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Is Congress Too Big to Fail?

It's increasingly up in the air whether or not Congress itself is too big to fail.

In this age of knee-slapping Treasury Department swindles like Honest Hank Paulson's bandwagon of fiscal hilarity, one has to take a look around this vast coterie of a country and determine just who isn't too big too fail?

Oh, it's clear someone does have to fail. The average American has been failing in increasing numbers for a long enough period of time no one seems to remember a time when it wasn't the case that there's no success like failure.

The taxpayer in this country has been saddled with so much graft of late, it is becoming increasingly clear the economy the Treasury Department salesmen are selling us, doesn't include any real Americans at all.

And if it doesn't include Americans, then maybe Congress isn't too big to fail?

I'm not as radical as some.

And even I have been shocked at the new political reality coming to bear in our country.

Just the other day at the mall I saw a very matronly 53 year old mother of three with her working class husband shopping, but pushing a cart without much in it.

Mom and Dad were both wearing the same black T-shirt with large, boldly contrasting, white letters on the front that read, MAYBE THE DC SNIPER WASN'T SUCH A BAD GUY

If you ask me, that's a message directly meant for Washington DC and no one else. It was a message saying Congress isn't too big to fail. No, not at all!

Had they still their heads about them in a manner firm enough to hold an unquivering voice with which to sound such an alarm, Marie Antionette and Louis XVI would surely be sounding that alarm now.

It is a very long, terrifying and indeed quite solemn walk all the way back to Paris.