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The enormity of the deaths hit me. After 12 days of killing and psychological warfare, I’d become…less shocked at the sight of pieces of bodies, a little numb…like a doctor might, or a person subjected to this time and again. I was and am horrified at the on-going slaughter, at the images of children’s bodies being pulled from the rubble astonished it could continue…but adapted to the fact that there would be bodies, maimed, lives ruined. Standing among sandy makeshift graves, watching men digging with their hands, others carrying corpses on any plank long enough –corrugated tin, scraps of wood, stretchers –to be hastily buried –the drones still fly overhead and tank shelling can be heard 100s of metres beyond, it all become too much again. I wept for all the dead and the wounded psyches of a people who know their blood flows freely and will continue to do so.