Oct 10 09:15

Comey’s Daughter Works in SDNY where Trump’s being investigated

Maurene (Ryan) Comey (Issarachoff), an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), is the 30-year old daughter of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey. James Comey is a mortal enemy of President Trump’s.

The SDNY, where Comey’s daughter works, has taken over where the Mueller probe left off and, unlike Robert Mueller, they have no limitations if they engage in a witch hunt.

Maurene Comey graduated from Harvard as a Doctor of Law after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from The College of William and Mary. She’s qualified.

One of six children of James Comey and his wife, she, along with her mother and sisters, voted for Hillary Clinton. When Clinton lost, Patricia Failor, her mother, was “devastated” according to James Comey.

Oct 10 08:49

FLIP-FLOP: Ocasio-Cortez Was Against U.S. Involvement In Syria Before She Was For It

Back in April, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined several other lawmakers to blast President Trump for keeping U.S. troops in Syria.

Oct 10 08:49

Michael Avenatti Claims He’s Being Prosecuted Because He Angered A ‘Vindictive’ Donald Trump

Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti has figured out why he’s being prosecuted for allegedly extorting Nike and defrauding adult film star Stormy Daniels: the California and New York states’ attorneys are doing the bidding of a “vindictive” President Donald Trump.

Oct 10 08:19

George Conway Cracks There's Really Only 1 Way The GOP Will Turn On Trump

George Conway thinks he knows how to get Republicans in the Senate to finally turn on President Donald Trump and agree with impeachment.

Oct 10 08:18

Alaska man arrested after memory card with footage of woman being beaten to death found on street

A man has been charged with murder after a memory card containing videos and images showing him assaulting and murdering a woman in a hotel room was found in the street.

Oct 10 07:57

Million Mask March: Anonymous Plans To Fight For The Internet, Freedom Of Speech And Press November 5th

By Aaron Kesel

The fifth of November only happens once a year, quickly approaching, activists who associate themselves with the decentralized leaderless Anonymous collective are beginning to organize together for rallies across the world. So grab a sign, print out your paper Guy Fawkes mask, and get ready to remember the fifth of November...

Oct 09 21:43

America’s Political Implosion

The polarization in American politics has become so extreme there seems no longer to be any center ground. The political establishment is consequently imploding into an abyss of its own making.

President Trump is being driven into an impeachment process by Democrats and their media supporters who accuse him of being “unpatriotic” and a danger to national security.

Trump and Republicans hit back at Democrats and the “deep state” whom they condemn for conspiring to overthrow the presidency in a coup dressed up as “impeachment”.

Oct 09 21:40

Why Gilligan’s Island May be the Answer to Police Brutality

By John J. Baeza
I retired from the NYPD and moved to Florida like many NYC policemen and firemen do- there is no state income tax here and it doesn’t snow. I decided I needed a job so I worked for a local Sheriff’s office for three years.

Policemen always have their hands full when they deal with emotionally disturbed persons (EDP’s in NYPD parlance). It was no different in south Florida.

Oct 09 18:40

Extinction Rebellion mocked for 'trying to hide' diesel generator in protest camp

EXTINCTION REBELLION has been mocked after a video surfaced of the group powering one of its camps using pollution-emitting diesel generators.

Oct 09 18:34

11-3 Seattle False Flag attack during NFL game? 26-minute video documents abundant predictive programming, just like 9/11

The US military updated domestic mobilization orders. Do they know this 26-minute video's documentation of a large false flag (and here) attack on Seattle is a real threat of desperate "Deep State" .01% neocolonial criminals trying to avoid their arrests?

This is worth considering.

If it resonates, share it.

From “Right To Know - Droit De Savoir” in 26-minutes:

Are Americans at the Emperor’s New Clothes moment of The Great Awakening, or need more evil pain to awaken?

When and if Earth’s humans have an Emperor’s New Clothes victory to see, point, and speak the obvious of ongoing lying, looting, and psychopathic-murderous empire is still in contest.

Patriots in independent media have documented much to professionally explain, document, and prove these outrageous crimes beyond any shadow of any doubt. Read on should such evidence be helpful:

Not sure that US “leadership” are criminals with their crimes “covered” by corporate media and public education?

Oct 09 12:02

Scott Adams: Is California a Third World Country, Kurds, Bill Gates Saving the World

Comments at:

There are bad Kurds and good Kurds?
Ukraine planned to investigate Burisma MONTHS before the call?
We’re pulling out of the open skies agreement
What is it and why are we pulling out?
Chinese officials complicit in suppressing Muslim minority
Visa restrictions issued for Chinese officials suppressing Muslims
President Trump is supporting Muslims in other countries
Is America interfering in China’s domestic affairs? Is that bad?
Bernie announces reduced campaign efforts
Bill Gates TerraPower development of SAFE Gen IV nuclear power
Eliminate men & women sport leagues…just have skill based leagues
Leagues by skill level qualifications, not M, F or T

Oct 09 10:21

Chick-Fil-A Employee Goes The Extra, Extra Mile By Climbing Into A Manhole To Retrieve Customer’s Phone

A Chick-fil-A employee in Stafford, Virginia, went above and beyond the call of duty to rescue a customer's phone that had fallen into a manhole on the property.

Oct 09 10:20

Giuliani: No Administration Officials Will Testify Or Provide Documents To Impeachment Probe Unless Adam Schiff Is Removed As House Intel Committee Chairman

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, said that he will not testify before House investigators as part of Democrats' ongoing impeachment efforts against the president unless Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is removed as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and the House votes in full on taking up the impeachment probe.

Oct 09 10:19

Why Prince Andrew’s latest Jeffrey Epstein excuse is the most ‘idiotic’ yet

Prince Andrew needs better crisis PR management, or smarter friends whispering excuses for him to the British media.

That’s because these friends have once again attempted to downplay his controversial friendship with the now-deceased pedophile trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

After the so-called “chubby fingers” defense didn’t work, Andrew’s friends have now gone to the Sunday Times to offer up a rationalization for his infamous visit to Epstein’s New York City townhouse in December 2010. But their head-scratching defense defies the logic of the known record of the situation, making it look more and more that Andrew’s chief accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, is right — that the queen’s second son has more he needs to “come clean” about.

Oct 09 10:09

House Appropriations Democrat Threatens To Withhold Administration Pay Over Ambassador’s Canceled Testimony

A Democratic member of the House Appropriations Committee has threatened to withhold executive branch pay over the canceled testimony of a United States diplomat amid the House's ongoing impeachment efforts.

Oct 09 10:09

Driver Allegedly Follows Disabled Vet, Family To Their Home In 'Road Rage' Incident — And Approaches Them. Then The Veteran Arms Himself.

Witnesses told police that a 50-year-old disabled veteran was in a vehicle with his family traveling to their Beaumont, Texas, home Sunday when the veteran noticed an SUV driver swerving in and out of traffic, the Port Arthur News reported.

Oct 09 09:55

Police confiscate guns from man after he posted this tweet about the 'Joker' movie

Police in Redmond, Washington, confiscated guns from a 23-year-old man after he posted a "concerning" photo of himself and a caption about the controversial "Joker" movie.

Oct 09 09:55

GOP congressman introduces resolution calling for Nancy Pelosi to be expelled from House

A Republican congressman from Louisiana has introduced a long-shot resolution calling for the expulsion of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) from the House of Representatives, saying her impeachment probe against President Donald Trump "must be stopped."

Oct 09 09:32

Leftist Protesters Relentlessly Chant, Shout Down Homeland Security Secretary's Speech — Until He Finally Gives Up And Leaves Stage

A group of leftist protesters were caught on video Monday repeatedly shouting chants and interrupting acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan's speech at Georgetown University — until he finally gave up and left the stage.

Oct 09 09:32

An Open Letter to the White Couple Who Wrote a Penn State Football Player About His 'Awful' and 'Disgusting' Hair

Penn State University has responded to a letter that was reportedly penned by a stale two-pack of allegedly college-educated Saltines condemning the player’s “awful” and “disgusting” natural hair.

Oct 09 09:26

Whistleblower on Ukraine had 'professional' ties to one of the Democratic 2020 candidates

A new report published Tuesday cast more light on the possible political motivations of the whistleblower on the president's Ukraine call.

Oct 09 09:25

Trump responds to Nancy Pelosi in a scathing letter about the impeachment inquiry

The White House rejected demands from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry in the U.S. House of Representatives in a letter released on Tuesday.

Oct 09 09:11

Mattel Unveils Career Of The Year Doll: ‘Judge Barbie’

She can be a soldier. She can be an astronaut. She can even be a UNICEF ambassador. Now, she can send you to jail.

Oct 09 09:10

New #MeToo Leader Is Former Obama Aide Who Ran Interference For Jussie Smollet

Former White House aide Tina Tchen will take the reins of the “#MeToo”-centered Time’s Up foundation, which advocates for women who face discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual assault in the entertainment industry — and its the same Tina Tchen that tried to wield her influence to get former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollet off the hook for allegedly filing a false police report in Chicago.