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Nov 23 19:39


...I think this is a great time to Reflect on all of the Friendships that have been Forged over the past year with the WRH members!

The enthusiasm and integrity of Everyone is an Inspiration to Us All!

I want to Thank Mike for having the Fortitude to come on each day and be an Inspiration to all of us here at WRH.

We have a lot of work to do and it seems our time is getting shorter. I feel we need to work on pulling together as one and define our purpose as a Group.

I have said in Chat that I can only make sure that Mike Keeps up the good work for WRH and I will do what I can to Support his endeavors as much I can!

Bottom Line:

Sep 18 20:25


I cannot get into the Chatroom but I am here and I will listen when I can but it does not seem to be my computer. RR's if you read this will you let Mike Know as I have no email from this unit?


Feb 26 20:00

Chat Room

I would like to throw out an idea of all of us coming together and having an all out throw down session once a week!I think there are some really brilliant minds here who we do not see in their entirety. If anyone thinks this is a good idea then let the rest of us know and we can make it happen.

This is just an idea but it really sounds great to me!