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Dear Media, Please Ask Obama to Explain His Escalating War on Medical Marijuana

Scott Morgan

Monday morning's DEA raid of Oaksterdam University is making major headlines, but there's one detail missing from the coverage: why the f#$k is Obama at War with Medical Marijuana in the first place? Seriously, why is any of this even happening at all?...


Maybe this is a sign they are going to legalize...


If legalization is pending - the first order of business for the gangsters is to ensure they're holding the monopoly on the goods when it comes time to bring them to market - keep the prices high - snuff out the competition.

Raiding this place will dampen out possible educated future competitors - saddle them with legal debt - the usual role of the justice system. Don't forget that the trigger-happy mental patients posing as "agents" with their sunglasses and guns get a chance to target practice on the peaceful marijuana folks. If they murder a few in the process - the judges etc... will cover it up - and as a bonus - eliminate competition permanently.

Meanwhile - the deals will go on behind closed doors to hash out which big-money players will get how much of the pie - probably through the time-tested method of "licenses" issued by the government - to those who paid for their elections - or to those blackmailing them. Start up a propaganda campaign to reverse public sentiment - then legalize - and the next day - the stores are stocked with pot from the big players -

Just some thoughts.

Seems rather

Mike Rivero

Seems rather counter-productive. If you keep the people who know the income tax is a fraud inside this country, they'll eventually convince all their friends and neighbors.

Michael Rivero
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