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Ending Poverty: A Great Idea Whose Time Will Never Come

The answer is evident, but when you read the pompous statements of governments, researchers, businessmen, including those whose MISSION is to address and relieve poverty - the Millennium Development Project comes to mind and boasts of success in helping small African villages but never mentions big cities - you realize that we are all being lied to. If the governments of these squatter communities can’t and won’t help their people, it isn’t likely that good intentions from the wealthy industrial nations is going to make any difference. And all the talk about how globalization will lift up the poor? Globalization helps those who don’t need help: the middle class, the entrepreneurs, the businessmen, the technocrats, the managerial elites. The millions squatting in hovels derive NOTHING from globalization. It is infuriating to realize - actually to have our worst fears confirmed - that globalization is a total scam for the vast majority of the world’s people.