Apr 17 06:54

The Neocons’ Real Plan for Syria Emerges from the Lack of Rubble

I told you over the weekend that Trump’s presidency was over. As a practical matter it is. His yielding to his ‘advisors’ on every foreign policy issue makes it clear that he can’t or won’t stand up to the relentless pressure to do what his instincts tell him.

This morning’s article at the Deep State Washington Post paints a very clear picture of what the situation is. The advisors whose loyalties are dubious run the show. Their thinking has not evolved one whit from previous administrations.

Remember what Russian President Vladimir Putin always says, “Presidents change. Policies do not.”

Apr 16 21:16

Israeli missiles target military base allegedly filled with Russian soldiers: unconfirme

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:00 A.M.) – The Syrian Air Defense has downed three Israeli missiles over the strategic Dumayr Airbase in eastern Damascus, Al-Mayadeen News reported tonight.

Apr 16 19:59

Death by Hypocrisy and Demon Worship; the Israeli Way.

Please forgive the use of bad language to punctuate bad behavior. There is no culture on Earth more evil and Satanic than that of Israel founded on the Nazi formula of Theodor Herzl and financed by the Satanic first family of arch-devils, Rothschild clan. The evil of the AshkeNAZI empire had its origin in the translation of the Ashkenazim into Khazar's. In the 9th century, King Bulan of Khazaria got hoodwinked by a filth peddling Talmudist. The Ashka-nimrods object to this linkage which is all the proof needed that it is so. If they say something is so, it is not and if they say something is not so, it is. This is a good rule of thumb to measure them by and it is always a spiritual affirmation to stick that thumb up your ass for emphasis and their version of an holy oil immersion process.

Apr 16 17:54

Israel Launches More Airstrikes On Airbase Near Homs In Syria

They are trying to provoke Iran into a retaliation.

Update: The Syrian military announced at approximately 1:10 A.M. local time that the Israeli Air Force fired several missiles towards the Shayrat Airbase and its surrounding area in the Homs Governorate. According to the statement, the Syrian Air Defense managed to intercept several of the missiles, but there was no mention as to whether or not the Israelis scored any direct hits.

This attack by Israel tonight marks the second time in seven days that they have targeted the eastern countryside of the Homs Governorate.

Meanwhile, the US confirmed it wasn't behind the latest attack:

We had barely finished commenting on Israel's admission that it was responsible for last Monday's deadly strike on Syria's T4 military base - supposedly in retaliation for an Iranian drone flight in February - when reports hit of another Israeli strike, this time targeting Syria's Shayrat airbase near Homs.

Apr 16 17:37

BREAKING: 'EXPLOSION' at ISRAELI held area of Golan near Syria border

A LARGE explosion has been heard in the Israeli held area of Golan Heights near the Syrian border immediately after an airstrike hit several Syrian bases, it has been reported.

Apr 16 16:16

BREAKING: Syria AIRSTRIKE – Military responding to 'ISRAELI ATTACK' in Damascus and Homs

According to local reports, several missiles were launched after “unknown warplanes” entered Syrian airspace from Lebanon.

A military source added that the Syrian military believes Israeli warplanes were responsible.

It is currently unclear what the airstrike was targeting.

Initial reports claim the raid is aimed at the T4 base, but others say it is aimed at Shyrat AB which was hit last year in the US Tomahawk attack.

A number of reporters have said there are "Israeli warplanes" flying at high-altitude carrying out the attack after crossing the borders through Lebanon.

A statement from the Syrian regime added that several missiles were intercepted, but these reports are unconfirmed.

Apr 16 15:51

ROCKET ALERT Syria’s air defence fires missiles at suspected Israeli warplanes above Damascus

THE Syrian air defence has fired missiles at suspected Israeli warplanes above Damascus.

Videos on social media show what appear to be shots fired over the country side in the East of the country region.

Apr 16 15:37

Israel tries to dissociate itself from claim of responsibility for Syria raid

Not so mouthy now the self-designated P3 have got cold feet. Israel want to claim victim-hood if Iran retaliates.

Apr 16 14:58

Report: 'Israel Fears Trump May See Job as Done in Syria, Leave Israel Alone to Face Iran'

Israel's top military officials fear President Trump may see his "job as done in Syria" and pull out of the nation, effectively leaving Israel "alone to face the dangers posed by Iran."

Apr 16 14:04

Russia Cannot Limit Israel’s Actions In Syria: Lieberman

JERUSALEM: Israel will not accept limitations on its “actions” in Syria from Russia or any other country, Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Monday, a week after a deadly raid attributed to the Jewish state.

We will maintain total freedom of action. We will not accept any limitation when it comes to the defence of our security interests,” Lieberman said>>>

(*look at that JERUSALEM pre-story mark , where TEL AVIV used to be . "27" dsys until we might not be able to take exception to this kind of arrogance , any more )

Apr 16 12:54

Israel advocacy groups demand questionable changes to Virginia textbooks, reports IRmep

Requested changes include:

Deletion of references to Israel "occupying" territories captured during the 1967 Six-Day War and substituting "controlled." International conventions clearly outline the responsibility of occupying powers and the illegality of collective punishment and population transfers.

Changes to maps to recognize Israel's declared "annexation" of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The U.S. and most other countries do not officially recognize Israeli annexation of either territory.

Substitution of references to "occupied territories" to "captured areas."

Substitution of references to "Jewish settlers" and "settlements" with "building of homes and communities."

Deletion of a lesson reviewing a video documentary by Iranian-American religious studies scholar, author, producer and television host Reza Aslan.
Deletion of an activity based on reading the biography and work of Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi.

Apr 16 12:16

Cohen attorneys say feds seized devices that have 'nothing to do' with warrant, rip 'unprecedented' search

Gorilla Dust! Diversion and blackmail. Using a stripper for a cover up!
Two evil factions slugging it out over a prostrate and wounded America!
Is there a false flag coming?

Attorneys for Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, in their latest court filing, blasted the FBI for its “unprecedented” raid on his properties last week and claimed the feds seized items that “have nothing to do with the probable cause” on which the warrant was granted.

Apr 16 11:22

Scientist Debunks US Claims—Releases Video Evidence US Bombed Syrian Cancer Research Facility

The attacked launched by the United States, the United Kingdom and France, has reduced the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Research Institute in Barzeh to rubble, according to a report from the Syrian Arab News Agency, which noted that the facility’s use “centered on preparing the chemical compositions for cancer drugs, and conducting chemical analyses of the materials entering Syria, which are used in pharmaceutical and food industries.”

Scientist Saeed Saeed, head of the Institution for the Development of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries, told CCTV+ that while the facility was used by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in 2013, it is now used as a research center for pharmaceutical products because sanctions from the Western countries that are bombing Syria have resulted in a shortage of medication.

Apr 16 10:52

Trump a Geopolitical Know-Nothing Endangering Humanity

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)
He’s a real estate businessman/television personality, America’s first Reality TV president.

A geopolitical know-thing, he largely knows rubbish fed him in daily briefings, along with what extremist neocons infesting his administration tell him and Fox News disinformation, his favorite channel – all of the above manipulating his thinking.

He’s not intellectually gifted like Jefferson, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Madison, Lincoln, Wilson and Jack Kennedy.

Unlike TR and JFK, he disdains reading, preferring oral communications in simple language. He can’t be bothered with policy papers, nothing more than a brief paragraph or two, if that.

“I don’t need…200-page reports on something that can be handled on a page. That I can tell you.”

Apr 16 09:29

US, Israel aim to divide and conquer Middle East

In a recent broadcast, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes denounced the sordid attempts of 16 leading Democratic lawmakers who, under the influence of the Israeli lobby, are pushing to impose new economic sanctions on Iran, which is designed to sabotage Obama’s rapprochement with the Islamic Republic.

Although this condemnation of the Zionist lobby’s implacable warmongering is admirable, in the strictly confined discourse we see on the mainstream media presenters of this caliber refuse to state the obvious, which is that the United States has no right whatsoever to tell any country what to do on any matter, either foreign or domestic. Economic sanctions are an act of war, yet the US has imposed crippling economic sanctions on dozens of countries around the world, strangling the life out of them like a deadly python suffocating its victims.

Apr 16 09:18


Life before expulsion in Palestine: “We were there. We do exist.” Today, 7 million+ Palestinians are denied their right to return by Israel.

Apr 16 08:51


Apr 16 08:42


Former state attorney Moshe Lador has gone for the jugular in the probes of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Lador has repeatedly told the The Jerusalem Post that Case 1000, the Illegal Gifts Affair, and Case 2000, the Yediot Aharonot-Israel Hayom Affair, were clear-cut cases for indictment – not close calls as the current prosecution has presented them.

Apr 16 08:40

John Bolton, Trump’s Israel First NeoCon Adviser, “Coordinated” U.S. Strike On Syria With Israel

Last night, President Trump announced his disgraceful decision to launch “precision” strikes targeting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, a decision which was based entirely on fake news promulgated by the Jewish mainstream mass media and Western political establishment.

Apr 16 08:11

Palestine: 4 Palestinians killed in Gaza by suspected Israeli shelling

Four Palestinians were killed in a suspected Israeli artillery shelling in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

In a statement, ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said the four were killed east of Rafah city in the southern Gaza Strip.

“Medical teams are still searching the area,” he said.

Local Palestinian media said Israeli forces fired tank shells at a position of Palestinian group Hamas east of Rafah, killing four people.

The four were identified as Amjad Qartous, 18, Ayed Hamaydeh, 23, Hesham Kallab, 18, and Hesham Abdul-Al, 22. All four were from from the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah.

Apr 16 08:11

Rights groups: Gaza protests aren't combat, IDF must stop shooting protesters

After three weeks in which Israeli army snipers have killed dozens and wounded well over 1,200 protesters inside the Gaza Strip, four prominent human rights organizations petitioned Israel’s High Court of Justice on Sunday, demanding that the court order the state to revoke the rules of engagement that permit shooting demonstrators who pose no danger to human life.

The overwhelming majority of those who were killed and wounded by Israeli forces over the past three weeks were unarmed participants in the “Great Return March,” a 45-day series of festivals and protests set to culminate on Nakba Day in mid-May.

The rights groups asked the court for an urgent hearing — before this Friday’s protests.

Apr 16 08:09

Avi Gabbay, leader of Israel’s Labour Party cuts links with Jeremy Corbyn alleging ‘anti-Semitism’

Last week the new leader of the Israeli Labour Party, Avi Gabbay issued a letter cutting his links with Jeremy Corbyn. It is doubtful that this racist twerp had any links in the first place. His actions were designed to aid those seeking to overthrow Corbyn. The last person Jeremy Corbyn needs to take lessons from, when it comes to racism, is Avi Gabbay of the Israeli Labour Party, a party that openly supports segregation and Apartheid.

Apr 16 08:08

What Kind of State Demolishes Schools? Israel

The Zionists International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of ‘anti-Semitism’ says that ‘criticism of Israel similar to that levelled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic’ with the clear implication that other criticism is anti-Semitic.

The problem is of course that Israel is not ‘any other country’. It is unlike all other countries being a settler colonial state. In what other liberal democracy, which is what Israel claims to be, would you have whole villages of an ethnic minority demolished in order that a racially exclusive town could be built on top of it? That is what is happening to Bedouin villages in Israel’s Negev.

Apr 16 08:07

20 Dead After Israeli Warplanes Reportedly Attack Iranian Military Base In Syria

Pro-syrian govt media: no attack on Jabal Azzan in the Aleppo Province

All other media: attack on Jabal Azzan in the Aleppo Province

Explosion happened near location where pro-Iranian Afghani Fatemiyoun located.

Unclear if explosion result of airstrike or explosives detonating within the warehouse.

At least 20 dead including Iranian officers.

Apr 16 07:59

Army Abducts Eight Palestinians, Injures Four, In Nablus And Jenin

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, eight Palestinians, and injured four others, during military invasions of Nablus and Jenin, in the northern parts of the occupied West Bank.

Media sources in Jenin said the soldiers invaded and violently searched many homes in the city, and abducted Mohammad Emad Tazaz’a, Amjad Damouni, Mustafa Kamil Dib’ey and Ahmad Hakim Jamil.

They added that the soldiers also invaded many stores along Nazareth Road, north of Jenin, violently searched them and confiscated surveillance recordings.

The soldiers also invaded the Shuhada Junction, in the center of Nablus city, and shot five Palestinian protesters, after firing rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs at them.

Apr 16 07:53

GW student gov takes another crack at BDS bill

George Washington University's Student Association will soon vote on a BDS resolution that calls on the school to divest from companies such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

The bill, which failed to pass last year, accuses Israel of being an apartheid state, while asserting that the university's mission statement compels it to support BDS.

Apr 16 07:43

Jewish-American on Israel's Fascism: "No Hope For Change From Within"

Apr 15 17:56

Netanyahu: The West should treat Iran the same way it treated Syria

The chitzpuh is strong in Bibi. Will MP May demand that Israel gives up it's nukes and chemical weapons? Does she worry about Israel's nuclear armed submarines attacking Britain or Nato ally Germany?

Netanyahu said he told May that “the important international message that was given with the attack was zero tolerance for the use of non-conventional weapons. I added that this policy also needs to be expressed in preventing terrorist states and organizations from obtaining nuclear capabilities.”

Apr 15 09:07

BREAKING!. ISRAEL Attacks Iranian Base/Syria

Apr 15 09:04

UN Chief Warns of ‘Full-Blown Military Escalation' Over Syria Attacks

Sure hope this is fake news.

As US President Donald Trump is said to be considering a full scale ground assault against the Syrian administration of President Bashar al-Assad, the top UN official has decried the onset of a new global Cold War and warned against “full-blown military escalation” in the war-torn region.

Apr 15 08:48


With Russia considering supplying the S-300 surface-to- air missile systems to Syria, Israel’s air superiority is at risk of being challenged in one of its most difficult arenas.

With a de-confliction mechanism in place with Russia over Syria in order to avoid any unwanted conflict with the superpower, Israel has largely had free reign over Syrian skies to carry out strikes on targets deemed a threat to the Jewish state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Stop bombing other peoples' countries!

Apr 15 08:46


This is a message of gratitude and appreciation for making this initiative real. Without your generous donations, we wouldn’t be able to reach many of children across the Gaza Strip, and offer them some moments of peace, dialogue, and entertainment. We are determined to continue in this track, this time with more commitment and enthusiasm. We always appreciate your input and feedback. If you wish to know more, please contact us on

Apr 15 07:54

FLASHBACK: FEC: Trump Owns Stock In Missile Company Used To Bomb Syria

The report reveals that Donald Trump has stock with U.S. defense contractor Raytheon. Trump stands to personally profit from the purchase of 59 Tomahawk missiles used by the US Navy – which has cost the taxpayer between $60 million and $82 million dollars.

Apr 15 07:49

Trump Lied to Americans Again; Syrian Drug Treatment Centers Reduced to Rubble (+Video)

DAMASCUS (Tasnim) – US President Donald Trump lied to the American people after the US military in conjunction with British and French forces, instead of striking alleged “targets associated with chemical weapons” capabilities in Syria, hit a center for producing anti-cancer drugs near Damascus.

Apr 15 07:46

Bill Clinton Bombs an Aspirin Factory

Same bunch of lies used to bomb,terrorize and murder,just a different country and a different Deep State Puppet!
Donald Trump is a Neocon,lover of Israel,War Criminal and Mentally ill liar.
The opposition to him is a Psyop! Same as the old Boss!

Apr 15 07:46

Israel’s genocidal explanations for killing unarmed protesters are only isolating it further

Israeli leaders have been making downright genocidal claims against Palestinians, and the rhetoric finally seems to be backfiring. The government’s line on “defending itself from terrorists” is not being swallowed by the world as easily as it used to be. Especially because those genocidal statements betray other than “defensive” intentions to the actions in Gaza. And the process is accelerating Israel’s delegitimization as a supposed liberal democracy.

Take for example Likud spokesman Eli Hazan’s claim that “all 30,000 [Gazan protesters] are legitimate targets.”

Or Defense Minister Lieberman’s claim that “there are no innocent people in Gaza”.

Apr 15 07:36


Apr 15 03:52

Michael Springmann: Disintegrating Syria Part of Zionist Plan to Remove Any Strong Arab State

Michael Springmann, in an exclusive interview with FNA, said that destabilization and disintegration of Syria is part of the Zionist plan to remove any strong Arab state to ensure the security of the Zionist regime and also to make sure that Syria would never reclaim its lands already occupied by the regime.

Commenting on the Turkish military intervention in Syria, Mr. Springmann further added that Erdogan who sees himself as a new Ottoman sultan seeks to grab Syrian land and also contain the Kurds in Syria.
FNA has conducted an interview with Michael Springmann about the Syrian crisis and the recent developments surrounding the issue namely the US’ plan for an independence Kurdish state on Syrian soil and the Turkish military intervention of the country.

Below you will find the full text of the interview.

Apr 14 16:08

Israel fears Trump may see job as done in Syria, leave Israel alone to face Iran

"Israeli security chiefs made clear on Saturday night that Israel fears the Trump Administration will now consider that its work in Syria is done, and leave Israel alone to face the dangers posed by Iran’s growing military presence in Syria.

Israel’s defense chiefs are also reportedly worried that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, seeing Syria under US-led attack, may provide President Bashar Assad with more advanced air defense systems — which could reduce Israel’s air supremacy in the skies of Syria and Lebanon. A Russian general indicated such an arms supply was possible in comments on Saturday. "

Apr 14 16:05

Large explosion reported at Iranian base in Syria

Arabic-language media say unidentified jet struck weapons depot near Aleppo; Hezbollah denies blast was aerial strike, following raids on regime targets by US, Britain, France

Apr 14 15:59

Haaretz: 'Israel Was In On The U.S.-Led Airstrikes On Syria'

President Trump's National Security Advisor John Bolton "coordinated the US-led airstrikes in Syria with Israel," Haaretz reported on Saturday.

Apr 14 14:32

Assad can breathe easily

Israel is not happy.

Analysis: Fearing a Russian response, Trump, May and Macron circumscribed their strike to chemical weapons research and production facilities. This was overly cautious, as so long as the very survivability of Assad's regime is not at stake, he will not be deterred from further use of such weapons. Israel, meanwhile, has realized it can count only on itself.

Apr 14 12:03

Anti-Semitsm and Jewish guilt

"Tel Aviv University Kantor Centre’s 2017 Annual Report on Anti-Semitism Worldwide was released recently and there is good news: The number of recorded violent anti-Semitic incidents in 2017 fell by about 9 per cent compared to 2016, and by almost 50 per cent compared to the 2006-14 average.

"One would expect Jewish and Zionist institutions to celebrate the victory over anti-Semitsm and Jew hatred in general. This is not happening. According to the study, Jews feel more insecure...>>

Apr 14 12:01

The world according to UK arch-Zionist David Collier

"On 12 April I had a Twitter exchange with David Collier, the ardent Zionist activist who “reported” to the British media about the “secret” (actually, simply private) pro-Palestinian FaceBook groups that included Jeremy Corbyn along with such unsavoury characters as Paul Eisen, yours truly and others.

"I have communicated with Collier in the past. I believe in open channels despite the abuse which Collier and his ilk like to hurl at me.

Apr 14 11:44

Trump meets with Chabad rabbis in Oval Office March 28, 2018 11:48am

(JTA) — President Donald Trump issued a proclamation in honor of Education and Sharing Day, marking the anniversary of the birth of the last Lubavitcher rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Trump met Monday in the Oval Office with a delegation of rabbis from the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

Apr 14 09:41

Is Trump Ready to Join Israel in Launching War Against Iran and Syria?

"What is it going to take for Christians and conservatives to snap out of this war fever? What is it going to take for them to give up this ignoble infatuation with Zionist Israel?"

Apr 14 09:39

It’s time to end policy of coexistence with Hamas

A decade has passed since Israel adopted the perception, based on security or diplomatic reasons, that it favors the Hamas rule in Gaza over any other alternative.

The forefather of this doctrine was Ehud Barak, who served as defense minister in the Olmert and Netanyahu governments from 2007 to 2013. During Operation Cast Lead, when we were a bowshot away from bringing the Hamas rule down, Barak firmly objected and forced his opinion on the cabinet and on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who was nearing the end of his term.

Apr 14 09:19

How Israel Postponed  WW3 (inadvertently)

In 2014 Sky owner and media mogul Rupert Murdoch won the ADL Award. The honour was clearly awarded for a reason. On occasion, Sky changes itself into a state propaganda service. The video above shows such an event . Sky crudely cut off the former commander of the British Armed Forces, Jonathan Shaw, as soon as he went ‘off script’ by suggesting that the Syrian regime couldn’t have been behind the Douma gas attack. General Shaw attempted to point out that chemical warfare is a desperate act, not something you would expect from the Assad regime that has basically won.

Apr 14 09:10

‘There Are No Innocent People in the Gaza Strip’

"A Palestinian journalist shot Friday during clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces at the Gaza-Israel border died of his wounds later Friday night. The journalist, Yaser Murtaja, can be seen in photos soon after he was shot, wearing a protective jacket labeled PRESS. Four other journalists were injured by live fire during the demonstrations, one of them critically."
– Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, April 7, 2018

"The killing and wounding of yet more unarmed Palestinian protesters yesterday by Israeli forces in Gaza is an outrage . . . Firing live ammunition into crowds of unarmed civilians is illegal and inhumane and cannot be tolerated."
– British Political leader Jeremy Corbyn, reported in very few UK newspapers, April 7, 2018

"There are no innocent people in the Gaza Strip. Everyone’s connected to Hamas, everyone gets a salary from Hamas, and all the activists trying to challenge us and breach the border are Hamas military wing activists."

Apr 14 09:08

Bernie Sanders Initiates Congressional Letter Urging Trump to Change Gaza Policy In Light of Protests

Senator Bernie Sanders is circulating a letter among members of Congress urging the Trump administration to take steps to improve the humanitarian and economic conditions in Gaza in light of the recent violence on the Israel-Gaza border.

The letter, which could be sent to the U.S. State Department as early as next week, comes as a growing number of Democratic lawmakers in Washington, including Sanders, are criticizing Israel's response to the protests.

Apr 14 09:08

Israel Denounced for “Smear Campaign” Against Palestinian Journalist It Killed in Gaza

SENIOR ISRAELI OFFICIALS declined on Thursday to offer any proof to substantiate their coordinated attack on the reputation of Yaser Murtaja, a Palestinian photojournalist who was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper last week while documenting protests in Gaza.

Israel has struggled for days to explain the killing of Murtaja, who was wearing a flak jacket clearly marked with the word “PRESS” when he was shot on Friday.

After his funeral on Saturday, a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces had insisted that Israeli snipers had not targeted Murtaja, or the five other Palestinian journalists who were injured by live fire.

Later on Saturday though, Israel’s defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, suggested that Murtaja might have been killed because he was flying a drone over Israeli forces during the protests. However, video recorded moments before the shooting showed that Murtaja had been using a handheld stabilizer device to record images of the protesters, not a drone.

Apr 14 09:06

South Carolina contender for Congress condemns Israel’s massacres

Mal Hyman, a supporter of Palestinian rights, is again running for US Congress in the conservative state of South Carolina.

Tom Rice, a Republican, defeated Hyman, a professor at Coker College, in 2016. Hyman finished with just under 40 percent of the vote tally.

Undeterred, Hyman is running again. To stand against Rice in November, he will need to defeat three other Democratic contenders in the primary.

Hyman has not silenced himself on Palestinian rights in the past few weeks, but rather has been outspoken in voicing his alarm about Israel’s actions against Palestinians in Gaza.

On 3 April he tweeted that Israel’s military had carried out “a massacre” the previous Friday when it shot and killed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza participating in the Great March of Return.

Apr 14 09:05

US lawmakers urge Israeli soldiers to defy order to shoot Palestinian protesters

Activists on Thursday confronted Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, on her government’s blocking of any international investigation into Israel’s killings in Gaza.

As the video above shows, Haley had no answer as members of the antiwar group CODEPINK stated that “Israel deserves to be held accountable just like any other country” for the “killing of peaceful protesters.”

Meanwhile, five members of the US Congress are breaking the near-silence.

They are backing B’Tselem’s call on Israeli soldiers to defy illegal orders to open fire on unarmed Palestinians taking part in protests in the occupied Gaza Strip.

“We applaud Israeli human rights groups that are calling on Israeli soldiers to resist such illegal orders from their superiors, and are urging IDF forces to fully comply with international law and exercise utmost restraint in their use of deadly force,” the lawmakers said on the eve of the third Friday of Great March of Return rallies.

Apr 14 09:05

Israel targets reporters, medics in Gaza protests

Israeli forces injured around 1,000 protesters, 15 of them critically, on Friday as it used lethal force to crack down on demonstrations in eastern Gaza for the third week in a row.

One Palestinian, 28-year-old Islam Mahmoud Rushdi Herzallah, was reported by the Gaza health ministry to have died after being shot in the back east of Gaza City.

Herzallah was unarmed and was posing no threat to soldiers at the time he was shot, according to the Gaza-based rights group Al Mezan.

A photo of Herzallah circulated on social media following the announcement of his death:

Apr 14 08:39

Netanyahu hat-tips settler who called for extermination camps

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yesterday responded to a video by former ‘Amona settler Avihai Boaron, who praised Netanyahu for building ‘Amona land thieves a new settlement, by thanking him and promising to visit.

Part and parcel of the job of the most settler-friendly PM ever, you would think. Particularly one who is unusually sensitive to the idea of losing face with the “base.”

But Boaron isn’t your garden-variety settler leader. He has made genocidal statements. In 2011 Boaron attacked so-called moderate rabbis, who had opposed a “rabbis’ letter.” That letter was a call, signed by 300 rabbis, demanding Jews refrain from selling or renting houses or apartments to non-Jews. Boaron published his attack in the 117th volume of the Sabbath newszine Ma’ayanei Ha’yeshua, in January 2011– unsigned, but he did not deny writing it later – and claimed the moderate rabbis

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It's bad when the Germans (supposedly) did it to us, but okay if we do it to the Palestinians. Because we are GOOOOOOOOD and they are EEEEEEEVIL!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Apr 14 08:20


Trump used media reports as his justification.

ON FRIDAY NIGHT, President Trump ordered the U.S. military to conduct a bombing attack against the government of Syria without congressional authorization. How can this be constitutional, given the fact that Article I, Section 8 of America’s founding document declares that “The Congress shall have Power … To declare War”?

The deeply bizarre and alarming answer is that Trump almost certainly does have some purported legal justification provided to him by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel — but no one else, including Congress, can read it.

Apr 14 07:25

Are We Over the US/UK Fomented Crisis In Syria?

Paul Craig Roberts

It appears from the very limited US missile attack, most of which were intercepted and destroyed by Syrian air defenses, that the US military prevailed over the crazed John Bolton and carefully avoided a strike that would have resulted in a Russian response. No significant Syrian site appears to have been targeted, and no Russians were endangered.

Apr 14 03:58

Ex-Israeli Intel Boss: US Generals Scared Of Russian Response; They Never Dealt With Equal Opponent

Top Israeli Intel Boss Reveals Russia's Biggest Mistake: Russians Are Too Nice To American Bullies

Apr 14 03:53

The Last Days of the Big Lie

The Last Days of the Big Lie is a documentary which debunks the disgusting liars glorified as heroes and victims in the Steven Spielberg produced, Academy Award winning "Holocaust" documentary The Last Days.

Apr 13 14:20

Palestine will be FREE, Janna Jihad Ayyad Full Speech, Words of Worlds Youngest Journalist [IPCI]

Shamsaan asks Palestinian children to speak about their personal lives. They were encouraged to do a drawing whereby the ideas came to life. Over 200 kids participated in the project for an art calendar which tells the story of 13 children under age of 18, youngest being 5 and the eldest 16 years of age. The story related. 1. How occupation affects them and their lives 2. Sets against UN Conventions on rights of a child The 2017 International year of a child is, Youth building Peace, kids arrived here to educate and learn from South African experiences as the treatment of an adult is the same for that of a child as stated by a team member as the question was posed from the audience.

Apr 13 14:03

UK government’s reckless kowtowing of Trump on Syria – and contempt for the British people

Stuart Littlewood challenges his parliamentary representative to explain the UK government’s disregard for international law and intention not to consult the legislature on its plans to follow Donald Trump in bombing Syria.>>

Apr 13 12:31

On the clamour to repeat the disastrous Iraq and Libya interventions in Syria

"Despite the ongoing death and destruction that has followed Western military interventions in Iraq and Libya, the clamour for a repeat performance in Syria is gaining momentum, especially in Washington and London where Donald Trump and Theresa May have plenty of reasons to want to deflect attention from their internal problems.

"The proponents of military intervention in Syria should name one – only one – instance where such intervention in the Middle East has succeeded. Attacking Syria will achieve just one thing: helping the remnants of Islamic State group and other jihadist cutthroats such as Al-Qaeda, the Saudi-backed (if not created) Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) and the Muslim Brotherhood. It also risks breaking up Syria into ethnic and sectarian entities that will, without a doubt, be at perpetual war with one another..."

Apr 13 10:09

Israel Will ‘Disappear’ Assad if Iran Retaliates to Syria Base Attack

Tel Aviv will wipe out the Syrian leader and his regime if Iran acts on threats of retaliating against a recent suspected Israeli airstrike in Syria that killed Iranian soldiers.

A senior Israeli security official told local daily Maariv on Tuesday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would be “disappeared” in the wake of any Iranian retaliatory attack.

“If the Iranians act against Israel from Syrian territory, it will be Assad and his government that will pay the price,” the unnamed official said.

“The government, along with Assad himself, will simply disappear. We would recommend that Iran not act against us.”

Apr 13 10:02

TERRORIST OR JOURNALIST? WHO REALLY WAS THE SLAIN GAZAN YASER MURTAJA? Israel is accused of fabricating allegations about the slain Gazan.

he general secretary of the International Federation of Journalists accused Israeli authorities of “fabricating lies to justify murder” in the case of a Palestinian journalist who was killed last Friday during protests in Gaza. Others have called into question Israel’s assertions on Wednesday that Yaser Murtaja was a Hamas member.

Murtaja, a 30-year-old photographer and cameraman, was killed near Khan Yunis during the second Friday of the Palestinian “Great March of Return” on the Gaza border. He was wearing a blue journalist-style flak jacket marked with the word “press.”

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that Murtaja was flying a drone near the border. However, Palestinians present claimed that journalists were targeted by IDF snipers during the clashes and that he did not use his drone that day. MKs MKs Ksenia Svetlova and Zouheir Bahloul called for an investigation and the IDF said it was looking into the incident.

Apr 13 10:02

March of the Ghouls (“The Holocaust will never be forgotten,” Rabbi Lau told the crowd, “so long as we can still milk it”)


Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You Poles HAVE to give us money! We've totally drained the Americans!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Apr 13 07:43

Israel tests ‘dirty bombs,’ finds they pose no substantial danger

4-year investigation into effects of explosives with radioactive material concludes impact of attack would be mostly psychological

Apr 13 07:30

'Arabs Prohibited': Main West Bank Road Barred to Palestinians as Army Protects Settlers' Prayer

‘This area under Jewish control,’ reads a sign in Arabic posted by settlers on a critical artery linking villages, now blocked for thousands of Palestinians

Apr 13 07:29

Gaza's hospitals taxed by wounded from Israeli fire

Raed Jadallah belonged to an exclusive club — a small band of surfers who escaped the claustrophobia of blockaded Gaza by riding the waves of the Mediterranean. Now he's immobile, a metal fixation device clamped to his left leg after an Israeli bullet fractured his femur in two places.

The 25-year-old plasterer from a seaside refugee camp said he doesn't know when he'll be able to walk again, let alone surf.

"Sea and surfing are everything to me," he said on Wednesday, a day after being discharged from the hospital, his lower body covered by a blanket as he rested on a sofa at his home.

Apr 13 07:26

Cabinet slams Israel’s use of airspace to hit Syria

The Cabinet Thursday condemned Israel’s illegal use of Lebanese airspace to bomb Syria, with President Michel Aoun describing the Israeli action as an attack on national sovereignty.

Apr 13 07:25

Contextualizing the Great March of Return

In the last 10 years, Israel has launched three massive genocidal wars of aggression on the occupied Gaza Strip, many of our civilians were massacred by its indiscriminate bombing, condemned by UN experts and leading human rights organizations as war crimes and “possible” crimes against humanity. These assaults left over 3,800 Palestinians dead, predominantly civilians, of whom hundreds were children. Another 15,000 Palestinians were injured. We, the 2 million Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, the overwhelming majority of whom are refugees who were violently expelled and dispossessed from our homes by Zionist forces in 1948, were subjected to three weeks (2009), 2 weeks (2012) and 51 days (2014) of relentless Israeli state terror, whereby Israeli warplanes systematically targeted civilian areas, reduced whole neighborhoods and vital civilian infrastructure to rubble and destroyed scores of schools, including several run by UNRWA, where civilians were taking shelter.

Apr 13 07:24

Jerusalem Conference guests denied entry by Israel

At least 65 foreign invitees blocked from participating in meeting in Ramallah organised by the Palestinian Authority.

Apr 13 07:23

Israeli forces kill two Palestinians as Gaza protests continue

At least 34 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces since they began holding Land Day protests on March 30.

Apr 13 07:17

Iran official: Tel Aviv, Haifa 'will be razed' if Israel attacks

Ali Shirazi, senior aide to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, retorts to PM Netanyahu's threats at Yad Vashem ceremony, says 'If Israel gives excuses to Iran, Tel Aviv, Haifa will be destroyed.'

Apr 13 07:12

Klein: Iran Proxy War with Israel May Be in Mideast Forecast

As Israelis here gear up to celebrate the Jewish state’s 70th anniversary next week, the prospects for an Israel-Iran proxy confrontation in the near future seem significant.

Apr 13 07:08

Israeli President Rivlin to Polish President: Poles Helped Nazis Exterminate Jews

President Reuven Rivlin told his Polish counterpart Andrjez Duda on Thursday while on a visit to the concentration camps in Poland that while some Poles helped rescue Jews during the Holocaust, others participated in their extermination.

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"So you should give us lots and lots of money, like the Americans!"

Apr 13 06:45

Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash Course World History 223

Apr 13 06:41

Forget about Gaza, bomb Assad! Israeli hawks urge US to strike Syria over Douma ‘chem attack’

Israeli officials have called on the US to attack the Syrian Army, following what they called a “shocking attack” in Douma. Israel’s own crackdown on Gaza protesters was “self-defense” and not worthy of attention, they said.

Washington must launch a strike against Damascus in response to the alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma, the Israeli Strategic Affairs and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan told the Army Radio on Sunday, commenting on the reports coming from anti-government groups in Syria. Erdan also said he personally hopes that the US would take military action against the Syrian government, which he blamed for the attack, the Jerusalem Post reports. The minister added that the Douma incident shows the “need” for a US troop buildup in Syria.

Apr 13 06:40

Jewish Labour Movement worked with Israeli embassy spy

The Jewish Labour Movement acted as a proxy for the Israeli embassy, a document obtained by The Electronic Intifada reveals.

“We work with Shai, we know him very well,” the group’s director Ella Rose admitted to an undercover reporter in 2016, a transcript of the conversation shows.

Shai Masot was the Israeli embassy spy forced out of the UK after an undercover Al Jazeera investigation last year exposed him plotting to “take down” a senior UK government minister.

In a transcript of a conversation Rose had with an Al Jazeera reporter who was using the pseudonym “Robin,” Rose admits to working closely with Masot both before and after she was appointed executive director of the Jewish Labour Movement.

Apr 13 06:39

Israel’s charm offensive in Africa collapses with foul-mouthed radio rant

The Israeli ambassador in Ghana went into an abusive meltdown in a radio interview about Israel’s refusal to allow a prominent Ghanaian lawmaker to enter the occupied West Bank.

Ras Mubarak had been trying to travel to Ramallah from Jordan on Wednesday for a conference about Jerusalem organized by the Palestinian Authority.

Mubarak was elected to the West African nation’s parliament in 2016, the year his party, the National Democratic Congress, lost power and went into opposition.

He was among more than 60 participants from countries including India, Bosnia, Sri Lanka and Australia who were denied entry by Israeli occupation authorities.

Apr 13 06:39

Palestinians lose legs as Israel punishes them by denying medical care

The legs of two Palestinians were amputated on Wednesday after Israel refused to allow them to leave the blockaded Gaza Strip for treatment.

Human rights groups had appealed to the Israeli authorities to allow for the transfer of Yusif Karnaz, 20, and Muhammad al-Ajouri, 17, to a hospital in the occupied West Bank for surgery that would save their limbs.

The youths were shot during the launch of the Great March of Return protests along the Gaza-Israel boundary on 30 March.

But COGAT – the bureaucratic arm of Israel’s military occupation that postures as a humanitiarian body – denied their requests for permission to travel for specialized surgery unavailable in Gaza.

Apr 13 05:09

As civilian toll climbs in Gaza, focus on Hamas dampens compassion in Israel

Comments: Israeli influence on internet
So Palestinians have been using violence for 70 years and nothing has changed. So do you think just maybe it's time to try something different. Oh wait I forgot if you did that you couldn't try to kill Jews anymore and you would have to place blame on your leaders for your misery.

Radical Islamic terrorists! That is what Palestinians are! Until they stop being RIT's they will never have a separate and independent country. StocktonRob

Apr 13 05:02

As civilian toll climbs in Gaza, focus on Hamas dampens compassion in Israel

Thousands of unarmed Palestinians who have marched to the Gaza-Israel border the past two Fridays have faced deadly fire as they call attention to their plight. But Israelis, seeing the hand of Hamas in the protests, remain primarily focused on their own security.
Note: The real story here is in the comments. Please see how Israel has infiltrated the internet!

Apr 13 00:32

Netanyahu Says Israeli Snipers Are Doing 'Holy Work'

(*"30" Days Until All Heaven Breaks Loose !)

Apr 12 19:36

International Hourglass Festival

The International Hourglass Festival was formed with the aim of collecting and introducing anti- Zionism productions of justice supporters, monotheists and Muslims all over the world in order to disclose the beastly and anti- human rights measures of Zionist occupier regime and its supporters particularly USA and damned Wahabism.

Apr 12 11:33

Syria’s Shield: New Air Defense System SHUT DOWN Israeli Missiles Before They Hit Their Target

Apr 12 11:23

Let's Listen to Jews....

The onslaught against Jeremy Corbyn is a window into the Zionist occupation of the political discourse in this kingdom. Since British MSM ignores these Jews. I'll try to help their voice be heard.

Apr 12 10:25

Israeli Forces Target School with Tear Gas

Israeli forces, Wednesday, attacked a school with tear gas canisters in Nahalin town, to the west of Bethlehem, said a municipal source.

The town’s deputy mayor Hani Fannun told WAFA that Israeli forces raided the town, particularly the school area, and surrounded Nahalin Secondary Boys School.

He said that the soldiers fired a barrage of tear gas canisters at the school, causing panic among the students and a number of suffocation cases.

He added that residents attempted to take their children from the school, but were prevented by the soldiers.


Apr 12 08:24

Snipers Shooting Unarmed People at 100 Meters Isn’t a ‘Clash’

As FAIR has noted before (e.g., Extra!, 1/17;, 4/2/18), the term “clash” is almost always used to launder power asymmetry and give the reader the impression of two equal warring sides. It obscures power dynamics and the nature of the conflict itself, e.g., who instigated it and what weapons if any were used. “Clash” is a reporter’s best friend when they want to describe violence without offending anyone in power—in the words of George Orwell, “to name things without calling up mental pictures of them.”

It’s predictable, then, that in coverage of Israel’s recent mass shootings in Gaza—which have killed over 30 Palestinians and injured more than 1,100—the word “clashes” is used to euphemize snipers in fortified positions firing on unarmed protesters 100 meters away:

Apr 12 08:24

Israel Massacres Unarmed Gaza Protesters Again as International Community Shrugs

Apr 12 08:23

Gazans use home-made masks against Israeli tear gas

As plumes of tear gas drift across the Israeli no-go zone inside Gaza’s border fence, Palestinian protesters dart between them, relying on an array of home-made devices to keep out the fumes.

Apr 12 08:23

Netanyahu uses Holocaust event to urge action against Syria, Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a speech at Israel’s annual Holocaust commemorations on Wednesday to call for action against Syria following a suspected poison gas attack.

Apr 12 08:22

In Call to Netanyahu, Putin Urges Israel Not to Take Action in Syria

Netanyahu told Putin: Israel will not permit Iran to set up military presence in Syria ? Israel is on high alert for any Iranian retaliation after direct threat from Iran ? Trump warns Syria of possible attack ? Russia to Trump: We don't do Twitter diplomacy

Apr 12 08:20

The Saudi-Israeli Liaison

In a 2 April 2018 interview in the Atlantic, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman publicly declared that the Israelis “have a right to live in their own land just like the Palestinians.” It is a problematic assumption, given that the Israelis’ “own land” is the land they took away from the Palestinians. This, and much else, has been either forgotten or ignored by the Saudi crown prince.

Apr 12 08:18

Israel has misjudged Russia in Syria. The consequences could be grave

Netanyahu built his career on promising to be a bulwark against Iran, but instead his failures are contributing to the escalation across the Middle East

Apr 12 08:17

What Palestinians can teach us about popular resistance

The ongoing popular mobilisation on the Gaza border is a reminder of previous historical events where the Palestinian people rose in unison to challenge oppression and demand freedom.

Palestinian popular resistance is neither a new phenomenon nor is it an alien one. General mass strikes and civil disobedience, challenging British imperialism and Zionist settlements in Palestine, started nearly a century ago, culminating in the six-month-long general strike of 1936.

Since then, popular resistance has been a staple in Palestinian history, and it was a prominent feature of the First Intifada, the popular uprising of 1987.

Apr 12 08:03

“Apartheid, Rogue, Terrorist State”: Glenn Greenwald on Israel’s Murder of Gaza Protesters, Reporter

On Saturday, hundreds of mourners gathered in Gaza for the funeral of Palestinian journalist Yaser Murtaja, who was fatally shot by the Israeli army while covering a fresh round of deadly protests along the Israel-Gaza border. Photos show the 30-year-old journalist was wearing a flak jacket clearly marked ”PRESS” at the time of the shooting. He’s one of at least nine Palestinians who were killed by the Israeli army during its brutal crackdown against Friday’s protests. The Palestinian Health Ministry says Israeli forces have killed 31 people in total since Palestinians kicked off a 6-week-long nonviolent protest late last month, dubbed “The Great March of Return.” Both the International Criminal Court and the United Nations have rebuked Israel in recent days and warned its actions on the border could violate international human rights conventions.

Apr 12 07:53

Moral Rot Of Zionist Christians