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Cuts to Child Care Subsidy Thwart More Job Seekers

Able-bodied, outgoing and accustomed to working, Alexandria Wallace wants to earn a paycheck. But that requires someone to look after her 3-year-old daughter, and Ms. Wallace, a 22-year-old single mother, cannot afford child care.

Last month, she lost her job as a hair stylist after her improvised network of baby sitters frequently failed her, forcing her to miss shifts. She qualifies for a state-run subsidized child care program. But like many other states, Arizona has slashed that program over the last year, relegating Ms. Wallace’s daughter, Alaya, to a waiting list of nearly 11,000 eligible children.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Children in this society have become expendable, as this single mom has so clearly been made to realize.

If there is no family willing to assist, probably the only alternatives this mom would have would be to give her daughter up for adoption, or place her in a foster home of some kind.