Wars and Rumors of War

What Really Happened

Tim Earl of Stirling

Here I go again writing another article about World War III, Iran, Georgia, etc. You know, I am getting sick of thinking, hearing about, reading about and writing about war and more war. The trouble is, with the Bush neo-cons and their fellow travelers in assorted European nations and Israel, war is the center of their existence.

The United States, and various other nations, have been in a war in Afghanistan for going on seven years now ….and we still have not been able to capture the 6’6” Arab who is so powerful that, while sitting on his backside in a cave in Afghanistan, he managed to get the USAF to stand down on 9/11; to change the laws of physics (so that jet fuel melts steel instead of burning at about half the necessary temperature), oh yeah, and is so loved that he raised a terror army of Arabs to follow an organization that in Arabic slang means “little toilet”.

We have been involved in a second war in Iraq for many years that is costing something like US$3 trillion (when you add in all the costs and debt). Oh, and guess what, we never did find those terrible weapons of mass destruction, of Saddam’s, that we “just had to” go after. But at least we hung old Saddam….well actually the guy we hung had really bad teeth and an overbite whereas Saddam had really good teeth (you know if you can afford 100+ multimillion dollar palaces you can afford a good dentist) and an underbite.

We have an Israel that most Americans want to see survive and do well, even if that small state’s existence is not in our vital interests. However, AIPAC has so distorted American politics that almost every single congress critter and presidential candidate feels it necessary to support whatever they want, no matter how crazy. Like the kid in the proverbial candy store, too much of a good thing will make you sick, and this is happening big time to Israel. There is no check on the domestic extremists in Israeli politics, like dear old Bibi the soon to be Prime Minister, who loves war so much he makes Bush and Cheney look like peaceniks. No one, of a friendly persuasion, who really has the guts to say, cool it guys…. accept what land you have and give back most of the territories and start making a real peace with your neighbors, before this goes on too long and you all end up dead over some marginal land.

We have an Iranian nut job President who is taking center stage. He keeps on baiting the Israelis and neo-cons giving them the best press they could ask for….you don’t think that he actually works for them….no, not even I am that conspiracy minded. He just launched some crappy little dummy sputnik and now they have even more reason to demand that the world “stop him”. His conventional military forces could not even whip that military genius Saddam a number of years ago. His uranium enrichment program is years away from a nuclear bomb but we “just have to stop him and stop him now….” What he does have, courtesy of the destitute out-of-work former Soviet biological warfare experts hired some 15 years ago, is a world class advanced biowar global strategic weapon of mass destruction program that could kill maybe a third of the world. Of course, we don’t talk about that as it would be a cause for peace, not a cause for war. Hells bells, everyone knows that you don’t want to go to war with a nation that has a MAD (mutually assured destruction) environment with you….we would all likely die.

We have a Bush Administration, who with the Brits and French and others, just completed a massive naval war game named “Operation Brimstone” that was announced as a training mission for the blockade of Iran. While two resolutions are pending before Congress (one in the House; the other in the Senate) “demanding” a blockade on Iran. And then the high level leaks that the battle groups were headed to Iran (yes, I know, I was taken in like UPI, DEBKA, and several major and minor news organizations). This was not really the case, but it laid the ground work in preparing the public for the next step. In the meantime the European Union has authorized a blockade in everything but name.

Of course, beside the Olympics (some actual good news about something good and wholesome), the real news of the last week and a half has been the war in Georgia. Which the neo-con trained and Israeli lead and staffed Georgians began, by slaughtering a couple of thousand civilians in their homes (civilians that held Russian passports) and 10 lightly armed Russian peacekeepers (and wounding 20 others). We couldn’t just get along with Russia, oh no, we had to go and stick a red hot poker up the backside of the sleeping Russian Bear. That’s a good way to ramp up the overall global war fever. Even better, have the neo-con controlled mainstream news media lie, in what for them is even a bit much, and tell us that the “Russians started it”.

The march to World War III moves on, growing bigger week by week; before we all die in it maybe we should ask WHY. Who the hell profits from this madness. What profit can their possibly be in using the most advanced weapons of mass destruction on our small blue oasis of a planet. This is not World War I or World War II; we have gotten far far too advanced with our killing abilities. No super bunkers could ever really hope to save the global banking elite and their hanger-on’s if everything really hits the fan. So why are we still talking about war. I know because war is coming…global war. But WHY, and don’t tell me that I am not entitled to ask this. I and all of us, are human beings, we all live here on Earth, so why oh why do we have to have even more war and more war. It just doesn’t make any sense.

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