DHS Video Portrays Average Americans As Terrorists | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

DHS Video Portrays Average Americans As Terrorists

Using a watch, a pair of binoculars, or donating to a charity are all potential Al-Qaeda behavior, the video implies.

Do you use e mail or the telephone to find out information about things? You’re probably a terrorist, according to the DHS, which classifies such behavior as “elicitation,” one of the eight signs of terror.

Do you occasionally monitor police radio, as thousands did during the recent G20 protests in Pittsburgh? You’re a terrorist.

Do you notice surveillance cameras or occasionally attempt to watch big brother back? You’re a terrorist.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The goal here is to scare Americans away from talking to each other and lure them back into dependence on ABCNNBBCBS for their view of the world.

It's actually a pretty desperate move, and not likely to work. But it does show just how panicked the government is that they have lost control of the minds of Americans.