A Painful History

What Really Happened


The "Roaring 20s" was an earlier incarnation of the "Decade Of Greed". Fast times, fast women, plenty O' booze; we had beaten the Germans in WW1 and the sky was the limit.

Despite clear warning signs of an over-valued and over-leveraged stock market, the public, lulled by the ever rising numbers, were seduced into an unshakeable faith that the economy was and would remain in great shape.

The reality was, of course, vastly different, and the "Roaring 20s" ceased roaring with the stock market crash of 1929, which triggered the Great Depression.

Given the historic parallels between the present day and those months leading up to the Great Depression, I thought some images from the past might be appropriate warnings. [bitter.gif] [deadland.gif] [emptykid.gif] [forsaken.gif] [hebusted.gif] [letseat.gif] [moreroad.gif] [no-dime.gif] [migrantmother.jpg] [migrantmother.jpg] [shame.gif]

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