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Is Obama Trying Once Again To Trigger Race Riots?

We know that right now the United States Government is prepared to deal violently with a mass uprising by the public. Indeed we know from the various FEMA Executive Orders that have accumulated around the last several Presidents that the US Government could use such an incident to declare a national emergency and discard that "God-Damned Piece of Paper", as George W. Bush is reported to have described the Constitution. As George himself quipped, "If this were a dictatorship this would be a lot easier ... so long as I'm the dictator." He said it more than once, so it was clearly on his mind!

This last year we saw what appears to be two attempts to provoke a situation that the US Government could use to declare an emergency and suspend the Constitution.

The first occurred last summer during June, when Adam Kokesh proposed an armed march into Washington DC, entering the city across a bridge which, had violence erupted, would have constrained the marchers in a convenient "kill box" handing assured victory in the confrontation to the DC police and the military. Fortunately the American people know a government set-up when they see one, and support for Kokesh's stunt collapsed.

Later that same month, the trial of George Zimmermann over the killing of Treyvon Martin drew to a close, and all that last week before the verdict the corporate media was proclaiming, indeed hard-selling, that there would be race riots if Zimmermann was acquitted. Zimmermann was acquitted, and the American people, once again sensing a government setup, did not riot across the land.

That brings us to the present.

Over the last two months there has been the emergence of a "game" called knockout, in which the perpetrators attack totally random strangers and strike them unconscious. Most of these attacks have been by blacks against white, under a variation of the game called "Polar Bear Hunting." But these attacks by blacks against whites are in large part ignored by the justice system, while a recent knockout by a white against a black has been charged as a hate crime. Clearly there is a desire to keep a racial bias in these activities!

Fast forward to Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, and a crowd of black youths storm a shopping mall in Brooklyn, attacks random strangers and generally trashing the place. This is followed just days later by another crowd of blacks swarm a theater in Florida apparently demanding their "right" to see the movie without paying for it.

IK do not think these black kids suddenly came up with these ideas. I suspect that undercover informants within their social groups promoted these outrageous actions to start creating a pattern of racial violence leading to open rioting, to hand the US Government the excuse they have been longing for to declare a national emergency and suspect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Please don't fall for it.

And if you, dear reader, are a member of the black community, please look back at how the FBI infiltrated the Black Panthers and understand that the "friend" who is luring you to commit these outrageous acts of violence May well be an undercover informant, using to to create a situation the government needs. Understand also that such actions undermine the progress made in civil rights over the last 100 years.

Don't be the fools the government hopes you all are!