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Jul 28 16:13

Huge ‘Election Fraud, #Wikileaks’ Banner Unfurled As Kaine Takes Stage

PHILADELPHIA — Democrats unfurled a massive banner that read “Election Fraud, #Wikileaks” as vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine took the stage Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention.

Jul 28 16:10

Chinese Rocket Lights Up Night Sky in Western US

A spokeswoman for the Strategic Command told the Associated Press that remains of the Chinese Chang-Zheng (C-Z) 7 rocket re-entered the atmosphere at around 9:36 p.m., California time.

The CZ-7 was part of China’s new generation of rockets, experts say. The rocket was launched June 25. It was huge, weighing over 5 tons.

One Twitter user commenting about the event Wednesday night was Harvard astronomer Jonathan McDowell. He said it was rare for such large objects to re-enter the atmosphere.

So far in 2016 there have been 25 reentries of objects massing 1 ton or more. But objects of 5 ton+ class like this are rare.

Jul 28 16:08

Snopes.Com Runs Interference for the Democrat Convention

The first-night snub of Old Glory was not missed, and the move was widely panned.

According to the Daily Caller, however, myth-busting site, Snopes.com, rushed to do damage control and stop the internet reports of that America-less first night.
Snopes apparently took several shots at pushing the false narrative of the Democrats’ show of Americana from the first night forward; all disproven.

Just keep that in mind when you’re searching for facts from Snopes. The information given may likely be colored by their political leanings, so proceed with

(* "American-less" . Say no more . )

Jul 28 16:06

The World's Fastest Rocket Just Launched a Secret Spy Satellite

Don't tell anyone.

Jul 28 15:48

Theresa May racks up £1.9m bill for 'phantom' deportation flights that were never taken

BRITISH taxpayer's were forced to foot a bill of £1.9million for flights that failed asylum seekers never used last year.

According to new figures released today the Government was forced to pay for flights to deport failed asylum seekers during Theresa May's last year in charge at the Home Office.

And the amount was the highest for three years after the Prime Minister decided while she was in charge of immigration to scrap the UK Border Agency.

Taxpayers' have now forked out £5.2m in scrapped flights in just three years.

Jul 28 15:46

Turkey SNUBS Germany after Merkel's government labels Armenia slaughter as genocide


Jul 28 15:44

MERKEL'S MIGRANT MISERY: One of Angela's own MPs blasts her 'NIGHTMARISH' immigrant policy

ONE of Angela Merkel's MPs has blasted the leader's open door immigration policy and demanded migrants be sent back to their own countries for the safety of German citizens.

Jul 28 15:40

Homeownership Rate in the U.S. Drops to Lowest Since 1965

The U.S. homeownership rate fell to the lowest in more than 50 years as rising prices put buying out of reach for many renters. The share of Americans who own their homes was 62.9 percent in the second quarter, the lowest since 1965, according to a Census Bureau report Thursday. It was the second straight quarterly decrease, down from 63.5 percent in the previous three months.

Jul 28 15:33

Did The DNC Hire Actors (At Below Minimum Wage) To Work At The Convention?

Great news... The Democrats are 'creating jobs."

Following the exposure of a fake Trump job advertisement designed by The DNC to embarrass Trump, it is interesting that a Craigslist ad calling for "Actors Needed for National Convention" has surfaced...

Whether the ad is real or fake is unclear, but the text suggests below minimum wage compensation (7-plus hours work for $50) and the number of walkouts from the Convention indicates perhaps a need for cheering happy seat-fillers...

Jul 28 15:32


Let's start with some basic concepts. You live in an age of lies. Every day of your life you are literally being drowned in lies. Lies by government. Lies by advertisers. Lies by the corporate media.

Truth has become such a valuable commodity that the government is economizing it!

Liars, meaning good convincing liars (i.e. sociopaths, who evince no guilt when they lie) , lie because they are able to get what they want from people, especially if those people are conditioned from childhood to tell and to believe that others will tell the truth.

It may seem that I am stating the obvious, but the point I want to make is that all ruling power is, is the willingness and ability to do things the ruled may not, or have been conditioned to believe they cannot do.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the article I started on the radio show while waiting for the phones to work.

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Jul 28 15:30

Russia To US: "Sort Out Your Own Hacking Scandal; It Is Not Our Headache"

"As regards these (email) batches, that is not our headache. We never poke our noses into others' affairs and we really don't like it when people try to poke their nose into ours," he said. "The Americans needs to get to the bottom of what these emails are themselves and find out what it's all about."

Jul 28 15:29

Charges dismissed in retrial of man convicted of Chandra Levy murder

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Washington, DC on Thursday moved to dismiss the case -- and a retrial -- against Ingmar Guandique, the illegal immigrant previously convicted of murdering intern Chandra Levy in May 2001, citing "unforeseen developments."

Jul 28 15:02

Dear Russia: Can You Find Hillary’s 30,000 Missing E-Mails? (Trump taunts humorless Hill)

‘Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,’ Trump said. ‘I think you’ll be rewarded mightily by our press!’

Jul 28 14:47

Populism Even Republicans Can Get Behind

What if organizers and volunteers joined forces to run a nationwide campaign to replace today’s corporate-owned congress — all at once?

Jul 28 14:41

Mass Grave Found In Fallujah; 125 Killed In Iraq

Colonel Chris Garver, the U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, reported on the deployment of a floating bridge on the Tigris River near Qayara. Ten U.S. soldiers helped Iraqi security forces set up the bridge, which will be an essential tool in the upcoming operation to free Mosul.

Jul 28 14:30

California Audit Reveals Pension Debt Grew by 2,000%

Government accounting rules have forced a California audit that has revealed an increase in the “debt” it owes for pension liability by 2,000 percent this year. The state could nearly double the debt again next year when it is forced to account for unfunded retiree health benefits.

Jul 28 14:30

DNC IMPLODES - Another Election Theft - Democracy is Dead

Jul 28 14:29

As Trump Takes Lead, Assassination Now a Distinct Possibility

Jul 28 14:15

UK Wages Drop More Than In Any Advanced Economy Since Financial Crisis … Level With Greece

Workers in Britain have suffered the biggest fall in real wages since the financial crisis than any other leading economy besides Greece, a new study has found.

Between 2007 and 2015, real earnings of British workers declined by 10.4 percent, according to the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Jul 28 14:15

Danny Glover And Bernie Delegate Larry Hamm: The Sanders Movement Must Stay Mobilized To Push Change

The address at the DNC from mothers whose unarmed African-American children were killed by law enforcement, or due to gun violence, marked an “extraordinary moment,” says New Jersey delegate Larry Hamm, chair of the People’s Organization for Progress. But he adds, “I wish someone would have said police brutality must stop. … In the two years since the death of Michael Brown, 2,500 people have been killed by police in the United States.”

Jul 28 14:14

West Coast lefties want a ‘wall’ to keep out gun owners

Anti-2nd Amendment crusaders in Washington State and Oregon are looking to pass California-style gun control legislation with the goal of forming a “West Coast Wall” of draconian anti-firearm regulations along the Pacific coast. The effort is being spearheaded by the anti-2nd Amendment groups Washington CeaseFire and Ceasefire Oregon, both of which have lobbied heavily for stronger state and federal firearm laws for decades.

Jul 28 14:12

Frankincense oil kills cancer cells while boosting the immune system, studies show

Jul 28 14:06

President Hillary and World War III

I think there are about 75 separate reasons why there should have been a full-scale investigation by the FBI in the strange death of Vince Foster. I wish there were some agency that was not part of the government that could investigate crimes, which is part of the problem, of course. The FBI is really just an overrated, bloated, politically-driven bureaucracy. I sincerely doubt, for instance, that they’ll ever go after The Clinton Foundation, which is clearly nothing but a gigantic slush fund.

Jul 28 13:59

Shield Yourself From The Central Banksters

How much of your investment portfolio is in gold? Five percent? Ten percent? One contrarian investor believes that the yellow metal should control one-quarter of your portfolio.

Jul 28 13:34

#IamwithNina Sanders Supporters, Including Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover Protest Suppression At DNC

Sanders supporters including Susan Sarandon and Dany Glover rallied to express their frustration after former Ohio Senator Nina Turner, an outspoken advocate for the Vermont senator, was denied the honor of being one of his nominators at the last minute.

Jul 28 13:30

Pelosi: Trump voters are dumb, racist and homophobic

Aged House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) doesn’t believe GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s popularity has anything to do with Democrat Hillary Clinton’s long list of scandals or her life of political corruption. Support for Trump, she contends, boils down to the “three Gs.” -- As far as Pelosi is concerned, Trump supporters love God and guns and hate gays— a testament, she says, to the Democratic belief that GOP voters are uneducated troglodytes.

Jul 28 13:30

BEX ALERT - How Donald Trump Made the U.S. a Target For Russia’s New Brand Of Warfare

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Recall just WHO created STUXNET!

Jul 28 13:12

Donald Trump Has Two New Nicknames For Hillary Clinton…

For months Donald Trump has bestowed the “Crooked Hillary” moniker upon the Democratic Presidential candidate with what appear to be very damaging results to her credibility and honesty. Always one to entertain, and often without a script, Trump has a couple of new nicknames he recently threw into the mix.

Jul 28 13:05

DNC’s Stinky Strategy

DNC’s Stinky Strategy : With all of Hillary’s non-accomplishments, lies, corruption, and the recent email scandal within the DNC Convention, how will they ever gain Americas trust especially with Bernie Sanders voters.

Jul 28 13:01

Woman Doesn’t Wait For Police: Shoots Ex-Boyfriend Who Broke Into Home, Saving Herself And 11-Year-Old Son

43-year-old Patrick Dewayne Decker is no stranger to violence. Convicted of charges ranging from rape to kidnapping and assault, it’s not a far fetched notion to think something like a restraining order would be any obstacle for him. That’s why his ex-girlfriend got a gun. It all came down to a simple choice: her and her son or Decker. She chose herself and her son. She chose right.

Jul 28 12:57

Liberals Have an Explanation for Hillary’s Critics: Sexism

Whether or not it actually means anything to have a female president, Clinton supporters in the media are already reminding us that it will play a big role in the election. Not because it has to, but because they won’t have it any other way. Now we’re going to find out if the Democratic nominee can rely on constant victimhood to put her over the top in November.

Victimhood? The former first lady and secretary of state? Victim of what, exactly?

Sexism, silly. That’s what.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hillary obviously believes in recycling!

Jul 28 12:49

The Fear Of Hillary’s Foreign Policy

The Democratic convention leaves one with an uneasy sense of déjà vu about the potential foreign policy direction of a second Clinton presidency. We’ve seen this movie before and we know how it turns out: badly.

Jul 28 12:46

Trump Campaign Calls Dem Attacks A ‘Night Of Empty Rhetoric’

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has dismissed assaults by Democratic leaders at the Democratic National Convention as “empty rhetoric”.

Jul 28 12:46

Convict Barry and Hillary For high crimes in Syria and Libya — James Ostrowski on how

I watched the GOP convention last week and, as usual, they missed the point. They were still focusing on Hillary’s “damn emails” and on her alleged negligent supervision of the CIA compound in Benghazi. Don’t expect the clueless GOP to ask why the hell the CIA had a compound in Libya in the first place? Never forget that the GOP is the stupid party.

Jul 28 12:38

The Secret Service Hates Free Speech (Free Speech and Political Conventions)

When the government stifles free choice in an area such as speech, it is no longer the people’s servant. It has become their master. Do you know anyone outside the government who wants that?

Jul 28 12:27

Lloyds Bank Closing 200 Branches, Cutting 3,000 Jobs

Jul 28 12:18


Well, the truth is...ah, shoot, well, we all know there's Washington's math problem. Alan Sloan in this past week's Newsweek says he spends 150%. What we've been doing, Mr. Chairman, in all reality, is taken a hundred billion out of the Social Security Trust Fund, transferring it over to the spending column, and spending it. Our friends to the left here are getting their tax cuts, we getting our spending increases, and hollering surplus, surplus, and balanced budget, and balanced budget plans when we continue to spend a hundred billion more than we take in.

Jul 28 12:13

DM: More Forces Deployed in Crimea, Northern Caucasus as NATO Approaches

Speaking today on state television, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shogu announced additional military deployments along the nation’s southwestern flank with NATO, including the deployment of more air defense systems and ground troops into the Northern Caucasus, and additional troops into the Crimea.

Technically, Russia’s territory in the Northern Caucasus doesn’t border NATO, but is relatively close to Turkey, and has a substantial border with Georgia, which has NATO ambitions. Both Russia and NATO have been escalating deployments on their frontier in Europe, particularly in the Baltics, and this looks to be an extension of that.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am amazed at the general degree of restraint Russia is demonstrating, as it is getting completely surrounded by NATO troops and NATO weapons.

Ever have that archetypal dream of seeing a slo-mo train wreck about to occur, and you have no way of stopping it?!?

I have been having that dream frequently, looking at the buildup of NATO arms and personnel in places like Poland and Lithuania.

Jul 28 12:08

Children's TV Show ‘Fireman Sam’ Feels The Heat After Character Treads On Koran (VIDEO)

The beloved British children’s television show ‘Fireman Sam’ has become embroiled in controversy following an episode which appears to show a character stepping on a page of the Koran.

Jul 28 12:04

Ben Affleck: Hollywood is Full of CIA Agents

Jul 28 11:52

US, Japan Shake Hands on Military Cooperation Amid South China Sea Row

The United States and Japan struck a bargain to enhance bilateral military cooperation in Asia, amid heightened tensions in the South China Sea region and North Korea’s provocative ballistic missile program.

The agreement was voiced as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with the head of the US Pacific Command, Adm. Harry Harris, in Tokyo on Tuesday, the Japan Times reported.

During the meeting, Abe praised last year’s revision of Tokyo’s cooperation agreement with Washington and changes in Japanese military doctrine, stressing that those “encouraging” moves facilitated a deterrence against North Korea’s nuclear missile experiments.

The changes in the Japanese military doctrine were made last year, and allow for the country’s Self-Defense Forces to participate in foreign military operations, upon the request of an ally. The step caused a backlash among the Japanese public, with many protesting what they claim is a shift toward militarization.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh sure, THIS is really going to ratchet tensions in the South China Sea down...

Forgive my cynicism here, but I swear, sometimes... I just can't keep up!!

Jul 28 11:52

The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Police are 15th.

1 Logging workers 110.9 78
2 Fishers and related fishing workers 80.8 22
3 Aircraft pilots and flight engineers 64 82
4 Roofers 47.4 83
5 Refuse and recyclable material collectors 35.8 27

Jul 28 11:50

Molten fuel at the bottom of Fukushima reactor

A probe using an X-ray-like detector has found that a large amount of melted nuclear fuel apparently remains at the bottom of one of the damaged reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company released images of the No. 2 reactor on Thursday. They were taken with a device that uses elementary particles called muons.

Jul 28 11:48

Turkish-Russian Rapprochement Turbocharged by Istanbul Coup Attempt

The recent failed military coup in Istanbul is pushing the Turkish government to prioritize a rapprochement with Russia, as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an is due to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg on August 9.

The meeting comes at an opportune time for Putin. Turkey is a key geopolitical player in the Black Sea region. But its Western orientation is now coming under stress. Ankara’s ties with nearly all of its western allies are now strained amid suspicions of complicity in the unsuccessful July 15 putsch and growing criticism by both the United States and European Union over Erdo?an’s escalating crackdown in the coup-attempt aftermath.

Ever the opportunist, Putin seems content to set aside Turkish-Russian rancor. Relations between Ankara and Moscow were plunged into the deep freeze following Turkey’s downing of a Russian bomber operating from a Syrian airbase in November.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And no one who planned or attempted to execute this coup saw this coming, should the coup fail?!?

Palm to forehead at warp speed on this one!!

Jul 28 11:47

'No More War!' Bernie Sanders Supporters Interrupt Panetta's Speech At DNC

Supporters of Bernie Sanders interrupted a speech being made by former defense secretary Leon Panetta at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), with delegates loudly chanting “No more war!” and “No more drones!”

Jul 28 11:47

Ten things less likely to kill you than the cops

1,208[i] people were killed by the cops in America in 2015. The number was 1,111[ii] in 2014. With 624[iii] killed so far in 2016, we're on track for 1,168 by the end of the year. Based on an average of 1,160 people killed by police per year in America, let's look at your odds of being killed by a cop relative to some other common (and not-so-common) things that might kill you.

Living in America...

You're 1.8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by the heat.
You're 20 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a bee, wasp, or hornet.
You're 24 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by lightning.
You're 41 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a dog.
You're 53 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist attack.............

Jul 28 11:46

The American Media Is A CIA Front

Indeed, the “mainstream” US media functioned as agent and propagandist for the Washington neoconservatives who destroyed Ukrainian democracy and imposed massive suffering and death on Ukrainians.

There is no crime that the American presstitutes will not commit and no lie that they will not tell.

Jul 28 11:46


In a public meeting at FCC headquarters on July 14, the agency which once served the people instead acted like tyrannical thugs, in an escalating series of remarkable events.

First, they prevented wireless science advocates from displaying a simple sign, violating their First Amendment rights in a public venue. Then, a security guard forcefully prevented a t-shirt from being taken out of a bag, by a former Congressional candidate with opposing views.

Next, a Bloomberg reporter had his credentials confiscated — almost unbelievably — for merely talking with the former Congressional candidate.


Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's always "profits uber alles" for this country's government, at this state.

Jul 28 11:43


The chilling reality of our time is that our biggest enemies are within.

CNN is one such enemy.

The New World Order crusaders know that it is better to control people and nations with the scientific application of fear and lies rather than the more unpredictable and expensive methodology of bullets and bombs.

So forty years ago, the CIA’s, “Operation Mockingbird,” went into full swing. The goal of the program was simply to control all mechanisms of opinion - the print news, the public opinion polls and the television news media. Their thinking was, if you control what people think, you’ve won the war before it has even begun.

Jul 28 11:42

Protesters break through security fencing outside of the DNC

Protesters broke through the security fencing outside of the Wells Fargo Center around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. FOX 29 is told one person got through the fence.

According to police, one woman was burnt when someone tried to burn a flag. Police say half a dozen to a dozen protesters have been taken into custody.

Jul 28 11:40

N. Korea: US has crossed red line, relations on war footing

North Korea's top diplomat for U.S. affairs told The Associated Press on Thursday that Washington "crossed the red line" and effectively declared war by putting leader Kim Jong Un on its list of sanctioned individuals, and said a vicious showdown could erupt if the U.S. and South Korea hold annual war games as planned next month.

Han Song Ryol, director-general of the U.S. affairs department at the North's Foreign Ministry, said in an interview that recent U.S. actions have put the situation on the Korean Peninsula on a war footing.

The United States and South Korea regularly conduct joint military exercises south of the Demilitarized Zone, and Pyongyang typically responds to them with tough talk and threats of retaliation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Until North Korea actually finds and masters a weapons delivery system which works, Kim Jung Un is impotent to cause any real harm.

That having been said, however, there have been numerous speculations this year about North Korea having developed, or being in the process of developing an EMP weapon.

Should that ultimately prove true, it would really be nasty for South Korea and certain areas of the US (particularly here in Hawaii).

Jul 28 11:38

Over 55k Americans injured, killed by US police in just 1 yr – study

Who is the enemy of America? Russia? China? NOPE! The district of criminals is America's worst and deadliest enemy. And here is the proof!

More than 55,000 Americans were either killed or injured by US police in just one year, a new study has revealed. Most of the deaths were from fatal firearm wounds or excessive use of taser devices.
The study, titled 'Perils of police action: a cautionary tale from US data sets,' covers the year 2012 and offers greater context to the issue of police brutality, which has only grown bigger in the four years since the research.

Jul 28 11:36

Bernie Delagate Speaks Out Against Fraud at DNC *Seat Fillers*

Jul 28 11:34

Bill Clinton Lied in Democrat National Convention speech, says Dick Morris, former Senior Political Advisor to President Clinton

Jul 28 11:32

'What Difference Did They Make?'

If the crimes listed below are charged
against the Clinton's, we could free ourselves from
All these lawless-chains they forged, over the last 30 years.
Because the requisite trials will bring down this government,
without the need for a violent revolution.

Jul 28 11:26



The U.S. army recently contracted CACI for "intelligence analysis services" in Syria. The Syrian government has not invited or otherwise allowed U.S. military or its contractors to enter the country. Any such activities infringes on Syria's sovereignty and are thereby in violation of international law.

The re-engagement of such a controversial company for services in the area boosts the recruitment appeal of the Islamic State.

A recent U.S. Department of Defense Contracts Press Announcement (Release No: CR-143-16, July 27, 2016) lists under the rubric "Army":

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is painfully obvious to me that such a rehire of a company which tortures (to the tune of 9 million dollars and change of your tax dollars) is paving the way for a more permanent war in the Middle East.

People who torture, and can do it for pay, and with impunity, are among the most psychologically ill people on the planet; and those are precisely the kind of human beings CACI will send to Syria.

This is both insane and counter-intuitive, because humankind has learned, since the time of the Catholic Inquisition, that torture only gets the tortured person to say what they think the torturer want them to say, in order for the torture to stop.

Apparently, the DOD wants false information in Syria from which they can weave a "narrative" they can then "sell" to Americans as a premise for further military intervention in that country.

When the US tortures or outsources torture, It broadcasts to the world that those values its leaders say they hold dear, humane treatment of prisoners, and peoples' right to peaceful self-determination, are only observed in the breach of those values, and not in their observance.

Additionally, the use of torture gives carte blanche for any country which doesn't much care for the US carte blanche to do just that to American citizens or our military personnel.

Please think about that for awhile.

And as reported at knowlegednuts.com, one of the most effective interrogators of World War II didn't use torture at all; he used trickery and kindness to get the information he wanted.

Hanns Scharff wasn’t your typical Nazi interrogator. Unlike the infamous Klaus Barbie, he didn’t believe in using physical violence. Instead, Scharff got prisoners to spill their secrets through trickery and kindness. The Whole Bushel When the Gestapo arrested French Resistance leader Jean Moulin, they used just about every method in the torturer’s handbook to make him talk. Officer Klaus Barbie and his secret policemen put hot needles under Moulin’s fingernails, tightened his handcuffs until his wrists snapped, and slammed a door on his hands until his fingers broke. Despite the brutal beatings, Moulin never cracked. He kept his mouth shut until he slipped into a coma and died. It was a tragic ending to a heroic life, and a strong indicator that Barbie’s methods, while bloody, weren’t all that effective. Perhaps if Moulin had been sent to Hanns Scharff, the story would have had a happier ending. Scharff was the friendliest interrogator of World War II. Fluent in English, Scharff grilled pilots who were shot down over Germany. Unlike the notorious Barbie, Scharff had a much more positive approach to interrogations. This Luftwaffe officer was a master of mind games. Before he quizzed a prisoner at the Dulag Luft camp, Scharff dug up as much background information on his subjects as possible. Even if he could only find basic info, he fooled prisoners into thinking he already knew all about their objectives. Since he was already aware of their activities, they might as well talk about them, right? Next, Scharff disarmed his prisoners by becoming their best bud. He often took them on trips to the local zoo, and he even let one prisoner take a ride in a German plane. After building a rapport with a POW, Scharff would take him on walks through the Oberursel forest. Together, the Nazi and the Allied pilot would stroll through the pine trees, observing the birds and chatting about America or England. The whole time, Scharff was listening for little slip-ups that would reveal information vital to the German war machine. Prisoners might inadvertently mention something about bomb sights or causally say something about operational plans. They might tell a story about their training or talk about the planes they used to fly. Scharff was such a smooth talker, such a friendly guy, that the prisoners had no idea they were being conned. They were just glad they weren’t being electrocuted. Many of them signed his guestbook before leaving the camp. In fact, after the war, he was invited to many POW reunions because he was such a gentleman. Eventually, Scharff moved to the US where he helped the Air Force come up with survival techniques for downed pilots, and taught intelligence agencies how to peacefully interrogate suspects. The Army was so impressed with Scharff’s methods that they incorporated his methods into their curriculum, and soldiers attending interrogation school learn all about his techniques.

Jul 28 11:13


Galilee council head stirs controversy defending limitations on pool use in Jewish towns. ‘Why is it racist?’

Jul 28 11:02

There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Free Market’

The debates leading up to the election this year will no doubt invoke the “American value” of capitalism. But what, exactly, does that mean? And what should it mean?

I’m no economist, but I took a few economics courses while earning an undergraduate business degree. Growing up in a capitalist society, I thought I understood the basic concepts underlying capitalism — free markets, competitive advantage, and so forth.

Jul 28 11:00


Because of the diverse audience we attract, there are a lot of Natural News readers who are still supporting the Democrats. If you're one of those people, it's time for you to question what you're really supporting because you may not be aware that the democratic party openly supports fracking, Monsanto, vaccine mandates, chemical agriculture and the TPP. On top of that, they're mostly opposed to GMO labeling, too. Only Sen. Sanders really stood up to the biotech industry on that point, and now after the DNC email leaks, you know how the democrat establishment hosed Sanders with a vindictive smear campaign to destroy his chances of winning the nomination.

The truth is, the Democrat party is not a party of progressive ideas. Even the progressive news website Common Dreams has authored this piece blasting the DNC for its betrayals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By voting for Hillary Clinton this November, you will be voting for a criminal machine; a narcotopcracy; a Frankenstinian environment hater; a lover of war and the military industrial complex.

You will be voting for more wars, the re-introduction of the draft, and more offshored/outsourced jobs.

The "Clinton Cash" documentary has been bumped up to the top of the WRH website, so please do take a look.

Jul 28 11:00


Webmaster's Commentary: 


Watch this! Then share it with everyone!

Jul 28 10:58

‘No On TPP': Hecklers & Other Distractions During Obama’s DNC Speech

President Barack Obama’s speech on Wednesday highlighted the need for party unity and long term commitment to changing the political system. However, his speech was upstaged by TPP protesters and other noisy audience members.

Jul 28 10:51


The biggest and most important bank in the biggest and most important country in Europe continues to implode right in front of our eyes. If you follow my work regularly, you probably already know that I issued a major alarm about Deutsche Bank last September. Subsequently, Deutsche Bank stock hit an all-time low. Then I sounded the alarm about Deutsche Bank again back in May, and once again that was followed by another all-time low for Deutsche Bank. And then I warned about Deutsche Bank again in early June, and you can probably imagine what happened after that. Over the past year, this German banking giant has literally been coming apart at the seams, and in so many ways it is paralleling exactly what happened to Lehman Brothers back in 2008.

Jul 28 10:47

FLASHBACK - Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

The article, in January 2013, detailed how the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, had taken over a Canadian company with uranium-mining stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West. The deal made Rosatom one of the world’s largest uranium producers and brought Mr. Putin closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain.

But the untold story behind that story is one that involves not just the Russian president, but also a former American president and a woman who would like to be the next one.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Democrats and corporate media are trying to use Trump's jokes about Russia and the missing 30,000 emails from Hillary's private server to claim is a "traitor" linked to Putin. But, as this New York Times article shows, there is a far stronger link of corruption leading from Russia to Hillary Clinton!

Jul 28 10:35

Free Speech And Political Conventions

This summer, we have all witnessed the heavy hand of government intervening in the freedom of speech, as the behavior of the Secret Service at both the Republican convention in Cleveland and the Democratic convention in Philadelphia was troubling and unconstitutional.

Jul 28 10:24

Banking trojan being distributed via 'legitimate' PayPal accounts

Hackers are using PayPal to distribute the Chtonic banking trojan, a variant of Zeus, according to security company Proofpoint.

The emails are ‘legitimate' but low in volume, and are not filtered by anti-spam or antivirus software because they come via genuine PayPal accounts.

"The sender does not appear to be faked. Instead the spam is generated by registering with PayPal (or using stolen accounts) and then using the portal to request money," said Proofpoint in a security advisory.

Jul 28 10:22

PetNet smart pet feeders break, leaving pets without food

The Petnet Smartfeeder, a $149 internet-connected pet food machine, has suffered server issues causing pets to go hungry as scheduled meals have failed to dispense and manual feeding from the corresponding iOS app didn't work for some users.

As tweeted by a Petnet customer, the company issued an email to users stating: “we are experiencing some difficulties with one of our third party servers.” The servers, rented by Petnet from Google, were down for about 10 hours.

As a result, the company told users: “you may experience a loss of scheduled feeds and failed remote feedings".

In a knock to confidence for early adopters of the emergent ‘Internet of Things’, the startup advised owners of Smartfeeder devices: “please ensure that your pets have been fed manually until we have resolved this issue".

Jul 28 10:06

Poll: Donald Trump Sees 17-Point Positive Swing in Two Weeks

On July 14, 2016, Trump was 15 points behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton 46.5 percent to 31.5 percent. However as of July 26, 2016, Trump closed that 15 point gap and is now up two points over Clinton, 40.2 percent to 38.5 percent.

Jul 28 09:57


Earlier this week, in my article titled, Hillary Clinton is in Deep Trouble – “Hordes of Wall Street Executives” Descend Upon Philly, I highlighted how all the Wall Street executives and lobbyists who avoided the RNC were excitedly flooding into the Democratic Convention. Here’s an excerpt:

Lobbyists are being welcomed back into the fold of the Democratic Party as the Obama era draws to a close.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has accepted more than $9 million in bundled donations from registered lobbyists, while the DNC has rolled back the lobbyist bans that Obama put into place.

“In 2008 and 2012, there was no integration with the [Obama] campaign,” said Al Mottur, a senior Democratic lobbyist at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, adding that he would have liked to have helped. “Now, the campaign is welcoming — they’re open to us. That’s why I’ve done as much work for her as I’ve done on her behalf.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Of course, lobbyists are flocking to the Clinton campaign; she's openly for sale, and will take anyone's money.

Speaking of which, there is a very "interesting" correlation in the funds the Clinton Foundation openly accepted from various North African and Middle Eastern countries. As reported at breitbart.com on 14 June of this year:

Hillary Clinton Took Millions from Anti-LGBT Countries That Jail and Execute Gays

In her response to the Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Hillary Clinton called on the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait to stop allowing their citizens to fund terrorists and to “stop supporting radical schools and mosques.” However, she failed to mention that the Clinton Foundation has spent years accepting millions in donations from countries that throw homosexuals in prison, fine them, sentence them to hard labor, and even execute them for the “crime” of being gay.

But trust me, there's a lot more ugly with these countries from which she took this money.

So what else do the countries of Algeria, the Sultanate of Brunei, Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE all have in common, in the 21st century?!?

The all still permit the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation.

Countries which still permit female genital mutilation

The correlation is nothing less than completely staggering.

So I have an ethics question to ask of the Clinton campaign; how in the name of heaven, as a person who is allegedly pro-woman, and pro-lgbtq, could Hillary Clinton knowingly take money from countries which fine, imprison, torture, and slaughter members of the lgbtq community, and permit female genital mutilation?!?

Hey, DNC: I'm waiting.....and your silence is thoroughly deafening.

Jul 28 09:34

Tailgunner Hillary and the Putin Hack

What Robby Mook did is pure McCarthyism

On July 24 Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook carefully avoided naming his sources when he told when he told ABC’s “This Week” host and former Bill Clinton administration aide-de-media George Stephanopoulos “It’s troubling that some experts are now telling us that this was done by the Russians for the purpose of helping Donald Trump.”

Mook’s this was a cache of some 19,000 emails and associated documents stolen from a Democratic National Committee server and released on July 22 by Julian Assange’s highly-suspect hack-and-intimidate operation that goes by the nom de guerre Wikileaks.

Though Mook provided no proof that Russian agents committed the crime, he clearly painted Russia as an American adversary acting with malign intent.>>>
Mook provided no proof that Putin favors Trump over Hillary Clinton>>>
Mook’s statement had elements of a “circular cause and consequence” fallacy, where the author of the statement claims the consequence of the an action or phenomenon is its root cause>>>
Mook’s rumination also contained an implicit accusation of disloyalty, one laced with disturbing as well as richly ironic echoes of Wisconsin Sen. Joseph R. “Tailgunner Joe” McCarthy’s notorious “Enemies from Within” speech (February 9, 1950)


Jul 28 09:32


The reason Ford stock is plunging this morning is not so much the company's earnings miss, when the US auto giant reported Q2 EPS of $0.52, below the $0.60 expected, but because in some startling language, CEO Mark Fields laid out a very gloomy picture of the future.

As the company reported in its press release, it told investors to "expect another strong year of results, and Ford committed to full year guidance of company pretax profit and operating margin equal to or better than last year; however, company now sees risks challenging achieving guidance. Entire Ford team working to mitigate the risks."

A key part of the problem is one shown here repeatedly over the past year, namely the troubling increase in auto inventories, which are now at 5 year highs, and the inventory to sales ratio back to levels seen during the last recession.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't know about where you live, but here in Hawaii, auto companies are leasing cars at absolute giveaway prices.

But people here are hanging on to their vehicles the best they can, because they absolutely don't have the money to get a newer car, and are afraid they can't make the lease payments, no matter how reasonable those may be.

And as a sign of how bad the times are, on several local radio stations, there's an ad for a dealer offering "repoed" (repossessed)vehicles at substantially lowered prices.

Mike and I will look, shake our heads, and say, "They obviously cannot move product, to have lease prices THIS low."

Jul 28 09:21


“What you have stumbled across is a systematic lack of strategic thinking, a systematic lack of evaluation, but a massive commitment of people and money and time in a growing number of countries,” said Gordon Adams, formerly a senior White House official for national security and foreign policy budgets. “I think the word ‘system’ is a misnomer. This is a headless system,” he said.

The investigation raises serious questions about U.S. government oversight, safeguards, and accountability. The investigation found:

• A global training network without any coherent strategy, carried out by scores of agencies and offices with no effective oversight, centralized planning, or a clear statement of objectives.
• The lack of any means of testing and evaluation, let alone a comprehensive way to count or track foreign trainees.
• Vetting procedures designed to weed out human rights abusers that examine trainees so rapidly that experts question their worth.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is, indeed, a flustercluck, with absolutely no Federal will to fix it in any responsible, meaningful way.

Jul 28 09:20

By November, Russian hackers could target voting machines

Russia was behind the hacks into the Democratic National Committee’s computer network that led to the release of thousands of internal emails just before the party’s convention began, U.S. intelligence agencies have reportedly concluded.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let is start by recalling that Sony Pictures hack, which the same U.S. Intelligence agencies concluded came from North Korea, only to be humiliated when it turned out to be an internal leak by a disgruntled employee. One wonders if recently assassinated DNC IT worker Seth Rich might have been the real source of the WikiLeaks data.

Second, WikiLeaks, while not revealing the source, has denied it was Russia.

Third, I find it rather odd that the Washington Post is only now concerned about election fraud, but only so long as they can use it to bash Russia. Anyone who has visited blackboxvoting.org or seen the HBO documentary "Hacking Democracy" knows the entire US election system is a cesspool of fraud. And we do not need to look at Putin to find who will be cheating this November.

A report by Election Justice USA has taken a look at the known frauds that took place during the Democratic primaries and concluded that 184 delegates that should have gone to Bernie Sanders were instead delivered to Hillary Clinton. Absent the cheating, Bernie would have won the nomination.

A recent Stanford study showed that in precincts where paper ballots and hand counting were used, the official results matched the exit polls, but when electronic voting machines were used, the official results always shifted towards Hillary by 8-9% versus the exit polls!

Why isn't the Washington Post reporting on all the lawsuits that have been filed regarding Democratic primary cheaters? Why is the Washington Post engaging in baseless speculations? Is it because, should Trump achieve a landslide victory too huge for the election riggers to overcome, the entire election will be tossed out under the spurious claim that Russia hacked the voting machines?

I have a solution to the problem. Let's ban all electronic voting machines for November. That way the election cannot be hacked, by Russia .... or someone much closer to home!

Jul 28 09:08

96-page report finds that Bernie lost 184 delegates to DNC election fraud

Election Justice USA has established an upper estimate of 184 pledged delegates lost by Senator Bernie Sanders as a consequence of specific irregularities and instances of fraud. Adding these delegates to Senator Sanders’ pledged delegate total and subtracting the same number from Hillary Clinton’s total would more than erase the 359 pledged delegate gap between the two candidates.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, absent the cheating, Bernie would have won the nomination!

Jul 28 09:00


“We reject the false notion that Israel is an occupier,” the platform’s language on Israel, introduced by GOP delegate Alan Clemmons, reads. “Support for Israel is an expression of Americanism, and it is the responsibility of our government to advance policies that reflect Americans’ strong desire for a relationship with no daylight between America and Israel.”

The Democrats did not do much better. CNN reported on July 10 that “Hillary Clinton supporters rejected an effort Saturday to add an amendment to the Democratic platform which would call for ‘an end to occupations and illegal settlements’ in Palestinian territories.” The rejection of that amendment dealt a blow to any hope that the platform would reflect and address the reality on the ground, a reality of occupation approaching its 50-year anniversary.

Jul 28 09:00


Israel demolished more Palestinian homes in past 6 months than in all of 2015

Jul 28 08:47

Why I starved, chained my son – Pastor Francis

Our correspondent had reported that Francis chained his son, Korede, to the altar in the church for more than a month and starved him until he went into a coma in an attempt to cast out the supposed spirit that made the boy to steal.

Korede was, however, rescued on Friday during a joint operation by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps and the police, after receiving a tip-off from residents of the area.

Korede’s stepmother, Kehinde, had also been arrested for allegedly aiding the cruelty meted out to the boy.

Jul 28 08:46

Julian Assange Promises "A Lot More Material" Coming on US Election

Julian Assange has promised "a lot more material" is coming on the US elections.

Rather than simply dump all the data they've received all at once like they did with the Manning leaks, Wikileaks is following the Greenwald model of releasing it in a slow trickle to completely dominate the news cycle.

This is absolutely spectacular.

Jul 28 08:46

Restaurant Recession Could Signal Tough Times for U.S. Economy

Analysts are forecasting a "restaurant recession" in the U.S., which is bad news for America's food and drink establishments and potentially even worse news for the economy at large.

Paul Westra, a senior research analyst at Stifel Financial Corp., said in a research note Tuesday that he'd turned "decidedly bearish" on the restaurant industry, downgrading Stifel's stance on 11 different restaurant stocks, including Chipotle Mexican Grill, Panera Bread and Cheesecake Factory.

Jul 28 08:44

German armed police smash their way into mosque and raid homes of group accused of radicalising Muslims and grooming them for jihad

Armed police officers have launched a raid on a mosque and several homes belonging to a group believed to be radicalising Muslims in Germany.

Apartments belonging to eight board members of the radical German-speaking Islamic group DIK were searched by officers in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony.

It comes as part of a crackdown on the group, which is thought to have been encouraging people to travel to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.

The group ran sermons, seminars and lectures entitled 'the hatred of infidels', according to German media.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jul 28 08:43

Actual ad for Democratic Convention seat fillers

Looking for significant number of minorities, (blacks, Asians, Latinos, etc.), to fill seats while cheering and holding signs as well as holding signs outside of the WF Center tonight only. Pay is $10/hour and would need you at 5 PM for a minimum of six hours.

Jul 28 08:38

DESPERATION ON THE CUSP OF MADNESS BEX - Why IS Hillary so unpopular? Psychologists explain science behind Clinton's struggle to win over voters

Research, including new work from our Human Cooperation Laboratory at Yale, suggests Trump may be successful precisely because of his hotheadedness and lack of carefully thought-out proposals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the latest desperate spin is that if you don't support Hillary, you are mentally ill. Of course, to the psychiatric industry, everything is a mental illness, for which they will sell you a pill, bit I digress.

But according to these "researchers", shady cattle-futures trading, Whitewater, Flowerwood, Castle Grande CIA cocaine running through Mena, Arkansas while Bill was Governor, the "Train deaths", ADFA, defaming all of Bill's sex assault victims, the "lost" Rose Law Firm billing records, travel office firings to hand contract to Hollywood friends, sending sensitive technology to China for donations to Bill's re-election, the murder of Vince Foster, the murder of Ron Brown Hillary-care, using the IRS against their enemies, looting the White House of furniture when they left, illegally obtaining FBI files on their enemies, lies about sniper fire in Bosnia, Benghazi, the felony violations of Title 18 from Hillary's private email server, the "pay to play" Clinton Foundation, and the rigging of the Democratic primaries to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders are simply not factors to consider, Oh, no, no, no, no! The problem is that the voters are mentally incompetent to select the media-declared "best" candidate!

Jul 28 08:38

Organic panty liners found contaminated with glyphosate weedkiller

Over 3,000 boxes of cotton-based panty liners have been pulled off the shelves in Canada and France, after findings that they contained glyphosate, the active – and cancer-causing – ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup.

Jul 28 08:23

Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party

The nomination was barely sealed up at the Democratic National Convention before Bernie Sanders, who had campaigned against Hillary Clinton for the party’s nod, went back to being an Independent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Read the comments!

Jul 28 08:22

FLASHBACK - Watchdog: VA admits spending $100 million on conferences in 2011

It turns out the Department of Veterans Affairs spent $100 million on conferences last year - not the $20 million it previously claimed - and it didn't account for that money to a Congressional committee demanding details, either.

Jul 28 08:12

‘US deliberately destroyed CIA black site used for torture’

And then there's the question of one specific piece of evidence not sent back that pertains to a secret CIA black site where most of the defendants were reportedly tortured. Defense teams have announced that the black site they believed was under protective order as a crime scene has been destroyed without their knowledge.

Jul 28 08:12

A Reminder To The Nation: Putin’s Leadership Is Better Than Obama’s

Donald Trump Reiterates: Putin’s Leadership Better Than Obama’s

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Donald J. Trump called President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia “a better leader” than President Obama, offering the praise in an interview with “Fox and Friends” on Thursday, just a day after saying he hoped Russian intelligence services had successfully hacked Hillary Clinton’s email.

Asked about comments he had made Wednesday at a news conference in Florida, where he said “Putin has much better leadership qualities than Obama,” Mr. Trump reiterated his views in slightly starker terms.

“I said he’s a better leader than Obama,” Mr. Trump said. “I said he’s a better leader than Obama, because Obama’s not a leader, so he’s certainly doing a better job than Obama is, and that’s all.”

(*This Picture Should Help Punctuate The Donald's Retaliatiom Remarks
http://www.trbimg.com/img-57998182/turbine/ct-philadelphia-convention-... )

Jul 28 08:05

Cardinal George Pell accused of ‘grabbing’ young boys at swimming pool in latest scandal to hit Vatican

Cardinal George Pell, one of the most powerful figures in the Vatican and Australia’s most senior Catholic cleric, is facing a police investigation over an alleged series of child sexual assaults, including claims he inappropriately “grabbed” boys at a swimming pool in the state of Victoria.

Jul 28 07:59

Brad Pitt's Hurricane Katrina house-building charity in turmoil: Massive delays in projects; residents' complaints about shoddy homes as four executives and top architect quit

Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation has been rocked by claims one of its projects is behind schedule and that a number of senior staff members have left the charity.

The foundation's plan to develop between six and 50 homes in Manheim Park, Kansas City, has been delayed for more than a year, according to theKansas City Star.

The newspaper claims construction on the properties, which was set to get underway in May 2015, is yet to begin.

Jul 28 07:52

Sen. Lindsey Graham: ‘No time to nickel and dime Israel’

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) sounded irate in a brief phone interview Monday afternoon with Right Turn. His subcommittee, with strong bipartisan support, has already passed legislation to hike military aid to Israel from $3.1 billion to $3.4 billion for 2017.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We'll just nickle and dime the American people instead!" -- LOG

Jul 28 07:50

Farm workers who detassel corn are sickened by pesticides; emergency crews called to decontaminate

Growing up in America's heartland (central Iowa), detasseling corn each summer was a great way to earn some extra money. However, the job wasn't easy, as it required waking up early and working manual labor outside in the hot summer sun. Unlike my peers, my parents did not push me to detassle due to the allergic reaction I had from being outside in the cornfields.

Looking back, I realize how much of a blessing this was, because at the time, I never realized how harmful (or even deadly) that summertime job could be. Neither did my family, friends or anyone else in my hometown for that matter. Back then, the word "glyphosate" was never mentioned, despite the fact that it was being used all around us.

Jul 28 07:50

Panama Papers: Offshore Firm Helped Billionaires Plunder Africa

Mossack Fonseca, the offshore law firm at the heart of the Panama Papers leak, helped politicians, their families and businessmen rob Africa of billions of dollars, according to a new investigation.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which published the leak along with dozens of international media, found that 44 of 54 African countries have a total of at least 37 mining, oil and mineral companies connected to offshore accounts.

Their research, published Sunday, focuses on a case in Algeria, where Farid Bedjaoui, nephew of a former Algerian foreign minister, arranged US$275 million in bribes through offshore companies to award US$10 billion oil contracts.

Jul 28 07:49

CIA Productions Inc. – Syrian ‘Rebel’ Commander Forgets His Lines

We cannot confirm the absolute authenticity of this video, but it certainly depicts a comical scenario of an Ivy League CIA agent or contractor wag the dog-style director behind the camera trying to get this ‘moderate rebel’ terrorist actor to read his CIA lines properly.

Jul 28 07:48

Putin promises rebel fighters a safe 'way-out' if they surrender as Russian-backed Syrian army surrounds war-torn Aleppo amid fears of humanitarian 'catastrophe' in besieged city

Russia said three humanitarian corridors will be opened around the battered northern city 'to aid civilians held hostage by terrorists and for fighters wishing to lay down their arms'.

Jul 28 07:48

Record-breaking rainfall, destructive tornadoes and a spell of cold weather hits South Africa

Snowfall and record-breaking rains triggered severe flooding and landslides across the affected areas, prompting the authorities to issue adequate weather warnings.

Jul 28 07:47

DNC Was Not ‘Fair’ To Sanders, Says Senate Dem Leader

The US Democratic National Committee was not “fair” to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, says Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

Jul 28 07:43


When Hillary Clinton sent classified emails from her unsecure, personal server, lied and got caught they said... Everybody does it.

When thousands of emails and documents suddenly disappeared from the IRS on hard drives conveniently eaten by the dog they said... Nothing to see... Move along.

When the CIA Director got his email hacked by a teenager who smokes pot every day they said... Dude, he smokes pot?

When the Russians (maybe) hacked the DNC showing the party to be a bunch of frat boy jerks more interested in scoring with chicks, bad mouthing Bernie Sanders and collecting cash from stupid donors they said...


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jul 28 07:40

There’s No Business Like the Arms Business

So here’s a question that’s puzzled me for years?—?and I’m something of an arms wonk. Why do other major U.S. exports?—?from Hollywood movies to Midwestern grain shipments to Boeing airliners?—?garner regular coverage while trends in weapons exports remain in relative obscurity?

Are we ashamed of standing essentially alone as the world’s number one arms dealer, or is our Weapons “R” Us role such a commonplace that we take it for granted, like death or taxes?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Our Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Elevates American Weapons Sales to Other Countries to Record Levels

Jul 28 07:37

Bernie Supporters Boo, Chant "No More Wars" As Leon Panetta Pitches Hillary's War Credentials

Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta reinforced Hillary Clinton's position as a warmonger in his speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight. Amid various jabs at Donald Trump, Panetta exclaimed the danger of "withdrawal" of American forces from the world and the apparent need for more status quo interventionism; but the 'reportedly' united Democratic convention seemed not to agree. Bernie Sanders' supporters drowned out Panetta's claims that Hillary masterminded Bin Laden's killing with boos and chants of "no more war," and "lies."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hillary masterminded Bin Laden's killing?!? I don't think so, Leon!

Jul 28 07:30

Will Hillary Go Down Like Nixon? Watergate Journalist: “What’s On Emails? Probably Not Pretty”

Is Hillary being set up for the greatest fail of her entire career?

The clearing process for her controversial secret emails means that there will be a slow dribble of sensational and damning emails throughout the entire campaign for 2016. What is uncovered, and used as ammo against a dynastic candidate that many see as ‘inevitable’ and ‘selected,’ could even be enough to ruin her chances.

It is grueling gauntlet that every candidate should have to run – answering to details of their shady past and questions about their exploits on the public dime during their “public service.” How else can the worst people be kept from attaining the highest office?

Jul 28 07:28

She failed, then followed Bill

In an article for a conservative Internet journal that has been widely distributed via chain e-mail, former Clinton adviser-turned-foe Dick Morris points out a little-known embarrassment about Sen. Hillary Clinton, who was a star law student at Yale.

"She flunked the D.C. bar exam and only passed the Arkansas bar," he wrote.

It's true.

Jul 28 07:27

Siberian candidate?

Who would have thought Russia and Vladimir Putin would play such an important role in the American presidential election? The media treadmill claims Trump is under Putin’s spell. And Hillary Clinton is blaming the Russian president for yet another scandal. Russia is a one-size-fits-all political tool.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Again, I want to remind everyone that the same government and unnamed "security experts" blamed the Sony Pictures hack on then-top villain North Korea, only to have it later come out it was an internal leak by a disgruntled employee, are the same government and unnamed "security experts" blaming Russia for the DNC leak.

Jul 28 07:23


Every now and then one just has to stop and admire the banksters; for duplicity, subtlety, and a tapestry of relationships that leaves one wondering just how deep the corruption goes, for a tangle of political corruption that perhaps only divine omniscience and ubiquity could sort out, they are unparalleled. What am I talking about? Well, this one may leave you scratching your head, as it did me, and I am tempted to file this one under the "you tell me" category: the FBI, apparently, has arrested two senior managers at HSBC(Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation):

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here are some of the dots...

Jul 28 07:21

US Slob-Dressed Ambassador Pathetically Excuses Murder in Syria

Samantha Power would not explain how US planes mistakenly bombed hundreds of civilians, but whined about 'civil society' groups. Yet she and Obama are total failures at advancing human rights they claim to champion

Jul 28 07:20

Hillary’s Single Legislative Success: Renaming a Building in NYC

In eight years, her one concrete achievement was getting a courthouse renamed for Thurgood Marshall.

(*and who knows who's missing in the poured foundation ? )

Jul 28 07:16

With DNC Leaks, Former ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Is Now True––and No Big Deal

This weekend, Wikileaks revealed thousands of hacked emails from within the DNC that showed what the New York Times described as “hostility” and “derision” towards the Sanders campaign from top party officials.

While it’s impossible to know whether systemic pro-Hillary Clinton bias at the DNC was decisive in the 2016 Democratic primary race, we now know beyond any doubt that such a bias not only existed, but was endemic and widespread.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We do not that DNC bias was NOT decisive in shifting the primaries towards Hillary. But there are numerous lawsuits trying to find out, and the voters need to know if a candidate is cheating before those November Elections.

Jul 28 07:13

We Still Don’t Know Who Killed Seth Rich 10 Days Later

Ten days after the murder of promising Democratic staffer Seth Rich, the Washington D.C. slaying remains unsolved and police say they have no suspects in the crime.

Rich, a Jewish data analyst for the Democratic National Committee who worked on polling station expansion, was shot and killed as he walked home on Sunday, July 10.

Police told Rich’s parents that they believed his death was the result of a botched robbery. Though Rich’s killer did not take his wallet or phone, D.C. Police Commander William Fitzgerald said that “there is no other reason (other than robbery)for an altercation at 4:30 in the morning” at a community meeting on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'll give you a possible reason.

The DNC has been hugely embarrassed by exposure of their internal emails. The government, citing unnamed "security experts", is pushing the line that Russia had to be behind this hack. But this same government and unnamed "security experts" also insisted the hack of Sony Pictures had to be done by North Korea, only to be humiliated when it was revealed to be an internal leak by a disgruntled employee. So, what is the DNC emails were, like Sony Pictures, not a foreign hack but an internal leak, and what if Seth Rich, who was in the perfect place, was the leaker?