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Cutting Through the Lies – There is no More Debate

John McCain trotted out the two new hopes of his campaign tonight; Bill Ayers and ACORN. His campaign has been unable to run on any cogent reason to vote for him, so he is left to make up reasons to not vote for Obama. On Ayers, Obama answered what we all have known for some time; there is simply no story here. William Ayers is currently a respected professor in this country. Forty years ago, that is right folks, forty years ago; Bill Ayers was part of a radical organization that violently opposed the Viet Nam War. Barack Obama was eight years old then. Ten years ago, they served on a committee about education. That is the extent of their relationship. This never was an issue but McCain has desperately tried to throw fear into the mix in the hopes that no one will realize he is not running on any credible reason to actually vote for him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Think back to the last time a serial killer was arrested, and all the friends and neighbors all said the same thing, about what a quiet and polite person the killer was and how shocked they are about the dead bodies i the freezer.

Ever see those neighbors run out and become serial killers themselves because of that association? No?

Then Barack Obama has not "absorbed" anti-Americanism from Bill Ayers, all the more so because Bill left that part of his life behind when Obama was still a kid here in Hawaii.