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The YAHOO Directory.


Chip Tatum's Old Website.

Chip Tatum's New Website.

Parents Against Corruption and Cover-up (Tommy Burkett Murder)

Nation of Hawaii Soverignity Movement

Hawaiian Sovereignty Elections Council

Indigenous Peoples Soverignity Movement

The Robert K. Dornan Voter Fraud Investigation.

The Jane Fonda Network.

the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum.


FX world

Visual Effects Headquarters

Side Effects Software (best CGI system there is)


Home Science: Backyard Astronomy Basics

Space Lessons For Kids

The Sky At Night From Your Patio

Be an Astronomer Right From Your Own Window!

Astronomy Software And Resources


Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, the largest radio telescope in the world.


Ohio State University has just brought a SERENDIP III system online for conducting SETI observations at OSU radio observatory.

Project Phoenix, the most well-funded search effort, has used a version of the SERENDIP II instrument for radio frequency interference studies. Project Phoenix, a former now operating in the private sector, is one of several research efforts to examine extraterrestrial life run by the SETI Institute.

Explore the Universe with NASA's Astro-2

Space Shuttle

Hot Topic: Space Shuttle

NASA Shuttle Web - information about all space shuttle missions.

Orbiter Vehicles

Shuttle Launches from Kennedy Space Center

Space Shuttle Models - several 3D model data sets for the shuttle

Space Shuttle News Reference Manual

Space Shuttle Overview - Flight hardware for the Space Shuttle is manufactured at many locations around the United States by NASA prime contractors and subcontractors.

Space Shuttle Photographs Repository

Index - Shuttle and Satellite Images Space Shuttle Photograph Repository for more info and to view Space Shuttle Photographs.


Views of Solar System

NASA Spacelink - NASA Spacelink is a collection of NASA information and educational materials. It is provided by the NASA Educational Affairs Division.

NASA Thesaurus

National Air and Space Museum

National Space Grant Program - NASA's National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program is designed to promote aerospace education and research through the nation's colleges and universities.

National Space Society (NSS) - to promote change in social, technical, economic, and political conditions to advance the day when people will live and work in space.

New Space Network - Information clearinghouse for anyone interested in small and low cost space programs.

Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations - an ongoing scientific research effort aimed at detecting radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations

Should We Go Back to the Moon? - A public policy forum debating the pros and cons of returning to the moon, this time to establish a permanent lunar base.

Space Calendar

Space Life Sciences - Data Archive at the NSSDC

Space Physics at the NSSDC

Space Sciences Information Systems - A multi-discipline reference for the space science information systems that transcends government agency, university, research group and individual boundaries.

Space Settlement - home to information on orbital space settlement and colonization

Star*s Family - Growing collection of directories, dictionaries, databases and related products on astronomy, space sciences, and related fields and orgs of the world.

Views Of The Solar System - A great guide for people of all ages to learn about our solar system.

X-SAR User Kit at DLR - 1000 image quick looks from the shuttle missions SIR-C/X-SAR plus technical documents

FAQ - Space

Spot Image of Toulouse, France, satellite images..


Current Weather, Climate and Forecast Maps

INTELLiCast - weather info around the world, US, and various resorts. Images, movies, etc.

Live Access to Climate Data

Maui Weather Today

Meteo France

MIT Weather Gateway

MITSA - Weather Page

Monthly Temperature Anomalies - The following form allows the user to create a contour map or a time series plot of temperature anomalies derived from the merged Global Historic Climate Network and the Monthly Climatic Data of the World.

NOAA Weather Venues - form and map based queries for regional forecasts.

Perilous Times - quick reference to current conditions on the earth

Pine, Colorado Weathercam - Highest weathercam online so far at 8,500 feet.

Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison - PCMDI provides documentation, data, and software relevant to climate modeling.

Todays Space Weather

Remote Sensing

Air Project - studies dynamic Ground-Sea-Atmospheric observations obtained from remote sensing. Applications involve natural evolutive phenomena characterization by image processing and environmental evolution.

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing - Comprehensive view of the Canadian remote sensing community, its activities, products, tools and programs.

NASA/JPL Imaging Radar

Public Use of Remote Sensing Data

Remote Sensing Public Access Center (RSPAC)


Active Tectonics

Continental Scientific Drilling Program

Earth System Science Community Curriculum - a holistic approach to the study of the Earth that stresses investigations of the interactions among the Earth's components in order to explain Earth dynamics, Earth evolution and global change

Envision - Interactive System for the Management and Visualization of Large Geophysical Data Sets

Geological Survey of Canada

Geological Survey of Japan

Geomorphology - Electronic version of popular geomorphology book and various other online resources of interest to geomorphologists.

Noctilucent Clouds - general information about Noctilucent Clouds as well as information on the working group studying them.

Nuclear Monitoring Technology

On-line Resources for Earth Scientists


Northern California Southern California U.S. Strong Motion Seismosurfing

The Pasadena Field Office of the US Geological Survey

Seismological Laboratory at Caltech

Southern California Seismic Network (SCSN)

National Strong-Motion Program

GPS array for studies of crustal deformation related to earthquakes.

The Southern California Earthquake Center Data Center (SCEC_DC)

Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC)


Amateur Astrophotography (in German) - Amateur astrophotography tips and ideas from personal experience. Some demo pictures.

Astronomy and Astrophysics at NSSDC

Astronomy Cafe - Hotkeys to the stars, book on a career in astronomy, Ask the Astronomer Q/A, links to data/images. Software for manipulating data for Science Fair Projects.

Astronomy HyperText Book

Astrophysics Data System Abstract Service - The ADS Abstract Service provides access to over 160,000 astronomical abstracts since 1975.

Astrotext - develop an online introductory textbook on astronomy using contributions from the Internet.

AstroWeb: Astronomical Internet Resources


CyberSky Planetarium for MS Windows

Doug Ingram's Astronomical Teaching Resources - describes some of the Astronomy courses taught at the University of Washington and provides links to the resources used in teaching the classes, such as readings, homeworks, labs, exams, syllabi, study guides, etc. Most files are either linked both as LaTeX and PostScript or as just ASCII.

Dundee Astronomy Page - Planet information (incl. rising and setting times) for any location/time; astronomy quiz; some pictures.

Earth and Universe - a comprehensive multimedia guide to Stars and Galaxies.

Galactic PNe data base Innsbruck

General Astronomy Index

Global Oscillation Network Group - a community-based program to conduct a detailed study of solar internal structure and dynamics using helioseismology.

Masters of Science Physics Guide: Solar System

Imstar - Astronomy links and some of our own CCD images

Planetary Rings Node - Responsible for restoring, archiving, and publishing datasets describing planetary ring systems. All of the relevant datasets aquired from previous and future spacecraft, as well as from Earth-based observatories.

SkyMap Windows Planetarium - An award-winning shareware planetarium program for Windows 3.1 or higher.

Space Links

Star*s Family - StarHeads - database of individual web pages essentially of astronomers and related space scientists.

Stargazer Map [Mount Wilson Observatory] - creates customized PostScript star charts for your location and a date/time of your choosing

StarTrax-NGB: The HEASARC Browse

Strasbourg astronomical data center

WebStars: Astrophysics in Cyberspace


Intelsat (International Telecommunications Satellite Organization)

Satellite Journal International - News for satellite professionals and enthusiasts

Satellite Tracking Resources

TechSAT Project

University of New Hampshire Small Satellite Lab

University of Surrey - Satellite Programme

The Bradford Robotic Telescope

The Bradford Robotic Telescope This is my favorite hot link., It takes a large amount of work to learn the interface, but for astronomy fans it is well worth it.

Remote Sensing


SGI on Yahoo

IRIX 5.3 Announcement - Announcement of IRIX 5.3 - SGIs implementation of UNIX for their workstation products.

SGI anonymous ftp sites

FAQ Sgi SGI FAQs CLR software Center for Visual Creation, a SGI Training Center LLNL Xftp IRIS Explorer Center Silicon Surf


Aminet archives.

Fine Art Scans .

Classical MIDI archives.


Emerging Deseases (EBOLA)



Hawai`i Center for Volcanology

USGS Hawai`i Volcano Observatory "Volcano Watch"

Bishop Museum's Geology Page

Indigenous Peoples Soverignity Movement

Nation of Hawaii Soverignity Movement

Hawaiian Sovereignty Elections Council

Free Bumpy (Kanahele) Page.

Free Bumpy (Kanahele) Story.


Nation of Hawaii Soverignity Movement

Hawaiian Sovereignty Elections Council

Portland Free Press.

Chip Tatum's New Website.


Western Journalism Center

Chris Ruddy's Website.

Jim Harrell's Website.

Oregon Police State.

Carolyn's Conservative Corner

The Consortium Home Page

Serendipity Web Page

David Hackworth's Column.

Patriots for a Constitutional America.

Generation X website.

Phil Anderson.

Max Kennedy's Page.

Dave Feustel's Page.

Telegraph Conspiracy Page.

Psycho War Against The Internet And The American People.

Philidelphia Crier.

World Government Listserver.

Reinhardt World Government Page

Federation of Earth.

Messages From The Future.

Pink Noise Studios.

Contacting the Congress.

Jeff's Home Page (Conspiracy and religeon).


Free Republic.

MEDIA DISTRIBUTION contains a plethora of videos, books and magazines on current topics, including "The Clinton Scandals", and now the home of the "Clinton Expose Web".

David Sussman's Web Empire! The extremist's Extremist is BACK!!!!

Peter J. Celano Extremist page.

Politically Incorrect Songs.

Alliance to Expose Government Corruption.

Email Addresses for American Politicians and PACS.

Politics of Computer Privacy.

List of Online Activist Groups.

Talk show host & activist Michael Reagan.

Arkansas Horrors web site.

David Feustel's great archive on CIA cocaine smuggling.

Duane Roberts' Mena documents are archived at.

Lisa Pease's Real History Archives.

Bob Parry's The Consortium.

Covert Action Quarterly home page.

Federation of American Scientists' library of U.S. intelligence documents.

USS Liberty Home Page.

Clinton scandals.

Hillary Scandals.






three years of joke collection.

Oasis Breads (Read the Kamut page).

Phil Anderson.

Antique Texts.

History of TIME's Man Of The Year. check out 1938, 1939, and 1942.

Numbers Stations on Shortwave Radio.






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