Is Jose Padilla "John Doe Number 2" at the Oklahoma City Bombing? 


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 OK City happened between the time Jose was released from prison but before he left the country. If Jose is the operative that the FBI worked so hard to persuade everyone did not exist, then this would explain why the Government has backed off from the "Dirty bomb" story so quickly, why Jose is being held in secret and not even his attorney is allowed to speak with him.

Another wanted Poster for Tim McVeigh and "John Doe #2".

Padilla is an American citizen, he OBVIOUSLY speaks 'American', he gets hooked up with a gang in South Florida so he MUST have 'learned' a Hispanic dialect, he BECOMES a Muslim and goes overseas to one of the 'Terror States', etc and is befriended by the folks there so he MUST have 'learned' Pushtun, Urdu or one of the other dialects mixed in with 'American'. Just how many languages does this man speak? Are we being duped again into thinking this is another 'under-educated minority' who just happens to know how to search the net and find enough data to build a so-called 'Dirty Bomb' and then set it off at the behest of his handlers? There is more to this than meets the eye as anyone who knows languages can tell you that Pushtun, Urdu and the other dialects spoken overseas are not easily picked up in the ghettos of Chicago or South Florida in a few weeks or months, it takes years.

Jose has "spook" written all over him.

Witness says FBI didn't follow up tip about John Doe No. 2

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