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Hello, and Bon jour.

Happy Fourth of July.

I understand that some people consider the Declaration was actually signed on July 2, but I digress.

I don't believe Americans really understand what July 4th is all about. July 4 isn't about an "event" that occurred in 1776. It's not like your birthday where people celebrate the day you were born. The United States wasn't actually born on July 4. You had to win the war first. You stated your "intentions" on July 4. July 4 was the start of the insurrection against the King. You celebrate July 4 to reaffirm your commitment to freedom, liberty, freedom of choice. And it is a warning to your government. It was the start, the beginning a constant vigil. You didn't want to be told what to do, by anyone. You just wanted to be left alone to live in peace. The United States isn't interested in being a Super Power, only in being left to its own devices, not meddling in foreign affairs. You can't preserve your freedoms by attempting to control those of others. The purpose of the United States, setting an example for the rest of humanity, has been twisted over the years. July 4 is a reminder of what Americans were prepared to do to achieve freedom, and what they are constantly prepared to do again. The Constitution is a pledge by the people to themselves to preserve freedom at all costs. The government is the potential threat to that freedom which is why the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Your government is like an animal that you keep caged up. You control it, but are armed and prepared to defend yourself against it. July 4 is not an event that happened two hundred years ago. It is a constant vigil where Americans promised to stand on guard to forever protect their freedoms. Sure, the American people are prepared to defend themselves from any external threats, but the real purpose of the Constitution is for the protection against "internal" threats, a government gone rouge. The government is not your friend, it is your servant, there to do the peoples bidding. It is most inappropriate for the president to stand before the people celebrating the July 4. That is not his/her place. The government is the potential threat, the potential enemy. It's the Peoples only day. The gun in America is a symbol of freedom, in that is symbolizes that Americans are prepared to fight, and die, to preserve their freedom. This includes being prepared to rise up and revolt against their government, as their ancestors did against their King. That's what the Constitution means. It is your duty to overthrow the government if there is any sense that it has turned against you or gotten out of control or is attempting to establish a Monarchy or a dictatorship. Americans, I think, have lost all sense of the true meaning of July 4. This is exactly what your government wants you to do. They focus your attention beyond your borders to alleged external dangers, while the true danger was always within your own borders. The enemy is us. The Constitution is King. The government serves it. It is the People; the Constitution; the Supreme Court; the Senate; the House of Representatives; and then, last but not least, the President, who is "elected" by the People. The People are America, the Constitution is their crown. The people tell the government what to do, not the other way round. I say to you, that everything the government did on July 4 in your nations capital was "unconstitutional". Freedom is to be preserved at all costs. What happened in Washington was in effect Martial Law. That's illegal. What John Ashcroft is doing is a revolutionary offence. The United States already has laws. Sept. 11 was almost a year ago. Why would you need to have police and checkpoints everywhere? The natural everyday security system should suffice. Freedom is uppermost. Security can not be allowed to undermine freedom. If is allowed to, I say to you, what is the point? You sought independence, and yet Israel would seem to control you. England provided you with the Bill of Rights to help to protect you from those who would seek to exploit you. The Founding Fathers refused to sign the Constitution without it. Why has the Republican party been allowed to delete it? The Constitution is underpinned by the Bill of Rights. They claim to want to protect you, but then seek to remove your rights, your freedoms. I say unto you, George Bush and the Republican party are the very people the U.S. Constitution was designed to protect you against. Wake up and remember what The Fourth of July "really, really" means before it is too late.


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