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On March 25th, 1996, a copy of Patrick Knowlton's "Witness Tampering Report" was delivered to the office of Independent Council Kenneth Starr.

Among the other allegations, Patrick Knowlton claimed that he was being harassed and followed by numerous gentlemen. Not only were these events witnessed by other people, but photographs of two of the offenders were taken, which you see reproduced above.

Anyone with information as to the identity of the above two gentlemen (and I use that term loosely) are requested to telephone the office of John A. Clarke, who is Knowlton's attorney. Telephone is 1-202-332-3030.

The Report of Witness Tampering (3/4/96 edition) by Knowlton's attorney is available for 23.95 by calling 1-202-332-3030. (insert usual disclaimer about not being commercially connected with this item; message posted as a service to the internet community; I avoid talking to lawyers as a matter of religeous faith).

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[The Man at Fort Marcy Park]

This is the drawing of the man Patrick Knowlton spotted at Fort Marcy Park with a "menacing" look. London Telegraph Reporter Ambrose Evens-Pritchard had an artist produce the drawing from Knowlton's description.

One possability is that this is the face of professional assassin Pablo Vitale Rodriquez, who has allegedly identified Jackson Stephens as his client.

Excerpt from Knowlton's Witness Tampering Report.




Thi is a photograph of Raymond "Buddy" Young, former Arkansas Police Captain and Bill Clinton's head of security, and is reported to have been Barry Seal's contact at the Governor's mansion. On the day following Vincent Foster's murder, Raymond Young was promoted to a senior position with FEMA and moved out of Washington D.C. to the Denton. Texas FEMA office.

He has now returned to Washington DC. as the number 2 man at FEMA.

On the day prior to Foster's murder, a girl saw a man in a suit and tie examining the area near where Fosyter's body would later be dumped. His manner was so unusual that the girl reported it to the authorities.

Here is what typed FBI FD-302 (page 1679 of Volume II) has to say about the description of the man the girl saw on 7/19/93 at about 3 PM:

A white male. . . wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and red necktie. Early 40s, dark hair, approximately 180 pounds and slightly over six feet in height. No facial hair. Not wearing glasses.


[Craig Livingstone]

This is a photograph of Craig Livingstone, of "filegate" fame and a key player in the events of July 20th, including the removal of papers from Foster's office, and the mysterious appearance of keys in Foster's body at the Morgue.


[The John Doe #2]

This is the drawing of "John Doe #2" from the bombing of theMurrah Building in Oklahoma City, April 19th, 1995.

Oklahoma Bombing Page.



[mystery man]

[mystery man]

Photo supplied by John Q. Public. If you know who this man is, please

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Linda Tripp's Arrest Record

Courtesy of The Smoking Gun..

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