Sep 13 16:43

Cassini probe's death dive to send data at just 27 kilobits per second

The probe's final moments will be recorded as data only, because in preparation for its death dive, the probe will stop snapping photos the day before because, as the ESA puts it, “the data transmission rate required to send images is too high and would prevent other high-value science data from being returned.”

NASA reveals that Cassini's final configuration will see it set up to send data at just 27 kilobits per second.

The good news is that Cassini will have eight instruments working during its death dive, including an on-board dust analyser, magnetometer and spectrometers.

But even if they keep working beyond 03:32, we won't know what they see because the manoeuvre that will kill Cassini will see its high-gain antenna pointed away from Earth.

Sep 13 16:24

Can You Really Decaffeinate Your Own Tea?

If you'd like to cut back on caffeine, take heed, there is a way. But it's not as simple as the old myth that you can just steep your tea and dump....

Sep 13 12:47

GM Mustard And The Indian Government: The Game Is Up, The Emperor Has No Clothes!

The next stage of the case involving the commercialisation of genetically modified (GM) mustard in India is to be heard on 15 September in the Supreme Court (SC). GM mustard could be India’s first commercially cultivated GM food crop, which could very well open the floodgates to the commercialisation of various other food crops that are in the pipeline.

Sep 13 11:06

Is Tylenol 'By Far The Most Dangerous Drug Ever Made?'

If you own Johnson and Johnson stock you probably have enough problems on your hands. The company keeps getting hammered by lawsuits alleging that talc in baby powder has given women cancer (1). So you sure don't need me smacking down Tylenol, which had worldwide sales of almost $2 billion in 2016.

But, don't blame me. This is not my quote. It's part of a written interview I did back in July with Aric Hausknecht, M.D, "Pain In The Time Of Opioid Denial: An Interview With Aric Hausknecht, M.D."

"Tylenol Is By Far The Most Dangerous Drug Ever Made"

Sep 13 10:16

CDC-funded study confirms flu shots linked to spontaneous abortions… vaccine experts rush to explain away the findings

A CDC-funded medical study being published by the medical journal Vaccine has confirmed a shocking link between flu shots and spontaneous abortions in pregnant women. The study was rejected by two previous medical journals before Vaccine agreed to publish it, further underscoring the tendency for medical journals to censor any science that doesn’t agree with their pro-vaccine narratives.

“A study published today in Vaccine suggests a strong association between receiving repeated doses of the seasonal influenza vaccine and miscarriage,” writes CIDRAP, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

Sep 13 08:50

Solar Enigma: Sun Displays Record High Activity When It Should Be at Its Lowest

The sun has exhibited strangely high levels of solar flare activity over the last few days as it reaches its solar minimum, the period in which the sun’s flare activity should be at its lowest.

Sep 13 08:39

All Food Is GONE! Violence Erupts On Caribbean Island Of St. Martin

Hurricane Irma ravaged the Caribbean islands last week and wiped entire islands off the map. Now that the food and water have been scavenged from every grocery store on St. Martin, people are resorting to violence.

The people obviously started with the grocery stores, scavenging what they needed for sustenance; water, crackers, and fruit. But according to the New York Times, by nightfall on Thursday, what had been a search for food took a more menacing turn, as groups of people (some of whom were armed), swooped in and violently took anything of value that was left. Things like electronics, appliances, and vehicles were all stolen.

Sep 13 08:30

Study prompts call to examine flu vaccine and miscarriage

A puzzling study of U.S. pregnancies found that women who had miscarriages between 2010 and 2012 were more likely to have had back-to-back annual flu shots that included protection against swine flu.

Vaccine experts think the results may reflect the older age and other miscarriage risks for the women, and not the flu shots. Health officials say there is no reason to change the government recommendation that all pregnant women be vaccinated against the flu. They say the flu itself is a much greater danger to women and their fetuses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reached out to a doctor's group, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, to warn them the study is coming out and help them prepare for a potential wave of worry from expectant moms, CDC officials said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dr. Riley may be thoroughly invested in the orthodoxy of this position, and/or financially invested in big pharma, but until a true study of a potential causal relationship between these inoculations and miscarriage, she cannot definitively say that there is no relationship.

Sep 13 08:27

Power surge: 800 lightning bolts strike San Francisco in 1 day

After a spell of intense heat in the Bay Area, a huge storm finally broke over San Francisco on Monday, unleashing more than 800 lightning strikes in mere hours, according to the National Weather Service.

Sep 13 07:59

Sunscreen WARNING: Chlorinated water transforms sunscreen ingredients into cancer-causing chemicals while you swim

New research conducted at Lomonosov Moscow State University finds that sunscreen ingredients are transformed into cancer-causing chemicals when exposed to chlorine in swimming pool water. In effect, sunscreen plus chlorinated swimming pool water is a kind of “binary weapon” that produces cancer-causing chemicals right on your skin as you are swimming.

The chemicals created in this process have been linked to infertility, cancer and immune system damage.

Sep 13 07:55

“Healing Cancer Coaching Program” begins tomorrow; first 10 modules released to the public for open viewing

Chris Wark is a phenomenal individual who beat cancer by rejecting the toxic cancer industry and turning to nutrition, patient empowerment and health education to beat cancer.

Chris literally saved his own life by finding the courage — and knowledge — to say “No!” to the deadly poisons and toxic treatments of the multi-billion-dollar cancer industry that preys on patients and uses fear as a weapon to ensnare patients.

Now, Chris Wark — best known for his website “Chris Beat Cancer” — is publicly releasing the first 10 modules of his extraordinary new program called the “Healing Cancer Coaching Program.”

Sep 13 07:23

Eastern North Pacific 2-Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Pacific is just as wild as the Atlantic!

Sep 12 15:54

Your Dog Can - and Should - Do Without a Flu Vaccine

One of my colleagues here at forwarded an article to me recently from an online news site. The title is “Dogs Also Need to Get Flu Vaccine.” The article is full of misinformation, which is truly disturbing given the serious subject matter.

First the writer claims sick dogs and cats look similar to sick people. This is just silliness. Does your pet look like you when she’s well? Of course not, so how is it she’ll look like you when she’s sick?

The writer goes on to say that if your pet is sluggish, not eating, or is behaving abnormally, he could be sick (true), and to prevent that from happening, he needs a flu shot (not true and a terribly misguided piece of advice).

No, Your Pet Does NOT Need a Flu Vaccine

Sep 12 15:52

Boost Your Immune System: Avoid The Flu Shot

Despite the long list of serious side effects, statistics about Americans who are sickened or die due to vaccines meant to protect them are virtually impossible to find. That said, in recent years, some countries have reported serious health problems with flu shots, ranging from narcolepsy in teenagers (Sweden, Finland and France) to fevers, allergic reactions, headaches and even death (Korea).

However, American experts are willing to concede one very serious health issue linked with receiving a flu shot: Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), an illness in which the body’s immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system linked to nerve damage, muscle weakness and fever.

Even though American health officials have claimed the incidence of harm has been rare, the British government had to admit there was a link to GBS during the swine flu wave several years ago.

Sep 12 15:50

3 Reasons You Should Avoid the Flu Shot!

"If an individual has had five consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980 (the years studied) his/her chances of getting Alzheimer's disease are 10 times higher than if they had one, two or no shots."

The cause, according to Dr. Fudenburg, is the mercury and aluminum that's in every flu shot. The gradual mercury and aluminum buildup in the brain causes cognitive dysfunction, which is better known as Alzheimer's.

Sep 12 15:47

Why you should avoid taking the seasonal flu vaccine

Last year, for instance, a study out of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota revealed that, at best, the flu shot has a measly 1.5 percent effectiveness rate -- for every 100 people vaccinated with a flu shot, only 1.5 of them will avoid getting the flu. At worst, the flu shot is entirely useless, as the same study showed that about 97 percent of people who do not get a flu shot also do not get the flu.

Put another way, flu vaccines are about 98.5 percent ineffective, which means the vast majority of people who get a flu shot are deriving absolutely no health benefit. Again, this is in a best case scenario where potential margins of error are ignored and statistical anomalies are set aside. In all reality, there is actually not a shred of indisputable evidence proving that flu shots are at all effective for preventing the flu in anyone.

Sep 12 15:40

Flu Shot Causes Polio-like Guillain-Barré Syndrome: Are Rates Higher Than the Government Admits?

It is very obvious from the evidence of cases settled for damages, including death, due to the influenza vaccine, that there is great risk in the seasonal flu shot. And yet these shots are dispensed at pharmacies with no prescription from a physician as if they are completely safe. Sadly, this is probably a result of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program enacted by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court that gives complete legal immunity to those who produce and sell vaccines in the United States.

Sep 12 15:36

Flashbavk: Grandmother dies from swine flu soon after receiving swine flu vaccine

A 68-year-old UK grandmother named Eleanor Carruthers has died from the swine flu. Importantly, she was given the swine flu vaccine shot several months ago and was told the shot would offer her absolute protection from the flu.

Her daughter, Carole, was quoted in a Dailymail article saying, "'What we don't understand is that mum had the vaccine in October, because she was in an at risk group."

Carol goes on to explain how doctors assured her the vaccine would offer her mom bulletproof protection against the flu: "I had been ill at New Year, and asked the doctors whether I should keep away from mum, but they said the vaccine would protect her from.

What Carole was not told, of course, is that she was lied to about the flu vaccine. Flu vaccines are not 100% effective at protecting people from the flu. They're not even 50% effective. In fact, a critical analysis of available data reveals that the flu vaccine is effective in only 1 out of 100 people.

Sep 12 15:32

Grandmother suffers from 'flu' for 16 years because of defective thyroid

Mrs Robinson said she suffered arthritis in her hips from an early age and initially her doctor insisted her flu symptoms was a result of the arthritis.

'For years they just kept on telling me it was my arthritis,' she said.

'It was only when I went to see the same GP that treated my sister, who had the same condition as I do, that he tested me for hypothyroidism and I finally found out what it was.'

Hypothyroidism is where the body contains a reduced level of thyroid hormone, preventing the metabolism from working properly.

But despite getting the condition identified, she said she has received little medical support and has been put on the drug Levothyroxine to replace the missing hormone and minimise the effects of her disease.

Sep 12 12:46


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Either Jose cannot make up its mind, or the prediction models are screwy!

Sep 12 10:12

America’s opioid crisis is accelerating and could kill nearly ‘half a million people’ over the next decade.

Princeton professor and former Obama White House economist Alan Krueger is out with a Bookings paper titled: Where Have All the Workers Gone? An Inquiry Into The Decline Of The U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate. In the report, Krueger gives it his best to correlate the “mushrooming opioid crisis in the U.S. since the early 2000’s” in connection between the use of “pain medication and opioid prescription rates” with the declining labor force of prime age males.

Sep 12 08:49

Caribbean Islands Devastated By Storm Surge, Winds, Rain

Hurricane Irma completed its passage through the islands of the Caribbean Sea Saturday, slashing along the northern coast of Cuba as a Category 5 storm, the most powerful to strike the country since 1924, before turning north toward the Florida Keys and the US mainland.

Sep 12 08:47

GM Mustard And The Indian Government: The Game Is Up, The Emperor Has No Clothes!

The next stage of the case involving the commercialisation of genetically modified (GM) mustard in India is to be heard on 15 September in the Supreme Court (SC). GM mustard could be India’s first commercially cultivated GM food crop, which could very well open the floodgates to the commercialisation of various other food crops that are in the pipeline.

Sep 12 08:40

Democrats Follow Bernie Sanders' Lead on Single-Payer

Top Democrats, including likely presidential hopefuls, are lining up to co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders' Medicare-for-All bill, signaling universal healthcare is fast becoming a litmus test for 2020

Sep 12 08:38

NASA's Cassini spacecraft will meet its fiery end in Saturn's atmosphere on Friday

After 13 years of zooming around Saturn and its many moons, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has less than four days left at the planetary system before the probe is lost forever. Early Friday morning, Cassini will dive into Saturn’s atmosphere, eventually melting and breaking apart. The death plunge will put an end to the spacecraft’s mission, one that has taught us more about Saturn and its moons than we ever thought possible.

Sep 11 15:17

Why the Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Be Huge

One of the world's largest supervolcanoes erupted 2.1 million years ago in Yellowstone, and then twice more there at intervals of roughly 660,000 years. Are we due for another one soon?

Sep 11 14:29

Over 250 Earthquakes In Idaho In 9 Days Leads To More Super Volcano Fears

An earthquake swarm in south eastern Idaho is rattling windows across parts of the state and Wyoming and Utah. There have now been over 260 earthquakes since September 2, in the Soda Springs area and many have been over a magnitude of four or even higher on the scale.

Sep 11 14:14

Scott Adams: When to Trust the Experts (Climate and Otherwise)

Our duo of hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, have elevated the perceived risks of climate change in a lot of people’s minds. Are these disasters, and the record heat in many places, a sign of climate warming already out of control?

The quick answer is maybe, but climate scientists will need a lot more data and probably a few more years to know whether we are seeing a blip or a trend. From a persuasion perspective, the fascinating thing to me is that the climate science “sides” have reversed because of the storms. And here I am only talking about non-scientists on social media.

Sep 11 13:35

Monster Solar Flare Marks 7th Powerful Sun Storm in 7 Days

The sun fired off yet another powerful solar flare yesterday (Sept. 10), its seventh in seven days.
The flare, which peaked at 12:06 EDT (1606 GMT), covered North and South America in high-energy light. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) released a statement that warned of strong, high-frequency radio blackouts and navigation-system disruption, potentially lasting up to an hour.

Two of the six recent flares from AR 2673 were X-class — including Wednesday's (Sept. 6) monster X9.3, which was the most powerful solar flare since 2005.

Strong solar flares are often accompanied by coronal mass ejections (CMEs), eruptions that send clouds of superheated solar plasma racing into space at several million miles per hour. CMEs that slam into Earth can trigger geomagnetic storms, which can temporarily disrupt power grids and interfere with satellite communications, among other negative effects.

Sep 11 12:27

‘No 100% Safety’: Florida Toxic Materials Could Leak As Irma Hits, EPA ‘Aggressively’ Securing Site

Scores of Environmental Protection Agency staff have been working to secure equipment and isolate hazardous materials at Florida’s 54 Superfund sites in the hours before Hurricane Irma made landfall – two weeks after similar sites were damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Sep 11 11:49

Cultural Imperialism And The Seeds Of Catastrophe: Ripping Up The Social Fabric Of India

Foreign capital is dictating the prevailing development agenda in India. The aim is to replace current structures with a system of industrial agriculture suited to the needs of Western agribusiness, food processing and retail concerns (see this). The plan is for a fraction of the population left in farming working on contracts for large suppliers and large chain supermarkets offering a diet of highly processed, denutrified, genetically altered food based on crops soaked with chemicals and grown in increasingly degraded soils according to an unsustainable model of agriculture that is less climate/drought resistant, less diverse and unable to achieve food security.

Sep 11 11:43

Hurricane Jose could loop back toward Florida, forecasters say

on’t drink all the bottled water yet.

Powerful Hurricane Jose missed the Leeward Islands this weekend, but it might have a second chance to strike the Caribbean and even threaten Florida, forecasters said Sunday.

Sep 11 11:30


Someone dies of a stroke every 4 minutes in the United States. Globally, 15 million people suffer a stroke every year. It’s debilitating physically and financially—but one little-known company has developed a medical device that hopes to challenge that deadly statistic.

It’s been quietly developing this new technology for 10 years. Now it’s released updated preliminary clinical trial results, and signed a manufacturing deal which could make a significant impact in the medical device industry.

After a decade of painstaking development, we’re now nearing the end of the long road to validation, and for investors who understand this industry, this could be the critical juncture.

The little-known company is CVR Medical (TSX:CVM.V; OTC:CRRVF), and its potentially life-saving device is the Carotid Stenotic Scan (CSS)--a technology designed to detect stenosis within arteries, or Ischemia, which is the leading indicator of strokes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Fingers crossed; this technology could, potentially, save a lot of lives.

Sep 11 10:38

HURRICANE JOSE - latest track

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now aimed at Florida.

Sep 11 08:51

Downtown Miami is Underwater

Sep 11 08:12

Has China cracked Nasa's 'impossible engine'? Propaganda video claims scientists have a working version of the fuel-free EmDrive that could take humans to Mars in just 10 weeks

A new propaganda video claims that scientists in China have created a working prototype of the 'impossible' fuel-free engine.

The radical EmDrive has been hypothesised for years by Nasa, but the space agency has been unable to create a working version.

If the physics-defying concept is brought to reality, it's said the engine could get humans to Mars in just 10 weeks.

Sep 11 08:04

Magic mushrooms may one day treat depression: Study investigating active substance in the illegal drug is due to launch early next year

British scientists plan to conduct a study that investigates the illegal drug's active ingredient, known as psilocybin, in patients with the mental health condition who have not previously responded to treatment.

If the trial, which is due to launch next year and is the largest of its kind, is successful, the substance could be approved for treatment of the blues.

This comes after a renewed interest in psychoactive substances such as MDMA and LSD for hard-to-treat conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and alcohol dependency.

Around one in three cases of depression do not respond well to existing treatments.

Sep 11 07:29

HURRICANE JOSE -- Current Track

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Could head anywhere.

Sep 11 07:28

Irma now a tropical storm, but still lashing Florida and Georgia

Irma was downgraded from a hurricane to tropical storm Monday, but that did little to quell the threat of more destruction in the coming hours.

The storm was still hurling 70 mph winds Monday morning and pummeling cities in northeast Florida that had not expected to feel its full wrath.

Sep 11 07:15

These Videos from Florida Show the Wrath of Hurricane Irma

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. These videos from different parts of Florida will show you the true wrath of Hurricane Irma.

Sep 10 09:07

Category 4 Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida Keys

Announcing itself with roaring 130 mph winds, Hurricane Irma plowed into the mostly emptied-out Florida Keys early Sunday for the start of what could be a slow, ruinous march up the state's west coast toward the heavily populated Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

Sep 10 07:53

Two weeks of Nature on steroids; hundreds dead; nearly 50 million evacuated; 4 Hurricanes; monster quake; floods; wildfires and a massive x-class flare

It is the most devasting two weeks I have ever reported on in my 10 years as a blogger.

Sep 09 17:11

Where HAVE all the insects gone? Experts warn windscreens free of dead flies, gnats, moths and wasps signal an alarming decline in bugs

The so-called 'windscreen phenomenon' has been blamed by experts on the increasing use of pesticides over the past 50 years.

Sep 09 11:46

Hackers Can Remotely Access Syringe Infusion Pumps to Deliver Fatal Overdoses

Medical devices are increasingly found vulnerable to hacking. Earlier this month, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled 465,000 pacemakers after they were found vulnerable to hackers.

Now, it turns out that a syringe infusion pump used in acute care settings could be remotely accessed and manipulated by hackers to impact the intended operation of the device, ICS-CERT warned in an advisory issued on Thursday.

An independent security researcher has discovered not just one or two, but eight security vulnerabilities in the Medfusion 4000 Wireless Syringe Infusion Pump, which is manufactured by Minnesota-based speciality medical device maker Smiths Medical.

The devices are used across the world for delivering small doses of medication in acute critical care, such as neonatal and pediatric intensive care and the operating room.

Sep 09 10:19

Saturn's icy rings up close: Cassini probe captures intricate waves around the gas giant just days before its 'death dive' into the planet's atmosphere

As Nasa's Cassini spacecraft draws ever closer to the dramatic end of its mission, it has been sending back some stunning images of Saturn.

An image taken with Cassini's narrow-angle camera in June has been released, which shows the intricate wave structure of Saturn's rings.

Sep 09 10:15

Now there's a SOLAR storm warning too: Sixth massive flare in just four days heads for Earth and could cause blackouts

The biggest solar flare seen for 12 years erupted from the sun earlier this week, causing radio blackouts on Earth.

Two high-intensity solar flares were emitted, the second of which was the most intense recorded since 2005, the Space Weather Prediction Centre (SWPC) said.

Now, NASA has revealed the storms are continuing, with what the space agency says is a 'mid-level solar flare' that peaked at 3:49 a.m. EDT today.

Sep 09 10:08

The public is being mass poisoned by antiseptic chemicals in shampoos, lotions, eye drops and mouthwash

Fond of using commercial-grade cleaning products at home? Be cautious! Antiseptic chemicals found in common household products weaken mitochondria and hinder estrogenic functions in cells, a new in-vitro study concluded.

Researchers from the University of California, Davis surveyed a collection of 1,600 compounds and drugs in household and pharmaceutical use, with mitochondrial function, and found that quaternary ammonium compounds or “quats”– which are common ingredients in cleaners and disinfectants such as shampoos, lotions, eye drops, nasal sprays, lozenges, toothpaste, mouth wash, and household cleaners — hinder mitochondrial function and estrogen signaling.

Sep 09 10:02

Opioid drug manufacturer found to have repeatedly bribed doctors with lucrative kickbacks

If there was any lingering doubt in your mind that the major pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States are truly evil, this story should kill it once and for all. The Daily Mail recently reported that the state of Arizona is suing pharma giant Insys – manufacturer of the fentanyl-based drug Subsys – for giving doctors hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks to write illegal prescriptions for the highly addictive drug, netting themselves a cool $33 million in the last five years in the process.

Sep 09 09:35

US forecast models have been pretty terrible during Hurricane Irma

The chart below is extremely busy, but when you understand how to read it, the data is striking. It shows the average position error (in kilometers) at forecast lead times of 12, 24, 48, 72, 96, and 120 hours (so, out to five days). It compares several different classes of models, including global models that forecast conditions around the planet, nested models focused on hurricanes, and consensus forecasts.

Sep 09 09:24

Antioxidants In Chocolate May Prevent Diabetes

By April McCarthy

Specific compounds within cocoa promote the release of insulin and help protect against the onset of type-2 diabetes (T2D), reports a new study in Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

Strong evidence from several studies have shown that individuals consuming foods rich in different flavonoids have a reduced risk of overall mortality and of several chronic diseases...

Sep 09 09:21

Hurricane Irma, now a Category 3 storm, begins lashing Florida

Hurricane Irma was expected to restrengthen after weakening late Saturday morning into a Category 3 storm, its strong winds and rain bands already lashing the Florida Keys as dire warnings predicted devastating gales and potentially deadly storm surge.

Packing sustained winds of 125 mph as it continued to batter Cuba, the storm was due to bring hurricane conditions by Saturday night to southern and central Florida, the National Hurricane Center said.

Sep 09 07:25

Star Trek: Discovery to tackle Trump-era political divide

If you are a Trump supporter you are now a big mean ugly Klingon. Hollyweird has totally lost it. They just killed the Star Trek franchise

“The Klingons are going to help us really look at certain sides of ourselves and our country. Isolationism is a big theme. Racial purity is a big theme.......

Sep 09 07:14

Double trouble: Mexico is hit by tropical storm Katia, less than 24 hours after devastating 8.1 magnitude earthquake

One day after suffering from a massive 8.2 magnitude earthquake, Mexico is hit with another natural disaster as tropical storm Katia made landfall Friday evening. The US National Hurricane Center said the storm hit Tecolutla in Mexico. State Officials say that Katia is expected to produce a 'total rain accumulations of 10 to 15 inches over northern Veracruz, eastern Hidalgo, and Puebla.'

Sep 09 06:17

Bill Maher: It’s An ‘Inconvenient Truth’ That Climate Change Deniers’ Homes Are In Irma’s Path

With Irma barreling toward the state, Maher also urged people in Florida who were watching his show to “stop” and “get the fuck out right now.”

“I’m seeing colors on the hurricane maps I’ve never seen before,” Maher said, before interpreting them in his own way. “If you see yellow like Trump’s hair, take extra care. If you see orange like his face, shelter in place. Red like his ties to Russia, just evacuate now.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 09 05:00

Hurricane Irma headed for “catastrophic” impact… fuel shortages strand Floridians… no escape for many

There’s something to be said about getting out of the way when bad things are headed in your direction. In the same way that you should never stand on the railroad tracks and play chicken with an approaching train, you probably shouldn’t challenge a category-5 hurricane to a game of “who’s the bigger badass.”

Truth be told, Irma is the bigger badass.

Updated storm tracks from the NOAA predict the storm savaging Miami, then barreling its way through Georgia and even Tennessee. Along the way, it’s going to unload outrageous winds on Orlando, Gainesville and possibly even Macon, Georgia. Mass evacuations have been announced and over 650,000 Floridians are currently attempting to flee the state.

Sep 09 04:59

Race/class-baiting attacks against vaccine doubters

“The Vaccine Culture War is heating up. Ground zero is America, Europe and other economically developed countries, where the pharmaceutical industrial complex is raising an iron fist to protect multi-billion dollar profits by disempowering the people.”

“In America, professors and doctors in academia and government are profiling parents by class and race to shame and discredit those challenging vaccine orthodoxy. Elite members of the highest paid professions in our society are using academic journals and mainstream media to openly preach fear, hate, prejudice and discrimination against people who disagree with them about vaccination.”

Sep 09 04:53

Dying Cancer Patients are Being Milked of Every Last Dollar

Recent studies and reports have revealed that terminal cancer patients are frequently given harsh chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatments long after they have been diagnosed as hopeless. In many instances such treatments continue up until the moment of death. As a result, many cancer patients are subjected to needless expense and suffering and little time is left for alternative treatments that otherwise might have saved their lives.

Sep 09 04:46

HURRICANE JOSE - Current Track

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Curving back east. Bermuda now out of danger.

Sep 09 04:37

HURRICANE IRMA - current track

Sep 08 12:39

Nigeria cholera outbreak threatens more than 1 mln people in refugee camps

At least 1.4 million people uprooted by Boko Haram's insurgency in northeast Nigeria are living in 'cholera hotspots', prey to an outbreak of the deadly disease which is sweeping through camps for the displaced, the United Nations said on Thursday.

An estimated 28 people have died from cholera in the conflict-hit region, while about 837 are suspected to have been infected with the disease, including at least 145 children under the age of five, said the U.N. children's agency (UNICEF).

The outbreak was first identified last week in the Muna Garage camp in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, which is the heart of jihadist group Boko Haram's brutal eight-year campaign to carve out an Islamic caliphate in northeast Nigeria.

About 1.8 million people have abandoned their homes because of violence or food shortages, U.N. agencies say, and many live in camps for the displaced throughout northeast Nigeria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This, like the cholera epidemic in Yemen, is an absolute catastrophe.

Sep 08 12:32

The Slow Poisoning of Our Soldiers, Families on U.S. Bases

While it is generally understood that the U.S. Armed Forces are among the world’s largest polluters, it is not generally recognized that some of the most significant pollution occurs here in the United States at military bases and facilities.

As most pollutants have the greatest effect on those whose immune systems are not fully developed, their impact on military dependent communities, whose populations are disproportionately young children and pregnant women, are of particular concern. Everyone living in communities which host military installations, however, is at great risk, as chronic toxicity—the exposure to and ingestion of toxins over an extended period—can be devastating even to those with fully developed immune systems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This government cannot possibly "for the troops" while they allow this slow-mo poisoning of our troops and their families.

This has got to get sorted, and NOW, thank you very much!!

Sep 08 09:52

Quorn changes labelling to reveal mould is main ingredient

The makers of the meat substitute Quorn are changing their labelling in the US to highlight its main ingredient is a type of mould linked to the death of an 11-year-old boy.

Quorn Foods Inc., which makes substitutes for products including mince and sausages, has agreed to clearly label Mycoprotein which can cause an allergic reaction in rare cases. Mycoprotein is made using the Fusarium venenatum fungus in vats, similarly to yoghurt and beer.

The US campaign group the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) claimed that around 2,500 consumers have complained of experiencing adverse reactions after eating Quorn products, including anaphylactic shock and vomiting, according to the Daily Mail.

Sep 08 09:03

Not Just Florida: Georgia And South Carolina Face "Catastrophic Storm Surge"

As Hurricane Irma looks to be hurdling straight for a direct hit on Southern Florida, meteorologists from Weather Underground are warning that the most devastating impacts of the storm could be felt much further north in towns along the coast of Georgia and South Carolina where the storm surge could be a catastrophic 20-28 feet high in certain areas. To put that in perspective, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 set a record for the largest storm surge ever recorded along the U.S. coast at 27.8 feet.

Sep 08 09:02

How Israel Weaponizes Archeology

From the Zionism’s earliest days in the late 1800s until the present, Israel’s battle has always been about land, but for some the issue goes much deeper—literally. What is underground is as valuable as what is above ground, and the battle has been raging for years.

The battle is over ancient artifacts, from Jerusalem to Gaza to Qumran.

The “Jewish State” prioritizes anything that might boost its legitimacy as rightful owner of Holy Land real estate, and has appropriated the science of archeology to help create its narrative.

Sep 08 08:10

How Kim Jong-un would escape in caves if a nuclear war occurs

This is a really cheesy story focusing on how Kim Jong-un and his favorite stash of Swiss Cheese will be very difficult for the US to take out.

NORTH Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will escape to a vast complex of underground tunnels if a nuclear war breaks out — with a huge supply of his favourite cheese.

Aiden Foster-Carter, an expert on North Korea and honorary senior research fellow in Sociology and Modern Korea at Leeds University, said that Kim Jong un is unlikely to go without his favourite treats in the event of war.

He added that the dictator had to retreat from public life after eating too much Emmental cheese after receiving a huge shipment of it from Switzerland.

When asked about whether Kim will stockpile his favourite cheese, he added: “I’m sure that wherever he goes he’ll be provided for.”

Sep 08 07:57

Hurricane Jose path forecasters say storm to become Category 4 within HOURS

HURRICANE Jose is on track to become a Category 4 storm as the battered region grapples with Irma, Katia and a killer earthquake.

Sep 08 07:52

'We're running out of time': Miami is turned into a ghost town as Floridians wait in bumper-to-bumper traffic to flee Hurricane Irma's wrath after the storm leveled entire islands and killed at least 18 in the Caribbean

Miami is now in the 'worst possible position' as Hurricane Irma heads for the U.S. mainland.

With the storm barreling toward the southern tip of Florida for perhaps a catastrophic blow this weekend, the U.S. National Hurricane Center forecast reported that the most likely path of the eye of the storm had shifted and that it could hit Florida earlier than expected.

The center said it had become likely that Irma will make landfall late Saturday in southern Florida as a dangerous major hurricane and bring 'life-threatening storm surge and wind impacts' to much of the state.

'It looks like it's shifting, even though it may be just 20 miles, it puts Miami right in the worst possible position,' CNN meteorologist Tom Sater said.

Sep 08 07:19

Vaccination now scientifically linked to learning disabilities in children; vaccinated children show 520% increased risk compared to non-vaccinated

Recent research led by the well-known epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Mawson, has led to many shocking revelations about the risks associated with vaccination. One of the most concerning findings of this study, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. notes, is that vaccinated children are substantially more likely to develop a learning disability.

In their study of 666 children, the team found that those who had been vaccinated were a staggering 520 percent more likely to develop a learning disability than unvaccinated children. The researchers also found that vaccinated children were 420 percent more likely to develop autism or ADHD.

Sep 08 06:14

Colourful flashes are seen above Mexico as buildings and street lights shake during the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in a century

According to National Geographic, scientists in 2014 wrote a paper suggesting such lights were caused by electrical properties of certain rocks.

Sep 08 06:06

2017 trio of hurricanes closely resembles 2010 storms

While the appearance of three storms in the Atlantic Basin may seem unusual, it actually closely resembles a pattern last seen during 2010’s hurricane season.

In September of 2017, meteorologists and coastal residents have their eyes on three hurricanes in Irma, Katia, and Jose. Back in September 2010, those same people had their eyes on Igor, Julia, and Karl.

Satellite images from 2010 show Igor, Julia, and Karl, all in similar locations to the identically initialed Hurricanes in 2017.

Sep 08 05:50

What To Do If You CAN’T Evacuate Before a Hurricane

There are a lot of people stranded in the areas that are likely to be the hardest hit by Hurricane Irma. While it's easy to say, "Oh, they should have left earlier" and run through the gamut of blame, the fact remains that there are all sorts of reasons that leaving didn't work out.

Gas stations have run dry, which means that people can't drive their cars to leave. Roads are at a standstill as people all try to leave at once in the biggest mass exodus in American history. Amtrak tickets are sold out. Plane tickets are outrageously expensive, in some cases more than three thousand dollars apiece. (However, American Airlines and JetBlue have capped their tickets out of Florida at $99, a service to keep in mind in the future if you plan to fly somewhere.)

The point is, for many, it's too late. There is no further option for escape from what will most likely be a category 4 or 5 hurricane. If you can't leave, here are some things that could help to keep you safer.

Sep 07 22:58

M 8.1 - 87km SW of Pijijiapan, Mexico

Sep 07 18:03

Hurricane First Responders Sue Chemical Plant After Breathing Chemical Fumes

A Houston-area chemical plant is being sued by seven first responders who are seeking a total of $1 million in damages for respiratory injuries sustained after an explosion in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey released noxious fumes.

Houston lawyers Misty Hataway-Cone and Kimberley Spurlock are suing the Arkema company for gross negligence, accusing the Crosby, Texas, plant of ignoring "the foreseeable consequences of failing to prepare" for the hurricane despite advanced warning of the storm’s destructive potential and past experiences with flooding. The plant lost its ability to cool heat-sensitive compounds contained in trailers filled with dangerous chemical compounds when it lost electricity, leaving the trailers susceptible to explosion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Arkema should be sued out of existence for this.

Sep 07 17:55

The Sun Just Erupted: Blackouts Reported After Huge Solar Flare - Mac Slavo

The sun just released a massive solar flare. In fact, this is the largest solar flare emitted in the past decade, and the earth has already been affected by blackouts.

NASA has reported a huge solar flare was emitted by the Sun and it is the most powerful one since 2006. This solar flare has already caused some radio blackouts on Earth and it may cause aurora visible as far south as London. On the morning of September 6, scientists watched as two X-flares were unleashed by the sun.

Sep 07 16:32

Opioid use is responsible for 20% of the drop in American men in the US labor force, Princeton study says

Princeton University economist Alan Krueger conducted a comprehensive review of data from the past 15 years on prescription rates and the amount of people in the labor force.

He concluded that there had been a shift in prescription rates which affected the amount of men in work.

And this, he said, appeared to be down to a change in medical habits (i.e. drug abuse) as opposed to medical conditions.

Ultimately, his study said the rise in the rate of painkiller prescriptions from 1999 to 2015 accounted for 20 percent of the drop in men in the workforce, and 25 percent of women.

Sep 07 16:26

Stark before and after pictures show how luxury Caribbean hotels, holiday hotspots and airports were left in ruins by Hurricane Irma in just a few hours

These starkly contrasting photos show how 185mph Hurricane Irma laid waste to Caribbean islands in a matter of hours.

Before and after pictures from some of the worst affected islands reveal how airports, luxury hotels, beach front bars and entire marinas have been destroyed by furious winds since the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The images emerged as Irma continued its path of destruction after slamming into Anguilla, Barbuda, Saint-Barthelemy, St Martin and the British Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands have also been hit as the UN predicted 49 million people lie in the hurricane's path.

Sep 07 15:11

HURRICANE IRMA - track moving west again.

Sep 07 14:12

Ethanol Gas Causes Engines to Run Hotter - Leading Consumer Magazine

I have long suspected and heard that gasoline with ethanol (currently 10%) where I live will cause engines to run hotter. There may be good technical articles out there that can confirm this through experimentation but I have never run across any. However, latest leading consumer magazine states the EPA bans use of E15 in mowers and other power equipment due to higher operating temperatures that cause engine component damage. Article also claims that even with 10% ethanol there may be higher operating temperatures. They also claim that ethanol can cause other corrosion related problems. They recommend using an additive such as Sta-Bil to protect against ethanol settling out and attracting moisture.

Sep 07 13:47

Does Music Give You Chills? Your Brain Is Different

What It Means If You Are Sensitive to Music - Here’s how music can affect your emotions and how some people are more sensitive to music than others.... music and neuroscience investigating people who get the chills from music proving their brains are…

Sep 07 13:34

Fish Brains In Great Lakes Region Saturated With Antidepressants

ecent findings from researchers of the University at Buffalo discovered concentrations of antidepressants meant for humans in 10 different kinds of fish in the...

Sep 07 13:28

Top Eight Carcinogenic Food Additives and Ingredients Banned Nearly Everywhere Except in the US

You see, most countries around the world have a universal healthcare insurance system that provides relative equality of access, with fees set and maintained by a government committee. That means the government wants their citizens to be healthy in order to protect the people and the national budget. In America, however, the sicker the citizens get, the more money gets pocketed by the government, the sick care industry, and of course the toxic food industry, all of which have free reign over the US regulatory industries, such as the FDA, the CDC and the USDA.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please pass this article to friends you care about; then, give this article to the managers of the grocery stores you patronize, and see if they know about the damages these chemicals cause, and let them know you will no longer buy anything with these chemicals in them, even if that forces you to buy your groceries at a health food store, for a much higher price.

The medical industrial complex makes a living by somewhat ameliorating the damage done by food toxins used by Big Agra, which wind up damaging the human system.

But why do we have (alleged) Congressional Representatives who refuse to legislate against the use of these toxins?!?

The logical answer here, is that these same alleged Congressional Representatives are most probably bribed by those very same companies which use these poisons.

Sep 07 12:54

Top Eight Carcinogenic Food Additives and Ingredients Banned Nearly Everywhere Except in the US

You see, most countries around the world have a universal healthcare insurance system that provides relative equality of access, with fees set and maintained by a government committee. That means the government wants their citizens to be healthy in order to protect the people and the national budget. In America, however, the sicker the citizens get, the more money gets pocketed by the government, the sick care industry, and of course the toxic food industry, all of which have free reign over the US regulatory industries, such as the FDA, the CDC and the USDA.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please pass this article to friends you care about; then, give this article to the managers of the grocery stores you patronize, and see if they know about the damages these chemicals cause, and let them know you will no longer buy anything with these chemicals in them, even if that forces you to buy your groceries at a health food store, for a much higher price.

The medical industrial complex makes a living by somewhat ameliorating the damage done by food toxins used by Big Agra, which wind up damaging the human system.

But why do we have (alleged) Congressional Representatives who refuse to legislate against the use of these toxins?!?

The logical answer here, is that these same alleged Congressional Representatives are most probably bribed by those very same companies which use these poisons.

Sep 07 11:42

The Stomach-Churning Violence Of Monsanto, Bayer And The Agrochemical Oligopoly

As humans, we have evolved with the natural environment over millennia. We have learned what to eat and what not to eat, what to grow and how to grow it and our diets have developed accordingly. We have hunted, gathered, planted and harvested. Our overall survival as a species has been based on gradual, emerging relationships with the seasons, insects, soil, animals, trees and seeds. And out of these relationships, we have seen the development of communities whose rituals and bonds have a deep connection with food production and the natural environment.

Sep 07 10:47

M 6.1 - 249km WNW of Chichi-shima, Japan

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not close to Fukushima, thankfully.

Sep 07 10:25


Hurricane Irma has destroyed the Princess Juliana International Airport as it barreled through St. Martin.

Photos of the airport, which is well-known for its low-flying aircraft skimming over Maho Beach, show its terminal severely damaged and at least one of its boarding bridges torn apart.

Sep 07 10:18

Breathtaking Photo Puts Irma’s Size Into Perspective

As Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Caribbean early Wednesday morning, the potential devastation of the Category 5 storm is becoming apparent.

Jason Dunning, a meteorologist with local southwest Florida affiliate WBBH, posted a side-by-side photo to Facebook on Tuesday depicting just how massive Irma really is.

Sep 07 10:10

Hurricane Irma slams Caribbean islands as two other hurricanes churn in Atlantic

Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record, made its first landfall early Wednesday in the northeast Caribbean, hammered Puerto Rico on Wednesday night and remained on track to hit Florida on Sunday.

Irma, a Category 5 hurricane — the highest level on the Saffir-Simpson scale — came ashore with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph and passed over St. Martin and Anguilla, the most northerly of the Leeward Islands.

At least three deaths have been blamed on the storm, including one on the small island of Barbuda, which suffered severe damage and saw 90% of its structures destroyed, Barbuda and Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Browne said Wednesday. One death each was confirmed on the nearby islands of St. Barts and St. Martin, though the death toll is likely to rise as recovery efforts begin.

Sep 07 10:08

‘Barbuda is literally rubble’: Shocked PM says Irma destroyed 90% of homes on tiny Caribbean island

Houses and infrastructure on Barbuda have been “totally demolished,” Antigua and Barbuda PM told media following a helicopter trip to the Caribbean island. The island of 1,600 residents went radio silent for over twelve hours, causing wild speculations over their fate.

Conflicting reports emerged in the vacuum of information and the absence of direct communication with the island. Some claimed that 1,000 people had died but this was quickly debunked, with calls for people to wait for official confirmation before retweeting carelessly and generating unnecessary panic and dismay.

Sep 07 09:52

Hurricane Irma: Aerial photos show scale of devastation in Sint Maarten

Smashed hotels, boats tossed into piles, and flooded streets and homes on Sint Maarten, the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.

Sep 07 09:25

Curcumin infused nanoparticles found to target and destroy neuroblastoma cancer tumors… has the CURE been found?

Researchers from the Nemours Children’s Health System and the University of Central Florida revealed that they have found an innovative way to prevent the incidents of neuroblastoma, the most common cancer among infants. This promising new study, published in Nanoscale, used nanoparticles to deliver an ample amount of curcumin to tumor cells. The authors of the study noted that delivering curcumin through nanoparticles methodically targeted and destroyed treatment-resistant neuroblastoma tumor cells.

Sep 07 09:24

WHO declares new Ebola epidemic as infections soar in Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an “Ebola epidemic” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) after they confirmed nine cases linked to the virus in the remote forested region. Three people have reportedly died, causing alarm among health officials who fear that this could be another outbreak similar to the 2014 epidemic which took the lives of around 11,000 people.

Sep 07 09:19

U.S. in Talks to Buy 5 Rocket Engines From Russia

A U.S.-based space company is expected to confirm plans to buy five previously banned Russian rocket engines by late September, the Kommersant business daily reported Wednesday, citing unidentified sources close to the Russian engine manufacturer.

A United Launch Alliance (ULA) delegation will visit the rocket engine manufacturer in Russia before the end of the month “to prove they are serious about their intent” to buy five RD-180 engines, the newspaper reported.

ULA reportedly has been engaged in secret talks for over a year with Russia’s Energomash on the purchase of 10 RD-180s. Initial plans to sign a contract in September 2016 were scrapped because of the U.S. presidential campaign and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s new engine tests, according to Kommersant.

Sep 07 09:10

Tiny Quebec village faces $1.5M lawsuit for trying to protect its water

A tiny village on Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula is facing off against an oil company in a legal battle that could end up costing the community $1.5 million.

The municipality of Ristigouche Sud-Est is being sued by Gastem, a Montreal-based oil-and-gas exploration and development company, for passing a bylaw in March 2013 establishing a two-kilometre no-drill zone near the source of the village's water.

Sep 07 09:02

Video Shows 2017 Montana Fire Devastation – Soundtrack From Disturbed

We have all gotten used to fire season happening each and every summer. But, this year it is particularly BAD. How bad? Possibly the worst in recorded history. Definitely the most expensive in our states nearly 130 YEARS. But, it isn’t just US in western Montana that are suffering from wildfires. The ENTIRE state is on fire. Over 800,000 acres have burned so far in 2017.

Meanwhile…..The main stream media is silent.

MT WildRags wants to change that. They put together an amazing video, that shows just how bad this year’s catastrophic fires are. All to the soundtrack of Disturbed’s cover of “The Sound of Silence.” Our prayers for the safety of all our brave firefighters, our beloved state and most of all RAIN!

Sep 07 09:00

FEMA Expected to Run Out of Money by Friday as Superstorm Irma Approaches Florida

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has suffered from a shoddy reputation for quite some time, particularly after its failed response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. As the Gulf coast recovers from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, FEMA faces further failure as its funds near depletion.

Sep 07 08:51

US Navy to evacuate 5,000 as military preps for Hurricane Irma

The US military has ordered the evacuation of over five thousand personnel from a Naval Air Station in Florida in preparation for Hurricane Irma.

Irma is now a Category 5 storm and one of the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic.
Currently, it is threatening to slam into Caribbean islands including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands with "potentially catastrophic" force on Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center said.

The military is braced for it to hit the US mainland and the current forecast suggests it could strike Florida over the weekend.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is pegged to be an horrific natural disaster, once it hits the Eastern US.

And it almost seems surreal; much of our country is under severe flooding, or about to be flooded; and much of the rest seems be burning through wild fires.

Here are the largest

Smoke continues to spread across northeast, and north-central US

Sep 07 08:38

HURRICANE IRMA - Latest predicted track

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Still along the eastern shore of Florida, then inland to Georgia.

Sep 07 07:53

Children's book on puberty is PULPED after sparking outrage by telling boys that girls have breasts to make them 'look grown-up and attractive'

Breasts may have myriad uses – from being a handy place to store cash to providing a comforting pillow to pals in distress – but their primary function can't be denied. First and foremost, the purpose of our mammary glands is producing milk to feed infants.

Sep 07 05:51

Could Hurricane Irma Turn Florida’s Nuclear Plants into an American Fukushima Disaster?

After watching the terrible series of cascading disasters on the Texas Coast after Hurricane Harvey, we know for a fact that the aftermath of a catastrophe can be just as bad (and sometimes worse) than the initial event. There's a terrifying potential threat in Florida in the form of 3 nuclear plants, two of which are directly in the projected path of Hurricane Irma. Could Florida's nuclear plants turn Hurricane Irma into the American version of Fukushima?

To be fully prepared for the possibility, people should be ready for the potential of a simultaneous hurricane and nuclear disaster.

Sep 06 19:51

THIRD of Texas' 41 highly toxic waste dumping sites are now flooded - sparking fears that toxins linked to birth defects and cancer are leaching into floodwaters

Around a third of Texas' 41 highly toxic waste dumping sites are now flooded - sparking fears that dangerous toxins could leach into floodwaters.

Long a center of the nation's petrochemical industry, the Houston metro area has more than a dozen Superfund sites, designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as being among America's most intensely contaminated places. Many are now flooded, with the risk that waters were stirring dangerous sediment.

Some such sites have been found to contain dioxins and other long-lasting toxins linked to birth defects and cancer.

The Highlands Acid Pit site was filled in the 1950s with toxic sludge and sulfuric acid from oil and gas operations. Though 22,000 cubic yards of hazardous waste and soil were excavated from the acid pits in the 1980s, the site is still considered a potential threat to groundwater, and the EPA maintains monitoring wells there.

Sep 06 18:06

Is Irma really the strongest hurricane ever?

Now there are several different ways to categorize the strength of a hurricane. Maximum sustained wind speed is the most popular method. In this case, Irma at 185 mph would be tied for second, with Gilbert (1988), and Wilma (2005). If you count hurricanes before 1950, you would have to throw in the Florida Keys Hurricane of 1935. Hurricane records are often referenced starting from the point in which we started naming tropical storms. Hurricane Allen in holds the record with 190 mph winds in 1980.

Another way to rank hurricane strength is with the lowest measured surface pressure. This is often described as hurricane intensity. Irma's minimum pressure so far, is 914 millibars. That ranks it 10th in history, with Hurricane Wilma holding that title with a pressure of 882mb in October 2005.

Sep 06 16:52

State officials: Expect Obamacare premium hikes, market ‘collapse’

State officials sounded the alarm Wednesday on Capitol Hill about skyrocketing ObamaCare premiums as insurers across the country propose double-digit rate hikes – renewing pressure on Congress to act.

Sep 06 16:09

5 Epic Disasters Are Looming Over Us Right Now

Doesn’t it seem like all the disasters are coming at us at the same time? I’d ask what else could possibly go wrong but it seems like that could be taken as a challenge. Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded, is headed straight for Florida.... Two X-class solar flares are headed our way... North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb…and they keep threatening us.... The Western United States is on fire... Texas was just hit with the biggest rainfall ever recorded in the Continental US....

Sep 06 15:53

High pesticide exposure in pregnant women found to cause birth defects and low birth weight

The research team then examined individual birth certificate records of more than 500,000 single births between 1997 and 2011. Data on pesticide use were also assessed to determine how the toxic chemicals affected birth outcomes.

The results showed that mothers with extremely high pesticide exposure levels — which equated to being exposed to about 4,200 kilograms of pesticides applied in one-square-mile regions — suffered a plethora of birth defects such as low birth weight, shorter gestational length, pre-term birth, and other birth abnormalities.

Sep 06 14:41

Hurricane Irma: Florida sheriff threatens to arrest fugitives at shelters

If you are an illegal alien the Sheriff will give you a pass.If you are an American miscreant you get arrested and go to jail.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is threatening to jail wanted people seeking shelter due to Hurricane Irma.

The sheriff, who is known for his outspoken comments, made the threat in a series of posts to Twitter.

Horstman added officers don't have a way of seeing what crime the warrant is for, so it’s possible those with non-violent misdemeanor offenses could be arrested.

Horstman said undocumented immigrants will not be affected by the policy. She also said that the policy will help the county keep a log at the shelter, which she said is important during a natural disaster.

Sep 06 12:16

Farmers & Farm Organizations Urge EPA & USDA to Address Threat from Dicamba Pesticide Drift

Farmers Challenge Monsanto CEO’s Definition of “Success”

Washington, DC – As members of Congress return to Capitol Hill today, 85 farm and farmer support organizations sent letters to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) urging them to better protect farm families from an unprecedented spike in crop loss from herbicide drift. Experts estimate that dicamba, used on Monsanto’s latest seed line, has already damaged at least 3.1 million acres of farmland, an area the size of Connecticut...

Sep 06 09:45

Breakthrough in hunt for life on Mars as boron find adds to evidence life DID once exist on the red planet

'Because borates may play an important role in making RNA—one of the building blocks of life—finding boron on Mars further opens the possibility that life could have once arisen on the planet,' said Patrick Gasda, a postdoctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory and lead author on the paper, said.

'Borates are one possible bridge from simple organic molecules to RNA. Without RNA, you have no life.

'The presence of boron tells us that, if organics were present on Mars, these chemical reactions could have occurred.'