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A Reality Check on Climate Change

Here is the reality of what is going on.

Those people still supporting AGW (anthropogenic global warming) are dependent on funding to support their current positions. That funding is in turn dependent in the continuation of faith that AGW (anthropogenic global warming) is correct. After all, when Galileo proved that the Earth Orbited the Sun, funding for continued research into epicycles vanished abruptly, along with tenures and the value of every degree issued in the field of Epicycles.

The same applies here. With precious rare exception, every academic whose degree and funding is based on AGW (anthropogenic global warming) is looking at a stark unemployment picture. In their minds, they are not fighting for scientific truth; they are fighting for their livelihood, and the proof is very simple. If their primary concern was really the long term welfare of planet Earth, one would think the Global Warming Cult would be delighted to find out there really is no danger after all. But, as is clearly evident, the goal is to support the orthodoxy even against the revelation that their core scientific foundation is based on a fraud.

Quite a few people, including President Obama, are financially invested in the Global Carbon Credit scheme, in which licenses are issued to pollute, with the surplus units bought and sold through brokerages. Al Gore and his fellow investors have already spent $150 million to "sell" anthropogenic global warming. They will not walk away from that investment easily.

Beyond the researchers whose degrees and funding are dependent on the continuation of a perceived public threat, the media outlets and government officials who signed onto this campaign are now realizing that they have wagered their entire credibility on AGW (anthropogenic global warming) at a time when their credibility was already strained from Saddam's "nookular" bombs, the economy, 9-11, etc. etc. etc. Climategate could well be the final nail in the coffin of the public's trust of media and government.

And looming over all of this is the push for a global government, which rested one third of their justification on the need for a global environmental authority to "solve" the problem of those icky humans messing up the globe.

There is a vast amount of personal reputation, money, and power on the line here. Climategate is the start of a major fight for the truth, one which if won will see the end of many well-known institutions of government and media.

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