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Best People No Longer Work in Big Companies

From nickel-and-diming airlines to gouging gas prices, from "free" checking accounts that charge for checkbooks to pointless point programs (50 percent of points are never redeemed), big companies are disconnected.

Big-business escapee Babs Ryan argues that the swell of me-too products and lousy service is because the best people no longer work in Goliath companies. After traveling in 78 countries and working abroad, the former GE, Citibank, Kawasaki, and ad agency senior executive concludes in her controversial business book "America's Corporate Brain Drain" (Sparks Worldwide, August 2008, ISBN 9780981494708, hardcover, $26.95,, "We're moving forward with Toyota and connecting with Nokia because, in the U.S., the brightest sparks have either left big corporations or are planning their exit strategies. Big business has lost their minds."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The worst thing that ever happened to the United States was the MBA, which sold the illusion that "scientifically" trained managers could manage anything at all without really knowing the product or service being offered by the company. Together with the demoralization of the workers who labored for years inside a company only to see advanced positions handed to outsiders, and you had a recipe for disaster.