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Gates, mosquitoes, and terrorism

How do Gates' actions not qualify as terrorism? Seems to me he was using terror to advance an agenda. Seems to be the working definition. And the first 5 letters of "mosque" is in the word "mosquito" - probably the connection would have been made half-jokingly by Malkin or Rush had the actor been a Middle Eastern man instead of the poster boy for corporate America - Gates.

Gates' statement prior to the release hangs him - 'Not only poor people should experience this.' Sic semper Bourgeoisie? Clearly his intent was to create terror - yet the MSM seems to laugh it off. What if that hypothetical Middle Eastern man had released powerdered sugar and claimed it was Anthrax spores only to say "just kidding"?

Even in the American Middle Ages between the Republic and the Police State Empire post 9/11 (a sort of pre-post-American America, I think) we all knew as school children that yelling "fire" in a crowded theater was not covered by free speech and was even illegal. How about joking about a bomb in an airport?

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