Apr 16 09:28

233 Members of Congress Just Voted to Steal Social Security’s $2.9 Trillion Surplus

233 Members of Congress Just Voted to Steal Social Security’s $2.9 Trillion Surplus

When Social Security runs a surplus, Social Security holds the funds in trust. Social Security currently has a $2.9 trillion accumulated surplus. In the guise of a so-called balanced budget amendment, 233 members of the House of Representatives just voted to pretend that the accumulated surplus does not exist.

Apr 16 09:22

Trump Hits Russia With New Sanctions Over Syria Gas Attack

The Trump administration will impose new sanctions against Russia on Monday for "enabling the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons in civil war", Nikki Haley revealed earlier on Sunday, and the New York Times confirmed later in the day.

The sanctions, coming shortly after American-led airstrikes against facilities linked to Syria’s chemical weapons, are meant to signal that the United States holds responsible not just the Damascus government of President Bashar al-Assad but also his patrons in Russia and Iran. President Trump has vowed that Syria’s allies will pay a “big price” for permitting his use of poison gas.

The Sanctions, first announced by UN ambassador Nikki Haley, "will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to Assad and chemical weapons use," said Haley on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday morning.

Apr 16 09:21

“They Know What’s Going To Happen” Governments And Big Banks Are Stockpiling Gold Ahead Of Massive Economic Collapse

The writing is on the wall and major financial institutions across the world are warning about the economic disaster to come. Unabated money printing, tariff trade wars, rising interest rates and retail slowdowns point to one result, and it’s going to be brutal. Big banks and governments know what’s coming and they are preparing for this eventuality by stockpiling huge amounts of “real money” ahead of the crisis.

According to Keith Neumeyer, the CEO of the world’s top primary silver producer First Majestic Silver and chairman of First Mining Gold, the cartels he’s previously reported to the CFTC have continued to manipulate the prices of precious metals while loading up their own vaults with gold and silver. The answer to why they’re doing it is simple, as Neumeyer highlights in a recent interview with SGT Report:

Apr 16 09:18

Russia to suspend nuclear, rocket cooperation with America, ban US tobacco & alcohol – draft law

Russian lawmakers have drafted a bill suspending cooperation with US companies in the nuclear, missile and aircraft-building spheres, as well as introducing restrictions on imports of alcohol and tobacco produced in the US.

“The bill is about alcohol and tobacco products and about ceasing or suspending international cooperation in the nuclear sphere, rocket engine building and aircraft building between Russian companies and organizations under US jurisdiction,” one of the bill’s sponsors, MP Ivan Melnikov (Communist Party), was quoted as saying in the State Duma’s Twitter message.

Apr 16 09:11

Monday Market Looks Good But Is the Volatility Truly Over?

So far, the market looks good on Monday. But with all the international tension, do you think that the volatility is truly over?

Apr 16 08:16

8 Reasons To Hold Cash

Apr 16 07:57

IMF warns of ‘dark clouds looming’ as economic optimism ENDS

THE GLOBAL economy has peaked and a downturn in 2018 is inevitable according to a new index and the IMF’s Christine Lagarde who has warned of an “inexcusable, collective policy failure”.

Apr 16 07:41

Only Economic Collapse Will Bring Down the American Empire

Despite the vehement pleas and letter-writing campaigns by a significant portion of his political base including notable media personalities such as Tucker Carlson against military action in Syria, President Trump committed what looks like political suicide by ordering air strikes on Friday evening. The bombing, thankfully, appeared to have been thwarted by Syrian air defenses, nor, as of this date, has the insane American, British and French action led to a wider conflagration.

As of yet, no doubt due to Divine Intervention, WWIII has not erupted and although the ramifications of the attack will reverberate for weeks to come, what is clear is that President Trump is now firmly in the clutches of the neocons, Israel, and the American Deep State, all of who are the direct beneficiaries of the wanton attack on the Assad regime.

Apr 16 07:39

Global Debt Bubble Hits New All Time High – One Quadrillion Reasons To Buy Gold

– Global debt bubble hits new all time high – over $237 trillion
– Global debt increased 10% or $21 tn in 2017 to nearly a quarter quadrillion USD
– Increase in debt equivalent to United States’ ballooning national debt
– Global debt up $50 trillion in decade & over 327% of global GDP
– $750 trillion of bank derivatives means global debt over $1 quadrillion
– Gold will be ‘store of value’ in coming economic contraction
– Global debt is the mother of all bubbles

Apr 16 07:37

Some Bubbles are Just Outright Frauds

Apr 16 07:16

What Hyperinflation in Venezuela Really Looks Like

Jose shares with us stories from Venezuela that illustrate what it is really like living in a country with massive hyperinflation - and it isn't pretty.

Apr 15 17:02

HIGH STREET footfall: West Midlands suffers the BIGGEST DROP on a national level

THE WEST MIDLANDS has been the hardest hit by shoppers deserting the high street, with stores there suffering the biggest drop in footfall nationally, according to data from Springboard.

It found that over the last five years high street footfall in the West Midlands had slumped 16.9 per cent, more than two and a half times the national average of 6.6 per cent. The South-west was the second worst region for high-street retailers, with the number of people visiting stores there down 9.7 per cent, followed by the East Midlands, where footfall had fallen by 7.7 per cent.

Shopping malls in Scotland suffered the worst deterioration in visitor numbers between 2012 and 2017, down 15.3 per cent, compared to Wales in second place with a decline of 14.2 per cent. The third worst area for shopping centres was the East of England, where footfall had fallen 11.6 per cent.

Apr 15 14:07

REVEALED: Oregon public university president receives a $76,111 A MONTH taxpayer-funded pension

A former Oregon eye surgeon and public university president is receiving a $76,111 a month taxpayer-funded pension after retiring late last year.

Dr Joe Robertson, the former president of Oregon Health & Science University, will receive an annual pension of $913,000, which is the state's largest public pension.

The 66-year-old's pension is considerably higher than what the average family in Oregon earns a year. The median household income for the state was $57,532 in 2016, according to Census data.

Apr 15 09:47

As Malls Get Crushed, Commercial Real Estate Prices Fall to Lowest in Nearly Two Years

Leverage is why the Fed has been worried about the bubble in CRE.

Apr 15 08:53

Fed is Behind, But Still Screwing Up

Apr 15 07:54

FLASHBACK: FEC: Trump Owns Stock In Missile Company Used To Bomb Syria

The report reveals that Donald Trump has stock with U.S. defense contractor Raytheon. Trump stands to personally profit from the purchase of 59 Tomahawk missiles used by the US Navy – which has cost the taxpayer between $60 million and $82 million dollars.

Apr 15 04:55

Yamada: Dow Forming Bearish Technical Pattern

Apr 15 04:54

How to Legally Lower Your Tax Bill

Apr 14 10:31

IMF Reports That Global Trade Is On The Brink Of Imploding

JPMorgan was busted over bitcoin fraud, raising interest on bitcoin purchases.RBC warns credit is starting to breakdown in Canada. Banks are exposed to the auto subprime market, it looks like the subprime securities crisis of 2008.

Apr 14 08:35

Donald Trump Moves To Rejoining The TPP

Apr 14 08:33

S&P could be repeating 2007 pattern

Apr 14 07:42

Is Vietnam The Next Market To Emerge?

Apr 14 04:43

Another Subprime Bubble: The Fed Never Learns

Apr 13 13:25

Yield Curve Signaling An Economic Slowdown

Apr 13 12:50

Is Inflation Finally Moving Higher?

Apr 13 12:09

Employment, Consumer credit, Bank loans

Apr 13 11:44

Could The Fed Set Off A Debt Bomb?

Apr 13 11:39

9 Things Cannabis Investors Should Know

Apr 13 10:23

US/UK Syrian Airstrike Stalled, Ryan Retires, Economic Update US/UK Syrian Airstrike Stalled, Ryan Retires, Economic Update

Not many people anywhere actually believe the chemical weapon attack was done by the Assad regime in Syria, but some do. The timing is extremely suspect when on one week, you hear President Trump say he wants to leave Syria, and the next week, there is a gas attack.  Why would Assad want the U.S. to stay?  The UK has given the green light for an attack, while Russia is warning of a counter attack if Syrian or Russian troops are fired upon.  At the moment, it looks like an attack has been stalled.  Hopefully, everyone will figure out a way to save face without starting a wider conflict.

Apr 13 07:51

Stocks Stumble After Reports US Plans To Strike 8 Syrian Targets, "Confident" Of Chemical Weapons Use

After a brief pop on Trump's conciliatory Mueller tweet, stocks are sinking after CNBC reported that US is planning to strike 8 targets, including two airfields, a research center, and a chemical weapons facility in Syria...

Stocks dropped and gold and Treasury prices rose modestly...

Apr 13 07:45

PayPal Rolls Out Debit Cards, Check Deposits And Other Services For The "Unbanked"

Whether its Bank of America imposing a $12 fee on a popular low-budget checking account or Wells Fargo fraudulently opening fake accounts in their clients name and proceed to billing them - all without their knowledge - American consumers have every reason to be frustrated with the big retail banks.

Which is one reason why Silicon Valley sees banking as a field ripe for disruption.

To wit, PayPal has begun gauging customers' interest in adding banking features to their PayPal accounts. PayPal would offer customers FDIC insured deposits and - crucially - a debit card, but the accounts would bear a few important differences from most checking accounts (well, at least in theory): For one, they wouldn't bear interest. Customers would also be charged a 1% fee for every check they deposit with the app. They would also face ATM fees at any ATMs outside of their network of 25,000 participating ATMs, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Apr 13 07:45

World War III Will Be An Economic War

There is a mass delusion in the mainstream created I think in large part by too much exposure to movie fantasy and TV fiction. It is an immediate assumption; one that I believe is far more dangerous than many people give it credit for. The assumption is that the next great war, should it occur, will inevitably be a nuclear one, and the doom surrounding it will end everything as we know it. Many people even get excited at the idea of World War III and the notion that it will “wipe the slate clean,” setting the stage for a positive human reformation from the ashes. I’m here to say that this is likely not how things will play out.

There are much more precise and effective weapons than nukes in the arsenal of the establishment globalists that manipulate political systems in various nations.

Apr 13 07:15

ExxonMobil Resumes LNG Production in Papua New Guinea After Earthquake

US energy giant ExxonMobil resumed production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Papua New Guinea after a temporary suspension caused by February's devastating earthquake in the country, the company's press service said.

"ExxonMobil said today that production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has safely resumed at the PNG LNG project in Papua New Guinea following a temporary shutdown of operations after a severe earthquake occurred in the region on Feb. 26. LNG exports are expected to resume soon," the press service said in a statement.

Apr 13 06:59

Cryptocoin investors sue Chase Bank for sky-high credit card charges

Chase Bank is the target of a class action lawsuit accusing the bank of overcharging customers who bought cryptocurrencies with their credit cards.

A class-action complaint [PDF], filed this week in a New York US district court, accuses Chase of failing to warn customers it would be classifying cryptocurrency purchases as cash-advance transactions that were subject to higher interest rates than regular purchases.

The plaintiffs say that, in January of this year, Chase changed its policy on cryptocurrency buying without warning. This, in turn, meant that purchases previously subject to the standard interest rates and payment schedules were now given interest rates as high as 30 per cent and that theses were immediately applied, rather than at the end of the billing period.

This, the suit claims, is a violation of the US Truth in Lending Act.

Apr 13 06:47

Is the Eurozone in a Dead End?

Ten years into the greatest financial meltdown in the history of finance, triggered by the USA sub-prime real estate bubble collapse in 2007, the Euro and its 19 member central banks are at a dangerous crossroad. It’s clear from her recent address to the German Parliament that Chancellor Merkel intends to lure Germany into what she and Macron intend to become a “transfer union.” In plain English that would mean the strong surplus economies of Germany and northern Europe including Holland, would have to “transfer” hundreds of billions of Euros to subsidize the deficit countries of Italy, Spain and southern Europe. The ultimate winner would be the shaky French and Southern Eurozone banks. It’s not surprising that Merkel, a close ally of former banker Marcon of France, is not being open with her people on what is at stake.

Apr 13 06:44

Boeing Stocks Slides After Russia Threatens To Halt Titanium Exports

"Among the rare earth metals that Russia supplies to the United States is titanium, which is necessary for the technological cycle of production of Boeing..."

Apr 13 06:42

China Says Xi Speech Was "Not A Concession" To Trump, Denies Any Trade Talks Took Place

Last week, in an attempt to soothe jittery markets, Trump's chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow said the US and China would probably strike an agreement to stop tariffs from being imposed - though he admitted that talks hadn't started just yet.

Well, more than a week later, the two sides have apparently made zero progress toward a deal, because early Thursday, Beijing hit back with a pair of announcements that are sure to pop the bubble of trade-war optimism that has buoyed markets this week, according to CNBC.

First, China's Ministry of Commerce confirmed that there have not been any trade negotiations between the two sides at any level recently. It added that the liberalization measures touted by President Xi Jinping and PBOC Gov. Yi Gang pertained solely to China proactively opening up its market - not trade.

Apr 13 05:05

Jim Rickards: Is this the moment of truth?

Apr 12 20:06

Global Debt Jumped to Record $237 Trillion Last Year

Among mature markets, household debt as a percentage of GDP hit all-time highs in Belgium, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. That’s a worrying signal, with interest rates beginning to rise globally. Ireland and Italy are the only major countries where household debt as a percentage of GDP is below 50 percent.

Still, the ratio of global debt-to-gross domestic product fell for the fifth consecutive quarter as the world’s economic growth accelerated. The ratio is now around 317.8 percent of GDP, or 4 percentage points below the high in the third quarter of 2016, according to the IIF.

Among emerging markets, household debt to GDP is approaching parity in South Korea at 94.6 percent.

Apr 12 16:27

Americans Used To Be Savers

Apr 12 12:57

How Much Are Banks Exposed to Subprime? More than We Think

Wells Fargo has $81 billion in exposure to loans that, on paper, it isn’t exposed to.

Apr 12 11:06


Can you say this is not manipulated? Note that immediately after the spike, there was a small drop. That was some big speculator (bank more than likely) taking a quick pump and dump Wall Street con job profit. Bitcoin investors are subject to a Bitcon. America, you’re being played like a fiddle, but the tune has some sour notes, and they may all go bad one day.

Apr 12 10:55


The world is dependent on a steady supply of rare-earth elements such as yttrium, europium, terbium, dysprosium. They go into computers, phones, electric cars, solar panels, batteries, and electronic equipment. China is the world's biggest supplier of rare-earth elements, and uses its monopoly position as an effective bargaining chip. But Japan just announced that it has discovered a massive lode of rare earth materials that could satisfy the world's requirements on a "semi-infinite basis" (love that term).