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Is Hysterical Right-Wing Media Pushing the Unhinged Over the Edge?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This seems to be a continuation of a trend in propaganda we saw start last week, where anyone critical of the government is now considered to be a "right wing hysteric" or victim to a GOP plot.

The theory here is that real Americans do not have a problem with $100,000 in tax debt being added to their eventual bills, money they will have to pay for which they will receive no services. Even as the Easter news dump reports that taxes ARE going to be raised now, only Obama-haters are complaining!

Likewise, only Obama-haters are complaining about the fact that Obama has done nothing at all to repair the damage done to the Constitution by Bus, even though Obama promised to do that in his campaign.

And, according to the new propaganda, only people who hate Obama have a problem with the escalating war budget at a time when 2/5 million Americans are homeless!

Folks, this is divide and conquer all over again. The propagandists are trying to blame the victim and divide us along the imagined party lines we have been taught exist in our society.

Do not fall for this left-right bovine excrement.

Before all else we are Americans. We are one people, and we all face a common problem; the exact same one Americans faced back in 1776. We are being taxed into poverty by a bankrupt government intent on solving its problems by waging wars across the globe.