The Cannabis Industry Apocalypse | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Cannabis Industry Apocalypse

Here is the plan.Sessions plans to seize the assets of the big Cannabis companies and use it to bust more people.

Another important clue to their plans comes from a recent DOJ announcement that the DOJ will no longer be donating part of the proceeds that it receives from civil asset forfeitures to a variety of non-profit groups but will instead be keeping all the proceeds for itself to be used for increased staffing and greater enforcement.

In order to address the lack of budget necessary to start large scale enforcement, the Christie Plan lays out the following actions:

Issue Subpoenas to the twenty-nine states that have legalized cannabis, in any form, and demand their entire set of licensing records, for growers, dispensers, doctors, and users.
Use conventional DOJ budgets to hire new DOJ staff to fight the states that refuse to turn over their licensing records. The DOJ will sue each state, in order or revenue, for compliance.
Use current staff to open a criminal investigation for violation of manufacture, transport, sale, and or consumption of a Schedule I substance, against the entire list of licensees.


Sessions can't get funding from.....

Ethan Allen and...

Congress for his drug war,so he plans on confiscating the monies and properties of the big legal medical and recreational Cannabis people to finance his attack on the American people with their property and money without funding or authorization from the Congress.
This is also payback to the private prison industry who gave millions to Trump and financed his inauguration.
Trump needs to rein this guy in. This little deal could go ballistic just like their screwing around in Syria.