Why Women Destry Nations | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Why Women Destry Nations

While probably VERY unpopular with women's libbers, this nonetheless is a most interesting program, one I had not seen discussed much.

As a woman, old enough to have lived through WWII in Europe, post war and women's Lib era as well as being a student of history and current events, I would say that this is possibly one of the most interesting bits I have come across in quite a while.


Then, this morning here on the listed articles was one regarding Trump/Cruz I clicked on, which had a headline 'Is Germany heading to Civil War?' which actually was a conversation between a somewhat moronic young guy with a speaker (I do not know who he is) who s the talk evolved spoke very much of the same thing - that women's behavior and interests are what not only can win and lose nations but also brings about changes in the DNA and thus the make-up of nations and even evolving races.

The speaker in this talk points out how best to preserve ones heritage - as well as the consequences if not done. Happened throughout history but NOW might be a moment in history where it is almost too late, yet if we wait, tomorrow it certainly will be too late.