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By "Betsy Ross"

What More Damage Can This Administration Do?

It is a well known fact that the most egregious violations of our U.S. Constitution normally occurs by an outgoing Administration in the last 100 days in office. Here are three such recent events that occurred in the final days of the Bush Administration which appears will continue well after January 20, 2009. Although at this point it is unclear whether the president elect had any foreknowledge, especially in regard to foreign policy and the War in Iraq it would appear more likely than not. Although these events will affect each and every American on a fundamental level, surprisingly again they got little coverage other than a blurb on the mainstream outlets.

1. The Continuing War in Iraq - During Mr. Bush's recent trip to Iraq on his last official visit, it was briefly announced that President Bush signed an "accord" with the Iraqi government calling for the beginning of troop withdrawals of our forces in Iraq. The agreed to date of the initiation of such withdrawals? 2011 - coincidentally just prior to the next presidential election. Was this war in Iraq clearly for political purposes? It would appear so, since a political date now is even involved in the initiation of troop withdrawals, although the American people have clearly spoken their feelings since the lie of weapons of mass destruction was revealed, and again as far back as 2006 when they elected a primarily Democratic Congress. Will Obama now be able to fulfill his promises of withdrawing troops "responsibly" and at the earliest opportunity. We will have to wait and see how this pans out politically once Mr. Obama is in office. Semantics are the problem here. This is not a treaty, per se, by an accord and has been represented by the Bush Administration as outside Congressional oversight or authority. However, Mr. Obama himself has now also made noise with respect to simply changing the theatres and shuffling troops around to Afghanistan (which we should never have left) and even expanding it to Pakistan, a message a great many Americans apparently missed and simply heard the campaign sell of withdrawal. I would predict there will be some shuffling around of troops, and Obama will abide by the accord and slowly exit with a major fanfare of the final troop withdrawal scheduled for December 31, 2011 when the presidential primaries will be in full swing. Did Mr. Obama have foreknowledge or forewarning of this accord? Expect a denial, but don't expect this war will end as soon as promised, although his original position of immediate withdrawal has been qualified as "responsibly" since the new Obama Administration appointed pro-war Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State at this point, no matter how she defended her vote during her run for the presidency she fully supported continued funding and went so far as to also declared herself an Iranian "first strike" war supporter.

2. The Department of Homeland Security's new VISA Waiver Program - In a little publicized ceremony at the Rose Garden, President Bush announced the expansion of the original 27 country "free pass" VISA Waiver program to be increased now to 34 countries. Wonder where all those deleted sums were for the needed border security and fencing post 9/11? It instead went into enlarging the Atlanta airport at a cost of several billion dollars in order to provide "welcome" videos for the new VISA waiver countries, one of which is Great Britain, home of the shoe bomber. This program can be viewed in detail on the website of the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), and provides for online approval of VISA applications with a mere 24 hour mandated turnarond time and security check. Not only does this program allow for minimal security checks, but appears that eventually the CAFTA countries will also be included in order to bring to U.S. shores all that great heroin from China and Colombia gold (since there is also pending in Congress a new trade deal with Colombia).

In light of the above information on the lack of screening that is to be done with respect to the visitors from these 34 countries, please see below the details on the immigration status of the 19 foreigners involved in 9/11:

Identity and Immigration Status of 9/11 Terrorists

According to authorities, all of the hijackers who committed the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were foreigners. All of them entered the country legally on a temporary visa, mostly tourist visas with entry permits for six months. Although four of them attended flight school in the United States, only one is known to have entered on an appropriate visa for such study, and one entered on an F-1 student visa. Besides the four pilots, all but one of the terrorists entered the United States only once and had been in the country for only three to five months before the attacks.

The four pilots had been in the United States for extended periods, although none was a legal permanent resident. Some had received more than one temporary visa, most of which were currently valid on September 11, but at least three of them had fallen out of status and were, therefore, in the United States illegally.

The terrorists had obtained U.S. identification that was used for boarding flights in the form of Florida, Virginia, California and New Jersey driver's licenses/ID cards. One of the terrorists, Mohamed Atta, was detained in Florida for driving without a license, but subsequently obtained one. Thirteen of the terrorists had Florida driver's licenses or ID cards, seven had Virginia driver's licenses, at least two had California licenses and two had New Jersey driver's licenses. According to the March 28, 2002 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Robert Thibadeau, director of Carnegie Mellon's Internet Security labratory, says that "the 19 terrorists on Sept. 11 were holding 63 state driver's licenses for identification."

All Americans might need to start checking the skies a little more often, or their flight schedules on transcontinental flights, since appears this program insures not national security at all, but simply a challenge and incentive for the next 9/11 pilot to use Atlanta instead of New York for their next attempt.

3. The steadfast refusal to pardon both Ramos and Compean. If ever there were an action which was meant to scare off and silence border patrol agents, and as an indicator of the North American Union agenda and globalism as the goal of our present members of Congress in Washington and this past administration, other than the Patriot Act itself of course, it would be President Bush's steadfast refusal to pardon these two agents, while his Administration gave imunity and protection to a known Mexican drug dealer in order to facilitate their conviction by the U.S. Department of Injustice. Our appeasement policies with respect to Mexico have now gone so far as to enable foreigners in this country to even use our own courts in order to sue us, since it has been published that this drug dealer, although caught once again smuggling drugs into this country, is now suing the U.S. government for several million for his injuries (he was shot in the buttocks while crossing illegally). Foreigners in this country and without, have now been given federal protection and immunities far greater than natural born U.S. citizens under this Administration, and the Obama Administration is clearly in the globalism and globalist camp, not America and American sovereignty. He even campaigned in Europe. So Americans, Washington has spoken. Foreigners are sovereign subjects and our favored elite, even the terrorist element, we welcome all comers. We need these wars and government contractors to prosper. Commerce, not national security, is the new Rule of Law, and your posterity be damned. We can just replace them with the new generation of immigrants. The Mexicans and South Americans right now are our favored subjects. We'll provide, at taxpayer expense, the finest defense attorneys that money can buy from New York and L.A. We've even provided a federal statute in order to do so, although we may abridge citizen's due process rights through our courts such as in the Ramos and Compean case, we will make sure that foreigners get not only federal due process, but state and federal due process if need gratis. Or seize that drug money and release it to your U.S. lawyer for your defense. We are a generous nation, generous with the lives, property and freedom of our own citizens who will bear no expense so that you foreigners may have rights that are denied our own. Our hospitality and generousity are legend, and will protect the sovereignty and borders of every other nation in the world, at the expense of our own and the lives and property of our citizens. Just look at Ramos and Compean for an example of the sacrifices we are willing to make for foreigners in this country for this public international precedent.

Be afraid Americans, be very afraid. The wheels are in motion, and at every level, including apparently your state and local governments. Have you heard a word or serious legal challenge from any one of them to this agenda, or continue to uphold the federal precedents and dictate's at the state level without serious question?

With the federal government holding the purse strings, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Council on Foreign Affairs dictating policy who are financially supported by the same international bankers owning the Federal Reserve, who actually is in control of Washington at this time? Bush and soon Obama or the bankers and "corporate" Federal Reserve and CFR members who fund their campaigns and in which they are indebted?

Global and corporate socialism now crosses party lines, as is evident by that one act in September, the historic and precedent setting now 700 billion bailout for Congress's personal bankers and CFR corporate members, in the interest of eventual world government and domination, the future of America and Americans be damned


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