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Three Victories For 9-11 TRUTH Advocate Mr. Christopher Bollyn

It is good to see the videos from Mr. Christopher Bollyn's
"Solving 9-11 Ends The War" 2015 tour continuing to go Truth Viral.

"NEW 2015! Solving 9/11 Christopher Bollyn Live in Dallas TX Feb 12, 2015"

Yes, this was a highly successful tour by 9-11 TRUTH Advocate Mr. Christopher Bollyn which I think have scored three great victories for Bollyn and the Truth Movement.

First, there was the concern as to what would happen the second Mr. Bollyn stepped onto Zio-Occupied U.S. Soil as he has been in political exile ever since The Tribe released "Jubala, Jubalo, and Jubalum" with guns and badges on him and his family back in 2006 in an attempt to silence him by beating him up on his own property . . ..

. . .and then, in typical Jewish Modus Operandi, turned around, played the "victim" and claimed Mr. Bollyn "assaulted" the "innocent Police Officers" ("Heroes" since 9-11, of course).

"Articles by Subject The Bollyn Trial"

The FACT that Mr. Christopher Bollyn bravely and proudly came back to the USA to do this tour to standing ovations . . . . . . returned safely to Sweden . . .

. . . and The Tribe was not able to shut it down was a Battle Won indeed.

Second, as the Jewish Supremacist "Psy-Op" Trauma of 9-11 continues to heal in the minds of WE THE PEOPLE . . .

. . . and the "Cognitive Dissonance" weakens its emotional grip on the population's Psyche, . . .

. . . Mr. Christopher Bollyn's research presented on this incredible "Solving 9-11 Ends The War" tour provided the much needed "Follow Up" to the previous very successful tours by groups like "Architects and Engineers For 9-11 Truth" who proved to anyone that would listen that the "Official Kosher 9-11 Story" is physically impossible.

Mr. Christopher Bollyn very clearly makes the case of:

Who had the MOTIVE?
Who had the MEANS?
Who had the OPPORTUNITY?

. . . and most importantly, "Cui bono? Who Benefited?"

The only answer is "Israel and World Zionism".

Third, Mr Christopher Bollyn's rock solid evidence and argument is a type of victory in the realm of 4th Generation Asymmetrical Warfare in that for those with eyes to see and ears to hear . . .

. . . to these awaken People, "The Jews" have lost all "benefit of the doubt" and "sympathy" leaving them free to question OTHER "Official Kosher Stories" like:

The 1967 Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty

The Lavon Affair

The Federal Reserve/IRS Jewish Rackets

The City of London and The Rothschild Syndicate

. . . and the MOTHER LODE of all psy-ops "THE Holocaust(TM)"

You can keep up with Mr. Christopher Bollyn at his website. Also, his book "Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed The World" and the "Original Articles" companion book are a must read for those ready to ask "So, who were these diabolical Jews and their Shabbat Goyim . .. and how did they pull it off?"

"Christopher Bollyn"

- bb9