It's been three years since Congress discussed removing the government of Afghanistan to make way for an oil pipeline, seven months since the US Government told India there would be an invasion of Afghanistan in October, six months since BBC heard about the planned invasion of Afghanistan, nine months since Jane's Defense got word of the planned invasion of Afghanistan, and of course, only a few months since the attacks on the World Trade Towers that got the American people angered into support of the war that everybody on the planet BUT Americans had been told was on the way.

During these last few months, the same American media that waved non-stop Gary Condit in front of our faces to keep us from finding out that plans for a war were being announced to other governments is now trying to keep the level of fear in the American public so high that they cannot think. The media has been pounding us all non-stop with Osama (you know, the CIA's main asset in Afghanistan) in a fashion eerily similar to the mythical dictatorship's use of Emmanuel Goldstein and the "Two Minute Hate" in George Orwell's "1984". The media's "scare-orrism" has continued with the endless dire warnings regarding the Anthrax being sent in letters, which in retrospect has to be the weakest form of Anthrax, having killed far fewer people in the entire nation in the last two months than are gunned down in Washington DC in any given week. The Anthrax scare fell apart when it became known that the Anthrax was from US military labs.

But the problem with using fear to keep people from thinking is that sooner or later fear tires itself out. People habituate to it. They get used to it. And they start thinking again.

And, as people stop fearing and start to think, they start to notice those things which the government would prefer they don't. Things like the convenient timing of the attacks on the World Trade Towers and the perfect fit into the timetable of the war announced to other nations earlier in the year.

People are remembering that Osama bin Laden is a creation of the CIA, the same CIA once headed by the President's father (who also got us into a pointless war in the oil-rich regions of the middle east), the same CIA that imports drugs and sells them to our children, the same CIA now advocating the use of torture.

People are remembering that the initial Anthrax "attack" on the US Congress occurred just as the draconian USA PATRIOT bill was about to be voted on. People have noticed that the US Congress, out of their own fear, voted to pass that bill without reading it at all! (The second congressional Anthrax attack was sent to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) "coincidentally" right after he announced hearings on the military tribunals directive.)

People are remembering that the first suspects to be arrested after the WTC attacks were not Arabs, but Israelis, and that Israelis (in one case a known Mossad agent) were also arrested inside the Mexican Congress carrying guns. Yet more suspected Mossad agents were arrested with plans for US Nuclear power plants inside the US, but were strangely let go! People are remembering that the Mossad has a past history of staging fake terror attacks to blame on a third party, such as the successful planting of fake radio traffic which tricked the US into bombing Libya, and a failed attempt to blow up a US facility and blame it on Arabs in 1956.

People have been following the case of JDL Chairman Irv Rubin in Los Angeles, who was arrested for plotting to blow up a United States Congrssman. People have been following the case of the Israeli spy scandal, which involves the largest spy ring ever uncoveed inside the United States, along with two companies which are able to rack or tap into any phone in America, including those in the White House. In at least one case, information leaked by one of these companies was used to thwart a drug investigation by the LAPD.

People are noticing that the media has taken a very heavy hand in suppressing the spy scandal, with both Fox News and CNN simply erasing sories from their websites which prove to be embarrassing and which continue to cast doubt on the official version of what happened on 9/11. In one of the stories carried on Fox News, but now erased, a US Official admitted that evidence exists linking the arrested spies to the events of 9/11, but that this evidence had been classified and withheld from the public by the US Government itself.

People are noticing that there is something wrong when the US media and the US Government are covering up for a massive foreign spy ring inside the United States.

People are noticing that the US Government does not really have a case against Osama bin Laden having anything to do with the attacks on the World Trade Towers. After announcing the evidence would be made public, the US Government backtracked, and claimed that the evidence had to remain secret to protect "National Security". Then it turned out that what evidence existed was being destroyed by the NSA and by the FBI! While the only actual video tapes of Osama bin Laden mentioning the WTC attacks consist of denials, a report was recently published in the media that Osama had confessed and claimed to have nukes. Both claims turned out to be hoaxes; an effort to manufacture a phony confession to fill in the gap of any real evidence to justify the bombing of Afghani civilians. The video taped confession claimed to be the source of the transcript does not exist, and the BBC found no mention of nuclear weapons in the original version. Careful examination of what evidence has been presented shows it to be a total farce of unsubstantiated and non-court-worthy claims, circumstantial at best. The latest claim that Osama has nukes is based on a confession extracted under torture, hardly reliable but apparently far more newsworthy than the arrested spies and the phone tapping scandal.

As people stop being made blind by fear, they are starting to realize that bombing the innocents of Afghanistan makes no sense at all no matter what Osama bin Laden may have done, whether he still works for the CIA or not. After all, were American citizens able to prevent the CIA from killing 80 civilians, many of them children, with a car bomb in Beirut in 1985. Had the CIA knocked on the doors of American citizens and asked, "Is it okay if we blow up a bunch of kids to get at this one target", I feel safe in saying that most Americans would have replied that they didn't think it was a good idea (The intended target survived the CIA's bomb). Likewise, had Osama bin Laden knocked on the doors of the Afghani people and said, "Is it okay if we blow up a bunch of kids to get at this one target", I feel safe in saying that most Afghanis would have replied that they didn't think it was a good idea. Doubtless the response was more agreeable from Osama's pals at Langley.

As people stop being made blind by fear, they are taking a closer look at the US Government's purported "humanitarian" effort to feed the starving people of Afghanistan, an effort exemplified by the shutting down of all truck routes into the region and the bombing (twice) of the Red Cross food warehouse, then lying about it afterwards. This has removed all sources of outside food for the starving people living along the proposed oil pipeline route except one' the food packages being dropped from American planes. But there is a problem with those food packages. Ignoring for a moment that most of those packages are either destroyed on hitting the ground or simply fall where they cannot be found, they happen to look like the unexploded munitions the US is also dropping all around Afghanistan. Same size, same color, same type face.

Now, if you are a starving Afghani child, you cannot read English, and you have seen the leaflets that claim those yellow packages being dropped from the planes are a gift of food from the wonderful people of the United States, which package would you pick up? And if perchance you grab the wrong one and lose a hand, or your eyes, how will you feel about those wonderful people of the United States?

This deception of having the unexploded bombs looking like the food packs is not aimed at Osama Bin Laden and it's not aimed at the Taliban; it is aimed at the non-combatant citizens of Afghanistan, including women and children, who are starving slowly to death because of the US-created REDUCTION in humanitarian aid to the region, and who out of that starvation won't hesitate to pick up an unexploded cluster munition, thinking it may be something to eat.

But most of all, as the people of the United States cease to be afraid, they will realize that the greatest danger they face isn't Osama bin laden or starving Afghani women and children, but Presidents connected to oil companies who always seem to get us into wars in regions where oil happens to be, and who are willing to do anything, including destroying the civil protections of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to get that war and that oil.

There are warning signs everywhere that the real agenda of the attacks on the WTC on 9/11 was to pave the way for a transformation of the United States into something no rational Americans would or could ever support. President Bush has done away with the civil protections mandated by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by creating a new court system, outside the jurisdiction of the Constitution. Even more alarming is the strident and continuing calls for the use of torture on suspected terrorists coming from sources such as Allen Dershowitz, from the Los Angeles Times, and from that master of South American torture squads, the CIA.

The problem is that while these secret courts and torture squads are supposed to be directed at terrorists, with "terrorists" being defined in the disengenuously named "USA PATRIOT" act as anyone critical of the government! So loose are the definitions being applied under the new laws that people are being denied their Constitutional right to travel freely based on political views or just for carrying the wrong book!

So egregious has been the grab for dictatorial power by the Bush Presidency that even the normally obeisant and MOCKINGBIRD controlled mainstream US press is starting to express doubts, with the New York Times using words like "dictatorial", while MSNBC likens the present regime to that of a third world nation. Even newspapers in Bush's home state are saying he has gone too far. Pravda, the major newspaper of the former USSR, once the most feared enemy of our freedoms, warns that America is losing her freedoms to her own government.

Support for the war in Afghanistan is rapidly diminishing. Even the much-vaunted "coalition" intending to mask the ambitions of a single nation behind the illusion of multi lateral action, has started falling apart.

What is an emerging dictatorship to do? The more people stop being afraid, the more they think. The more people think, the more they realize that something is very wrong with the official version of the WTC attacks. The more people think, the more they realize that something is very wrong with the convenient timing of the attacks with regard to the invasion of Afghanistan already planned and discussed with other nations last March. The more people think, the more they realize that something is very wrong with the manner in which the government is attacking the civil protections in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The more people think, the more they realize that something is very wrong with the demand for the use of torture on "terrorists" and the very loose definitions of what a terrorist is, able to be applied to anyone who disagrees with the policies of the state.

In order to continue the grab for, as the New York Times describes it, "dictatorial" power, the government has to make the people STOP thinking. And the only way to make the people stop thinking is to make them afraid again, so afraid that they CANNOT think.

Which is why I greatly fear that as we head into the holiday season, full of potent American symbols and media coverage of traditional holiday parades and celebrations, that opportunity exists for phony staged terrorist events, staged events designed to keep Americans afraid, keep them surrendering their civil rights, keep them in support of a war for oil, a war for the agenda to, as the current Fortune Magazine describes it, "break OPEC's grip".

Sun Tzu, in "The Art Of War", comments that all war is based on deception. he people of an invading nation have to be deceived into thinking that they act in their own self defense; that they are the ones to have been attacked. The United States government has a long history of using such deceptions to start wars, from claiming that the USS Maine, sunk by a coal bin fire, was sunk by a Spanish mine, to the Gulf Of Tonkin and the torpedoes which never were, to Operation NORTHWOODS, in which the Joint Chiefs planned to stage fake terror attacks to manufacture American support for a war against Cuba.

The present government of the United States NEEDS the American people to be afraid, to be blindly afraid, to react and respond, and not to reason. There is only one way for the government to achieve this, through a phony terror attack such as those planned by Operation NORTHWOODS, and I greatly fear that we will see one in the very near future.

Because once a government resorts to terrorizing its own population to control them, it must keep on doing so. A government that uses terror to control its own population cannot ever stop using terror to control its own population, out of fear that a population no longer afraid will start to think clearly about what is going on. Terror has to become legal. Terror has to become accepted as necessary for domestic policy. Hence the call for torture, secret courts, and the abandonment of the protections of the Bill of Rights.

Terror becomes an addiction to those governments who use it on their own people.

Which is why I am certain we will see more of it. Maybe even a staged nuke attack.

Maybe even a staged pandemic!

What Really Happened