My Plan To Get The U.N. Off Of Arizona's Back! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

My Plan To Get The U.N. Off Of Arizona's Back!

It seems that Arizona has come under the UN's gun. Statement by the UN reads as follows:

" The United Nations release on Monday (5.10.2010) by a group of UN human rights experts expressed serious concerns over laws recently enacted the state of Arizona, United States of America, that affect minorities, indigenous people and immigrants and potentially subject them to discriminatory treatment.Arizona: UN experts warn against “a disturbing legal pattern hostile to ethnic minorities and immigrants” " Via: United Nations - Human Rights

I have a plan that will get the UN, and the rest of planet Earth, to give a wink and a nod to what you are trying to do. This has worked wonders for Israel so it will work for you too!

Step 1: Round up ALL Mexicans, legal and illegal, and force them onto a slim strip of desert along the US/Mexican border.

Step 2: Build a gigantic wall manned with armed watch towers all along it's length.

Step 3: Bulldoze all existing homes once inhabited by ethnically cleansed Mexicans and replace them with White Christian ONLY residences.

Step 4: Institute a complete blockade to prevent the entrance or exit of "reservation" Mexicans.

Step 5: Create and enforce a total starvation policy complete with the systematic destruction of Mexican orchards, green houses and farm production. Make sure to poison all water wells and dump your sewage into the "reservation."

Step 6: Periodically have members of your National Guard launch "missiles" at itself and blame Mexican "terrorists" as an excuse to bomb the "reservation" from land, air and sea, killing as many innocent men, women and children as possible.

Step 7: Release daily press reports stating that you are the innocent victims that have the right to exist and defend yourself and accuse the Mexicans of trying to drive you into the sea/desert wilderness.

Step 8: Repeat steps 1-7 until you get total UN compliance. This may take 40-60 years but you will prevail with the added benefit of collecting planet wide financial and moral support. Your biggest mistake is that your laws are not nearly harsh enough!