Apr 10 07:43

WikiLeaks Discovers Spying on Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy - Editor in Chief

Julian Assange has been locked up in Ecuador's embassy in London for almost seven years now, but it was reported that the Wikileaks founder would soon be expelled from the building.

WikiLeaks announced on Wednesday that it had uncovered an "extensive spying operation" against whistleblower Julian Assange within the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks whistleblowing website, is being spied on inside the embassy, where he has been residing for the last several years, said the website's Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson.

He assumed that Assange's "every move" inside the building, as well as meetings with visitors, are being monitored via security cameras.

Apr 10 07:39

UK's MoD Reviewing Status of F-35s Following Japan Crash

The UK Ministry of Defence is collaborating with US authorities as they look to review the status of 17 F-35B fighter jets - the probe was initiated after a Japanese F-35 jet crashed on Tuesday in the Pacific Ocean, according to a ministry spokesperson.

"Safety is of the utmost importance and very closely managed on the F-35 programme. We will continue to review the situation as further information becomes available," the UK Ministry of Defence spokesperson noted.

The British Ministry of Defence has shown its concern as it has plans to purchase a total of 138 F-35 fighter jets developed by Lockheed Martin, according to Reuters. In November last year, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced that the UK was doubling its fleet of F-35 fighters by ordering 17 more jets.

Apr 09 10:29

BREXIT LIVE: ‘Put us out of our MISERY!’ Tory BEGS Macron and Merkel to reject delay

"At tomorrow's EU Council, please vote against any further extensions to Article 50 and oblige the UK to leave the EU on Friday on WTO terms, as you previously said you would only honour any application for an extension if there was a credible reason so to do. That credible reason does not not exist." Mr Loughton added: "If the EU elections go ahead, it is highly likely the UK will elect an army of Nigel Farage mini-mes, who I am afraid will wreak havoc with the European Parliament.”

Apr 09 09:55

MPs Urged to Support Family as Study Finds UK a ‘World Leader’ in Broken Homes

Politicians have been urged to support the traditional family, as a report revealed that children from broken homes had double the rate of mental illness, poverty, or getting into trouble with law enforcement.

In a study which laid the “devastating impacts” of family breakdown bare, the Centre for Social Justice (CJS) blasted “political paralysis” on issues concerning the family, commenting that MPs’ “silence” on the matter “often stems from a fear of sounding judgemental or moralising”.

“Family breakdown is not simply an inevitable consequence of modern society,” the report said, pointing out that while Britain was “fast becoming a world leader” in the phenomenon, with only two-thirds of British under-15s living with both parents, the picture was much brighter in other OECD countries.

Apr 09 09:51

AfD co-leader speech on Brexit in Bundestag, Alice Weidel, English subtitles (March 2019)

Apr 09 09:25

Despite Brexit Referendum And Endless Promises, UK Govt Lays Legal Groundwork to Host EU Elections

The British government has made it legal for an election to take place in May, the necessary legal preparation needed to hold the EU elections that the United Kingdom shouldn’t have been taking part in.

Held every five years to select members for the European Parliament, the May election will come very nearly three years after electors in the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union by a margin of more than a million votes.

That Britain could be involved despite the British political class being given a clear mandate to take Britain out of the EU in the largest democratic exercise in British history in 2016, which was reconfirmed in the 2017 snap election, will be seen as a deeply symbolic totem of that political elite having failed to deliver on time.

Apr 09 07:42

EU open to Brexit extension but PM May needs clear plan

European Union ministers said on Tuesday the bloc was ready to grant Britain a second Brexit delay but that British Prime Minister Theresa May must come up with a clear plan of how to ratify the stalled divorce deal in the overtime.
EU ministers are meeting in Luxembourg a day before 27 national leaders of the bloc will decide during afternoon talks in Brussels on whether to allow Britain another extension to try to break the deadlock in London over Brexit.

Apr 08 09:29

Brexit REVENGE: Spain plot to punish Britain with 'purist and hardline' delay conditions

Madrid is positioning itself as the harshest national capital in talks over Theresa May’s latest request to delay Britain’s EU divorce until June 30. EU leaders have noted the very “purist and hardline” approach being taken by Spain ahead of the country’s April 28 general election. Sources said the pressure will likely result in a “long list of conditions” for Mrs May to follow if she wants to once again extend the EU’s Article 50 exit clause.

Apr 08 08:35

End the transgender 'unregulated live experiment on children' say whistleblowing workers who have quit clinic treating patients as young as THREE

Five whistleblowing workers at the only NHS transgender clinic in Britain have quit over fears children as young as three are going through unnecessary gender reassignment treatment.

The clinicians from the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) clinic based in London and Leeds left over concerns children were being incorrectly diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

It was feared some gay children struggling with their sexual identity are being incorrectly diagnosed as transgender.

Specialists also worried that some of the youngsters were being referred and pressured into having gender change treatment after suffering homophobic bullying.

Apr 08 08:18

Blacks Are 13% of London, England's Population: Blacks Represent 50% of the Murder Suspects in London

Chilling footage captures the brazen moment two young thugs confront each other with machetes in a city centre.

Abdul Kefia pulled the fearsome blade from his hoodie after an argument with Twayne Bailey turned vicious.

A court heard Bailey then took a huge machete out of his friend’s rucksack before the two men faced up to each other in Newcastle.

CCTV cameras recorded Kefia, 26, running towards Bailey, 21, while swinging his machete.

Apr 08 08:17

How A ‘No Deal’ Brexit Could Lead To The “Lehmanization” Of Europe

Odds of a ‘no deal’ Brexit next week have risen markedly, as the Commons fails to coalesce around a viable alternative to Theresa May’s deal, while once again rejecting the “best possible deal” negotiated between the prime minister and the EU27, albeit by a smaller, yet still considerable, margin than in the past.

Apr 08 08:02

Khan’s London: Average of 40 Knife Crimes Every Day

A Freedom of Information request by the London Evening Standard has revealed there are an average of 40 knife related incidents every day in the British capital.

The request revealed that in 2017 and 2018 there were a total of 29,232 knife related incidents reported, including 9,030 stabbings. The homicide rate involving knives was an average of one knife-related death every four days.

The figures come as knife crime in London is at the “highest and most worrying” level in 40 years, according to London Metropolitan Police chief Cressida Dick.

Apr 08 07:59

DON-DAY The Queen is ‘set to invite Donald Trump for a full state visit on 75th anniversary of D-Day this June’

Trump could reportedly be treated to an official banquet at Buckingham Palace and a carriage procession down the Mall during his second official trip to the UK

Apr 08 07:39

UK Wants to Hold Companies Liable for Harmful Online Behavior

The UK government announced today a set of online safety laws designed to hold the companies behind social media platforms liable for the harmful behavior spreading through their platforms.

As detailed in the Online Harms White Paper joint proposal published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and the UK Home Office, the law package "comprises legislative and non-legislative measures and will make companies more responsible for their users’ safety online, especially children and other vulnerable groups."

Apr 08 07:34

UK govt trying to control online free speech is ‘very serious and sinister’ – analyst to RT

Plans by the UK government to regulate the internet with an independent watchdog, apparently due to widespread concerns over harmful content, should be a worrying wake-up call for advocates of free speech, an analyst tells RT.

John Wight, a writer and political commentator, argues that the mainstream media and their governments in the West do not want to take responsibility for creating the conditions for public cynicism. He claims they are ostensibly trying to curb dissent with this controversial intervention on freedom of expression.

Apr 07 12:33

The media smoothed the path to British soldiers using Corbyn as target practice

Jonathan Cook says the British media’s and political elite’s constant vilification of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, their questioning of his “security credentials” and their failure to challenge those who accuse him of “anti-Semitism” is legitimizing political violence and could lead to murder.>>

Apr 07 09:09

MI5: Number of Far Right Terror Cases ‘Absolutely Dwarfed by the Number of Islamist Cases’

The number of far-right terror cases the authorities are faced with is “absolutely dwarfed” by the number of cases related to radical Islam, according to Britain’s Security Service, better known as MI5.

MI5 specialises in counter-espionage and domestic security, in contrast to the foreign intelligence-oriented Secret Intelligence Service – better known as SIS or MI6, made famous by Ian Flemming’s James Bond books. The assessment of the relative seriousness of the Islamist terror threat and the far-right terror threat was disclosed halfway through a Guardian report focusing heavily on the latter, later republished by other media outlets including CNN and Microsoft-owned MSN.

Apr 07 09:08

Britain ‘Officially Ready’ for No Deal Brexit, Reveals Govt Minister Responsible for Plans

The Government minister who was responsible for No Deal planning at the Brexit Department says that Britain is “officially ready” for a clean break with the European Union.

Chris Heaton-Harris MP was Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) until April 3rd, when he resigned in response to Prime Minister Theresa May announcing she would request a second Brexit delay from the European Council, suggesting that bureaucrats had purposely failed to inform her of all the No Deal planning which is in place.

Mrs May’s decision to abandon her previous position that “no deal is better than a bad deal” and suggest she would submit to a customs union with the European Union to win the support of the hard-left Labour opposition for a deal “obviously makes my job in Government [as minister overseeing No Deal planning] irrelevant”, Heaton-Harris said in his resignation letter.

Apr 07 09:02

Russian embassy blasts May’s claims of Kerch Strait 'aggression' as unacceptable

Russia’s Embassy in the United Kingdom has slammed as unacceptable the claims voiced by UK Prime Minister Theresa May that Russia carried out an act of aggression in the Kerch Strait, a spokesman for the diplomatic mission told reporters on Tuesday.

"We cannot accept these accusations. It’s well-known that on November 25 the Ukrainian Navy’s vessels blatantly violated the international law, including the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and also the rules of peaceful passage in Russia’s territorial waters in the Black Sea," the Russian diplomat said. "These illegal steps forced the Russian border guards to use force, and thanks to their restraint and high professionalism deaths were prevented."

The embassy stressed that the United Kingdom was informed of all details of the incident and it is surprising that the UK prime minister makes these assessments despite this knowledge.

Apr 07 07:03

Theresa May says greater risk of no Brexit the longer it takes to find compromise

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Saturday that the longer it takes to find a comprise with the opposition Labour Party to secure a parliamentary majority for a Brexit deal, the less likely it is that Britain will leave the European Union.
May has so far failed to secure backing for her negotiated agreement with Brussels as some Conservative lawmakers and Northern Ireland`s Democratic Unionist Party, which props up her minority government, have voted it down.

Apr 06 14:06

Global Warming Hits London

Apr 06 09:32

Parliament cries tears of a nation as 'flextension' enters the Brexit lexicon

For the first time in a long time, parliament this week began to reflect the mood of the country as the House of Commons started to cry.

Rain leaking in through a hole in the roof of the House of Commons forced MPs to call off a debate because the sound of water was pouring into the press gallery, which – as symbolism goes – is hard to beat in the current stalemate around Brexit.

When inanimate objects start to reflect real emotions it's called 'pathetic fallacy,' but MPs should be more worried about their pathetic legacies if they don't come up with a way forward.

Apr 06 09:18

The EU Is Tearing The UK Apart Over Brexit

Despite all of the twists and turns, the incomprehensible motions, legal maneuvers and behavior of Prime Minister Theresa “I Surrender” May, for me there’s been a simple through-line to it all.

The EU does not want Brexit and if it were to happen it will inflict incredible damage to the British political system and its integrity.

This is really no different than what happened in Greece in 2015. And it was directed by Angela Merkel than and it is being directed by Merkel today.

The EU’s intransigence in negotiations, aside from it having no other option, is an elaborate bluff to separate and divide the British political class, now that the people have voted to leave.

Apr 05 12:18

UK prime minister asks EU to delay Brexit until June 30

PM Theresa May has written a letter to Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, requesting an extension to Article 50 to delay Brexit until June 30, 2019. May also confirmed the UK is preparing for European elections.

May’s plea to Tusk could prove a sticking point, with media reports circulating that the European Council president would prefer a year-long “flexible” extension to Article 50 that would run beyond April 12, 2019 to March 31, 2020. The proposal would allow the UK to leave the EU earlier if a Brexit deal were ratified.

Apr 05 12:16

Peer pressure as Parliament comes apart at the seams: HENRY DEEDES sees jeers and boos in the Lords as they battle it out over a bill stopping No Deal

Quirky thing the British constitution. It is a creaking system of laws and provisions, cobbled together over hundreds of years of precedent.

Doubtless many of its statutes, to the naked eye, appear rather archaic. But tinker with it at your peril. Start chipping away and over time the damage becomes very hard to stop. Pretty soon, people begin to wonder why we bother with procedure at all. Herein lies the route to anarchy.

This was the argument put forward by peers in the House of Lords yesterday in a bid to thwart a bill passing through the upper chamber stopping us leaving the EU without a deal.

Apr 05 12:14

Parliament ain’t just bad - it’s criminal: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN on jailbird MP Fiona Onasanya casting the deciding vote on the latest Stop Brexit manoeuvre

Just when you thought Parliament couldn’t sink any lower, along comes jailbird MP Fiona Onasanya to cast the deciding vote in favour of the latest Stop Brexit manoeuvre.

Onasanya walked through the voting lobby wearing the electronic ankle tag with which she was fitted after being released early from HMP Bronzefield in Surrey.

Her participation ensured that the Bill to change the law so that Britain can’t leave the EU without a ‘deal’ passed by the narrowest of margins, 313 to 312.

Fiona Onasanya cast the deciding vote in favour of the latest Stop Brexit manoeuvre

Onasanya, MP for Peterborough, served just 28 days of a three-month sentence for perverting the course of justice, after repeatedly lying to police to avoid a speeding fine.

Apr 05 10:31


WikiLeaks has quoted a “high-level” Ecuadorian government source as saying that Julian Assange could be imminently expelled from Ecuador’s London embassy and that Quito has an agreement with the UK to arrest him.

WikiLeaks warned Thursday that its founder “will be expelled within ‘hours to days'” from Ecuador’s London embassy and that Ecuador has an agreement with Britain to have him arrested.

President Lenin Moreno will use the pretext of a scandal engulfing his presidency to oust Assange, a “high level source” in the Ecuador government told WikiLeaks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the Brits get Assange, I am quite sure they will hand him over to American authorities, who want to make, probably, a very messy example of what happens to people who tell the truth, but are "an embarrassment" to the Power Structure here in the US.

Apr 04 12:14

Revealed: More than 10,000 riot police from across UK are on stand-by in case No Deal Brexit sparks public disorder

More than 10,000 riot-trained police can be deployed within 24 hours if disorder breaks out over a no-deal Brexit, top officers say.

Some 1,000 will be available in the first hour - more than were mobilised during the 2011 London riots - and specialist teams such as dog handlers, armed police and search-trained officers, can be called upon.

So far 15 forces have placed restrictions on annual leave, and two have officially asked for mutual aid – Kent, which covers the port of Dover, and Hampshire, which covers Portsmouth.

Apr 04 11:35

EU to deploy customs controls immediately after no-deal Brexit – Moscovici

The European Union’s top economics and tax official said on Wednesday the risk of a no-deal Brexit on April 12 is increasing. “The EU customs code would apply to all goods arriving from the UK,” Reuters quoted the EU’s Economic Affairs and Tax Commissioner Pierre Moscovici as saying. “If there is a no-deal scenario, new customs controls would have to be introduced,” the official said. “That does not mean we would systematically check every single… lorry,” according to Moscovici. “We would be controlling goods on the basis of risk analysis.”

Apr 04 11:33

God Casts His View on a Second Referendum

Apr 04 10:12

An Open Letter To The UK Prime Minister (From One Of The Seventeen Million)

The main argument put forward by the Treasury etc against Brexit has been the potential economic damage which may or may not be accurate.

What is fact however is that, according to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank – the most important central bank in the world – U.K. total factor productivity growth has fallen from 3.84% in 1973 – (2.88% per annum in the 10 years ending 1973) – to 0.14% in 2016, the most recent data, and negative 0.17% per annum in the 10 years ending 2016. Based on the difference between the 10-year average up to 1973 and the subsequent growth, productivity is just 43% of the size it would otherwise have been. Whilst an opportunity cost rather than a real loss of wealth, the damage is all too clear.

The data gets worse. Even stripping out the 2008 and 2009 crisis years, the last 20 years of productivity is the worst since the 20 years ending 1922 which obviously encompassed WW1 and the enormous loss of capital funding the war.

Apr 04 08:48

Hackers crack online defences and gain access to 'high value' data in just TWO HOURS during a test of UK universities' resilience to cyber attacks

Hackers were able to gain access to 'high-value' data within just two hours during a test of universities' defences against cyber attacks.

The tests were carried out by 'ethical' hackers from Jisc, a Government-funded agency which provides universities and colleges with digital support.

Within the time-frame, they had a 100 per cent track record of penetrating their defences and accessing personal data, according to the report.

They were able to reach personal information from both students and staff, override financial systems and access research databases.

Apr 04 08:10

MEPs get scrappy over Brexit deadlock

Apr 04 08:07

Brexit delay law approved by UK's House of Commons

The lower house of the British parliament on Wednesday approved legislation which would force Prime Minister Theresa May to seek a Brexit delay to prevent a potentially disorderly departure on April 12 without a deal. The legislation, put forward by opposition Labour lawmaker Yvette Cooper, was rushed through all of its stages in the House of Commons in less than six hours. It was approved at the final stage by 313 votes to 312. It now has to pass the upper chamber, the House of Lords.

Apr 03 11:58


After chairing a marathon seven hour Cabinet session today, the Prime Minister announced her plan to water down Brexit by seeking agreement with Jeremy Corbyn’s Customs Union backing Labour Party. This is a real kick in the teeth to the Conservative Party, and to Brexiteers…

Apr 03 11:57

Boots could close stores and axe some of its 60,000 UK staff after the chain's American parent company issued a shock profit warning

Boots has warned it could close shops and axe jobs after its parent company issued a shock profit warning.

The chain’s American parent, Walgreens Boots Alliance, yesterday said it had suffered its ‘most difficult quarter’ since its formation. It warned it needed to take ‘decisive steps to reduce costs in the UK’ – with a Boots spokesman saying its shops were being reviewed.

It comes after the company previously said 350 jobs were at risk at its Nottingham headquarters.

Apr 03 11:56

English Democrats leader starts High Court battle to prove UK has ALREADY left the EU on March 29 and further Brexit negotiations are pointless

The leader of the English Democrats has launched a High Court battle claiming that the UK has already left the EU.

Robin Tilbrook argues that Britain left the union on March 29 as originally planned, saying the PM's extension was not legally valid.

The legal bid will be seen as a Brexiteer equivalent to Gina Miller's battle with the Government over triggering Article 50 in 2016.

Speaking to MailOnline last night Mr Tilbrook said the argument that Britain had already left was 'very strong'.

In the judicial review application, the English Democrats argue that Mrs May did not have the power to extend the exit date past March 29.

Apr 02 09:39

This Will be Theresa May's Appalling Legacy

A German general once explained that he divided officers looking for promotion into four categories: the clever and lazy, the clever and industrious, the stupid and lazy and the stupid and industrious.

He said that the clever and lazy should be appointed to senior leadership positions because they could take important decisions without trying to interfere with the work of others. The clever and industrious should be made their deputies. The stupid and lazy should be sent to the front line, but the stupid and industrious should be pushed out of the army immediately of at once because they are a danger to everyone.

Theresa May surely belongs to the fourth category of leader, because as prime minister she has shown that she has a lethal blend of tunnel vision and obstinacy that automatically produces ill-judged decisions.

Apr 02 08:53

'Britain faces the abyss': Top MEP warns No Deal 'becomes nearly inevitable' after the Commons rejects every alternative Brexit a second time

A senior MEP warned tonight that Britain must soon 'face the abyss' of No Deal after the Commons rejected every Brexit alternative for a second time.

Guy Verhofstadt said a hard Brexit 'becomes nearly inevitable' as MPs in London continue to reject every option.

The negotiated Brexit deal has been trounced three times and in two rounds of indicative votes, MPs have now rejected 12 motions and approved none.

Mr Verhofstadt, the European Parliament's Brexit coordinator, reacted within moments of the latest vote.

His intervention came after a leading German politician branded Brexit a 'big s**show' that is like a Shakesperean tragedy.

Apr 02 08:48

Writing in the Washington Post, the Foreign Secretary says there is no doubt that Britain will retain all the capabilities of a global power after Brexit

The 18th-century Scottish poet Robert Burns was perhaps the most gifted wordsmith of his age. Every foreign minister should ponder one of his lines: “Oh, would some Power give us the gift / To see ourselves as others see us!”

When I picture how others see Britain right now, I suspect old friends are shaking puzzled heads. The clash and thunder over Brexit is not an appealing spectacle. Some may feel that British politicians are acting out Monty Python sketches in real life.

So please put aside the doom-laden commentary and accept my assurance: We British are neither abandoning our neighbours nor retreating from the world. We have not taken leave of our senses.

Apr 01 09:50

Shocking: Brexit Will Ensure Israel Controls The World - Resign Theresa May!

Apr 01 09:43

Ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone: ‘Lies and Smears’ Used to Accuse Labour of anti-Semitism

Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone told a meeting of hard-left Labour Party activists “lies and smears” are being used to destroy leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Mr Livingstone – who was suspended in 2016 for claiming Hitler had supported Zionism “before he went mad and ended up killing 6 million Jews”– informed pro-Corbyn supporters he was a victim of “the elite”, who were doing everything possible to destroy the chances of Mr. Corbyn taking the keys to 10 Downing Street.

Mr. Livingstone told a meeting of Labour Against The Witchhunt last week he had fallen victim to a “Labour machine” run by Blairites, according to the Daily Mail. After lamenting the fact he had been pushed to the political sidelines by ” lies and smears”, Mr. Livingstone then laid out an example of one lie he claims could be spread about himself:

Apr 01 09:08

UK MPs Hold Brexit Debate and New Round of Indicative Votes

British MPs are holding an indicative vote on Brexit's new direction in the House of Commons in London on Monday.

Earlier, the European Union gave the United Kingdom until 12 April to decide upon alternative withdrawal arrangements, or leave without a deal.

The UK Parliament rejected May's Brexit withdrawal agreement for the third time on 29 March; the deal would have outlined the nation's exit from the EU. Now the United Kingdom, in order to meet to its Brexit deadline extension agreement with the European Union, must either suggest a different deal by 12 April or exit the bloc without a deal in place on the same date.

Apr 01 08:39

Brexit: MPs reject May's EU withdrawal agreement

MPs have rejected Theresa May’s EU withdrawal agreement on the day the UK was due to leave the EU.

The government lost by 344 votes to 286, a margin of 58, and means the UK has missed an EU deadline to delay Brexit to 22 May and leave with a deal.

The prime minister said the UK would have to find "an alternative way forward", which was "almost certain" to involve holding European elections.

Labour's Jeremy Corbyn said "this deal now has to change" or the PM must quit.

Meanwhile, thousands of Leave supporters gathered outside Parliament to protest against the delay to Brexit, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Mar 30 13:37

Massive Brexit Rally - Farage Speaks...

Photos and video from yesterday's highly-attended pro-Brexit rally in London...


Mar 30 10:06

Brexit:  Will Tories Risk an Election Corbyn Might Win?

A third defeat for Theresa May’s Brexit plan sets up April 12 as the drop-dead date for an unlikely agreement in Parliament, a second referendum, a hard Brexit, or a general election where Jeremy Corbyn will present a progressive vision for Brexit and the future

Mar 30 08:44

Burn, Witch, Burn! — Theresa May Denounced as Liar and Traitor for Brexit Betrayal

“I could tear this place (Parliament) down and bulldoze it into the river! These fools and knaves (MPs) are voting on things they don’t even understand…. I wouldn’t vote for Theresa May’s deal if they put a shotgun in my mouth.” — MP Mark Francois, hardline Tory Brexiteer

Mar 30 08:31

No-deal Brexit fears rise as parliament sinks British PM May's deal

Lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Theresa May`s Brexit deal for a third time on Friday, sounding its probable death knell and leaving Britain`s withdrawal from the European Union in turmoil on the very day it was supposed to quit the bloc.
The decision to reject a stripped-down version of May`s divorce deal has left it totally unclear how, when or even whether Britain will leave the EU, and plunges the three-year Brexit crisis to a deeper level of uncertainty.

Mar 30 08:23

Who Created NATO? Arrows Point To UK, Not U.S

March 28 saw the 70th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and while many commentators have used the opportunity to review this anti-Soviet bloc’s history as a tool of post WWII imperialism, a major fallacy is found across nearly every analysis which should be clarified immediately.

The popular leftist narrative that is poisoned by this fallacy states that NATO was created as an American initiative in order to replace the British Empire as a global hegemon. This belief, as popular as it may be, is untrue and this will be clarified shortly.

Upon a deeper review of the facts, it can be stated affirmatively that NATO was never an American initiative, but was always British.

Mar 30 08:20

Wow! Nigel Farage RIPS Dutch MEP Marietje Schaake to SHREDS

Mar 30 08:19

Brexit | Nigel Farage: "I will endeavour to start a political revolution"

Mar 30 08:06

They’re making April Fools of us! Millions to face £240 hike on ‘must pay’ bills including council tax, NHS and energy from Monday

Millions are facing April Fools’ Day price increases that will add hundreds of pounds to ‘must pay’ bills.

A rise in the Government’s energy price cap comes into effect on Monday and will add an average of £117 to the annual cost of heat and light for those on a standard variable tariff.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, with at least ten other increases being imposed on or around the same day, covering everything from council tax and TV licences to NHS dental and prescription charges.

Mar 30 08:05

Self-regarding. Venal. Blind to reason. Never before have we been cursed with such incompetent MPs. STEPHEN GLOVER on why millions of Leavers AND Remainers now see our benighted ruling class as utterly beneath contempt

This spring Saturday was meant to be Day One of a glorious new era. After 46 years in the EU, Britain was supposed to be a sovereign state again, no longer partly ruled by bureaucrats in Brussels who don’t go to the bother of getting elected.

Instead of that joyous state of affairs, we are sinking further into the mire. After Theresa May’s third, and pretty resounding, defeat in the Commons yesterday afternoon, we find ourselves at the mercy of the European Union, which we thought we had escaped.

EU leaders may now offer us a lengthy extension beyond April 12, but at the cost of our taking part in Euro elections at the end of May. Some — me included — doubt whether we will ever leave. A general election and a Marxist Corbyn government may lie ahead.

Mar 30 08:03

'So Many WHITE People in One Place': Newsreader Jon Snow on Pro-Brexit Rally

A large pro-Brexit demonstration took place in the UK capital on 29 March, following the third defeat of UK Prime Minister Theresa May's withdrawal deal in Parliament.

Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow, 71, has commented on the demonstration on Downing Street, 10, saying "We've just got these pictures in which were taken nearby. Police are now wearing riot gear. Police dogs are patrolling. The mood has changed. We cannot confirm whether any arrests have been made. It has been the most extraordinary day. A day which has seen… I've never seen so many white people in one place! It's an extraordinary story — there are people everywhere, there are crowds everywhere."

Mar 30 07:43

MUST WATCH: Former head of British Armed Forces gets cut off by Sky when he goes off-script on Syria!

An opposition group that stormed the North Korean embassy in Spain last month says it handed over data stolen from the raid to the FBI, and a law enforcement source familiar with the matter confirmed to NBC News that the bureau has received the information.

Receiving intelligence stolen from a foreign embassy in a NATO country puts the FBI in a delicate position, but there is no U.S. legal prohibition against the American government making use of the material, legal experts say.

Mar 29 14:42

'NIGEL, NIGEL!' Moment crowd ERUPTS as Nigel Farage delivers POWERFUL Brexit speech

THIS is the moment a crowd of Brexiteer protestors burst into joyful chanting as Nigel Farage delivered a passionate Brexit speech.

Mar 29 09:02

'F*** knows. I'm past caring. It's like the living dead in here': Cabinet minister 'captures mood of the nation' on Brexit in foul-mouthed quote read out on air by Newsnight's political editor

A minister's angry tirade about the situation was revealed by Nicholas Watt, the political editor of BBC's Newsnight show, last night, after he spoke with the cabinet member.

Mr Watt said: 'In cabinet, I am picking up complete and utter despair. I said to one cabinet minister: "So why is the Prime Minister holding a vote when she's pretty sure she's going to lose?"'

'Using very strong language this cabinet minister said to me "F*** knows! I'm past caring. It's like the living dead in here".

'This cabinet minister said to me: "Theresa May is the sole architect of this mess. It is her inability to engage in the most basic human interactions that brought us here."

'[The minister continued:] Cabinet has totally broken down, ministers say their bit. She gives nothing away. One side thinks X will happen. The other side think Y will happen. And the Prime Minister decides on Z.'

Mar 29 08:58

A General Election looms

The No 10 spin machine is currently in overdrive to spook Brexiteers such as myself into supporting the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement. We are being told that Brexit risks being delayed, or even abandoned altogether, if we do not acquiesce to what we all know to be a flawed deal. There have even been suggestions that those MPs not supporting the agreement are somehow unpatriotic.

Mar 29 08:58


An unnamed Cabinet minister had choice words about Theresa May to say to Newsnight’s Nicholas Watt last night. Pretty extraordinary from the heart of Government…

Mar 29 08:23

BREXIT VOTE LIVE: Now what?! May suffers HUMILIATION as EU exit agreement rejected AGAIN

BRITAIN was scheduled to finally unshackle itself from the EU today - but instead Theresa May has lost a vital vote to get her Brexit deal across the line in a House of Commons vote.

On Brexit day, the Prime Minister faced an uphill struggle as her key Government allies the DUP joined Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in voting against her Withdrawal Agreement. Mrs May split the legally binding treaty segment of her Brexit deal from the declaration on future relations with the EU in order to ensure MPs could vote on it today. But today her decision to present her deal to the Commons for a third time time backfired when it was rejectewd by 286 votes to 344, majority 58.

Mar 29 08:06

UK Absolute Child Poverty Hits 3.7m Amid Brexit Chaos, Jumps 200,000 In One Year

Whilst the rate of absolute child poverty has decreased gradually since 2012, figures have begun to rise again, new UK government data revealed on Thursday.

Roughly 3.7m children are living in absolute poverty across the UK, an increase of 200,000 in a year, new data from the UK government has revealed.

The new figures have challenged claims from British cabinet ministers who said last year that absolute poverty rates had been falling.

The news comes after a Resolution Foundation study showed last month that the number of children living in poverty would instigate a crisis by 2023 — 2024 if the government failed to implement effective changes to universal credit and other UK benefits systems.

Mar 29 08:05

"Brexit-Shamed" UK Politicians Exposed for 'Forgotten Lies' in Giant Displays

A crowdfunding campaign, calling on Brits to partake in the "biggest people-funded billboard protests" in the UK has raised more than 300,000 pounds in a short period of time.

A "bunch of friends, unaffiliated to any political party or Brexit group," as they described themselves on Crowdfunder, Led by Donkeys, have successfully managed to mock senior government officials for their misleading, contradictory and ill-informed on all this Brexit statements, shared before and after the 2016 referendum

Eurosceptic Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who has recently made a U-turn on his position over Theresa May's Brexit deal, was left red-faced when his recent tweet on leaving the EU was placed on a billboard next to a fierce comeback.

Mar 29 08:02

WATCH Protesters Rally Against Delay of Brexit Process in London

People are demonstrating in the British capital in protest against the delay of the Brexit process, which was initially set to conclude on 29 March. The EU earlier granted London a delay, as Prime Minister Theresa May had failed to receive enough support for her Brexit deal proposals in Parliament.

Mar 29 07:46

UK Lawmakers Reject Theresa May's Brexit Deal for Third Time

Following the vote on Friday, the UK PM Theresa May addressed the parliamentarians, stressing that the government will continue to press the case for an orderly Brexit.

The House of Commons sessions took a dramatic turn on 29 March, when British MPs rejected the PM's Withdrawal Agreement with 344 votes against and 286 votes backing the deal.

After the decision was announced, Theresa May said that Brexit solutions need to be found by 12 April.

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Strike three; you're OUTAHERE!

Mar 28 22:45

Flashback: Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘paedophile ring at BBC’

MURDERED television presenter Jill Dando tried to alert her bosses to a paedophile ring at the BBC ­involving “big name” stars, claims a former colleague.

The friend and retired BBC worker said the late Crimewatch host was told DJs, celebrities and other staff were involved in organised abuse.

But the anonymous source says “no one wanted to know” when Miss Dando raised concerns about the alleged ring and other sexual abuse claims at the BBC.

She is said to have passed a file to senior management in the mid-1990s, but they never carried out an investigation.

The 37-year-old TV presenter was shot dead on April 26, 1999, on the doorstep of her home in west London. The crime remains unsolved.

Mar 28 22:44

Jill Dando murder case will never be solved, says detective

The detective who led the inquiry into Jill Dando's murder has told the BBC her case will never be solved.

Hamish Campbell told a documentary to mark 20 years since the newsreader's shooting: "Do I think somebody will come back to court? Probably not, no."

Mar 28 07:48

UK: Catholic Journalist Criminally Investigated for Using the Wrong Pronoun in a Tweet

Caroline Farrow, a British Catholic journalist, is being investigated by the police for “misgendering” someone in a tweet. She was contacted by authorities after making an appearance on “Good Morning Britain,” in which she engaged in a debate with a transgender activist who has a trans child.

Following this appearance, which took place last September, Farrow allegedly referred to the trans child by the wrong pronoun.

British police are now dedicated entirely to fighting perceived and imagined microaggressions on social media.

Mar 28 07:44

Three arrested in probe into claims of anti-Semitism by Labour members

Three people have been arrested in a police investigation into alleged anti-Semitism among Labour Party members.

A man in his 50s was arrested in Birmingham on March 7, a second man in his 50s in Tunbridge Wells on March 14 and a woman in her 70s in Wandsworth, south London, on March 21, on suspicion of publishing or distributing material likely to stir up racial hatred.

All three have been released pending further inquiries.

Mar 28 07:33

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Commons votes down EIGHT different Brexit proposals - including second referendum AND no deal - leaving EU exit plans mired in new level of chaos

MPs rejected every alternative Brexit voted on last night as Brexit descended into a new level of chaos.

MPs held a series of votes in the Commons on Brexit alternatives to Theresa May's deal just hours after Mrs May said she would quit once her Brexit deal is delivered - in an attempt to cajole rebel hardline Brexiteer MPs in her own party to support her.

But in a fresh blow to the Prime Minister's plans, the DUP indicated they were still unable to back the deal because it 'poses a threat to the integrity of the UK.'

It means MPs are no closer to agreeing on Brexit after they voted down all eight options in a series of 'indicative votes' designed to establish what kind of deal might secure a majority in Parliament.

On a dramatic night inside and outside the Commons, a second referendum narrowly won the most votes - losing 295 to 268. A permanent UK-EU customs union won almost as much support and had fewer votes against - defeating it 272 to 264.

Mar 28 07:32

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Mrs May has broken Brexit... now Brexit has broken her

Too little, too late. If Theresa May had possessed a shred of decency, she should have resigned long ago. Her authority was shot to pieces after her disastrous, self-inflicted general election humiliation, which cost the Tories their majority and ensured that the enemies of Brexit would prevail.

She had a second chance to do the decent thing last July when it became apparent that her dismal, defeatist Chequers withdrawal agreement was a shoddy betrayal of her oft-parroted mantra: ‘Brexit means Brexit.’

Instead of respecting the views of those who spoke for the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU, she even threatened to confiscate the ministerial cars of Cabinet dissenters and make them walk home.

Mar 28 07:18

Putin may hold separate meeting with UK business executives at SPIEF - spokesman

Russian President Vladimir Putin may hold a separate meeting with representatives of the UK business within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) that will be held on June 6-8, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Rossiya-1 television on Sunday.

He said this was a request from UK business people. "They came out with the initiative to have a separate segment within the framework of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum - a meeting of Putin with representatives of the British business. And this is very important," Peskov told the program "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin".

On March 20, President Putin met with UK entrepreneurs having business in Russia. The Russian leader took the opportunity and invited representatives of the UK business community to take part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Besides, he said British business could participate in the implementation of Russian national projects.

Mar 28 07:09


Theresa May has told Tory MPs at the 1922 Committee that she will step down as Prime Minister before the next stage of the Brexit negotiations. May has not yet put a definite date on her departure but she has committed to step down once her deal is passed.

Mar 27 18:46

Factbox: Conservative lawmakers who have switched to back PM Theresa May's Brexit deal

Prime Minister Theresa May is considering bringing her twice-defeated Brexit deal back to parliament after some of its eurosceptic opponents indicated they could change their minds and back it amid fears another loss could mean Britain staying in the European Union.
If she could get the deal approved, it would mark a spectacular turnaround of her crisis-riven tenure.