Jan 31 12:38

America celebrates 60 years in space: This is our pick of Nasa's greatest triumphs

Sixty years ago, the US launched its first satellite - Explorer I - into space, kick-starting decades of scientific discovery.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pleased that Viking made the list!

Jan 31 09:03

Fish Beat Flax For Cancer Prevention

By Joe Battaglia

The cancer-fighting potency of plant- versus marine-derived omega-3s has always been debated. Omega-3s from fish pack a stronger punch than flaxseed and other oils when it comes to cancer prevention, according to a first-ever University of Guelph study.

In modern diets, there are few sources of omega-3 fatty acids, mainly the fat of cold water fish such as salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, black cod, and bluefish. There are two critical omega-3 fatty acids, (eicosapentaenoic acid, called EPA and docosahexaenoic or DHA), that the body needs...

Jan 31 09:01

The Strange World Of Vaccines, Pregnancy And Children

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Something very strange has happened since I studied health, nutrition and holistic health sciences and matriculated in prenatal and infant nutrition. Back then, pregnant mothers were advised to take no medications, not even an aspirin! All medications were to be carefully “vetted” by the female’s obstetrician-physician and were to be taken only when absolutely necessary! Vaccines were nowhere near the radar screens of prenatal or neonatal health monitoring or medical services provided. Nor did we see or hear anything about the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and its “genetic lineage” except Dr. Leo Kanner’s discovery published in 1943, first reported in the medical literature as “Kanner’s syndrome”! Where were the “genetic science and data” hiding if ASD supposedly is/was even a somewhat quasi-factual genetic proclivity?

What’s happened since and where did medicine go wrong, I have to ask?...

Jan 31 08:58

Swine flu, bird flu hit North Korea and South Korea days before Winter Olympics kickoff

Super flu outbreaks are ravaging the Korean Peninsula less than two weeks before the Winter Olympics — leaving North Korea scrambling to treat more than 81,000 people infected with swine flu as the South kills off nearly 1 million chickens to contain the bird flu on its side of the border.

Nearly 127,000 North Koreans were reported to have flu-like illness between Dec. 1 and Jan. 16, with 81,640 cases testing positive for Influenza A/H1N1, also commonly known as swine flu, the World Health Organization said in a report released Friday.

Jan 31 08:56

CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald resigns amid reports she bought tobacco stocks while leading the agency 

Her tenure helming the CDC just went up in smoke.

Brenda Fitzgerald, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stepped down Wednesday amid reports she traded tobacco stocks shortly after taking over the agency.

A representative for newly sworn-in Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar confirmed the departure in a statement.

“This morning Secretary Azar accepted Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald's resignation as Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” the representative said.

Fitzgerald, an ob-gyn doctor by trade, purchased tobacco company shares a month after taking over the CDC last July, Politico reported Tuesday.

The news sparked uproar, particularly because the CDC is tasked with trying to get people to quit smoking.

Jan 31 07:06

Three lunar phenomena to occur on one night at a time

A rare phenomenon will adorn the night sky on January 31, 2018, when three cosmic events associated with the Moon are going to happen once at a time. It goes about such phenomena as supermoon, total lunar eclipse and the so-called blue Moon. During a total eclipse, the Earth's shadow will cast a red tint on the Moon making it look red from our planet. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the "super blue blood moon." In North America, the phenomenon will be seen best in the western part of the continent, as well as in Alaska and Hawaii. For residents of those territories, the "lunar show" will begin early in the morning on Wednesday, January 31. In the Middle East, in Asia, in the east of Russia, in Australia and New Zealand, the super blue blood Moon will be seen on the evening of January 31, a message on NASA's website said. The phenomenon will last for about one hour.

Jan 30 13:08

Flu vaccine BOMBSHELL: 630% more “aerosolized flu virus particles” emitted by people who received flu shots… flu vaccines actually SPREAD the flu

A bombshell new scientific study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) finds that people who receive flu shots emit 630% more flu virus particles into the air, compared to non-vaccinated individuals. In effect, this finding documents evidence that flu vaccines spread the flu, and that so-called “herd immunity” is a medical hoax because “the herd” is actually transformed into carriers and spreaders of influenza.

The bombshell finding is documented in a study entitled Infectious virus in exhaled breath of symptomatic seasonal influenza cases from a college community. The study authors are Jing Yan, Michael Grantham, Jovan Pantelic, P. Jacob Bueno de Mesquita, Barbara Albert, Fengjie Liu, Sheryl Ehrman, Donald K. Milton and EMIT Consortium.

Jan 30 11:50

More than 2,300 flu-related deaths reported in Texas, more to be counted, official says

The number of reported flu-related deaths in Texas this season has risen to more than 2,300, state data shows, and an official said there's still more to be counted.

According to data from the Texas Department of State Health Services, there were 1,155 flu/pneumonia-related deaths counted from Oct. 1 to Jan. 10.

Just one week later, the number of deaths reported caused the figure to soar to 2,355 deaths, with individuals over 65 accounting for half of the flu-related deaths this season.

Jan 30 08:37

Volcanic Unrest at Mauna Loa, Earth’s Largest Active Volcano

Mauna Loa is showing persistent signs of volcanic unrest. Since 2014, increased seismicity and deformation indicate that Mauna Loa, the volcano that dominates more than half of the island of Hawai?i, may be building toward its first eruption since 1984.

Thousands of residents and key infrastructure are potentially at risk from lava flows, so a critical question is whether the volcano will follow patterns of previous eruptions or return to its now historically unprecedented 33-year slumber.

Mauna Loa has erupted 33 times since 1843, an average of one eruption every 5 years [Trusdell, 2012]. Typical of shield-building Hawaiian volcanoes, Mauna Loa hosts a summit caldera and two rift zones, the Northeast Rift Zone (NERZ) and the Southwest Rift Zone (SWRZ; Figure 1, inset).

Jan 30 08:36

Stunning view of Antarctica’s tallest volcano

A chain of volcanoes along a 900-kilometer (560-mile) stretch of Antarctica’s Pacific coast, similar in size to the Cascade volcanic chain in North America, is home to Antarctica’s tallest volcano — Mount Sidley. The Landsat 8 satellite acquired these images of this volcano on November 20, 2014.

Jan 30 08:36

Antarctic Volcano Warning: Ash Could ‘Encircle The Globe’ Causing Worldwide Health Problems

Scientists are sounding the alarm about a volcano eruption in Antartica that could cause global health problems. The ash from this eruption could encircle the globe, affecting millions of people.

Deception Island, off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, is a hotbed of volcanic activity with at least 50 craters spread across the region. A recent study done in the area by scientists has found evidence that an eruption on the island could disrupt air traffic on continents in the Southern Hemisphere, including South America and Africa. It could also cause some major health concerns for the whole globe.

The findings of the research show that Antarctica’s volcanoes can have an effect across the world, says Charles Connor, a geoscientist at the University of South Florida in Tampa not involved in the research. “We have to reassess the potential hazards for global transportation networks posed by even these remote volcanoes.”

Jan 30 08:35

Rare Sub-Antarctic volcano eruption captured on film

A rarely seen volcanic eruption on a sub-Antarctic island has been captured by a team of scientists sailing near the remote area. Heard Island, about 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers) southwest of Australia and just 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) north of the coast of Antarctica, is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) long and is dominated by an active volcano known as Big Ben. Volcanic activity at the spot has been known since 1881, and satellites recorded eruptions there in the 1990s and 2000s. However, because the island is remote and rarely visited, eye-witness accounts of such eruptions are few and far between.

Jan 29 23:39

The Twisted Truth About Mueller’s Corrupted Probe

You know the old saying, “give someone enough rope and they’ll hang themselves?” Well that time has surely come for Mueller, the FBI (Fake, Biased Investigations) and the whole damn bunch of Trump hating, sore loser Clintonistas. With this week’s astounding revelations of premeditated, utterly biased and criminal behavior by top members of Mueller’s hit squad, this is more than a smoking gun.

Those that need to be investigated and charged are Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Hui Chen, Jeff Sessions, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and too many to list here. These are key members of the deep state political apparatus. There is more than enough rope for all of them to “hang themselves.” Need I say more?

Jan 28 18:44

Trump says America open for business. Marijuana industry asks “What about us?"


President Donald Trump told world leaders that America is open for business. But one budding U.S. industry — marijuana growers and sellers — sees irony in this boast, which comes as they feel forced by the administration to invest millions in cannabis businesses across the border.

Privateer, which has the backing of the Silicon Valley mogul and Trump supporter Peter Thiel, announced Thursday that it had raised more than $100 million in its third round of fundraising. Kennedy said those dollars, which brings their total funding to $200 million, shows that U.S. investors continue to see growth opportunities despite the federal government’s threats to clamp down. But Kennedy said more than 75 percent of the funding would be invested in Canada and overseas where governments are more supportive of the industry.

“That money would have gone to jobs and would have gone to pay taxes in the U.S. It would have gone to manufacturing facilities in the U.S.,” Kennedy said.

Jan 28 07:12

SpaceX schedules early February launch of Falcon Heavy rocket

After multiple delays, SpaceX managed to successfully test-fire its highly anticipated Falcon Heavy rocket on Wednesday.

Now, the California-based space company has scheduled the first flight of the three-core heavy-lift rocket for early February.

"Aiming for the first flight of Falcon Heavy on February 6 from Apollo launchpad 39A at Cape Kennedy," SpaceX founder Elon Musk tweeted. "Easy viewing from the public causeway."

Jan 27 18:54

Amateur astronomer discovers a revived NASA satellite

After years in darkness, a NASA satellite is phoning home.

Some 12 years since it was thought lost because of a systems failure, NASA’s Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) has been discovered, still broadcasting, by an amateur astronomer. The find, which he reported in a blog post this week, presents the possibility that NASA could revive the mission, which once provided unparalleled views of Earth’s magnetosphere.

Jan 27 12:01

Why the FDA should be charged with murder

If you worked for a federal agency that was killing people at the rate of 100,000 a year, every year, like clockwork, and if you knew it, wouldn’t you feel compelled to say or do something about it?

Jan 27 11:28

Flu vaccines causing flu OUTBREAKS across America

The flu vaccine is partially to BLAME for the flu outbreak that's now reportedly killing 100 people a day across America.

Jan 27 11:28

The Really Big One: The next rupture of the Cascadia subduction zone will spell the worst natural disaster in the history of the continent

The question is when. And keep in mind: The next full-margin rupture of the Cascadia subduction zone will spell the worst natural disaster in the history of the continent.

Jan 27 10:13

Archeologists discover that a 364-day calendar year existed during biblical times

Archeologists have pieced together and translated fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls which suggest that people in biblical times had based their calendar year on a 364-day cycle and not a 365-day cycle, as modern society now does.

Jan 27 08:10

NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei captures first space-selfie of 2018 – See pic

The first spacewalk of 2018 took place on Wednesday, January 23. Led by NASA astronaut Mark Vand Hei accompanied by fellow Flight Engineer Scott Tingle, the mission witnessed the successful replacement of a Latching End Effector (LEE) on the station’s robotic arm, Canadarm2.

While the maintenance of the space station is a crucial process, it cannot be seen through without a space selfie, can it?

Jan 27 08:09

NASA to launch GOLD mission to study Earth's boundary with space

NASA is set to launch on Thursday Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk, or GOLD, the mission to study the dynamic region where space and Earth`s uppermost atmosphere meet.

It is the first NASA science mission to fly an instrument as a commercially hosted payload, the US space agency said on Wednesday.

The mission will fly aboard SES-14, a commercial communications satellite.

Jan 27 07:26

The Flu Is FAR WORSE Than We’re Being Told: Tens of Thousands of Americans Are DYING

We all know that this year’s flu season is bad. But it’s actually even worse than we’re hearing about. Tens of thousands of Americans are dying. It’s now worse than the 2009 swine flu outbreak and is on track with the 2014-15 strain. And it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

Despite this, the media is downplaying the severity of the flu and the government makes the statistics pretty difficult to find. Are they trying to avoid a panic? Do they know something we don’t?

Jan 26 17:05

Glyphosate Herbicides Are Loaded With Toxic Heavy Metals Like Arsenic

As if Monsanto's weedkiller wasn’t bad enough for being linked to breast cancer in parts per trillion, more research is finding previously hidden and toxic heavy metals in herbicides that are readily eaten up by humans and animals thanks to GMO crops that are engineered to withstand Roundup spraying.

Jan 26 16:50

Prepper medicine: 7 natural pain-relieving plants

Wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa) – This invasive weed is found in most parts of the U.S. It has a characteristic milky latex sap in the leaves, which looks similar to the sap of the opium poppy. This gave the plant its other name, “opium lettuce.” The sap contains lactones, which have numbing effects, making them great for soothing muscle, joint and inflammation aches and pains. The sap is squeezed from the leaves and stalks and can be ingested orally, mixed with juice, or made into tea. It can also be smoked for fast efficacy. Wild lettuce also helps induce sleep.

Jan 26 12:18

Death Panels Next? FDA Approves A.I. Model That Predicts Your Chance Of 'Sudden Expiration'

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the very first artificial intelligence (AI) computer that monitors a patient’s vitals to help forecast sudden death up to six hours before the grim reaper shows up.

Excel Medical, a medical device data company in Florida, developed the deep learning algorithm called WAVE Clinical Platform for the eradication of unexpected hospital deaths.

To sum up, AI’s gift to humanity is the knowledge of when you supposed to die six hours before. As for the baby boomer generation, what would you do in your last six hours? Further, what happens when the technology progresses to 12-hours, and or even days in advance of your death. How will the human psyche process such knowledge?

How long before the same A.I. can predict your sudden death a few years out? ...and decide whether you're worth keeping around?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is that last paragraph which troubles me about the use of this technology;

At 68, I still compose, have a day job, and yell (lovingly) at our church choirs.

Am I yet "irrelevant"?!? The short answer is, HELL, no!!

Jan 26 12:08

New Hepatitis B Vaccine Studies Show Disastrous Results from Vaccinating All Newborns

…in the decade from 1991–2001, exposure to thimerosal-containing HepB vaccines in the first six months of life resulted in an estimated 0.5–1 million US children being diagnosed with learning disabilities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For those who care about their children, vote, with you feet, to a state where there are exemptions from vaccinations.

Jan 26 11:39

Something Shocking Happened in Florida After the Alaska Earthquake: Well Water Levels Changed

Tuesday’s 7.9 magnitude earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska sent vibrations through the earth that caused water to rise and fall in wells in Florida, thousands of miles away.

Sensors near Fort Lauderdale and Madison, near the Georgia border, showed a minor changein water levels after the earthquake, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Jan 26 11:37

OUTBREAK ALERT: Yellow Fever Death Toll Triples In Brazil

The yellow fever outbreak in Brazil has taken a backseat to the flu outbreak spreading globally. But, the death toll from yellow fever has now tripled and travelers are being warned.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday there are 35 confirmed cases of the disease, including a case confirmed in the Netherlands for a traveler who had recently visited Sao Paulo state. Sao Paulo even closed its zoo and botanical gardens Tuesday as the yellow fever outbreak that has led to 70 deaths is picking up steam.

The big Inhotim art park, which attracts visitors from all over the world, also announced that all visitors would have to show proof of yellow fever vaccination to be allowed to enter. The park said the measure was preventative only and that so far, no case of yellow fever had been found there.

Jan 26 11:29

Philippines prepares for three-month-long volcano emergency

The Philippines is bracing for a possible three-month-long emergency in areas around an erupting volcano, which has already displaced more than 81,000 and led to overcrowded temporary shelters, the disaster agency said on Friday.

Mount Mayon in central Albay province remained at alert level 4, a notch below the highest level, as it continued to spew lava, ash and other superheated material, volcanologists said.

"We're gearing up for three months" of emergency, said Romina Marasigan, spokeswoman of the country's disaster agency, citing similar situations during previous eruptions of the 2,462-metre (8,077-foot) volcano.

Jan 26 11:28

Oklahoma’s Exemplary AMI Smart Meters Removal And Consumer Protection Bill: A Model For Other States To Follow

You know it just had to happen! Some scientifically-hip legislator in one of the 50 United States finally decided to introduce a bill to protect his constituents’ Constitutional rights guaranteed by both state and federal Constitutions, plus delineated the factual, independent—not consensus—science that radiofrequencies (RFs) from AMI Smart Meters damage health and “The OCC [Oklahoma Corporation Commission] is to understand by this legislation that they work for the consumers and citizens of the State of Oklahoma and not the utility”! [1]

Jan 26 10:17

A guided tour of the big guns at the Big Sandy Shoot (VIDEO)

And we will have fun,fun,fun!

At the most recent Big Sandy Shoot, big gun expert Robert Bigando gave us a tour of the nearly two dozen big guns on display at the event.

The Big Sandy Shoot is a biannual event that takes place near Wikieup, Arizona, in April and October of each year. The event attracts hundreds of shooters, machine guns and large caliber guns. The most recent shoot was held from Oct. 20-22. It saw the largest turn out of big guns in the event’s 30 year history. This included the largest civilian owned gun — the 152mm Russian D20 howitzer.

“A good Bofors gun can probably be picked up for $25,000.” he said. “So you got to ask yourself, what would you rather have? An M-16, or a 37mm Bofors?”

Which gun would you rather have?

Jan 26 10:04

Physicians for Informed Consent Finds MMR Vaccine Causes Seizures in 5,700 U.S. Children Annually

The California-based nonprofit organization, Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC), recently reported in The BMJ that every year about 5,700 U.S. children suffer seizures from the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

This finding is derived from results of the most statistically powered safety study ever to measure the association between MMR vaccination and febrile seizures. More than half a million children were evaluated, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, from a Danish population that is relied upon globally to examine vaccine safety. The results showed that seizures from the MMR vaccine occur in about 1 in 640 children up to two weeks following MMR vaccination. Applying this risk of seizures to the 3.64 million U.S. children vaccinated with a first dose of MMR every year results in about 5,700 annual MMR-vaccine seizures.

Jan 26 09:37


Florida lawmakers are now pushing a totalitarian medical police state law that would deny a public education to children who aren’t injected with the extremely toxic and risky HPV vaccine. SB 1551, also being deceptively called the “Women’s Cancer Prevention Act,” mandates HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines in school-aged children, revoking medical choice rights from parents and invoking state-sponsored coercion to force children to be subjected to extremely risky medical interventions, even against the wishes of their parents.

Jan 26 08:42

Americans are less comfortable with LGBTQ people now than they were

The survey, conducted by Harris Insights and Analytics, is an online poll that measures the American public’s views on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people and issues. Through a series of questions, non-LGBTQ people are asked to rate their comfort level in various situations involving LGBTQ people — from LGBTQ weddings to school curriculum that includes LGBTQ history.

Jan 26 08:27

Fentanyl is linked to thousands of death a year, so why do doctors still prescribe it?

By now, you’ve probably at least heard of fentanyl, even if you’re not entirely sure what it is. The drug is linked to tens of thousands of deaths every year, including the recent high-profile deaths of the musicians Prince and Tom Petty. And while it has the potential to be abused, it can actually be obtained by a prescription.

Jan 26 08:21

Adulthood now begins at age 24, say scientists

According to U.S. Census Bureau data, the median age at first marriage has steadily risen for men and women since the 1980s. As of 2017, the median age for men at their first marriage was 29, while the median age for women was 27. That’s a huge increase from 1980, when men were likely to get hitched at around age 23 and women at around 22.

Jan 26 07:28

Michigan Faces ANOTHER Water Crisis

Michigan residents are staring down a new water crisis as the state is scrambling to combat potential health risks in water sources that stem from chemicals long used in firefighting, waterproofing, carpeting and other products.

In December of 2017, toxic chemicals have been identified at 28 sites in 14 communities across Michigan. Nearly half are on or near military installations where the source is believed to be from firefighting foam.” (Source) The main affected area is near Van Etten Lake. Other areas near WAFB are also being investigated.

“Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, have been detected at military bases, water treatment plants and, most recently, an old industrial dump site for footwear company Wolverine World Wide. The Environmental Protection Agency classifies them as ’emerging’ nationally. They have sparked enough concern that Gov. Rick Snyder created a state response team and approved $23 million in emergency spending.

Jan 26 07:06

Licorice root outperforms anti-viral meds for cold sores: Teenage girl is finally cured after trying every conventional treatment

A 18-year-old girl who had cold sores since she was five said that the only treatment that effectively worked to manage her sores is a licorice balm. Indigo Faulkner tried a lot of topical treatments and even anti-viral medications prescribed by her doctor to treat her cold sores, but all of these failed. She had suffered from an outbreak of painful, fluid-filled, blister-like sores on her lips every six to eight weeks, which consequently lowered her self-esteem, made her feel anxious, and antisocial.

The effectiveness of licorice is proven by science.

Jan 26 07:02

Can We Finally Have An Honest Discussion About The Opioid Crisis?

The opioid epidemic is generating a lot of media coverage and hand-wringing, but few if any solutions, and this is predictable: if you don't face up to the causes, then you can't solve the problem. America is steadfastly avoiding looking at the causes of the opioid crisis, which is soberly reflected in these charts of soaring opioid-caused deaths:

Jan 26 07:01

Oceans suffocating as huge dead zones quadruple since 1950, scientists warn

Ocean dead zones with zero oxygen have quadrupled in size since 1950, scientists have warned, while the number of very low oxygen sites near coasts have multiplied tenfold. Most sea creatures cannot survive in these zones and current trends would lead to mass extinction in the long run, risking dire consequences for the hundreds of millions of people who depend on the sea.

Climate change caused by fossil fuel burning is the cause of the large-scale deoxygenation, as warmer waters hold less oxygen. The coastal dead zones result from fertiliser and sewage running off the land and into the seas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They can blame global warming all they want, but the problems are fracking, industrial runoff, lingering damage from the gulf oil disaster, and radiation from Fukushima.

Jan 26 03:47

Russia, US to conduct joint space experiments

US researchers have announced plans to take part in joint experiments on simulating flights to outer space as part of the Scientific International Research in Unique Terrestrial Station (SIRIUS) program. US scientists suggested adding two additional research projects to the program with participation of a joint six-member Russian-US crew, Director of the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Orlov told Izvestia. "Our American colleagues have expressed interest in expanding the five-year scientific program, which should result in one experiment on an annual isolation," Orlov told the paper. Russia has backed the initiative and now it should be included in official documents. The NASA Human Research Program has also confirmed the plans to join the experiments with the paper. Besides NASA, the German Space Agency is also gearing up to take part in the SIRIUS program, Orlov said.

Jan 26 03:42

Remains of earliest modern human outside of Africa found in Israeli cave

An international team of anthropologists has found in Israel the remains of the earliest modern human (Homo sapiens) outside of Africa, the press service of Tel Aviv University said in a statement obtained by TASS. "A jawbone complete with teeth recently discovered at Israel's Misliya cave has now been dated to 177,000-194,000 years ago. The finding indicates that modern humans were present in the Levant at least 50,000 years earlier than previously thought," the document says. Anthropologists earlier believed that modern humans appeared in Africa some 160,000-200,000 years ago, and that modern humans evolved in Africa and started migrating out of Africa nearly 100,000 years ago. "This finding - that early modern humans were present outside of Africa earlier than commonly believed - completely changes our view on modern human dispersal and the history of modern human evolution," said Prof.

Jan 26 01:31

Cats and dogs freeze to death and turn into ice instantly while running to safety

Kazakhstan has been experiencing anomalously cold weather recently with temperatures dropping to as low as -54 degrees Centigrade. As one can see from videos that people upload on social media, strong winds and heavy snowfalls pose a serious threat to the lives of both humans and animals. In one of the videos, a local resident shows a frozen cat that did not even have time to fall before its death. In another video, a dog is seen frozen into snow. In another amazing video, a villager finds a frozen hare that got stuck in a fence and froze to death. Local residents find ways to have fun even in such terrible conditions. For example, many people make videos of themselves throwing hot water out of cups in the air and watching water drops turn into snowflakes instantly.