Boeing Statement on FBI's TWA 800 Investigation -- Nov. 18, 1997 (Since removed from the Boeing website)

The FBI's assessment that it has not found any criminal evidence in the investigation of the loss of TWA Flight 800 does not change the role of The Boeing Company role in the continuing effort to determine the cause of this tragedy.

The role of The Boeing Company in the investigation remains the same as it has been since the early hours following the crash: We continue to assist the National Transportation Safety Board in their effort to determine what happened and why. We will keep providing whatever information and resources we can to help in that effort, including participating in the upcoming NTSB public hearing.

Boeing provided information about the design, operation and performance of the 747 to the FBI throughout their criminal investigation. However, Boeing was not involved in the production of the video shown today, nor have we had the opportunity to obtain a copy or fully understand the data used to create it.

While we provided basic aerodynamic information to assist in the CIA's analysis of the airplane's performance, we are not aware of the data that was used to develop the video.

The video's explanation of the eyewitness observations can be best assessed by the eyewitnesses themselves.

Since the beginning of the investigation, Boeing has never subscribed to any one theory. Our role continues to be to assist in determining how and why this tragedy occurred. We remain committed to that goal.

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