The so-called "war on terror" is in effect a campaign of genocide against the people of Afghanistan, who truth be known are no more able to stop their government from acts of terror than Americans are able to, for example, stop the CIA from car-bombing children in Beirut.

Read the following.

According to the U.N.’s World Food Program there are 7.5 million people in Afghanistan who are at acute risk of starvation ( This was actually the estimate before the attacks of September 11th. These people were surviving mainly on international aid. New York Times, September 16: “The United States demanded from Pakistan the elimination of truck convoys that provide much of the food and other supplies to Afghanistan’s civilian population.” New York Times, quoting an evacuated aid worker: “Refugees reaching Pakistan after arduous journeys from Afghanistan are describing scenes of desperation and fear at home as the threat of American led military attacks turns their long running misery into a potential catastrophe. The country was on a lifeline and we just cut the line.” The U.N.’s World Food Program suspended distribution to Afghanistan after the bombings, and although they have now resumed distribution, the New York Times reports that because of the continuous bombing raids, the food delivery rate is down to ½ of what is needed. The Special Rapporteur of the UN in charge of food pleaded with the U.S. to stop the bombings and save millions of lives. Major aid agencies OXFAM ( and Christian Aid ( have joined in that plea. Humanitarian organizations all across the world are condemning the bombings as propaganda tools that are doing more harm than good. It is now snowing in Afghanistan - winter has begun. The severity of the Afghan winter will certainly hamper food distribution in Afghanistan to an even greater extent. Can you comprehend the magnitude of the consequences of our “War on Terror?” In simple numbers, if we continue “Operation Enduring Freedom” we should anticipate this result: 3.5 Million Deaths of Innocent Afghanis. 3.5 million lives. And that’s not terrorism? That’s not just war, that’s the conscious genocide of a people. 3.5 million lives are being sacrificed in order to apprehend one person. Say that aloud to yourself. Say to yourself: “Yes, I support America’s actions in Afghanistan. I support the probable deaths millions of innocent people, most of which will probably be women and children. I believe that it is correct to let millions of people die in order to catch one person. I am willing to allow Osama bin Laden to have so much power over me that I will sacrifice the very fabric of my own humanity in the support of a genocide.” As is to be expected from our biased and corporate-owned media, there have been very few reports on this potential genocide. Even the few news sources with some remaining remnant of decency mention this information on the back page of the paper or the information is hidden in an article about a different topic. Think about it, after this winter, after the deaths of so many innocent civilians in Afghanistan, there will be 3.5 million more reasons for Muslim and non-Muslim fanatics to commit atrocious acts on America. There will be more terrorists - not more pacifists. There will be more hatred - not more compassion. There will be more ethnic divisions - not more unity. There will be more bloodshed - not more peace. There will be more inequality and injustice - Not more freedom.

I disagree with the author on one point. The US Government is not starving 3.5 million people to death to apprehend one man, but to clear the right-of-way for an oil pipeline which has been planned since 1998.

The US Government persists in these crimes against humanity, in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Chile, etc. then stands around acting surprised that most of te world doesn;t seem to "get the message" about what swell people Americans are.

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