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"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." -- Vladimir Lenin


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What's The Latest In Conspiracy Theories?

The expression 'conspiracy theory' is normally seen as a code for 'crazy story' or even 'crazy storyteller' but to disregard every story, no matter how plausible, just because somebody calls it a conspiracy theory, could be the craziest thing of all.

Of course, while some theories pan out to be nothing more than theories, there are more than a significant amount of theories that do turn out to be true, with many covered by the David Icke Forum. So, take a look at the latest stories that people are rushing to debunk, and make up your own mind.

Obama Tries To Create Outrage

Eric Boiling is a correspondent for Fox News, appearing regularly on their magazine program, The Five, and on the September 25th edition he gave America his insight on President Barack Obama's decision not to meet with other world leaders during the United Nations General Assembly.

Boiling's take on the decision was that Obama wanted to cultivate a sense of outrage within the media so that news shows, outlets and websites would focus on that story rather than looking at the economy. With a Presidential election just around the corner, it's hard to argue that Boiling's argument doesn't hold some water.

iPhone Stock Fix?

In the first week of sales of the iPhone 4 just over two years ago, Apple shifted just under two million units. A year later, they sold four million iPhone 4S devices in the first week of sales. When the iPhone 5 was announced for sale on September 21st, first week sales estimates varied from around ten million to a far more optimistic fifteen million.

In fact, Apple were only able to sell five million iPhone 5s in the first week of sale, well below all estimates. So what's the story here?

Well, it is believed that Apple planted stories that over-estimated how many phones they would sell in the first week in the knowledge that when they failed to hit that target their stock price would take a hit allowing hand-picked clients to pick up stock at a low price.

Whether or not these claims will be investigated remains to be seen though it is considered unlikely as there as just as many whispers that say Apple are artificially spreading stories of a scarcity of the device to drive up demand.

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