Can't We All Just Get Along (Until We Cut Out the All-Seeing Eye)? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Can't We All Just Get Along (Until We Cut Out the All-Seeing Eye)?

I am a rare animal, politically. I have perhaps the most unpopular worldview, even among the alt or independent media. All my clothing is black, and I am not an anarchist, to put it in a palatable form. I am also a Christian, a British Israelist. I do think much of the Bible transcends our understanding.
However, at this point in history, and as I rapidly approach the age of 49, I have more and more abandoned the commonly-held (among most all people) belief that the world will be set to rights as soon as everyone adopts my specific views.
Having much life experience in arguing points with others, and watching events unfold in the world, I have come to understand how it is that those that disagree with me came to their views. And I have come to understand that most forms of government can work out, in that the common people, the population of a nation, can exist happily, productively, and better themselves with knowledge, earned property and good works under any number of systems. There are exceptions that simply will not work, of course. Communism, certain types of theocracy (the current Catholic Church and Sunni / Wahabist Islam for instance), and certain types of Socialism just don't seem to work out for the good of the people.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not damning Catholicism as a monolithic whole, nor Islam. I think Alawite and Shia Islamists, and most Catholics could form nation-states that would be benign, and benign is what we all want.
I think the world should be divided up into independent states that can work together for mutual benefit. I think everyone should have a choice as to what system they live under, as much as time and resources allow. If one wants to live in a monarchy, theorcracy, anarcho-syndicalist commune, a Constitutional Republic, a Democracy, a Scandi-type Socialist nation (as of past decades), or others spanning the spectrum, then fine.
Jihadist, Salafist Islam I don't really see as a religion, just as Communism is not a true political system. Both are variants of IngSoc (Orwell, 1984), pure systems of totalitarian control by moneyed, hereditary overlords. Which is why the Globalists promote both.
But before we even get to thinking about forming nation-states, the alt-independent movement, which includes media, agriculture, medicine, legal activists, protest groups, and so on need to stop attacking each other. So what if one group is off on this or that point? If one is anti-globalist, that's common ground, and we should reserve ridicule and other attacks for our real enemies. We can be more gentle when one aspect of alt mis-steps or mis-speaks. We can state our disagreement without a flame war. Those of us who have their own public forums, public platforms, can control content on them without being rude.
We don't have to agree with everything someone says or believes in to work with them against the globalists. We don't have to characterize them as shills or agent provocateurs (though there are such people, and we all know who they are, as in BLM, etc.). Or kooks or nuts. We don't have to, literally or figuratively, hang up on them. If and when we do, we alienate not only these individuals, but often times large groups that could be working with us to make a better world. And when we rudely reject would-be comrades, the globalists rejoice.
Which of us is perfect, and for which of us has all this not been a learning process? Were any of us born right-thinking and with knowledge of the whole truth? Will any of us ever know the whole truth?
My political awakening started with reading None Dare Call It Treason by John Stormer when I was 12, a gift from my grandfather. Since then, my life experience has imposed such changes in my ideas about people, the world and reality itself, I could never have imagined I would think what I think now. In any case, as Benjamin Franklin said, "I we do not hang together, then surely we will all hang separately." Keep it in mind. Please.