Greek Pensioner Commits Suicide in Sindagma Sq-Suicide Note | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Greek Pensioner Commits Suicide in Sindagma Sq-Suicide Note

The occupation government of Tsolagoglou (reference to the Occupation govt of the ex-Defence Minister Tsolagoglou who became Quisling Prime Minister of the 3rd Reich) has erased essentially any possibility of my survival which was based on a decent pension which for 35 years, I alone (without the intervention of the state) had paid.

I am at an age which doesn’t give me the individual capacity for a dynamic intervention (without of course precluding that if one Greek took up arms-Kalashnikovs, the second person would be me) I cant find another solution from a decent end before I end up looking in the rubbish bins for food.

I believe that the young without a future, one day will take up arms and in Sindagma Sq will hang upside down the national traitors like the Italians did with Mussolini (Piazza Poreto Milan)


Such a shame! And very true!


The transnational banksters,and their compliant Greek government STOOGES,have economically occupied Greece,and are auctioning it ALL away,from under the feet of the Greek people.
That's no accident!It's delibarate US/UK/EU corporate strategy.
'Reform Greece into a TOTAL CORPORATE NEO-LIBERAL pillage zone.
Sell off the biggest,most influential,richest chunks to the few(foreigners)with the most,while the Greek majority with the least,are left with even LESS,in indentured servitude!

North Africa is about to get carved up again,by neo-colonial corporate mandates for resources and vital Mediterranean SEA ACCESS/ports and foreign bases will move back,(UK,France,US military )again?
US is failing along the Eurasian corridor.
It has to shift focus to the Med,Suez,Aden and Africom!
So deja vu!
We'll probably be seeing US nuclear subs with SLBM's stationed again,along the N/African coast(Tripoli/Benghazi)right across from Greece and Israeli controlled Cyprus(memories of Cold War Polaris,Poseidon,Tridents;been there done that crap.With Israeli nuclear subs cruising covertly along the same passages?

Turkey is being squeezed by USG/Israel/Iraqi Kurds.
Syria is hanging on tight(with Russia)against the US COUP attempt(disguised as Arab Spring).
Israel is still in NAZI mode against Palestine.

And poor old Greece is getting sliced and diced,by economic,usurous,terrorists,in the EU,IMF,World Bank,WTO!

Democratic socialism(GREEK history adopted by US Constitution)is an obstacle to US/UK/French corporate/fascist dominance in Europe.

Greece is being sacrificed on their altar of REGIONAL DOMINANCE,whether by military,OR economic control,or BOTH!

The Greek people have EVERY right to be FURIOUS,re:foreign interference and destruction of Greece!Greece is a symptom of this avaricious LOOTING,pillaging of economic terrorists!
USG unilateral,failing super power(hegemony)HAS TO STOP!

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