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"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight." -- President John F. Kennedy, Ten days before his assassination.



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Is Area 51 just a distraction?

Okay, so my wife and I are spending a frustrating Friday evening going through the hundreds of channels on our cable system looking for anything that isn't a reality show or that we haven't seen 87 times already this year. And I notice a plethora of TV shows on the so-called "science" channels about space aliens and UFOs. So out of boredom we watch some of them for a bit, and the issue of Area 51 being the "go to" place for anyone interested in US black project aircraft or flying saucers is a constant theme.

Now, I worked my way through college as a professional magician, and I recognize misdirection when I see it. Only last August CIA formally admitted that Area 51 exists, which seemed rather pointless given that everyone knows about it, but mention was made about the UFO rumors, etc. Far from being an ultra-top-secret research facility, it struck me that Area 51 is being PROMOTED in the public eye!

So, given a choice between watching the Bourne Tedium for the 47th time and looking into Area 51, I chose the latter.

This is the Groom Lake flight test facility, known as Area 51, also known as Dreamland or Paradise Ranch.

The facility is located at latitude 37.251018 longitude -115.811395 and you can see it in flashearth by following this link.

Yes, in looking close there are cars and some commuter aircraft there, showing that something is going on at Area 51, but then I took a closer look at the western runway, the one touted as the longest runway in the world according to one program we saw last night.

This runway is clearly dilapidated, and as any pilot will tell you, those large X markings mean the runway is closed for use.

So I took a look at the same runway as it moves off of the salt flat and into the base itself.

Here too we see severe deterioration of the tarmac and X marks showing the runway and taxiways are closed for use.

Now, there is a newer runway just to the east which is being used, but it is only 3 miles long, the same as any large commercial airport. So while Area 51 is being used for something, it hardly seems to fit the advertised image of being the nation's premier top-secret flight test center.

As a comparison, take a look at Boeing's Tonopah Flight Test Facility, roughly 60 miles northwest of Area 51.

The Boeing facility is located at latitude 37.797666 longitude -116.784277 and you can see it in flashearth by following this link. It is quite obviously in a much better state of repair than Area 51.

Given the focus on Area 51 and UFOs in the corporate media, it appears obvious that the US Government wants civilian aircraft spotters and UFO enthusiasts to continue to flock to Area 51. Yet Area 51 is no longer in a condition to support the testing of cutting-edge aircraft. That main runway is closed, and Area 51 does not even come up to the standards of maintenance seen at the nearby Boeing facility.

The obvious conclusion is that US black project aircraft development and testing has moved to a new location, and the once top-secret Area 51 is being heavily promoted by the media as a red herring to keep people looking in the wrong place and from asking just where that new location might be!