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Metastasizing Misery Tour

It has been an interesting, and confrontational, week for centrist progressives, like myself, who identify more with Republican philosophies than those of their Liberal Democratic opponents. But I have to assure you; I did not start this dustup.

On Sunday, on MSNBC, Rob Reiner and his wife, Michelle, likened Trump to Hitler Rob Reiner and wife liken evil Trump to Hitler, and his supporters are hardcore racists

Oh really, Rob?!? Wow, as a woman married to a pan-racial guy, who conducts two English speaking choirs in a beautifully rainbow church, with every single ethnicity one could visualize, imagine that; now I'm a hardcore racist. Thanks, Rob, I had no clue; but is the race card the only thing you, and your brother and sister Democrats, have going for you in the midterms?!? It may well be, because "Early in the segment, Rob Reiner declared:

"Let's cut to the chase -- this is about racism. This is pure and simple racism -- that's all this is. He's hoping that the people who support him will be ginned up and running to the polls to make sure that brown people don't come into America. That's exactly what's going on here."

Rob, you are too bright a guy not to see the obvious; this is not what is going on here, and you are being disingenuous in the extreme by framing the illegal imigration issue in this way.

Americans are concerned about the burdens of illegal immigration, financial, social, and political, and the potential geopolitical implications of illegals voting in elections just enough to sway marginally Republican districts toward becoming Democratic districts, thus seizing control of Congress: the math is just that simple.

I give you the following article, appearing yesterday in, which I very much commend to you. The Truth Behind Democrats' Desire for Open BordersThe article goes on to state:

"I’m in the peculiar position of not being a partisan of President Trump, and yet being a publicly avowed enemy — if there’s any doubt — of the Resistance, especially these days its institutional branch known as the Democratic Party. What a ragtag and bobtail of mendacious cowards it has become. The truth, I believe, is that the party wants to bring as many Mexicans and Central Americans as possible across the border, by any means necessary, to fortify its future voter base. And so they are acting to insure that it happens."

"The end justifies the means", right, Rob?!? Now, darn it, I know I have heard that before.... Oh yes, the old Evil Soviet Union!!

And apparently now, courtesy of Maxine Waters, I am to be named, shamed, and shunned for having marginally supported the Trump candidacy over that of Hillary Rodham Clinton; she has supported agressive, verbal confrontation, to the point of nearly inciting her audience to riot on Sunday against those who who will not embrace the Democratic "message".

But the problem with all this, is .... this confrontational behaviour is simply a smokescreen against the backdrop of your party having no message whatsoever, except that Hillary should have won the election, grumble, grumble, grumble, howl, with your fists in the air, or beating up someone who doesn't agree with you within an inch of their lives. Ask Antifa; this is their tactic.

To My Democratic brothers and sisters, with all the turmoil in which this country finds itself, could you not possibly, please, spend a little time working on the problems all too many Americans are facing right now?!? Or are you so deeply into your "Gotcha! politics of personal destruction", that you really have not been paying attention?!?

This country is broke, with a multi-trillion dollar deficit; the immoral, and illegal wars continue to move forward, with no end in sight, because the US government has decided that by controlling all the oil, and other wealth around the world, such control will prevent the collapse of the dollar.

However, ultimate decline of the US dollar cannot be managed, other than attempting to engineer a "soft landing" for its decline in value, and already China, Russia, Iran and India are dumping the dollar in their international trade. Our infrastructure is crumbling, with roads, bridges, and public hospitals crumbling.

Wages have not kept up with inflation, and too many good people, after seeing their successful middle class jobs offshored/outsourced, are scrambling at working several minimum wage jobs, just to attempt to stay somewhat financially apace, which they can only do with heavy, and intense, dips into their credit line. And three weeks into unemployment, these folks are dropped by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so their unemployed gets undercounted. Sad, that.

This "metastasizing misery tour", is well and truly going to bite you collectively in a very sensitive portion of the human anatomy, come November's midterms: so I would politely suggest that you had better decide on what positive messaging you are going to do on the issues I have enumerated above, then follow through on them.

And yes, it may seem like it stinks to you, but at some point, rather than just spew obstruction for obstruction's sake, this Congressional term, you might want to think about moderate legislation upon which you, and your Republican colleagues, can feel good about working on, and getting passed together.

After all, that... was what the American people have hired you - and are counting upon you... to do.





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