ru/2016/01/erdogans-thugs-massacre-kurds-in-v...
Wagenknecht: It is crucial to cut off the ongoing supply of new fighters, weapons and money to the IS. In other words, Erdogan has to be put under pressure to finally end his covert support of the terrorists and to close the Turkish border for the IS. The same goes for Saudi Arabia, whose richest families generously finance the Islamic State. If the IS is no longer getting money support, its internal power base has to shrink. Then the armies of these countries can eventually liberate the occupied parts of the country. But the military intervention of the West on the other hand helps the IS. The bombings cause many civilian casualties. This nourishes the hatred. Another problem is the Americans do not don't want to just fight the IS, but are more interested in going after Assad...

Jan 10 10:02

Texas Governor Calls For Constitutional Convention To "Wrest Power" From Obama

When it comes to Texas' relationship with the Federal government, the word "rocky" comes to mind. And nobody embodies said rockiness better than Texas governor Greg Abbott, who recently made headlines after announcing that irrelevant of D.C.'s demands, Texas would refuse to accept any Syrian refugees.

This followed his announcement earlier this summer 2015 when fears over nebulous Federal intentions with operation "Jade Helm" were running high, that "to address concerns that Texas citizens and to ensure that Texas communities remain safe, secure, and informed about military procedures occurring in their vicinity, I am directing the state guard to monitor Operation Jade Helm 15."

Prior to this, Abbott was again in the news back in June when he signed a bill into law that would allow Texas to build a gold and silver bullion depository, which would allow Texas to repatriate $1 billion worth of bullion from the New York Fed to the new facility once completed.

Jan 10 10:02

Historic First: North Atlantic EMPTY of Cargo Ships in-transit - ALL anchored along coasts; none moving

Commerce between Europe and North America has literally come to a halt. For the first time in known history, not one cargo ship is in-transit in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America. All of them (hundreds) are either anchored offshore or in-port. NOTHING is moving.

This has never happened before. It is a horrific economic sign; proof that commerce is literally stopped.

The reason commerce has stopped is simple: People are not buying things. When people do not buy things, retailers do not sell things, so they do not order more goods for stock.

When retailers do not order goods, manufacturers don't make anything because there are no orders to fill. When manufacturers do not make goods, they don't order raw materials for manufacturing.

When there are no orders for raw materials, commodities sellers do not sell raw materials. When no raw materials are sold, there is no shipping by large cargo ships, (or railroads or tractor trailers) to move anything.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Holy crud: it looks like the fertilizer is about to hit the ventilation shaft, and very quickly.

Jan 10 10:00


At its annual convention this week, the Modern Language Assn., which represents 26,000 language and literature scholars, will become the latest academic body to consider the merits of adopting a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. This follows endorsements of such a boycott by the Assn. for Asian American Studies, the American Studies Assn. and, most recently, the American Anthropological Assn., which voted 1,040 to 136 to endorse a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions at its November annual meeting in Denver; the AAA’s entire membership will soon vote on the resolution, which is expected to pass.

The justification for an academic boycott — which targets institutions, not individual scholars — stems from the peculiar relationship between Israel’s educational system and its broader structures of racism.

Jan 10 10:00


When America voted for you the first time, many people were very optimistic. A man with an African Muslim father, an African Muslim name and what seemed like a caring heart and a brilliant mind. That was both refreshing and promising. You came into office with big promises, your first inaugural address was heard around the world with ears anticipating change, but as it turns out it was merely a crescendo of rhetoric. You promised hope to the poor and disenfranchised in this country, reconciliation with the Arab and Muslim world and even peace and justice in Palestine.

But, unfortunately you have been a failure and a disappointment.

Jan 10 09:56

Russian Air Force Bombs Al Qaeda Prison in Idlib (VIDEO)

On Saturday morning, the Russian Air Force greeted the Jihadist forces controlling Ma’arat Al-Nu’man with a series of powerful airstrikes at the city’s Central Prison, killing over 20+ militants, including the defected Air Force officer, Colonel Fayez Al-Hussein. Following the Russian Air Force’s precise airstrikes, western publications and the Islamists attempted to depict a completely different series of events. Alleging the Russians killed mostly civilians at the Ma’arat Al-Nu’man Central Prison; this raised the question: why were civilians imprisoned there in the first place? The building could barely sustain the Jihadists mortar shells in the Spring of 2014, so the idea that it would provide shelter to civilians is out of the question.

Jan 10 09:55

U.S. Flies B-52 Bomber Over South Korea In Show Of Force Against North Korea

The United States deployed a B-52 bomber on a low-level flight over its ally South Korea on Sunday, a show of force following North Korea's nuclear test last week.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un maintained that Wednesday's test was of a hydrogen bomb and said it was a self-defensive step against a U.S. threat of nuclear war.
North Korea's fourth nuclear test angered both China, its main ally, and the United States, although the U.S. government and weapons experts doubt the North's claim that the device was a hydrogen bomb.
The massive B-52, based in Guam and capable of carrying nuclear weapons, could be seen in a low flight over Osan Air Base at around noon (0300 GMT). It was flanked by two fighter planes, a U.S. F-16 and a South Korean F-15, before returning to Guam, the U.S. military said in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This flyover was not only a message to North Korea; it was also, primarily, a message to China to yank North Korea's leash over this kind of activity.

Jan 10 09:51

UAF Trying to Seize Zaytsevo, NAF Soldier Killed

"They are using Automatic Grenade Launchers, guns, Armoured Personnel Carriers with small arms. This happens during the day from 6 to 12 times. The results can be seen at the local school, which was under attack 120 times from mortars. They wounded three local residents. Today we parried a hard attack without warning," said soldiers of the armed forces DPR. "They are conducting an offensive to capture Zaytsevo, and are trying to take the school at a minimum ," — said the fighters. Today the Ministry of Defence of the DPR stated that a soldier of the NAF died in the evening of 9th January, a Ukrainian sniper shot him in the village of Zaytsevo in the North of Gorlovka. "As a result of the sabotage actions of the Ukrainian Army in the DPR, a soldier was killed in Jovanka, on combat duty in the area of Zaytsevo. At Around 22:30 a Ukrainian sniper fired at him," — said Eduard Basurin.

Jan 10 09:50


The International Committee of the Red Cross has issued a statement saying it cannot confirm the images posted on social media of starving children in Madaya and other cities. Despite this lack of confirmation, the media in the West continues to report the Syrian Army and Hezbollah are responsible. Sources tell al-Manar the Islamists are responsible for starvation in the city, not the Syrian Army. Al-Manar is a Lebanese satellite television station affiliated with Hezbollah.

The same sources noted that according to [the] Zabadani agreement [a UN mediated ceasefire], scores of trucks that hold humanitarian aids are scheduled to be sent to the town in January and that dozens of trucks that convey medical and food stuffs, which match the locals’ needs for months, were sent to Madaya, adding that the terrorist groups confiscated them and sold them to the inhabitants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More corporate demonisation of Al-Assad, I see.

Jan 10 09:49

Ukraine's Nightmare Will Continue in 2016

The West has no intention of altering its strategy and will continue to use Ukraine as a base to destabilize Russia. The strategy of Moscow should make certain adjustments, as certain issues may not be resolved this year or in 2017. For Ukraine, the tragic events of the past few years, they will, in the next few years, become the norm...

Jan 10 09:47


Back in September we published an article “Grand Theft Auto – UK and EU Bank Depositor Bail-In Regime Implemented” in which we described how banks throughout the EU would simply steal your deposits if any of them failed.

The first paragraph stated “Shares and stocks are tumbling around the world, with investors worried that the next global crisis has already begun. There is considerable uncertainty and nervousness amongst economists and trend forecasters. Government’s sooth jittery markets with misinformation in the hope that confidence does not evaporate and their legitimacy with it.”

On the first day of 2016 all banks located within the EU follow the ‘Anglosphere’ nations of Britain, America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada into an agreement, where the next bank failure and bail-in could cost depositors all their money.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please have no more money in your bank account than just what you need to pay the bills; if you have over and above what you need to pay your bills, and your bank fails, you will have no recourse to your money whatsoever.

Jan 10 09:42

Obama Top Recipient of ‘Smart Gun’ Cash

President Obama is the top recipient in campaign cash from the “smart gun” manufacturing industry, which stands to benefit from his executive action calling for more research into the technology.

The National Institute of Justice, a research, development, and evaluation agency of the Department of Justice, released a report in 2013 consisting of a review of the smart gun industry. The report identified ten companies that focus exclusively on smart gun technology.

Of the smart gun companies that made political contributions, Obama was the top recipient of campaign funds in 2008 and 2012, according to campaign finance data.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (absence of) surprise!!

Jan 10 09:30

Bombshell 1-Sentence Email From Hillary Just Released- It Could Be The Smoking Gun…

n the latest batch of emails to be released, a message sent by Clinton clears up that question by proving the secretary of state herself ordered an underling to send her some classified info over her unsecure email system. And she did so knowingly.

Webmaster's Commentary: