Americans want end to an insane war | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Americans want end to an insane war

Instead of eliminating or curbing terrorism, the US has let the monster of terrorism spread from Afghanistan to every corner of the world. Instead of making the world secure it has made it unsafe. It has become the longest and costliest war and still there is no light at the end of tunnel. The war has bled US economy white, shattered its image of invincibility, smeared its prestige, made life of every American vulnerable and cast a gloom. Situation has gone so bad that American strategists have run out of options. There is no clear cut strategy how to wind up the war and ensure safe return of 150000 foreign troops

People of America can no more be fooled since they now know that 9/11 was Jewish inspired, Bush led neo-cons under the influence of American Jews had indulged in lies and deceit to pursue their commercial interests. They are convinced that it is owing to wicked intentions and designs of their leaders that their country has been caught up in such a sorry state of affairs. They want an immediate end to the ongoing insanity, spending trillions and losing precious lives without a genuine cause.