LIVE UPDATES: New Yellow Vests Anti-Government Protests Hit France (VIDEO) | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

LIVE UPDATES: New Yellow Vests Anti-Government Protests Hit France (VIDEO)

Other than voicing their usual demands, protesters will also raise the issue of police violence following protest leader Jérôme Rodrigues sustaining an eye injury in an earlier rally.

Yellow Vests demonstrations are underway on Saturday, with the anti-establishment movement reaching its twelfth week of nationwide protests. Rallies are expected to take place not only in Paris, but in Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon, Lille and numerous small French towns.


France is following up to its terrorist government...

Tian Shan

When Scott Olsen, a U.S. Marine vet got hit in the head by a projectile from an Oakland "law enforcement" thug, he was pretty much ignored by the corporate media. So, what are we fighting for oversea if not the oil? Certainly not for our "freedoms" as we've been propagandized since youth.

Also, watch what happens when other Americans try to help this American vet:

Good reason to protest against the govt in the U.S. As in France, the govt. will come after the people unless the people stop them.

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