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Of brats, Popeye, Needful Things, and Israel

We've all seen the brats; Small children who get back at the big children by tricking them into fighting each other.

"Timmy? Bobby says your dog is ugly!"

"Oh? I'll teach him!"

"Bobby? Timmy says you're a coward!"

"Really? Where is he? I'll fix his wagon!"

And both Tommy and Bobby go home with bloodied noses and the brat feels a sense of self worth and empowerment normally denied to him by his small size.

Psychiatrists call this behavior "Let's you and him fight" and it is a very common behavioral problem among people dealing with massive inferiority issues.

So common is this behavior it was a recurring theme on the old Popeye cartoons.

Olive Oyl, the patron Saint of Cock teasers everywhere, would bat her eyelashes at both Popeye and Bluto, and inevitably a fight would ensue. One of the cartoon episodes was even named for the psychiatric term for that behavior!

Again, Olive, denied power and influence because of her size (and gender), derives a sense of personal esteem from tricking her men into constant combats.

A much darker view of "Let's you and him fight" is illustrated in Stephen King's "Needful Things." I highly recommend the book because the film adaptation simply did not do it justice.

Stephen King writes about the darkest corners of the human mind, places we prefer to pretend are not really there. And they are fully on display in "Needful Things." The story line is that a stranger comes to town and opens a unique antique store called "Needful Things."

The store is filled with amazing items that embody the secret dreams and lusts of the towns people. Always they are priced just tantalizingly out of reach, but the shop keeper is always willing to barter the desired trinket in exchange for a small favor; to tell a lie about some other town citizen the buyer does not like, or to play a dirty trick on some unsuspecting neighbor. Eventually, through a long campaign of lies and tricks, many townspeople are driven to murder each other. The shop keeper is, of course, the devil, eagerly harvesting the souls of the people whose lives have been destroyed so easily.

The plain truth is that actual adults are extremely rare among the human race, indeed they are an endangered species. No matter how old you grow, most of who you meet are just more children, bigger and stronger than you are, along with the small and insignificant brats who make themselves feel bigger by starting fights.

This brings us to Israel, a small nation dealing with a massive inferiority complex (their only measure of self worth seems to lie in acquiring money), a nation only able to feel important and empowered when it tricks other, more powerful nations, into warring with each other.

Perhaps the best known example of this "Let's you and him fight" tactic is the Lavon affair, in which Israeli agents bombed US and British assets inside Egypt and planted evidence framing Egyptian Muslims, in order to incite a war against Islam. The plot was exposed when one of the bombs detonated prematurely, and the Israeli agent was captured. Yet an other well-known example is Israel's attack on the USS Liberty, initially blamed on Egypt by Israel until the crew of the USS Liberty was finally able to broadcast a radio message identifying their true attackers. A US nuclear strike was en route to Cairo and recalled when the deception became known. The 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Towers is thought by many to have been an Israeli false-flag attack, to trick the United States into war on all Muslims.

These cases (and many more just like them) are known because they failed. Mistakes were made. True identities became known. What remains unknown is how many times Israel has succeeded in triggering wars between other nations that never realized they were playing Popeye and Bluto to Israel's Olive Oyl.

One such "Let's you and him fight" that sadly succeeded but has since become known for what it is, is the war in Iraq. Israel, via a spy network that ran through AIPAC and into the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans is known to have been the source of much of the faked evidence that claimed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Now we turn to Iran. Once again Israel is trying to get the United States to go to war on another nation. Once again lies pour forth from Israel's government that Iran is building a nuclear bomb. As was the case with Iraq, all provided evidence turns out to be a hoax.

Israel is once more trying to play "Let's you and him fight." Once more the very gullible United States government appears ready to fall for that same tired manipulation, and once again the target is a nation whose mere presence makes Israel feel its cultural insecurities very deeply indeed.

We have seen this pattern so many before. Israel will lie the United States into a war. Israel will trick the United States into a war. If necessary, Israel will commit an horrific act of violence against America in order to blame Iran for it. Such a false-flag attack lies at the very heart of the psychiatric abnormality of "Let's you and him fight."

Fool me once...

Sometimes there is a happy ending to the story. In "Needful Things" the townspeople finally recognize the devil in their midst. They drive him out, and most of the town's citizens retain their souls. Sooner or later Timmy and Bobby figure out why they always seem to have black eyes and bloody noses and beat the brat to a pulp to teach him some respect.

I think peace would be best served were the same exact thing to happen to that brat in the mideast.