Afghanistan’s Guantanamo | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Afghanistan’s Guantanamo

What happened to prisoners at Bagram, 'Afghanistan’s Guantanamo'?
Some were deported, others feel safer in Afghan jail than home and little is known about a US-accused Egyptian prisoner.

Before there was Guantanamo, there was Bagram, a US detention site near its giant airbase in Afghanistan, which came to be synonymous with torture and prisoner abuse.

But when the US relinquished control of the prison, now called Parwan Detention Facility, to Afghan security forces in December 2014, Washington renounced responsibility for the men once held there.

The handful of prisoners left behind became the Afghans' problem>>>

I worry that nearly two decades after 9/11, the US military continues to compromise its obligations under the Geneva Conventions to treat detainees humanely for the sake of expediency - and perhaps because they think no one is paying attention to these forgotten men.



no one is paying attention to these forgotten men.


(*the first I'm hearing about the Afghanistan Guantanimo is the reading of this article . The keeping quiet on information of this sort is another form of faking the news , by the way .
We were almost out of Afghanistan with this report , from foreign agent al jazeera remaining under the rug .
But , Trump and his legendary honesty , should be filling in the gap , in 24 , 48 , I can't imagine 240 hours , now that the cat is out of the bag)