Jan 30 10:14

MPs vote in favor of Brexit ‘Brady amendment,’ eliminating Irish backstop

The British Parliament has voted in favor of the ‘Brady amendment’ to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. The amendment removes the contentious Irish backstop from the deal, setting May up for a clash with the EU.
The amendment passed by 317 votes to 301. MPs also voted 318 to 301 in favor of a symbolic amendment rejecting a no deal Brexit.

“There is a limited appetite for change in the EU, and negotiating it won’t be easy,” May said after the vote.

Jan 30 10:05

Refusal to hand over Venezuelan gold means end of Britain as a financial center – Prof. Wolff

The freezing of Venezuelan gold by the Bank of England is a signal to all countries out of step with US interests to withdraw their money, according to economist and co-founder of Democracy at Work, Professor Richard Wolff.
He told RT America that Britain and its central bank have shown themselves to be “under the thumb of the United States.”

“That is a signal to every country that has or may have difficulties with the US, [that they had] better get their money out of England and out of London because it’s not the safe place as it once was,” he said.

Jan 28 11:41

Bank Of England Refuses To Release Venezuela's Gold After US Lobbying

With Maduro desperately clinging to power in Venezuela - albeit protected by Russian "security contractors" - The Bank of England just 'virtue-signaled' another jab in the socialist utopia's back by confirming its refusal to hand over Venezuela's gold from its vaults.

Bloomberg reports that Maduro's embattled regime, desperate to hold onto the dwindling cash pile it has abroad, was stymied in its bid to pull $1.2 billion worth of gold out of the Bank of England, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Bank of England’s (BoE) decision to deny Maduro officials’ withdrawal request comes after top U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton, lobbied their U.K. counterparts to help cut off the regime from its overseas assets, according to one of the people, who asked not to be identified.

Jan 28 10:07

MEPs scramble to BACK Britain, demanding GENEROUS no-deal Brexit aviation terms

The European Parliament group working on no-deal contingency plans have urged the EU Commission to rethink the bloc’s aviation ownership rules and scrap an automatic cap on flights between the UK and EU. The EU Parliament’s transport committee has set out amendments to EU law that will allow “limited” air traffic with the UK to be maintained, even in the event of a hard Brexit. The amendment says the EU Commission “may grant a temporary exemption from the ownership requirement” until the end of March 2020 if airlines have the valid operating licences and is less than half-owned by UK nationals.

Jan 28 10:06

BREXIT BETRAYAL: Tory MPs planning to ABANDON Theresa May and support SOFT Brexit

TORY Ministers who backed the Prime Minister’s defeated Brexit plan are ready to abandon her and push for a soft Brexit, if Parliament succeeds in blocking no deal during Tuesday's debate.

Jan 28 09:47

DONE DEAL Theresa May ‘privately told Cabinet ministers she will rule out No Deal’

The Sun has learnt that the Prime Minister will not let Britain leave the EU without a deal, but she is not ready to rule out no deal in public because it would affect key negotiations with Brussels

Jan 28 09:33

PROJECT FEAR RETURNS Brexit news latest: Fury at bizarre claims Theresa May could declare MARTIAL LAW to cope with chaos after a No Deal Brexit

WHITEHALL mandarins were today mocked after it emerged they could introduce MARTIAL LAW if there's a No Deal Brexit, it emerged today.

Theresa May could use sweeping powers to try and stop riots and uproar which some fear would occur in the event Britain left without a deal in March.

Jan 28 09:28

'Europe is coming apart before our eyes': 30 leading historians and writers including Ian McEwan and Simon Schama warn of the rise of populism ahead of Brexit

A group of leading intellectuals from 21 countries have said that liberal values in Europe face a challenge 'not seen since the 1930s' as the UK heads towards Brexit.

In a manifesto published in several newspapers, the 30 intellectuals including award-winning novelist Ian McEwan, stated that Europe is at risk of 'perishing beneath the waves of populism'.

The signatories bemoaned the Brexit process, saying that Europe has been 'abandoned from across the Channel'.

Jan 28 09:28

Elderly former IRA terrorists are being coaxed out of retirement to exploit tensions in Northern Ireland over Brexit as New IRA 'plots a six week campaign of violence and disruption'

Elderly former IRA terrorists are being brought out of 'retirement' to exploit tensions in Northern Ireland over Brexit, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

Sources say the New IRA, formed in 2012, is planning a 'five to six-week campaign of violence and disruption' across Northern Ireland immediately after March 29, when Britain is due to leave the EU.

The Ministry of Defence has put all military bases in the province on red alert. A photograph taken on January 14 at a base next to Belfast International Airport shows a sign warning military personnel they face a 'severe' terror threat level.

MI5 has more than 700 officers stationed in Belfast to combat the threat, The Times has reported.

The New IRA, already regarded as highly dangerous by police and security services, has been bolstered by veterans offering tactical expertise.

Jan 28 09:26

EU negotiators in Brussels in talks to thrash out a way to get Theresa May's Brexit deal over the line and extend Article 50 leaving date

EU negotiators have spent the past week locked behind closed doors in Brussels trying to thrash out a way to get Mrs May’s deal ‘over the line’ – without compromising their dogged insistence on a Northern Ireland ‘backstop’.

The Mail on Sunday understands that they have received detailed legal advice about the expected request from London to extend Article 50 beyond the planned Brexit Day on March 29 – including work on whether it is possible to circumvent the need for the UK to put MEPs up for election to the new European Parliament when it is formed on July 1.

A Brussels source said: ‘We want to help Mrs May but we need a stronger indication from your MPs about where we go from here and what they want.

Jan 28 09:18

MI5 Reportedly Deploys 700 Spies to N Ireland Amid Fears of Hard Border Violence

Late last week, New Irish Republican Army (IRA) hardliners detonated a car bomb outside a courthouse in Londonderry. According to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, no one was hurt in the bombing, which came amid ongoing Brexit talks.

The UK's MI5 intelligence agency has deployed more than 700 spies in Belfast as part of a massive anti-terrorist operation in the area; it comes amid concerns that the so-called New Irish Republican Army (IRA) may capitalise on the possible return of a hard Irish border after Brexit so as to fuel a fresh conflict, the Daily Mail reports.

The newspaper cited Brian Kenna, a former IRA prisoner and chairman of the Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh, as saying that "Britain still rules the six counties of [Northern] Ireland and this is going to lead to renewed conflict".

Jan 28 09:18

'Disgusted' Donors Refuse to Finance Tories Until PM May Steps Down - Reports

Brexit chaos and Theresa May's besieged leadership are said to have put the Conservative Party's income in jeopardy amid fears of a snap general election in Britain.

Deep-pocketed Tory donors are refusing to dish out money for the party while Theresa May is at its helm, according to The Telegraph,

Among the donors allegedly holding back money is the Midlands Industrial Council, a group of businessmen who gave £5 million (over $6.5 million) to the Tories before the 2017 snap vote.

"With the level of confusion within Parliament at the moment, the uncertainty over a possible election, a possible change of leader, most donors are reluctant to make donations at this time," the council's secretary David Wall told the newspaper.

Jan 27 15:25

Holocaust denial in Britain a combination of ‘anti-semitism and ignorance’ – Nazi hunter tells RT

One in 20 Britons believe the Holocaust never happened, according to a poll published on Sunday. Eight percent believe that the official death count of six million is exaggerated and one in five believe less than two million Jews were murdered. 45 percent simply don’t know how many died.

Jan 27 15:17

Channel migrants: Lorries still favoured route, border officers say

A "major incident" was declared after 129 people entered by boat in December.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid vowed to re-deploy two Border Force vessels from the Mediterranean and the Royal Navy sent HMS Mersey to patrol the Channel.

Ms Moreton said: "The numbers coming over in small boats are only a small proportion compared to the number coming across in lorries.

"There is a lot of focus on small boats, but the day-to-day grind is still the lorries."

Jan 27 09:16

Propaganda – the Only Weapon that London has to Distract Humanity from its Crimes

Back in the early days of mankind, warriors would paint their faces to intimidate their enemies on the field of battle. This example serves as a clear indicator that psychological warfare is just as old as the conventional one. It’s the strategies that are changing, while basic concepts remain the same. So is it any wonder that charging ranks of men would be shouting at the top of their lungs to render the defending side weakhearted for centuries.

Jan 26 11:17

Britain joins bid to OUST Venezuelan dictator Maduro as Corbyn faces fury for refusing to condemn his hard-left friend

Britain has joined the US and Canada in throwing its weight behind moves to oust Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Jeremy Hunt lashed the regime and backed Juan Guaido, who has declared himself interim president after winning elections to the National Assembly.

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to condemn his hard-left ally Maduro and instead tore into interference in the country.

And while street riots erupted in Venezuela amid the power struggle, Mr Corbyn hosted a Venezuelan diplomat at Parliament earlier this week.

Jan 25 23:38

Germany MOCKS Brexit with new verb hinting UK will NEVER LEAVE

The revelation was made on BBC’s Brexitcast podcast yesterday. BBC Europe Editor Katya Adler explained: “I can tell you about a new German verb that apparently has made its way into at least some dictionaries - maybe just online ones. But it was someone on Twitter who pointed this out to me.

“So, ‘to Brexit’ is now translated in German or explained as ‘to say goodbye but not to leave’.

“Which is, of course, German wishful thinking there.”

Laura Kuenssberg chimed in, noting: “That's very Theresa May - we are leaving the EU but we are not leaving Europe.”

Ms Adler added: "Arch-brexiteers would say that this deal is all about saying goodbye but not actually leaving, wouldn’t they?”

Jan 25 16:08

Brexit sees UK push into China

Big Chinese trade show attracts British firms ahead of Brexit.

UK companies are still in a state of limbo about what Brexit will mean for trade with neighbouring EU countries – so there's no better time to establish trade links further afield, and China recently gave them such an opportunity.

Enterprises from all over the world were welcomed to to Shanghai to showcase their latest products at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) recently.

The UK already exports a myriad of products to China, representing a cross-section of British industry and services, mostly machinery, electrical products and road vehicles.
However, with a national pavilion themed on innovation, John Edwards, British consul-general in Shanghai, explained that the CIIE was a chance for the UK to showcase itself as a player in high-tech and smart technology.

Jan 25 11:40

Barclays was 'basically dead' without Qatari cash, London court told

The Serious Fraud Office prosecutor told the trial of Barclays’ ex-chief executive John Varley and three former senior executives that Qatar had played hardball as the British bank struggled to shore up its balance sheet during the financial crisis.

“Without 1 bln (pounds), at the very least, from Q (Qatar) we are basically dead,” Boath told his Barclays line manager on May 28, 2008, in a communication read out in Southwark Crown Court by prosecutor Edward Brown on the second day of the case.

Former CEO Varley, Roger Jenkins, Tom Kalaris and Boath deny conspiring to commit fraud by false representations when Barclays raised more than 11 billion pounds from investors in 2008, allowing it to avert a British state bailout.

Jan 25 11:24

Flashback 2017: Analysis: UK carbon emissions in 2017 fell to levels last seen in 1890

Carbon Brief analysis shows the UK’s CO2 emissions from fossil fuels fell by 2.6% in 2017, driven by a 19% decline in coal use.

This follows on the heels of a larger 5.8% drop in CO2 in 2016, which saw a record 52% drop in coal use. The UK’s total CO2 emissions are currently 38% below 1990 levels and are now as low as emissions were back in 1890 – the year the Forth Bridge opened in Scotland and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray was published.

Jan 25 10:18


The EU’s long-running duplicity over the Irish border has finally come to a head this week with the Commission wrapping itself up in knots trying to maintain its spurious position on the backstop after Commission Spokesman Margaritas Schinas caused a major fuss on Tuesday by saying that the EU would force Ireland to erect a hard border in the event of no deal. Not going to happen.

Michel Barnier then let the cat out of the bag yesterday while trying to reverse the diplomatic damage, admitting that in the event of no deal “we will have to find an operational way of carrying out checks and controls without putting back in place a border”, going on to say that “my team have worked hard to study how controls can be made paperless or decentralised, which will be useful in all circumstances.” Thus blowing apart the entire fiction that the backstop is necessary to avoid a hard border…

Jan 25 10:17

End Brexit feud, Queen tells warring politicians

The Queen has urged the country to “seek out the common ground” in a sign of royal nervousness over the divisions caused by Brexit.

Delivering a rebuke to warring politicians, she urged them to respect, not attack, one another while “never losing sight of the bigger picture”.

Her intervention came 64 days before Britain is due to leave the European Union, with no settled plan on how it will be achieved.

Jan 25 09:52


Brittany Ferries have moved to slap down Remainer scaremongering about international travel beyond March, and reassure passenmgers. The iconic ferry company accused the BBC of peddling “nonsense” and reassured potential passengers that they can book beyond March.

“The company would like to make clear that passengers can book crossings to France and Spain, and sail-and-stay holidays as normal. There is absolutely no truth in speculation that passengers are being advised not to book because all space has been allocated to freight.

The reality is that Brittany Ferries has added 19 crossings on three of its nine routes leaving the UK. The additional sailings create more space for freight, as requested by the DfT. As a consequence, there is now more choice for passengers rather than less.”

Jan 24 18:31

UK weather forecast: ENTIRE COUNTRY to be BLANKETED in up to 13 inches of snow next week

THE UK is set to be blanketed in snow by the end of next week, with some parts of the country to be submerged in up to 13 inches.

Jan 24 16:22

Airbus Threat to Quit U.K. Over Brexit Adds to Risk of Exodus

Airbus SE said it might be forced to move future investments out of the U.K. in the event of a no-deal divorce from the European Union, slamming the “madness” of Brexit supporters who assume the planemaker won’t abandon Britain.

“If there is a no-deal Brexit, we at Airbus will have to make potentially very harmful decisions for the U.K.,” said Chief Executive Officer Tom Enders, who has been among the most outspoken business leaders on the topic. “Please don’t listen to the Brexiteers’ madness which asserts that, because we have huge plants here, we will not move and we will always be here. They are wrong.”

Jan 24 11:28

Dearlove Guthrie Letter Published

Former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove and previous chief of the defence staff Lord Guthrie have written to Conservative association chairs claiming the EU withdrawal agreement threatens national security. They urge Tory constituency bosses to order their MPs to vote against Theresa May’s Brexit deal. They write: “Please ensure that your MP does not vote for this bad agreement.”

In their letter, Sir Richard – ex chief of the secret intelligence staff – and Lord Guthrie claim the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal would surrender the UK’s forces and intelligence services to EU control. Also they protest that it would damage the UK’s relationship with NATO, the US, and the leading Commonwealth security and intelligence partners Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Jan 24 10:55

Snow RADAR: Is the Beast from the East back? Where is it snowing NOW?

SNOW and ice has sparked disruption across the country, as temperatures plummet and the Met Office has warned of continuing freezing conditions tonight, but does the change in conditions mark the return of the Beast from the East?

Jan 24 09:29

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen Compares Yellow Vests to Brexiteers

Populist firebrand and niece of Rassemblement National (National Rally) leader Marine Le Pen, Marion Maréchal, compared the French Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) protestors to supporters of Britain leaving the European Union.

The former French MP spoke to a packed crowd of 500 people at the prestigious Oxford Union earlier this week and made a 20-minute speech calling for the formation of a new “elite” who understand the needs of regular people, saying politicians need to “reconnect with the people,” La Libre reports.

“Yellow jackets are very similar to your Brexiteers,” the 29-year-old said, adding: “We are in the midst of a populist movement. Behind the word populist, there is the word people, people who have been abandoned, people who are not represented.”

Jan 24 09:09

We Germans owe Britain a great debt — and should let you leave Europe with the concessions you need and your heads held high, writes ALEX VON SCHOENBURG

However much we in Europe regret your decision to leave our Community, we must always remember that, throughout your history, independence and sovereignty have been paramount. Germany in particular should tread lightly when it comes to dealing with your proud nation.

It was Great Britain that first stood up to Hitler in 1939. And it was Britain that opened its doors to the thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing certain death during the Holocaust.

Put simply, there would be no free Europe without you and the bloody sacrifice you made to rescue the Continent. This plain fact has not always been a popular one, of course. The truth is that there has been a long tradition of policies aimed at excluding the British Isles from Europe, most notably those of French president, Charles De Gaulle.

Jan 24 09:06

UK Media Silence On Yellow Vests? Deceased German Journalist’s Work Has Answers

Two days ago, we could not confirm a widely shared claim the British press had gotten a D-Notice ordering a clamp on any coverage of the Yellow Vest movement in France. But what there is no doubt of, is the prevalence of such D-Notice orders – media gag orders which prohibit or greatly direct the coverage of certain matters of public interest, normally covered by ‘free’ media, but in fact we find something rather ominous and indeed subversive to the work of independent media.

Jan 23 19:54

Shops lose 70,000 jobs in a year, says BRC

UK shops and retailers employ 70,000 fewer people than they did a year ago as the High Street continues to decline, a survey indicates.

In the final three months of 2018, the number of employees in the retail sector fell 2.2% year-on-year, while total hours worked fell by 2.8%, said the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

"Frontline staff" in shops will fall further in the next decade, it said.

Jan 23 16:02

Experts call for review of quake limits on UK fracking

Limits on seismic activity at fracking sites in the UK should be reviewed and increased, according to scientists involved in monitoring the activity.

At present, if fracking induces quakes above 0.5 magnitude then all drilling must cease for 18 hours.

Now, researchers from the British Geological Survey (BGS) say these "traffic light" regulations should be reviewed.

They argue that increasing the limit to magnitude 1.5 would pose little risk.

Jan 23 15:35

Charity of bullies: The Campaign Against anti-Semitism

harity of bullies: The Campaign Against anti-Semitism. Eve Mykytyn examines the behaviour of Britain’s “Campaign Against anti-Semitism”, a secretive organisation bizarrely registered by the British authorities as a “charity”, which uses bully tactics to silence organisations and individuals with whom it disagrees.>>

Jan 22 11:02

Khan’s London: Second World War Memorial Desecrated, Churchill Statue Vandalised

A memorial to the tens of thousands of Bomber Command air crew who lost their lives during the Second World War has been vandalised in London, along with a nearby statue of wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill.

The memorial in London’s Green Park has been splattered with a large amount of white paint, “including the statue of eight Bomber Command crew members which stands at its centre, the marble plinth it stands upon and the surrounding Portland stone.”

So far, no arrests have been made, but the Metropolitan Police are said to be investigating CCTV footage from the site.

Jan 22 10:31

When Democracy Fails to Deliver

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible … make violent revolution inevitable,” said John F. Kennedy.

In 2016, the U.S. and Britain were both witness to peaceful revolutions.

The British voted 52-48 to sever ties to the European Union, restore their full sovereignty, declare independence and go their own way in the world. Trade and immigration policy would henceforth be decided by a parliament elected by the people, not by bureaucrats in Brussels.

“Brexit” it was called. And British defiance stunned global elites.

Two and a half years later, Britain is still inside the EU, and no one seems to know when or whether the divorce will take place — a victory of London and European elites over the expressed will of the British people.

Jan 22 09:36

Bloodbath on the high street: More than 175,000 jobs will be cut this year and 23,395 shops will shut as internet sales batter retailers

A total of 175,000 jobs are set to disappear from the High Street this year as the onslaught from online rivals continues.

A slump in the value of retail property is expected to see 23,395 shops shut as customers shun town centres in favour of internet shopping, according to property experts.

It marks a significant increase on last year when a string of retailers including Toys R Us, Poundworld and Maplin went bust, leading to the closure of 20,000 stores and the loss of 150,000 jobs.

Jan 22 09:21

Doctors told to DOUBLE the dose of antibiotics gonorrhoea patients are given 'because the STI is quickly becoming resistant to medicine'

Doctors need to double the dose of antibiotics they give to patients with gonorrhoea because it's becoming resistant to medicine, experts have warned.

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) today issued new guidelines for treating the STI for the first time since 2011.

Its recommendations follow news released earlier this month that two women in the UK caught 'super gonorrhoea' - one of whom was the first to ever catch it in Britain.

BASHH urges doctors to stop using one of the routine antibiotics and to increase the dose of another in what it called 'a major change'.

Jan 22 09:10

‘£171,000 being spent every hour on no-deal Brexit’: Corbyn lashes out at ‘wasteful’ UK govt

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has hit out at UK govt ministers, claiming they are spending £171k ($220k) every hour on no-deal preparations, arguing that the billions being “wasted” could be used to fund essential public services.
Corbyn, who is refusing to have any discussions with PM Theresa May over Brexit until she rules out leaving the EU without a deal, claims that the Tory government has already squandered £1.9 billion ($2.4bn) on no-deal planning, The Mirror reports.

He argues that this sum of money is the equivalent to paying the annual salaries of 50,000 secondary schools teachers; 86,000 newly qualified nurses; or 49,000 police constables.

Jan 22 09:06

Cabinet Minister Warns Blocking Brexit Will Unleash ‘Political Tsunami’

Britain’s Secretary of State for International Trade has warned that if politicians refuse to respect the people’s vote for Brexit it could unleash a “political tsunami” with “unknowable consequences” for the stability of the realm.

Cabinet Brexiteer Liam Fox wrote in the Sunday Telegraph that “failure to deliver Brexit would produce a yawning gap between Parliament and the people, a schism in our political system with unknowable consequences.”

Dr Fox’s intervention was inspired by the latest edition of the BBC Question Time programme, in which Brexit-supporting journalist Isabel Oakeshott — outnumbered four-to-one on the panel, as is common for Brexiteers appearing on broadcast media — received cheers and applause from the studio audience for saying said Theresa May should “walk away” from negotiations with an intransigent EU and pursue a clean, No Deal exit.

Jan 22 09:05

France Builds Trump-Style Wall to Stop Illegals Getting to Britain

French authorities have built a ten-foot wall at a Total station in Calais used by migrants who attempt to storm lorries and break into Britain.

The barrier is being erected at a petrol station in the Marcel-Doret area where lorries stop to fill up with fuel before heading to the port and onwards to the United Kingdom. It is set to be finished by mid-February.

Local prefect Fabien Sudry told Nord Littoral that “smuggling networks meet there and take advantage of stations near the port to get migrants in trucks.

Jan 22 09:01

Brexit ‘Plan B’ Won’t Fly - Galloway

Jan 22 08:27


If the Speaker and Dominic Grieve are going to vandalise the constitution and overturn established parliamentary conventions, don’t expect the government to just roll over. The Attorney General Geoffrey Cox will be studying this argument closely as no doubt will the Brexit sympathetic Queen. Bercow is only the Prince of Parliament, though he might not want to believe, the Queen still outranks him constitutionally.

Jan 22 08:15

Propaganda of omission: Britain’s role in Rohingya genocide absent from UK reports

In recent years, tens of thousands of ethnic Rohingya have been killed by the Burmese military. The ethnic cleansing made international headlines. But Britain’s role is conspicuously absent from UK mainstream reporting.

The media had, in previous years, reported that the UK trains the Burmese (aka Myanmarese) military, yet the media have not only failed to put two and two together and explore Britain’s role in the recent atrocities, but as the atrocities increased, coverage of British involvement disappeared.

The plight of the Rohingya people is a tragic remnant of colonialism. Prior to colonization and the imposition by Western governments of national boundaries on subjugated peoples, the Rohingya lived in what is now Bangladesh and Burma. When both countries achieved independence (Burma from Britain and Bangladesh from Pakistan), the Rohingya found themselves trapped behind two national borders.

Jan 22 08:12

UK Military Doctor Helping Rescue Skripal 'Extraordinary Coincidence' – Russia

Abigail, a teenage girl who came to the Salisbury shopping mall to celebrate her brother’s birthday together with her mother, Colonel Alison McCourt, said that she had seen a man, who was later identified as Sergei Skripal, collapse on a bench, and wasted no time in applying her first aid skills that she had obtained at school.

British media reports about former GRU agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia having received first aid after the nerve agent attack from a UK military colonel, chief nursing officer Alison McCourt and her 16-year-old daughter Abigail, are much in line with a range of “stunning coincidences” over the Salisbury incident, a statement released by the Russian Embassy in the UK reads.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another reason to doubt the story; why didn't the little girl get sick after touching the Skripals, if in fact they were contaminated with Novichok?

Jan 22 05:55

40 UK ministers could resign over no-deal Brexit: Report

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been warned that no less than 40 of her ministers could resign if she denies them the right to vote for a plan that would block a no-deal exit from the European Union (EU) later this year, a new report suggests.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has informed May and other government officials that the possible exodus could take place unless the ministers are allowed to support an amendment in the House of Commons that extend the duration of the Article 50 of EU’s Lisbon Treaty beyond the original March 29 deadline for Brexit.

If approved, the new plan prevents May from proceeding with her previous threats of a no-deal divorce, which analysts say would have unpredictable ramifications.

Tabled by Labour’s Yvette Cooper and former Tory ministers Oliver Letwin and Nick Boles, the new amendment would come up for debate and vote on January 29.

Rudd has asked May to allow a free vote on the bill to prevent a mass walkout from 10 Downing Street.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was really not what the people of Great Britain signed off on, with the original Brexit vote; May has just not been able to deliver here,

Jan 22 04:45

Moscow says Skripal case aimed at diverting attention from Brexit

The campaign launched by the British government in the wake of the Skripal incident pursues domestic policy goals in the context of Brexit negotiations, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated on Monday in response to the Council of Europe’s decision to introduce sanctions against several Russian citizens due to their involvement in the Salisbury incident.

"The information campaign launched by the British government with regards to this case pursues, first and foremost, domestic policy goals. It is telling that its new splash has coincided with another wave of the Brexit negotiations crisis," the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The problem for Prime Minister May was, the alleged "diversion" was so flimsy, it only lasted the 5 minutes of an egg timer!!

Jan 21 13:30

May Rules Out Changes To Good Friday Agreement, Offers Parliament More Control Over Trade Negotiations

Update 3: In his rebuttal, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn declared that "nothing has changed" on May's end, and that a deal will only become workable when the Prime Minister agrees to surrender some of her infamous "red lines" - presumably a reference to Tories insistence that the UK leave the single market and customs union.

There is a clear majority in this House to support a deal in principle and ratify results, but it would require face reality and accept that her deal has been defeated.

Before moving forward, May must rule out 'no deal' and stop the 'collossal waste of public money' being spent preparing for a no deal outcome.

Jan 21 12:06

Try to Figure Out Where Labour Ends and Likud Starts

A few days before Christmas, Labour Cllr Richard Watts and the Islington Council, acting at the request of the UK Likud Herut Director, chose to stop me from playing with the Blockheads. The impoverished Council, in an odd interpretation of working for its citizens, hired two partners from one of London’s most expensive law firms to help them in their crusade against my saxophone.

Their action prompted hundreds of complaints and a petition of protest from almost 7000. Despite the backlash, another Labour councillor has stepped in to try to ruin my musical career. Rachel Eden has in the past attempted to interfere with my literature event at Reading Literary Festival, organised a protest against me without knowing who I was and what I stood for, and is on the Zionist We Believe in Israel list of 2016 General Election candidates who pledge their support for Israel.

Jan 21 10:27

No-deal Brexit could hit global growth and furious voters losing trust in governments could wreck the world order, warns IMF

A no-deal Brexit and a worse-than-expected slowdown in the Chinese economy could cause more turbulence on the financial markets and hit global growth, the International Monetary Fund has said.

The US organisation issued the warning as it left its growth forecasts for the UK in 2019 unchanged at 1.5 per cent, but slashed global growth forecasts for this year by 0.2 per cent to 3.5 per cent.

It comes as separate figures released today show that in 2018, the Chinese economy grew by 6.6 per cent, its slowest annual rate since 1990.

Jan 21 10:17

UK PM May Gives Statement on Alternative Brexit Plan

Prime Minister Theresa May, who survived a vote of no confidence earlier this month, is giving a statement in the British Parliament, regarding a new solution for the Brexit process, as her deal was previously rejected by the MPs.

Theresa May stated there was no majority in Parliament in favour of a second referendum, adding that revoking Article 50 would go against the results of the Brexit vote. Commenting on the Irish backstop issue, the prime minister also stressed that the UK would not reopen the Belfast agreement (the Good Friday Agreement).

Jan 21 10:09

Is Labour’s anti-Semitism row fuelled by pro-Israel online ‘guerrilla warriors’?

The Labour Party in Britain has been dogged by allegations of anti-Semitism ever since Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the 2015 leadership contest. The crisis has since threatened to tear the party apart. Now, though, what appears to be an organised campaign to fuel the row has been uncovered, raising concerns that the party is being targeted by a network of social media trolls with the intent of harming Britain’s democratic process.

An investigation by the Electronic Intifada discovered fake online accounts being used when the crisis was at its peak. A report by the online publication documented 10 fake Twitter profiles posing as Corbyn supporters and issuing virulent anti-Semitic posts. The accounts are said to share sufficient similarities to indicate that the same person – or group – is running them, in what appears to be an organised campaign to discredit Corbyn and smear Labour as an anti-Semitic party.

Jan 21 09:11

High levels of cocaine found in the Thames by monitoring station near Houses of Parliament are making eels hyperactive

Cocaine from users' urine has been detected in increasing quantities, research from the Thames monitoring station near the Houses of Parliament has shown.

Jan 21 08:57

Shrinkflation IS happening! Official study finds 206 products including chocolate bars, bread and cereal have got smaller since 2015 – but it's NOT linked to Brexit

Shrinking chocolate bars, cereal boxes and loaves of bread have contributed to a rise in 'shrinkflation' in Britain - but it is not due to Brexit, new figures show today.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that 206 products shrank in size between September 2015 and June 2017.

They included bread and cereals, meat, sugar, jam, syrups, chocolate and other confectionery.

Prices tend to stay the same when products change size, the ONS said, consistent with the idea that some products are undergoing 'shrinkflation'.

Jan 21 08:51

Bloodbath on the high street: More than 175,000 jobs will be cut this year and 23,395 shops will shut as internet sales batter retailers

A total of 175,000 jobs are set to disappear from the High Street this year as the onslaught from online rivals continues.
A slump in the value of retail property is expected to see 23,395 shops shut as customers shun town centres in favour of internet shopping, according to property experts.
It marks a significant increase on last year when a string of retailers including Toys R Us, Poundworld and Maplin went bust, leading to the closure of 20,000 stores and the loss of 150,000 jobs.

Jan 21 08:38

One third of RAF planes CAN'T FLY - including £80MILLION Typhoon jets

ONE in three RAF planes including dozens of £80 million Typhoon jets are unable to fly, it has been revealed.

Some 142 jets out of 434 aircraft are mothballed or being repaired, Freedom of Information (FOI) statsitics show. The planes belong to the air force’s sustainment fleet rather the forward fleet which is ready for deployment. Among the jets unable to fly include 55 out of 156 Typhoons which have been pat of bombing raids on ISIS.

Jan 21 08:30

First responder in Skripal poisoning turns out to be Britain’s most senior military nurse

Sergei and Yulia Skripal were given first aid by the British Army’s most senior nurse, who just happened to be nearby, according to a new report – adding further intrigue to the highly controversial case.

The latest development in the Salisbury poisoning affair will fuel the claims of skeptics, who don’t believe the official British narrative. UK authorities have claimed that the former double agent and his daughter were targeted by the Russian government in a bizarre failed assassination plot involving a military-grade nerve agent.

It was previously reported by British media that the first person to provide medical assistance to the Skripals after they collapsed on a bench in Salisbury was “an off-duty nurse who had worked on the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.”

However, the healthcare professional turned out to be not just any nurse. She was Colonel Alison McCourt, a veteran service member who currently holds the position of chief nursing officer in the British Army.

Jan 20 16:22

Who runs the world?

"Our world is run by oligarchs, the holders of vast wealth from monopolies in banking, resource extraction, manufacturing, and technology. Oligarchs have such power that most of the world doesn’t even know of their influence over our lives. Their overall agenda is global power – a world government, run by them – to be achieved through planned steps of social engineering. The oligarchs remain in the background and have heads of state and entire governments acting in their service. Presidents and prime ministers are their puppets. Bureaucrats and politicians are their factotums..." >>

Jan 20 16:19

Tribal nationalism vs global unity

Graham Peebles says proponents of tribal nationalism, which rests on competition and suspicion of “the other”, are out of step with the times where increasingly younger people are community-focused civic nationalists and see themselves as “citizens of the world” .>>

Jan 20 10:36

Rebel UK MPs Are Planning To Seize Power From Theresa May

As Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to hash out a deal during the cross-party talks she promised after her Brexit withdrawal agreement was defeated by a stunning 230-vote margin, marking the worst defeat for a British government since the 1920s, a group of MPs are apparently so frustrated with this whole Brexit trainwreck that they're willing to risk being effectively expelled from their parties (or what Brits call "deselection") for a shot at a workable solution.

Case in point: According to reports published by Buzzfeed and CNN an influential cross-party group of MPs lead by Tory Remainer and former Attorney General Dominic Grieve is moving to table an amendment that would effectively tear up the parliamentary rule book and allow a mass of backbencher MPs to seize power from the government - something that would be practically unprecedented in the history of British politics - to decide what business comes before the Commons.

Jan 20 10:17

Coincidence? - Chief Nurse Of British Army Was First To Arrive At Novichoked Skripal Scene

On March 4 2018 the British/Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found incapacitated on a bench in Salisbury. The British government asserts that they were affected by a chemical poison of the so called Novichok group. The case led to a diplomatic conflict as Britain accused Russia of an attempt to kill the Skripals. No evidence was provided by the British government to support those accusations. The Skripals have since been vanished.

Jan 19 11:27

The Price Of Empire

Why America and Britain Are Self-Destructing (And What the World Can Learn From it)

It’s a striking fact of today’s world that the two rich societies in shocking, swift, sharp decline are America and Britain. Nowhere else in the world, for example, are real income, life expectancy, happiness, and trust all plummeting, apart from maybe Venezuela (No, “but at least we’re not Venezuela!” is not the bar to aim for, my friends.)

Their downfall is, of course, a self-inflicted catastrophe. But the interesting question is: why? And what does it tell us about what it takes to prosper and thrive in the 21st century, which is something that America and Britain clearly aren’t doing, and maybe aren’t capable of doing?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is one of the most brilliantly said observations I have read, on the current situations in the Unhinged, Surveilled State of America.

Societies, just like the world around us, have life cycles. There is a birth, a flowering, and ultimately, a death, sometimes followed by a rebirth - a renaissance - of something that works much better; there are no guarantees here, however.

Right now, in their staggeringly brutal will to hold on to their power and possessions at any cost, the masters of the American universe are losing their grip, both on the narrative, and the reason these everlasting wars need to be pursued to the point of societal ruin.

Jan 19 08:35

EU 'is prepared to delay Brexit until at least July and could be extended even LONGER' to give Theresa May extra time to get deal to quit Europe through Parliament

EU leaders are preparing to delay Brexit until July or possibly longer if Parliament cannot agree a deal, it has been claimed.

Brussels is reportedly expecting the British government to ask for an extension to Article 50, allowing Theresa May more time to get a deal through Parliament.

Mrs May is expected to lose Commons the vote on her withdrawal deal on Tuesday, raising the prospect of a no-deal departure on March 29.

Brexit could be postponed even longer if a general election or second referendum takes place, the Guardian reported.

Jan 18 14:59

The beauty and the beast: Gilad Atzmon on Rachel Riley

In recent weeks Rachel Riley, a British TV celebrity, has tossed the anti-Semitism slur in the direction of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach, Aaron Bastani, yours truly and others.

In her first extended Channel 4 interview it became clear that Riley isn’t exactly an astute political philosopher.

But first watch and listen to my analysis of Riley’s long and tedious interview...>>

Jan 18 10:13

William Hague predicts Brexit chaos will force a snap election within WEEKS amid stalemate in Parliament

William Hague has predicted chaos over Brexit could force a general election within weeks amid a stalemate in Parliament.

The former Tory leader made the claim in a briefing for businessmen in the City of London in the aftermath of the crushing defeat for Theresa May's Brexit plans.

Lord Hague correctly predicted the last snap election in 2017 and warned the chances of another are currently being 'underplayed'.

Jan 18 10:10

“Britain’s political class could see a revolution like they’ve never seen before,” yellow vests UK warn

The Yellow Vest movement is not on course to end anytime soon, with British activists taking to the streets of London on Friday. They donned the appropriate yellow high vis vests and blocked traffic, chanting pro-Brexit slogans.

One yellow vest protester tells of their want to reclaim Great Britain as told to Sputnik: “We don’t want to be part of the federal European superstate that’s going to erode our rights and take away democracy.

Jan 18 10:07

White Brits soon a minority in Britain’s second largest city, where 50,000 cannot speak English

A report shows that white Britons will soon be a minority in Birmingham. In the West Midland’s largest city, almost 50,000 of the 1.1 million inhabitants cannot speak English.

Birmingham has a diverse population with nearly 200 different nationalities. According to the new report, it “is soon to become a majority-minority city”.

In a 2011 census, 42.1% of the city’s inhabitants already classified themselves as ‘non-white British’, an increase of 12% compared to a 2001 survey.

With that rate of increase, a new survey in 2021 would show the majority of the city’s inhabitants being non-white Brits.

Jan 18 09:24

UK army reservists put on standby as threat of no-deal Brexit looms

UK Defense Ministry has ordered army reservists to be placed on standby to quell potential unrest from a no-deal Brexit. PM Theresa May has been accused of trying to impose her deal with ‘doomsday’ forecasts in the past.

Announcing the order in the House of Commons on Thursday, Defence Minister Mark Lancaster declared that army reservists would be ready to help minimise any disruption caused by a no-deal Brexit from February 10, 2019 to February 9, 2020.

Jan 18 09:22

Fake Labour accounts fueling “anti-Semitism crisis”

From the start, reporting of the “anti-Semitism crisis” in the UK’s Labour Party has been characterized by dishonesty, exaggeration and outright fabrication.

The real target of this manufactured crisis is not genuine anti-Semites, but Jeremy Corbyn and the wider Palestine solidarity movement.

But now additional evidence has come to light of a disturbing trend which has been fueling the fire lit since Corbyn’s first leadership victory in September 2015.

An investigation by The Electronic Intifada has documented 10 fake Twitter profiles posing as Corbyn supporters who have been posting virulent anti-Semitism.

The accounts share sufficient similarities to indicate that the same person – or group – is running them.

Without police involvement or a court case, it’s impossible to know for sure who is behind this troll network.

Jan 17 12:23

Remainer Chancellor Tells Big Business MPs Will Stop Clean Brexit in Leaked Call

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip “Remainer Phil” Hammond told corporate bosses that senior MPs would stop a “No Deal” Brexit — where Britain makes a clean break from the EU — according to a leaked telephone call.

The audio, obtained by The Telegraph, also outlines how the Remain-supporting Chancellor had discussed how Article 50, the treaty mechanism for leaving the EU, could be extended in a call with the 330 business people following Prime Minister Theresa May’s historic parliamentary defeat on her Withdrawal Agreement on Tuesday.

Raising the issue early on in the conversation of whether “the option of No Deal” can be taken “off the table,” Mr Hammond said: “Everyone on the call will be aware that a bill has been tabled today and amendments will be tabled on Monday by backbenchers from across the House which would have the effect of removing the threat of No Deal.

Jan 17 12:22

Delingpole: Brexit Is Now Hanging by a Thread

Prime Minister Theresa May has (narrowly) survived the vote of no confidence and delivered another of her bullish speeches about how the people voted for Brexit and how Brexit is what she plans to deliver.

“Overwhelmingly, the British people want us to get on with delivering Brexit, and also address the other important issues they care about. But the deal I’ve worked to agree with the European Union was rejected by MPs and by a large margin. I believe it is my duty to deliver on the British people’s instruction to leave the European Union and I intend to do so,” she tells us.

Don’t believe a word.

Jan 17 12:16

Farage Slams PM May's 'Surrender Document' Brexit Deal, Demands Her Resignation

A second referendum has been predicted, Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy president Nigel Farage said on Wednesday after lambasting UK prime minister Theresa May's sharp defeat in Commons.

"It resembled a surrender document of a nation that has been beaten in war. It was that bad," he told Good Morning Britain, echoing similar sentiments made during a European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

Jan 17 12:11

The threat of a Brexit coup in Parliament is real – and terrifying

Today’s Sunday Times splash – about a ‘coup’ being plotted by Tory rebels to take over Brexit – looks and feels like it was dreamed up in No. 10. It wasn’t and the story shouldn’t be dismissed because of that. The Speaker’s actions last week have changed the calculations: something previously judged procedurally impossible (for rebels to call the shots in parliament) is now a genuine risk. In my view, it risks the very stability of the government.

The story so far: that Dominic Grieve and Oliver Letwin are seeking a way to seize control of business in the Commons, so that backbench motions take precedence over government motions. This matters because, until last week, a whole load of options were unthinkable. Tory rebels may be frustrated but they could not act on their plans because they could not call them to a vote. Under the Westminster system the government controls the agenda parliamentary agenda. Or did, until John Bercow upended things last week.

Jan 17 10:59

Russian foreign intelligence chief accuses Britain of ‘destroying evidence’ in Skripal case

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director Sergey Naryshkin has said Britain is destroying evidence related to the Skripal case. “This is a dirty provocation by British authorities because it is clear that they constantly try to cover up traces of the crime that was committed and destroy evidence,” he said. “They started doing so the moment the incident took place. Not to mention the fact that they are keeping mum on where our citizens Yulia Skripal and her father [Sergei Skripal] are now. Why are they hiding [them]?” Naryshkin said.

Jan 16 12:35

Theresa May’s government survives no-confidence vote

The UK government led by Theresa May, has survived to fight another day, after winning a no-confidence vote, tabled by Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, following parliament rejecting the PM's Brexit deal, earlier on Tuesday evening.

The no-confidence vote was defeated by 19 votes – the government winning by 325 to 306. It's a rare positive note for May's Tory cabinet after the humiliating Brexit defeat.

Speaking immediately after the vote, a victorious May said she was "pleased" that the House expressed its confidence in her government. May said she will "continue to work" to deliver on the result of the Brexit referendum and leave the EU.

May invited the leaders of parliamentary parties to meet with her individually, beginning on Wednesday evening.

Jan 16 11:44

'Utterly USELESS!' Nigel Farage argues Theresa May should RESIGN after crushing defeat

NIGEL Farage argued Prime Minister Theresa May should resign after the mammoth defeat on her Brexit deal, losing by a margin of 230 votes, adding that she “does not believe in Brexit”.

Jan 16 10:43

UK Brexit Vote Reflects a Deep Crisis in Capitalism

Had the British been presented with the option, people might choose a socialist Britain over a capitalist EU, but they are not given that choice, say Prof. Leo Panitch of York University and Jon Lansman of the British Labour Party’s National Executive Committee

Jan 16 10:38

Brexit LIVE: Fresh chaos as Tory rebel tries to make second referendum THE LAW

The first bill seeks to launch preparations for another referendum while the second seeks to carry out the vote. The former attorney general said: “Holding a public vote is now essential as the only credible way out of the current crisis. The public should be allowed to decide on any deal to take us out of the European Union and be given the alternative to remain if they wish."Mr Grieve, a staunch Remainer and one of many Conservative backbenchers who voted against Mrs May’s deal on Tuesday night, said: “It’s a very strange experience to be a backbench MP and participate in a huge rebellion against the Government that defeats it by such a substantial margin. “But that’s a reflection of the fact that the House of Commons collectively looked at the deal the Government has negotiated and concluded that it’s a deal which is not in the national interest.

Jan 16 10:33

Brexit Vote: Will the EU Throw UK PM Theresa May a Lifeline?

In spite of the deep splits among the Tories, Prof. John Weeks says that a Brexit agreement will be made when the EU bails out Theresa May in the lead-up to the EU parliamentary elections

Jan 16 04:48

US and Britain conduct first joint drill in South China Sea

USS McCampbell and HMS Argyll join forces as US seeks to push back against China’s claims to disputed waters

The United States and Britain have conducted their first joint naval drills in the South China Sea, as Washington seeks support from its allies in challenging Beijing’s claims to the disputed waters.

US Navy guided missile destroyer USS McCampbell and Royal Navy frigate HMS Argyll conducted operations together in the South China Sea from Friday last week until Wednesday, the two countries said.

The US said the two vessels had practised communication drills, division tactics, and a personnel exchange designed to address common maritime security priorities and enhance interoperability


Jan 15 13:56

Theresa May's Brexit plan suffers historic defeat

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn filed a motion of no confidence in the UK government following the rejection of May's Brexit agreement with the bloc.

What we know about the vote: It will take place Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. (2 p.m. ET).

How it works: The motion is put to the House, which then votes just like tonight (by walking into division lobbies). If the government loses the vote then May -- or another leader -- could attempt to form a new government and win the confidence of the House in 14 days.

If she is unsuccessful, a general election will be triggered -- which could come as soon as 17 days after losing this second vote.

Jan 14 22:38

Rich students save by paying fees up front

The wealthiest students are going to university in England for the lowest cost, by paying their tuition fees up front, say researchers.

About 10% of students are not taking out loans and so avoid interest rates of 6.3% paid by other students, says the Intergenerational Foundation.

The think tank says it "makes a mockery" of claims that the fees system is fair for poorer students.