Feb 15 08:57

Med. Examiner Tearfully Describes Rape and Killing of 8-Year-Old Girl Who 'Did Not Die Quickly'

A medical examiner who conducted the autopsy 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle became emotional in court Tuesday as she discussed the last moments of the young girl’s life.
Dr. Valerie Rao was testifying during the trial of Donald James Smith, 61, who faces charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping and sexual battery of the girl. If convicted, he faces the death penalty.

Feb 15 08:56

Stormy Daniels Says Trump Lawyer Breached Agreement, So She's Free To Talk

Former adult film actress Stephanie Clifford says she is ready to tell her story after the president’s lawyer reportedly breached a nondisclosure agreement preventing her from speaking publicly about her alleged affair with President Donald Trump.

Feb 15 08:55

FBI alerted last fall that Florida killer Nikolas Cruz was “going to be a professional school shooter”

Last fall, a Mississippi bail bondsman and frequent YouTube vlogger noticed an alarming comment left on one of his videos. “I’m going to be a professional school shooter,” said a user named Nikolas Cruz.

The YouTuber, 36-year-old Ben Bennight, alerted the FBI, emailing a screenshot of the comment to the bureau’s tips account. He also flagged the comment to YouTube, which removed it from the video.

Agents with the bureau’s Mississippi field office got back to him “immediately,” Bennight said, and conducted an in-person interview the following day, on Sept. 25.

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“They came to my office the next morning and asked me if I knew anything about the person,” Bennight told BuzzFeed News. “I didn’t. They took a copy of the screenshot and that was the last I heard from them.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another wonderful job by the FBI! Maybe if they hadn't been working so hard to overthrow a legitimately elected President, they might have stopped this kid before he could pull a trigger!

Feb 15 08:55

4-year-old girl found after intruder enters home, brutally beats mother

Authorities have found a missing 4-year-old from Charleston, South Carolina, after she vanished from her home when an intruder forced his way in and beat her mother so badly she had to be taken to a hospital, police said Wednesday.
Charleston ABC affiliate WCIV reported the girl, Heidi Ranae Todd, was found safe outside Birmingham, Alabama, on Wednesday evening.

Feb 15 08:52

YouTube user ‘Nikolas Cruz’ said he wanted to go on a mass shooting in a 9-month-old comment

A user with the name ‘Nikolas Cruz’ – the name of the shooter who killed 17 people in a Florida high school on Wednesday – posted a comment under a documentary on a 1966 mass shooting, saying he wanted to do the same.

“I am going to what he did,” (sic) the now-deleted comment read. It was posted under a Discovery UK documentary about the 1966 Texas University shooting, in which a former marine shot dead 18 and injured over 30 others from atop the main building tower at the University of Texas at Austin.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even the corporate media are moving away from the gun-grabbers and pointing out that this kid was obviously a danger and that someone clearly missed the signals!

Feb 15 08:40


The family and friends of Gemmel Moore, 26, are fighting an uphill battle to bring the man they say is responsible for his death to justice. Not surprisingly, the fact that Moore, who worked as a male escort, was found dead at the home of 63-year-old Ed Buck—who’s donated hundreds of thousands to Hillary Clinton—has received very little media coverage.

While it is entirely possible that Moore was simply staying at Buck’s house as a ‘friend’ and accidentally overdosed while there, the following information paints a far more ominous picture.

One of the witnesses interviewed by police said Moore told her that someone whose name is conveniently redacted tied him up “over a year ago” and “held him against his will at the residence in West Hollywood.”

But that’s not all. Moore also kept a journal in which he described in graphic detail how Buck forced him to do meth and got him addicted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Clintonistas have this unwavering faith that they are "above the law"...until it comes back to bite them, as I hope will be happening to Hillary Clinton with the Uranium One deal, and relatively soon.

Feb 15 08:32

Tractor-Hacking Farmers Are Leading a Revolt Against Big Tech's Repair Monopolies

Kyle Schwarting is a farmer by trade, and a hacker by necessity. His farm, about 20 minutes outside the city limits of Lincoln, Nebraska, is full of tractors and agricultural equipment, which he picks up in various states of repair from fellow farmers, fixes up, and resells.

“I would say what I’m doing is hacking,” Schwarting tells me, gesturing to a Windows laptop and a USB-to-tractor cable he Frankensteined himself.

The plan is to hook the laptop up to a gigantic John Deere combine, which, like all farm equipment, has become increasingly difficult to repair as companies have introduced new sensors and software into nearly every component. Schwarting has found a hacked version of John Deere’s Service Advisor software on a torrent site, which he can use to diagnose problems with the equipment and ultimately repair it. Without this software, even minor repairs will cost him thousands of dollars from a licensed John Deere repair person and more importantly, time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I can't say that I blame the guy; the "right to repair" should be fundamental, and not place a farmer into unpayable debt everytime something goes wrong with his equipment.

Also, with agriculture, particularly around harvesting season, time is money.

Feb 15 08:28


The Sackler family is best known for the buildings adorned with their names thanks to their acts of philanthropy, which is either motivated by a public spirit, or by the desperate need for some reputation washing as the public becomes increasingly aware that the family fortune was built on the perfection of shady techniques for marketing addictive drugs, which reached its zenith when Perdue, the family pharma business, created the Oxy epidemic, by falsifying addictiveness research and aggressively recruiting doctors to hook their patients on their lethal products.

The Sacklers are your basic Koch-style family of evil billionaires, handing out charitable grants with one hand, and using the other hand to secretly fund initiatives to kill public education.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable.

I hope they get sued out of business, and that these class action attorneys will bring them, collectively and financially, to their knees.

Feb 15 08:26

A Teenagers cliamed there's more than one person involve in Florida school shooting

Feb 15 08:01

18 school shootings in US in 2018

"Are we coming to expect these mass shootings as a kind of routine matter?" Florida Senator Bill Nelson told CNN.

Each incident like the one in Parkland brings calls for more strict laws on gun sales and ownership, but gun rights campaigners regularly succeed in stifling those calls.

Indeed, laws on carrying guns in public have been made less strict in many areas.

Feb 15 08:00

Nikolas Cruz: Florida school shooting suspect's 'very disturbing' social media posts revealed, as details of man arrested emerge

Teachers were warned not to let suspected Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz on to campus wearing a backpack, a staff member has said, as details emerged of “very disturbing” social media posts left by the teenager.

Feb 15 07:59

Passengers Recall 'Flight From Hell' After 3-Year-Old Screamed for 8 Hours Straight

It was a transatlantic headache for passengers aboard a flight from Germany to the U.S. when a child would not stop screaming for eight hours.

Feb 15 07:59

Senate Bill Would Create National Broadband Access Standard - Bipartisan legislation would charge FCC with task

The FCC is being asked to set a national standard to determine whether mobile and broadband in rural areas is "reasonably comparable" to service in urban areas.
That request came in a bipartisan bill, the Rural Reasonable and Comparable Wireless Act of 2018, introduced Tuesday (Feb. 13) by Sens. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) and Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.).

Feb 15 07:58

Brazilian drug dealer kidnaps medical staff, makes them vaccinate community against yellow fever

Thomaz Vieira Gomes, also known as 2N, is considered one of the most dangerous criminals in Rio de Janeiro, but recently he actually did something decent, albeit still illegal, for once.

Feb 15 07:58

3 Hurt After Driver Tried to Enter NSA Campus

Three people, including a police officer, were injured after authorities say a driver tried to enter the secure campus of the National Security Agency at Fort Meade on Wednesday morning and someone opened fire.

Gunshots were fired during the incident, but officials say they do not believe any of the injuries resulted from gunfire.

The FBI is still collecting evidence but believes it was an isolated incident, Gordon Johnson, special agent in charge of the FBI's Baltimore field office, said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

Feb 15 07:58

CNN's Philip Mudd breaks down on air while discussing Florida school shooting

Philip Mudd, a CNN counterterrorism analyst and former FBI deputy director, broke down in tears on the air on Wednesday while discussing Wednesday’s deadly mass shooting at a Florida high school.

Feb 15 07:34

What we know so far about the Florida school shooting suspect

Authorities are scouring social media for clues to why Nikolas Cruz allegedly opened fire outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday, killing 17 people.
He was able to leave the school after the shooting by blending in with other students who were trying to escape, but he was apprehended shortly thereafter.

Feb 15 07:33

Florida school shooting brings tears to Olympic Games

GANGNEUNG, South Korea — A television sits inside the warm-up room here at the Gangneung Ice Arena, where the skaters stretch and prepare just before taking the ice. For reasons that aren’t clear, on Thursday morning, it was tuned to CNN International.

Feb 15 07:33

Florida teen charged with 17 murders legally bought AR-15

PARKLAND, Fla. (AP) — An orphaned 19-year-old with a troubled past and his own AR-15 rifle was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder Thursday morning after being questioned for hours by state and federal authorities following the deadliest school shooting in the U.S. in five years.

Feb 15 01:48

Student: There 'Had To Be Two Shooters' Because I Talked With Suspect Shortly After Shots Were Fired

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Alexa Miednik told a reporter Wednesday night she thinks there "definitely had to be two shooters involved" because she spoke with suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz shortly after shots were fired from another part of the school.

She says she did not see him with a gun as they spoke.

Feb 14 19:20

Lab-Made Mosquitoes Released in Miami

True, Organic and Free

In January 2018, lab-bred Aedes aegypti mosquitoes carrying wolbachia bacteria were released in South Miami, Florida

Feb 14 18:36

Scott Adams: The Charlottesville Fake News Was the Best Persuasion Play of the Past Year

I propose a test to see if anti-Trump news professionals and pundits who consider Charlottesville as proof of President Trump’s racism will commit to their positions in public. You can test this at home with your Trump-hating friends. Simply print out my blog post and ask them to read the two interpretations I listed and ask them to tell you which one seems most likely. If your subject tries to change the topic, you have your answer.

Feb 14 17:27


Jim Jordan is hilarious.


Feb 14 17:20

Peter Thiel: AI Is Communist

Peter Thiel on AI vs. Cryptocurrency. This is very interesting.


Feb 14 17:16

Germany Will Phase Out Glyphosate Herbicides ”As Fast As Possible”

The new German government will aim to end the use of glyphosate herbicides “as fast as possible”...

Feb 14 17:15

Hannity Didn’t Know CIA Boss Brennan Is A Former Communist

Hannity doesn't believe Gorka...


Feb 14 17:00

Man Cured His Pain With Cold Water Plunges After Painkillers Failed

A man “took the plunge” only to find relief from his constant, searing pain. A medical case of pain relief after cold water swimming has just been documented by...

Feb 14 16:46


This is really good...


Feb 14 16:21

Chicago police officer dies after being shot multiple times

A Chicago police officer died after he was "senselessly murdered" in a downtown building Tuesday afternoon, police said.

Commander Paul Bauer, of the 18th District, was chasing a suspect when he was "shot multiple times," Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said at a news conference.

Feb 14 15:57

Florida School Shooter IDed as 19-Yr-Old Nicolas de Jesus Cruz

Here's some images floating around on social media from his two Instagram accounts...

Feb 14 15:08

The Causes of the “Civil War” in the Words of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis

“When [the states] entered into the Union of 1789, it was with the undeniable recognition of the power of the people to resume the authority delegated for the purposes of that government, whenever in their opinion, its functions were perverted and its ends defeated . . . the sovereign States here represented have seceded from that Union, and it is a gross abuse of language to denominate the act rebellion or revolution.”

–Jefferson Davis, First Inaugural Address, Montgomery, Alabama, February 1861.

Lincoln asserted that it was not voluntary, and was more like what future generations would come to know as the Soviet Union – held together by force and bloodshed.

Feb 14 15:04

Southerner Sessions: 'Slavery' alone caused the Civil War

Doesn't know anything about Cannabis or American History it would seem. PC for sure though.

Jeff Sessions, a son of the South and President Trump’s attorney general, celebrated former President Abraham Lincoln’s 209th birthday with a blunt and bold statement that clashes with some of his fellow Alabamians and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Speaking Monday at the Union League of Philadelphia’s Annual Lincoln Day celebration, he said slavery alone was the cause of the Civil War.

Feb 14 14:30

“US Foreign Policy Is the Greatest Crime Since WWII,” Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark

The US Secretary of State’s criminally insane back handed remarks favoring a civil war, with all the probable loss of lives a civil war would bring, seems to fit as appropriate within a US foreign policy of world domination. Human suffering has never been of any consequence to the financial interests of that 1/10 of 1 per cent of Americans who, to one degree or another, rule us all.

That is the way it has been since the end of the Second World War, a war made possible by US investments and joint ventures in the rearming of Nazi Germany,[ 2] a war that made the USA rich and the first all powerful single superpower.

Feb 14 13:43

Shooting reported at Florida high school; 20 people reported injured

The Broward County Sheriff's Office in Florida is responding to reports of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

Broward County Fire Rescue is reporting that 20 people are injured, according to CNN affiliate WSVN.
The shooter is still at large, the sheriff's office said on Twitter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, that's one way to keep the media from talking about Obamagate!

Feb 14 13:40

USA Men's Hockey Loses To Slovenia.

Feb 14 13:36

Every Presidential Portrait Leading To Obama’s NIGHTMARE

Excellent 45 second montage of EVERY presidential portrait before Obama.


Feb 14 13:13

CNN Panel Of Trump Voters EVISCERATE Russia Narrative

CNN takes it on the chin...


Feb 14 13:06

Berlin film fest turns down #MeToo plea to turn red carpet black

BERLIN: Organisers of the Berlin International Film Festival on Wednesday declined a call to have movie stars walk a black, rather than red, carpet as a symbol of support for the campaign against sexual harassment in the industry.

Feb 14 11:46

BRUTAL School Attack Caught On Video…

Culprit is a football player so he's not being punished. This is extremely brutal at the end.


Feb 14 11:16

Why Russian Chief Rabbi Stands by Vladimir Putin

Lazar’s work, his Russia boosterism and his ties to the Kremlin — he is sometimes called “Putin’s rabbi” — has helped Chabad’s Russian branch eclipse all the Jewish groups vying to reshape the country’s community of 250,000 Jews. Now Lazar heads a vast network that comprises dozens of employees and plentiful volunteers working in hundreds of Jewish institutions: schools, synagogues, community centers and kosher shops.

But Lazar and Putin’s relationship seems to go deeper than political expediency. In 2012, Lazar led the Russian leader on a tour of Jerusalem’s Western Wall. And last year Putin made Lazar a member of Russia’s prestigious Merit to the Fatherland order, the country’s highest civilian decoration and one that is rarely conferred on people who were not born in Russia. (Lazar became a Russian citizen in 2000.)

Feb 14 11:13

Shareblue Writer Found Guilty of Disorderly Conduct for Fighting With Police

Shareblue BTFO'd!

A reporter with a liberal media outlet was found guilty of misdemeanor disorderly conduct Tuesday over an October confrontation with police as he was attempting to cover then-Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillepsie.

Feb 14 11:06

PGA Golfer Bill Hass Injured In Fatal Ferrari Crash - Driver Is Dead

Crazy photos from the scene of the crash this morning...


Feb 14 11:01

Hundreds Arrested in Massive Child Sex Ring in California, Including Entertainers, Community Leaders and Clergy

The Department of Justice conducted a series of raids across Los Angeles and arrested 238 people in connection with a Hollywood pedophilia network in June, but this story went totally ignored by almost all media outlets.

According to police, the arrests included some entertainers, community leaders, white-collar professionals, a monk, and other high-ranking clergy members.

The raids were conducted by the Los Angeles Regional Internet Crimes Against Children task force, working directly with the Justice Department.

Codenamed “Operation Broken Heart III”, the sweeping raids targeted offenders wanted for the sexual exploitation of children, child prostitution, sex tourism and possessing and distributing child pornography, said Deputy Chief Matt Blake of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police stated that they are unable to release any names at this point, but confirmed that the arrested included some “household names” in the entertainment industry.

Feb 14 10:42

How the SHTF in Bosnia: Selco Asks Americans, “Does this sound familiar?”

Selco shares the similarities between our situation in the US and the one in Bosnia when the SHTF there during the war.

While we might like to think it could never happen here, the current events here are eerily similar to what happened there in the 1990s.

When you read this. think about recent events. The anger about immigration. The destruction of Civil War monuments. The unease between the races. The deep rage about the recent presidential election. The scorn and derision for neighbors who think differently. The way the media fans the flames of dissent between our fellow Americans.

You'll realize that it definitely CAN happen to us.

Feb 14 10:38

An American Says She Fell Asleep With A Headache, Woke Up With A British Accent

Michelle Myers' accent is global, but she has never left the country.
The Arizona woman says she has gone to bed with extreme headaches in the past and woke up speaking with what sounds like a foreign accent.

Feb 14 10:38

A.I. Algorithm Recognizes Terrorist Propaganda With 99 Percent Accuracy

The UK-based company ASI Data Science unveiled a machine learningalgorithm Wednesday that can identify terrorist propaganda videos with 99 percent accuracy.

Feb 14 10:34

Top Dem Senator Continues to Push Russian Election Hacking Hoax – Investigators Still HAVE NOT Inspected DNC Servers

On Tuesday, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) continued to push the Russian election hacking hoax at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on worldwide threats, yet investigators still have not inspected the DNC servers to confirm Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s campaign emails.

Feb 14 10:21


Police in Fort Meade, Maryland, have reported a “possible shooting” near the National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters. Several people might have been wounded in the incident, according to local media reports.

Feb 14 10:13

Bill Murray Praises Republican Tax Cuts – ‘It’s a Fantastic Thing’

In a wide-ranging interview with CNBC, actor and comedian Bill Murray took a moment to praise the Republican tax cuts, calling them a “fantastic thing” and noting most Americans believed “there was probably too much regulation” anyway, something President Trump has successfully slashed at record rates during his first year in office.

“The change in the tax law is a great thing for the corporations, it’s a fantastic thing,” Murray said.

The Ghostbusters, Caddyshack and Groundhog Day legend compared the Trump Administration’s tax overhaul to that of a “high tide raising all boats,” adding he believes it has made things “easier.”

“I don’t pretend to understand what that will mean in the future in terms of the economy or what the budget will have to do to take care of what people call entitlements,” Murray surmised.

Feb 14 10:09

Indiana 3-Year-Old Who Died From The Flu Was Not Vaccinated

A three-year-old Indiana girl who died from the flu Monday was not vaccinated, according to local news outlets.
Alivia Viellieux, passed away in her sleep at her Muncie, Indiana home after being discharged from Ball Memorial Hospital last Thursday, WRTV reported.

Feb 14 09:41

New Dutch law makes every adult an organ donor. Netherlands narrowly passed new legislation on that will register every citizen aged 18 and over as a potential organ donor, unless they explicitly choose to opt out.

The Netherlands narrowly passed new legislation on Tuesday that will register every citizen aged 18 and over as a potential organ donor, unless they explicitly choose to opt out.
Senators in the Dutch upper house of parliament voted 38 to 36 to pass the draft bill put forward by the progressive D66 party.