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Jewish leaders ask Pope Benedict to combat delegitimization of Israel

A delegation of leaders of the World Jewish Congress met with Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican on Friday and asked the pontiff to speak out against the "delegitimization" of Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear Israel

If you wish to be seen as a legitimate nation, you must act like a legitimate nation.

1. Draw your borders and learn to live within them. Every other legitimate nation on Earth does this. Israel hasn't yet in 60 years. It is hard to see any nation as legitimate when the maps are drawn with dry-erase marker!

2. Stop stealing other peoples' land. This is not seen as the sign of a legitimate nation. It wasn't seen as legitimate when Hitler did it.

3. Stop going around acting like every other nation on Earth owes you something and demanding money and special privilege like a spoiled child. Legitimate nations are the globe's adults. Act like one. Take responsibility for your own problems.

4. Legitimate nations take care of their citizens. The recent Carmel fire showed that while Israel has some of the best weapons in the world, Israel's civil infrastructure is weak and shoddy; rather shocking when you consider that just from the US taxpayer alone, Israel has been given four times the entire cost of the Apollo Moon Program to a nation smaller than New Jersey.

5. Legitimate nations respect international law.

Time to walk the walk. Israel's legitimacy rests entirely on Israel acting legitimate, not on acting like brigands and screaming "anti-Semite" at everyone who notices.

P/S. Killing aid workers taking cookies into Gaza doesn't look good on the resume either.