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Colombia: A Star of Peace shines

The peace process in Colombia between the Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) proceeds with the aid of Cuba and after many bilateral meetings in Havana. Understanding that there are two sides to every coin, here is the position of Pastor Alape, who highlights the need for peace. "It started in 2016, the year that will be transcendental and definitive in the history of our country, Colombia. It will be the year that peace is an open path, with certain steps taken yet nothing is easy. There is no doubt that the Final Agreement will be established and then there will begin the long process of its implementation, because we must be clear, the Settlement that we sign is still not peace as such. That moment will only be the beginning of the silencing of war and the hard struggle for the complete dismantling of the paramilitary phenomenon and the fight against the isolated voices, but with immense power, that have prevented the direction of peace. A new era of peace, is brewing in our country".