Jan 03 09:11

Video: Yes, it actually snowed in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday ...

No need to adjust your smartphone screen or computer monitor. Yes, it snowed Tuesday afternoon -- in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jan 03 08:15

The top ten really big SCIENCE LIES of 2018, all spelled out in advance to save you a whole year’s worth of reading the fake news media

To save you the time and effort normally needed to wade through all the “science” lies pushed by these propagandists, I’ve collected the top ten science lies of 2018. These are the big lies you’ll hear repeated across the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, TIME, Reuters, USA Today and all the other usual suspects that, at this point, function as propaganda mouthpieces for the deep state. If you thought corruption was bad in politics, take a peek behind the curtain of the science collusion artists…

Jan 02 12:21

It's madness! Frozen sharks -40 deg F (-40 deg C) in Minnesota colder than Mars and the North Pole coldest New Year in living memory in the US

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said it had found three dead thresher sharks frozen to death on the shore of the Cape Cod Bay in Brewster, south of Boston, in the last three days.

Glass windows were said to be cracking on Chicago's new Apple building from the extreme cold temperatures.

Low temperatures in the minus 40 deg F (-40 deg C) have been recorded in northern Minnesota this week.

According to the Weather Channel, the long-lived Arctic cold outbreak will be reinforced this New Year's weekend in the Plains, Midwest, South and East, shattering more daily records into the first days of 2018.

Jan 02 11:04

It's Colder Than Mars Out There

The arctic freeze over the United States this week is producing the kind of frigid temperatures typical for the red planet.

Jan 02 10:46

Record-breaking big freeze grips much of North America

Severe cold hits vast area from south Texas to Canada, and Montana to Maine
Omaha cancels New Year’s fireworks as temperature hits record low of -15F

Jan 02 10:37

U.N. Chief Issues ‘Red Alert’ Against Nationalism, Xenophobia, Climate Change for 2018

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said in his New Year proclamation Sunday that nations around the globe should unite to fight nationalism, xenophobia, and climate change.

Jan 02 10:18

The corruption of science

What happens when science and scientists are corrupted by politics and hysteria.

In every country run by madmen – Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, USA Today – science gets corrupted.

What does that mean?

Results are skewed to please the rulers. Scientists find the results they are paid and rewarded to find and “dissenters” are punished.

No checks and balances.

Jan 02 10:14

Deadly, bone-chilling cold continues to grip the US and break record-low temperatures with a major blizzard predicted to bring more than a FOOT of snow and 'hurricane-force' winds to the Northeast

Bone-chilling cold gripped much of the US as 2018 began, breaking century-old records and leading to several deaths that authorities attributed to exposure to the dangerously low temperatures.

The National Weather Service issued wind chill advisories and freeze warnings on Tuesday covering a vast area from South Texas to Canada and from Montana through to New England.

Jan 02 10:13

Gulf of Mexico and Florida under freeze warnings as the Arctic blast hits the deep south bringing record cold temperatures

The record-shattering Arctic cold which has hampered the new year celebrations in parts of the US has reached the deep south as freeze warnings were in place for in Florida and Texas on Monday.
The Northeastern United States is facing another cold wave at the end of the week according to Reuters.

Jan 01 10:05

Belichick Laughs At Mother Nature, Wears Shorts In 9 Degree Cold

Sunday’s game is likely to be the coldest regular-season home game in New England Patriots history, but you’d never know it by looking at Bill Belichick’s pregame attire.

Two-and-a-half hours before his team’s 1 p.m. ET matchup with the New York Jets, the Patriots coach strolled onto the turf at Gillette Stadium wearing shorts, gloves and a cutoff hoodie. The temperature at the time? 9 degrees with a wind chill of negative-6.

Jan 01 07:35

A “monster of a storm” may hit the East Coast next week

“The potential for a strong coastal storm system is increasing next week as multiple pieces of energy come together. However, where this system tracks remains highly uncertain and will ultimately determine sensible weather impacts along the East Coast. Subtle changes to the forecast may be the difference between a snowstorm or more Arctic cold and little or no snowfall,” said Ed Vallee, a meteorologist who specializes in Northeast weather.

Dec 31 10:45

Patriots Vs. Jets Should Be One Of Coldest Games Ever At Gillette Stadium

FOXBORO, Mass. — How cold is it going to be at this SundFOXBORO, Mass. — How cold is it going to be at this Sunday’s New England Patriots game? Well, the Patriots felt it necessary to send out a memo this week reminding fans that “hand and feet warmers are allowed and encouraged” inside Gillette Stadium.

So, yeah, pretty darn cold.

The forecast for Foxboro currently calls for a high temperature of 14 degrees and a low of negative-6 on Sunday. If that sticks, the Patriots’ early-afternoon matchup with the New York Jets will go down as one of the coldest games in franchise history.

Dec 30 10:44

Bill Nye: Blue States Will ‘Impose Economic Sanctions’ Against Climate Change-Denying States

Friday on MSNBC, climate activist Bill Nye warned conservatives to “watch out,” saying progressive blue states will “address climate change” on their own.

Nye said, “Only 40 percent of people in the U.S. think that Congress should be addressing this and that’s because certain conservative groups, especially from the fossil fuel industry, have been very successful in introducing the idea that scientific uncertainty, plus or minus two percent, is the same as plus or minus 100 percent.”

Dec 30 10:36

Earth is 'Pretty Prepared' for Upcoming Mini Ice Age - Researcher

The planet has natural mechanisms to cope with the mini ice age due to hit Earth in the 2030s as a result of fluctuations in the Sun's activity; however, humans need to prepare for the impact of the cold spell on food supplies, Professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University told Radio Sputnik.

Dec 30 10:35

Icy Delight: Partly Frozen Niagara Falls Has Fans Gasping (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

"This will end up being the coldest December since 2000 for southern and eastern Ontario, and southern Quebec," Anthony Farnell, Global News chief meteorologist, told viewers Thursday. "With temperatures expected to remain very cold through early next week, we could be in the middle of the coldest week [since 1979]."

Dec 30 10:28

First tanker of Russian gas arrives in UK to keep Britons from freezing this winter

Russian tanker Christophe de Margerie has brought the first batch of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Yamal to the United Kingdom. London had to urgently turn to Russian gas targeted by US sanctions due to supply outages.

Dec 29 10:57

Another Arctic blast poised to usher in 2018

The new frigid blast will reach the northern Plains on Saturday, then sweep southeastward over the balance of the New Year's Day weekend.

Temperatures in Minneapolis are forecast to fail to exceed zero F on Saturday and Sunday.

"Bitterly cold arctic air will settle in across a large swath of the U.S. as we turn the calendar from 2017 to 2018," said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski.

"People will really need to bundle up if they are heading out Sunday night for New Year's Eve celebrations in places like Chicago, for example, where the high will be 15 F on Sunday, around 15 degrees below normal," he warned.

Dec 29 09:34

New Year's Eve will be almost 40 degrees colder than usual

From New England to Texas, weather forecasters warn it's going to be 20 degrees to 40 degrees colder than usual over New Year's. Much of the US won't get above freezing all day.

If the present forecast holds true, this will be the third-coldest New Year's Eve ball drop in New York City since the event started in 1907. The expected low will be 11 degrees, with a windchill of zero.

Dec 29 09:07

Another Arctic blast poised to usher in 2018

The new frigid blast will reach the northern Plains on Saturday, then sweep southeastward over the balance of the New Year's Day weekend.

Temperatures in Minneapolis are forecast to fail to exceed zero F on Saturday and Sunday.

"Bitterly cold arctic air will settle in across a large swath of the U.S. as we turn the calendar from 2017 to 2018," said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski.

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Dec 29 07:23

'Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming': Trump uses record-low New Year's eve forecasts and arctic blast gripping the northern US to justify his decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord

President Trump has issued a comment on the arctic blast that's bringing negative temperatures to several states across the northern US - saying that maybe those states would actually benefit from global warming.

'In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year's Eve on record,' he tweeted from Mar-a-Lago Thursday night, where it is currently a balmy 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

'Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country, but not other countries, was going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against. Bundle up!'

He was referring to his decision that the United States will pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, making America the only country in the world not to sign it. The Accord was designed to attempt to curb global greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming to within two degrees Celsius. His administration also dropped climate change from the list of national security threats.

Dec 28 16:21

Bangor to see coldest week in 40 years

The cold front that moved in this week could turn out to be Bangor’s longest period of such freezing temperatures in nearly 40 years.

As of Wednesday — when Bangor’s pre-dawn temperatures clocked in at 9 below zero — the cold spell was predicted to last seven days, just shy of the all-time record of eight consecutive days with temperatures below 10 degrees, which happened in January, 1971.

“It will rival [1971], but I don’t know if it’s going to tie that record,” said Priscilla Farrar, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Caribou.

Dec 28 10:06

Plummeting temperatures could send the world into a 'mini ice age' in 2030 and could OVERRIDE global warming, claim mathematicians

In a little over a decade the world could be plunged into a 'mini ice age', scientists have warned.

Temperatures will start dropping in 2021, according to a mathematical model of the Sun's magnetic energy.

This, they say, will lead to a phenomenon known as the 'Maunder minimum' - which has previously been known as a mini ice age when it hit between 1646 and 1715, even causing London's River Thames to freeze over.

Dec 27 10:46

Green Activists Withdraw Adverts Which Falsely Claim Price Of Wind Energy Has Fallen By 50 Per Cent

Environmental activists have withdrawn an advertising campaign after being accused of making false claims about the price of wind energy.

The poster, launched in September by Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi and plastered around Westminster Tube station and across London’s transport network, claimed the price had fallen by 50 per cent over the past two years.

But, following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority, Greenpeace and a coalition of other environmental groups and green energy suppliers agreed not to use them again.

Dec 27 09:39

Snowmageddon Dumps Record 60 Inches Of Snow On Erie, PA; "Declaration Of Disaster"

On Tuesday, the city of Erie, Pennsylvania signed a declaration of disaster emergency, after a two-day storm dumped 5-feet of snow. Heavy lake-effect snow set record-setting snowfall totals in the snow belts to the east of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

Dec 27 08:03

Global warming could drive 660,000 more people per year to Europe

The number of asylum seekers fleeing their home countries to the European Union will increase 188 percent — to 660,000 applications per year — by 2100 if carbon emissions and global warming continue on their current path, according to new estimates published Thursday in Science Magazine.

Dec 26 10:17

Temperatures colder than parts of the Arctic Circle to hit the US: Record mild air across the UK replaced with wind and rain for Christmas

Temperatures humans shouldn't have to endure will hit parts of the US this week as the jet stream will deliver an Arctic hell and dangerous conditions with temperatures colder than parts of the Arctic Circle.
Christmas day will see a dip in the jet stream deliver an Arctic blast into the Plains and the Great Lakes.

“The core of the cold will be centred over the northern Plains, where temperatures up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit below late-December normals will be common,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Renee Duff.

Much of North Dakota and Minnesota on northward into the Canadian Prairies will struggle to reach the single digits for highs through Wednesday. Cities like International Falls, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota will likely stay below zero degrees Fahrenheit until late week.

The last time Minneapolis had a temperature in the single digits on Christmas Day was in 1985 when the high was 8.

Dec 26 09:08

Government on Trial: Historic Lawsuit to Halt Oil Exploration Starts in Norway

Environmental organizations, political heavyweights and former ministers are among the plaintiffs in an unparalleled lawsuit against the Norwegian state in a bid to stop future oil exploration.

The lawsuit, which is expected to have far-reaching consequences for Norway's oil and gas industry, was filed by environmentalists Greenpeace and Nature and Youth, with the Grandparents Climate Campaign (featuring former Conservative Prime Minister Kåre Willoch) as an intermediary.

The plaintiffs contend that the government's June 2016 decision to allow oil drilling in ten vulnerable areas of the Barents Sea constitutes a breach of the Norwegian constitution and the Paris Agreement to stop climate change, which Norway has signed.

Dec 24 08:28

Ice work if you can get it: Giant dragon measuring 80-yards long and 20 wide is carved out of snow by 100 artists for a skiing festival in China

This incredible snow dragon measuring 80 yards long and 20 wide is stunning visitors to a ski resort in China - and it is not even finished yet.

The craftsmen began work on the giant sculpture in Changchun, Jilin Province, on December 18 and expect to be finished by the end of this month.

This should be just in time for the Jingyuetan Vasaloppet International Skiing Festival, which opens on January 4.

The dragon is shown with its front claws raised in the air and jagged teeth arching up into the sky and is being constructed by artists using ice picks and a mechanical digger.

They use ladders to access the higher reaches of the sculpture, all the while taking care not to leave any unsightly dents.

Dec 24 08:28

Tasmania covered in snow during the first weekend of summer

IT’S officially the first weekend of Summer, but Tasmania has received a dumping of snow overnight.

Dec 22 07:58

Mele Kalikimaka — it’s snowing in Hawaii!

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say in the land where palm trees sway — except on the Big Island this week, where it’s not so much palm trees but snow that’s drawing attention.

There’s a winter storm warning up for the two summits on the island of Hawai’i, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Heavy snow was falling Thursday morning with an additional 2 to 5 inches expected through Thursday evening. The National Weather Service warned to “expect damage to trees and power lines as well.”

Dec 21 09:54

The Sun is Cooling Faster than Anyone Suspected

The danger from the Global Warming crowd is that they are misleading the entire world and preventing us from what is dangerously unfolding that sparks the rapid decline in civilization – GLOBAL COOLING. I previously warned that this is not my opinion, but simply our computer. If it were really conscious it would be running to store to buy heating pads. This year will be much colder for Europe than the last three. It will also be cold in the USA. We are in a global cooling period and all the data we have in our computer system warns that the earth is turning cold not warm.

Dec 19 08:19

Is climate change driving record snowfalls? Scientists blame global warming for DOUBLING the amount of snow atop an Alaskan mountain range

Snowfall on an Alaskan mountain range has more than doubled since the start of the industrial age, a new study has revealed.

The Alaska Range now has an average of 5.4 metres (18 feet) of snow per year - up from an average of 2.4 metres (eight feet) per year from 1600-1840.

According to the researchers, this increase in snowfall is evidence that climate change can trigger major increases in regional precipitation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 18 07:48

Weather anomalies are spreading across the world: Coldest summer for 100 years in Queensland, Australia, Earliest ice formation in 71 years on the Han River, South Korea, 3.5 meters of snow in Germany

The weather is going crazy around the world, breaking almost every week a new extreme event record. Here three examples of weather anomalies recorded these days around the world:

More than 1.5 meters of fresh snow and 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) of snow accumulation were recorded on The Brocken, also known as the Blocksberg, the highest peak of the Harz mountain range and also the highest peak of Northern Germany culminating at 1,141 metres (3,743 ft):

Dec 17 09:54

Sea Surface Temperatures Plummeting

As a result of 40 years of unprecedented man-made warming, sea surface temperatures are plummeting and much of the oceans are experiencing below normal temperatures.

Undeterred by reality, integrity, data or actual science, we can be 97% certain NOAA will declare temperatures to be among the hottest ever.

Dec 15 16:15

The Carnegie Council Calls for Global Governance to Regulate Geoengineering

By Derrick Broze

As the Carnegie Council calls for global governance to regulate climate engineering, advocates and opponents of the controversial technology prepare for a looming policy debate.

On December 8, the Carnegie Council released an essay calling for policymakers to invest resources into creating new forms of governance as a response to increasing calls for climate engineering, or geoengineering. The essay is part of a growing push for funding for research into the controversial science of modifying or engineering the climate, and a recent push towards global government which could regulate the technology...

Dec 15 15:54

Temperatures in Alaska warmed so rapidly this year that a computer rejected the data as FALSE

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) uses automated computers to gather temperature data.

Experts pre-installed an algorithm to automatically remove any false data caused by external factors such as faulty equipment.

The programme is designed to automatically keep the average temperature information as accurate as possible.

The extreme increase in temperature was so large that it triggered the data to be deleted.

Data from all of 2017 and some of 2016 was removed.

Dec 15 13:08

Ski slopes in Connecticut seeing best conditions in years, opening this weekend

The slopes are covered in snow. Ski season has officially arrived here in Connecticut.

“The conditions are probably the best we’ve ever seen in the month of December,” said Mike Kurys, Director of Operations at Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort.

Powder Ridge is set to open Friday evening at 4 p.m. They’ve been in snow-making mode for days.

“Mother Nature is finally cooperating with us,” said Powder Ridge CEO Sean Hayes. “We have temps to make snow.”

Dec 15 07:20

Arctic Alarmists Facing Imminent Meltdown

Even as climate alarmists lie to the public about Polar Bears, Arctic sea ice extent is growing very rapidly and closing in fast on the 1981-2010 mean.

The volume of sea ice is up 15% from ten years ago.

The summer minimum extent is up from ten years ago.

Greenland’s surface has been gaining ice at near record rates for the last two years.

Dec 14 09:26

Climate change activists used 'arbitrary' adjustments to exaggerate sea level rise, scientists claim

Earlier this year, climate-change activists claimed that there had been a dramatic increase in the sea level in the Indian Ocean.

But a new study suggests that this may not be the case, and that the activists' interpretation of data may have been based on 'arbitrary' adjustments.

Dec 14 08:00

‘Snowflake students’ get University to apologize for calling snow white

University College London was forced to apologize after a “dreaming of a white campus” tweet was deemed racist by “snowflake students.” The tweet had been intended to let students know the campus was still open as some parts of Britain remained covered by 13 inches of snow.

The tweet said: “Dreaming of a white campus? Our campuses will be open and operating fully today, Monday 11 December, so please make your way in as planned. (We can’t guarantee snow but we’ll try!) #snowday #londonsnow.”

One twitter user replied: “You know who else dreamt of a white campus? Hitler, that’s who. Disgusting.” Kumail Jaffer, a PPE student at Warwick University urged UCL to “retract and apologize.” He added that if anyone does not understand why the comment is offensive, they should “look into the history of the oppression of the PoC [People of Color]," according to the Telegraph.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 13 16:51

All 50 states have seen snow two weeks ahead of Christmas

Dec 12 17:36

Freezing 97% Of Britain To Death

On the coldest morning of the winter so far, wind and solar have collapsed and are producing only 3% of Britain’s energy. The sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

The UK government plans to go 100% “renewable” – which apparently means they are perfectly happy to let the population freeze to death, dark and hungry.

Dec 12 17:35

Greenland Temperatures Declining For A Century

Dec 12 16:55

Schwarzenegger bikes through Paris, calling out Trump on climate

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) on Monday went after President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, biking to the French capital's city hall to discuss the issue with the mayor.

I'll only be impressed if he cycled all of the way to Paris from the US

Dec 12 08:37

Snow in Europe triggers transport chaos

Heavy snow blanketing northern Europe has caused many flight cancellations and delays at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands and Brussels airport.

About 400 flights were cancelled at Schiphol - one of Europe's biggest airports - and about 200 in Brussels.

Travellers have been advised to check flight updates at home, rather than set off for the airport in bad weather.

In Germany the heavy snow has caused many car crashes and traffic jams, as well as train delays.

Dec 12 08:36

Photos: Unusually early, heavy snow creates 'winter wonderland' from Texas to Georgia

As unusually cold air arrived in the southern United States during the latter part of this week, it provided opportunities for residents to experience rare snowfall.

The wintry weather created slick and hazardous travel conditions from southern Texas to Alabama on Friday morning with numerous accidents forcing road closures throughout the region.

The snow continued to spread northeastward to northern Georgia, including Atlanta, and the western Carolinas on Friday into Friday night.
In southeastern Texas, 7 inches of snow was reported on the south side of Corpus Christi, Texas, and thundersnow was also reported in the area. According to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, the most recent accumulating snowfall in the city came back in 2004.

Dec 12 08:36

Heavy snow brings travel chaos to UK

Heavy snow fell in many parts of the UK on Sunday as Storm Caroline, the biggest storm so far this year, caused widespread disruption with road and air travel severely affected.

Central England and Wales were the worst hit regions witnessing up to 11 inches of snow in some places in just a few hours. Northern Ireland was also slammed.

Sleet and snow fell in central London as temperatures plummeted.

Dec 12 07:56

'It may not stop snowing in northern Pa. until next week': AccuWeather

While we have a chance for a white Christmas and several chances for snow this week, the situation is even snowier in northern Pennsylvania, AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Samuel says.

While no big storms are coming, Samuel said the arctic air headed our way this week will make it feel like single digits outside.

There could be lake-effect snow in south-central Pa. Tuesday into Wednesday, which is unusual, he said.

The area along I-80 could see a dusting to an inch. And it's a different story north of there, Samuel said.

"It may not stop snowing in northern Pennsylvania until next week. It looks like a very snowy pattern," he said.

Dec 12 07:44

North Korea sanctions could hurt millions as winter bites, UN says

As frigid winter weather sweeps over the Korean Peninsula, the United Nations has warned that punitive sanctions on North Korea could have unintended consequences for the country's long-suffering civilian population.

"The humanitarian assistance provided by the UN agencies and others is literally a lifeline for some 13 million acutely vulnerable individuals, but sanctions may be adversely affecting this essential help," said Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, the UN's top human rights official.

Dec 12 07:14


Our webcams show you live images from the ski area. Take a look around and see what your winter holiday could look like. See you in our Kitzbühel | Kirchberg ski area.

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Dec 12 07:06

Fake News: UK, U.S. Slip Down ‘Good Country’ Rankings… Run By a Globalist Group Pushing for ‘International’ Elections

Maybe you’ve seen the reports in the Guardian, the Times, the International Business Times, the Independent, Huffington Post, Russia Today, and the Irish Times about Brexit Britain and Trump’s America sliding down the “Good Country Index” rankings this year.

The study alleges that these nations are losing credibility as good international actors. But what the news reports don’t make clear is what the “Good Country Index” is, who it was started by, and what it hopes to achieve.

Simon Anholt — an honorary professor at the University of East Anglia — has made quite a career out of the platform, the criteria for which includes global co-operation on climate change, open border immigration, United Nations contributions, the number of refugees taken in, and international aid contributions.

Dec 12 07:04

France to Reward Anti-Trump U.S. Academics With ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’ Cash Grants

Emmanuel Macron is preparing to award all-expenses-paid grants for U.S. scientists to relocate to France, as part of the French leader’s attack on U.S. president Donald Trump’s climate policies.

Dec 11 08:58

WINTER'S BACK! Will it snow again today, what’s the forecast for London and what schools are closed on Monday?

The UK woke to blankets of snow on Sunday with disruption being experienced across the country

Dec 11 08:31

Chester County Snow Totals For Dec. 9, 2017 Storm

The storm dropped as much as 7 inches in parts of suburban Philadelphia. See the snowfall totals here.

Dec 11 08:27

Why did climate scientists emit 30,000 tonnes of C02 this weekend?

Around 25,000 of my colleagues flew to a conference, leaving a colossal carbon footprint in their wake. This makes our warnings less credible to the public

Dec 11 04:41

Best Snow Moments from Colts vs. Bills

Heavy snow and high winds kept both teams limited. Early on the visibility suffered, and both teams opted to go for fourth down conversions and invest heavily in running the ball to deal with the conditions. A Colts drive came close to Buffalo’s end zone, but Adam Vinateri couldn’t settle his feet on a field goal attempt and it went wide right.

Dec 10 09:19

Snow brings disruption across UK

Dec 10 06:19

Investigation finds Swedish scientists committed scientific misconduct

Probe centered on controversial paper that claimed microplastic pollution harms fish.

Two Swedish scientists have been found guilty of "misconduct in research" in a paper that they published in Science1 and later retracted. Their highly publicized work had suggested that tiny particles of plastic in the ocean harm fish.

The misconduct ruling was made by an investigative board from Uppsala University in Sweden, where the researchers work.

Dec 09 09:38

Record snow blankets Houston and Texas

Say it ain't snow. It's not a dream or nightmare but reality: one of the biggest snowfalls in history just walloped the Texas gulf coast and has brought Houston to a crawl.

Mother Nature brought blockbuster amounts of snow to areas that only see it a few times per century - where even half melted flurries are enough to drive kids out of their minds with excitement. I'm not talking Dallas or Amarillo or Lubbock. As of this entry, it is snowing and snowing heavily in, of all places, Brownsville, marking only the third time since 1895 they have received accumulating snowfall.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 09 09:37

Record-setting December snow falls on Alabama

This snowstorm certainly surpassed expectations.

Areas across Alabama were blanketed with snow on Friday, with totals reaching the double digits in some areas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 09 09:34

Season's sleetings! Winter Storm Benji is set to dump up to SIX INCHES of snow on the Northeast TODAY as thousands of festive revelers take to the streets for SantaCon

Meteorologists are predicting up to six inches of snow in New York City and the surrounding areas this weekend as Winter Storm Benji grips the Northeast.

Up to six inches of precipitation is expected to fall Saturday in some parts of the Tri-State, especially up north into Connecticut.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 09 09:14

Video/Pics of rare snow in Deep South

Dec 08 12:03

Alaska just recorded one of the most extreme snowfall rates on record: 10 inches per hour

Imagine going into a movie theater to check out the latest science fiction flick and there is not a single flake of snow on the ground. A couple hours later, as the credits start to roll, you mosey outside and are stunned to find your car buried in more than a foot of snow.

Perhaps you'd wonder if you were still watching a movie.

Dec 08 10:57

Snowing in South Louisiana - Crazy

Dec 08 10:39

Snowman on the lawn of the Alamo

Dec 08 10:11

It’s snowing in Austin.

Dec 07 11:58

Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise

The raw (unadjusted) data from three Indian Ocean gauges – Aden, Karachi and Mumbai – showed that local sea level trends in the last 140 years had been very gently rising, neutral or negative (ie sea levels had fallen).

But after the evidence had been adjusted by tidal records gatekeepers at the global databank Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) it suddenly showed a sharp and dramatic rise.

The whistle was blown by two Australian scientists Dr. Albert Parker and Dr. Clifford Ollier in a paper for Earth Systems and Environment.

The paper – Is the Sea Level Stable at Aden, Yemen? – examines the discrepancies between raw and adjusted sea level data in Aden, Karachi and Mumbai.

Dec 05 16:31

Delingpole: #Winning – Grant Applications for ‘Climate Change’ down 40 Percent

Grants funded by the National Science Foundation have seen a 40 percent drop in 2017 of applications mentioning the words “climate change”.

If you believe NPR this is a terrible thing.

But no it’s not.

It’s a really, really good thing: one of the first major indicators that the Trump administration is starting to win the climate wars.

Dec 05 09:23


Snowfall in Lviv made it impossible for the continuation of the Premier League game on December 3, reports Rus.Media.

Dec 05 09:22

It's snowing in Hawaii

Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, Hawaii’s tallest peaks, received their first dusting of snow recently, with another 8 inches expected to fall as we head into the first days of December. It came a little early this year, due to strong easterly trade winds and higher levels of precipitation over Hawaii Island and Maui. The first snow in the Islands typically falls in early December, with the bigger dumps coming in January and February.

The National Weather Service has issued winter weather advisories in the areas where heavy snowfall is expected.

Dec 05 07:00

Barack Obama clings on to Paris agreement telling France USA's absence only ‘TEMPORARY’

Ex French premier Francois Hollande said the Paris agreement had launched an “irreversible movement” that would not be rocked by Donald Trump’s decision to pull out in June.

And Mr Obama said the international community was only facing a “temporary absence” of the US from tackling climate change.

Mr Hollande made the comments after Mr Obama enjoyed a two-hour private lunch with current centrist president Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace during a five day whirlwind international trip.

Mr Obama and Mr Hollande spoke about the fight against climate change during the Saturday meeting, a key member of the socialist’s entourage told French media.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One can no more stop the climate from changing than one can stop the Earth from rotating.

Dec 04 09:58


A paper published Nov. 29 in the American Institute of Biological Sciences journal ‘Bioscience’ bears the title ‘Internet Blogs, Polar Bears and Climate-Change Denial by Proxy’ calls Susan Crockford a denier. Their evidence is that other unidentified blogs that the paper’s authors call ‘denier’ blogs (without citing them, without showing what it is about those blogs that render them anathema) link to Dr. Crockford’s weblog.

Let’s be clear about this. Dr. Crockford does not deny climate change. She writes about polar bears and clears up some misconceptions being published about them. But because weblogs this paper’s authors don’t like link to Crockford, she is now labeled a ‘denialist.’ But again, the casual dismissal of her life’s work is more personal than professional. She is derided as someone who focused on dogs,with an inferred snigger.

Dec 04 08:33

It might be summer, but it's snowing in Tasmania!

Tasmania's parched east coast has received a much-needed drenching, while summer snow fell in the central highlands overnight.

The Bureau of Meteorology received reports of up to 40 centimetres of snow in the central highlands, about a week after a spring heatwave shattered records in many parts of Tasmania.

Dec 01 08:12

It is snowing in London and people are freaking out

It was announced yesterday that Britain should start getting ready for the big freeze as arctic blasts are expected to bring temperatures as low as minus 10C across the UK.

But we don’t think people were quite prepared for today’s downfall.

Or at least not as prepared as people in other parts of the country – where it has been snowing for weeks now and nobody has lost their minds.

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Nov 30 14:33


Since the Kyoto agreement in 1997 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, successive governments have created rules about how new and refurbished buildings must be insulated to reduce heat loss. In 2011 the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) turned to the insulation industry for help, inviting representatives onto a Green Deal committee to come up with ways to push more insulation into homes. We discovered that of the 10 firms and construction industry groups on that committee, four were members of BRUFMA. One of them was Celotex, the firm whose plastic insulation would be fitted to the outside of Grenfell Tower four years later.

Nov 30 10:38

STUDY: Satellites Show No Acceleration In Global Warming For 23 Years

Global warming has not accelerated temperature rise in the bulk atmosphere in more than two decades, according to a new study funded by the Department of Energy.

University of Alabama-Huntsville climate scientists John Christy and Richard McNider found that by removing the climate effects of volcanic eruptions early on in the satellite temperature record it showed virtually no change in the rate of warming since the early 1990s.

“We indicated 23 years ago — in our 1994 Nature article — that climate models had the atmosphere’s sensitivity to CO2 much too high,” Christy said in a statement. “This recent paper bolsters that conclusion.”

Nov 30 08:52

It's Snowing in Hawaii

Snow is falling in Hawaii and is expected to blanket the volcanic summits of Hawaii's Big Island through at least Wednesday morning.